Just A Dream

BY : Miharu
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Disclaimer: I do not own DNAngel, nor any of the characters from it. I do not make any money from the writing of this story.

Title: Just A Dream

Fandom: D N Angel

Author: Kenny

Disclaimer: I do not own D N Angel

Pairings: Krad/Daisuke, mention of Krad/Satoshi

Rating: NC-17

Summary: Satoshi is dreaming of Daisuke and Krad? Why is that happening?

Pre-note: This will be the only fan fic I will ever write like
this. I'm not mucho wro writing about stuff like this but I figure I would
so I could get it out. And hopefully never write something like this again!
Anyway read if you dare. And no flames please! If you read it and didn't
like it it's your own fault! ><

Krad looked at Daisuke with a glint in his eye that Daisuke had never
seen and didn't even -want- to know what it ment.

'What is he going to do to me? Do I even want to know? Where is Dark
when I need him and how did we get separated again?'

Krad moved towards him gracefully. Daisuke backed up into the wall behind
him trying to stay as far way from Krad as he could.

'This is it..'

Daisuke looked around looking for a way out. He saw nothing but white
walls. Damn it how did he get himself into a position so vulnerable? Krad
was still coming closer. Daisuke tensed up and hoped someone would save

'Dark where are you?'

Krad was there. He was right there. Daisuke could feel his breath catch
in his throat. "W-what do you want with me?" Daisuke said almost
in a whisper. He wasn't even sure if Krad could hear it.

"We all have needs, I am not here to kill you this time"

'Oh God.. he doesn't mean..'

Daisuke gulped and tried to edge away from Krad slowly. Krad merely smiled
and grabbed Daisuke's arm, hard. Daisuke gulped he had never been so scared
in his entire life. Right before him stood a man that could take his life
instantly. Daisuke started toke ike involuntary. "What do you WANT?"
Daisuke managed to force out. He's throat was very dry and scratchy.

"Well if you want to know. I want you." Krad replied calmly,
too calmly. Daisuke's eyes went wide.

"You don't mean?"

"Yes, and if you behave it -may- be pleasurable for you as well."

'Dark! DARK!! Where are you Dark I need you!'

"No..." Daisuke didn't even think that made it out. Krad pressed
himself against Daisuke. "Please don't." Daisuke cried. He struggled
to resist Krad pressing against him trying to push him way. This gained
a smirk from Krad who pressed himself harder against Daisuke. Daisuke
could feel it, Krad's arousal on his stomach. The thought of what was
about to happen almost made him sick.

"-If- you behave, I won't kill you this time." Krad said softly,
leaning down to lick Daisuke's ear.

Daisuke flinched. And quietly let Krad continue, he sure the Hell didn't
want Krad to do this but it -would- be better then being killed. Krad's
hand snaked it's way down to the front of Daisuke's pants and rubbed.
Daisuke felt himself get hard under Krad's touch, it sickened him even
more, but at the same time he felt hot.

Krad's hand worked at Daisuke's pants managing to get them undone and
letting them fall to the ground. His hand cupped Daisuke's erection emitting
a small muffled moan out of Daisuke. Krad's smirk widened.

"I see you want this as much as me, oh winged master."

"No, I don't want you. You evil bastard."

"Lair." Krad's mouth was moving along Daisuke's neck, biting
his flesh hard and sucking on it, probably leavinrks.rks. Daisuke squirmed
again. Krad pushed him forcefully against the wall. "What did I tell

Tears had formed in Daisuke's eyes, threatening to spill over. "Okay!
I'll behave!"

"That's better." Krad grabbed Daisuke's arm again, so hard
that there would probably be bruises later, and threw him on a bed.

'A BED? How did that get here it wasn't here a minute ago? Oi, Dark where
are you?'

Daisuke looked around frantically trying to find a way out, but found
no escape. There was nothing in the room, there was no door no windows
no nothing just a bed. Krad removed his own clothes and climbed in the
bed on top of Daisuke, pressing his need on Daisuke's, grinding his hips
roughly. Daisuke bit the in of of his cheek to keep himself from letting
out any noise that would sound remotely pleasurable, because he was not
enjoying this one bit.

Krad slid his hand under Daisuke and placed his other hand on Daisuke's
stomach flipping him over so Daisuke was on his hands and knees. Krad
positioned himself and forced his way into Daisuke's tight entrance, letting
out a groan of pleasure. Daisuke cried out in pain and buried his head
in the pillows, he was crying and he knew it. He also knew that Krad didn't
care. Krad just wanted to satisfy his need. He wanted Krad to stop, but
he didn't he kept going. Krad's hand gripped Daisuke's member and stroked
him furiously. Krad's thrusts became harder and faster. Daisuke shuttered
and sobbed into the pillows when he felt himself release in Krad's hand,
spilling on the bed sheets. His release caused his muscles to clamp down
on Krad's member, Daisuke felt disgusted and completely used when he heard
Krad's pleasured moan, when he climaxed inside of him.

Daisuke felt nothing. He collapsed on the bed, crying hard. 'Why?' It
echoed through his mind. "Dark... where are you?" Daisuke heard
nothing. There was nothing there. No one answered him. Not even Krad.


Satoshi woke up startled and in a cold sweat. He sat up in bed and shuttered.
That dream was completely disturbing. It was just a dream. He sighed,
laid back down and stared at the ceiling. He knew he wouldn't sleep any
more tonight. He blamed Krad for it.


Daisuke: .....

Kenny: Don't blame me ><

DarkDark: Again I am not in the fic!

Daisuke: Oh thanks, Dark!

Kenny: I mentioned your name more... Oi blame Krad!

Krad: For what?

Kenny: I swear I will never write something like that again.

Satoshi: That's good.

Kenny: *sweatdrops* Please don't flame me people. I figured that there
is no Krad x Daisuke fics out there and I decided to write one. And the
only way I could do it was in a rape fic. Okay? Like I said at the beginning
if you don't like it, it's your fault for reading it. -_-;;

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