Only You

BY : Shiraishi
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"Che!" The youngest team member swore. Clutching the headset's microphone closely to his mouth, he gave a surprisingly stern command.

"Minna! Retreat! We're overwhelmed! Pair up and regroup, meet back at the alleyway at 0200 hours!"

"Mou, Bombay, are you sure we can't-" The blonde's comment was cut short as Omi barely skirted the swipe of enemy claws, which somehow managed to sever the incredibly thin headset wire. Figures.

Turning large blue eyes to his partner, he motioned down the street. Ran grunted stubbornly, but gave a final swipe at their enemy and followed the younger boy none the less. He knew full well that the younger boy was more familiar with these streets than he was.

"I hope Ken-kun and Yohji-kun are okay!" Omi panted as he jogged down the streets, making the occasional twist and turn in a seemingly successful attempt at losing the enemy.

"Nn." Was Ran's sole response.

When Ran was sure they'd never stop running, Omi turned quickly and ducked into an open window, waited for the redhead to squeeze himself through the amazingly small window (how did Omi manage to fit through there so easily?), and slammed it shut with a teeth-rattling crash. Panting, the two leaned up against the wall, easing their nerves, slowing their pulse, and forcing their unwilling bodies to return to their normal temperature.

Omi sank slowly to the floor. "Man, that was a close one. I mean, the almost had us! If we hadn't run away-"

"I could've beaten them." Ran interrupted bitterly, "I hate running. I could have killed them all."

Omi snorted. "Not at the rate you were going, you couldn't. And I'm pretty sure Ken-kun and Yohji-kun were in the same situation. Yohji-kun sounded really winded over the radio."

Crossing his arms, Ran slouched against the wall and sat on the floor next to Omi, his face betraying what was damn near a pout; or as close as Fujimiya Ran gets to pouting.

"I still could've done it..." He muttered.

Omi smothered a giggle, trying his best to make it sound like a cough instead, and failing miserably. He could feel the cold, icy glare of his teammate stabbing at his side. "What're you laughing at?"

"M... me? I'm not... hehe... laughing," He said between giggles. "Why would I ... haha... be laughing?"

Ran was growing more visibly irritated by the second. "Why the hell are you laughing at me?"

"It's just that... hehe... that's the closest I've ever seen you to pouting before!"

Omi could've sworn that Ran's cheeks flushed slightly as he turned his back to his partner with an indignant grunt. "Whatever."

Omi coughed, then sighed, moving next to his pouting partner. "Mou, Aya-kun... I'm sorry, really. It's just that I never see you express... well, anything, much less act indignant . It was kind of shocking is all."

He snorted at that. "Because I'm the cold hearted bastard, right? And I have no emotion or feeling." 'Whoa, Ran,' He mentally slowed himself, 'Now where the hell did *that* come from? The kid doesn't need to hear all of this...'

'But he's a reject like you,' Another small voice chimed, 'His own family doesn't want him. How does *that* make him feel? Plus, he's on a mission to ultimately destroy his own father. If that doesn't count as rejection...'

"That's not true!" His train of thought was interrupted with Omi's sharp remark. Ran turned to him then, blinking violet eyes in confusion. "You're not a cold hearted bastard, Aya-kun. You're just cut off for some reason right now..." The boy looked up, cerulean eyes seeming distant. "We've been trying to figure that out... at least, I have. I mean, gods Aya-kun, I'm your partner! How can we function as a team if I don't know why you act the way you do?"

"Why? Why do you care?" Ran shot back, violet eyes gone hard, "What does it matter to you? We just have to go in, get the job done, and leave. No personal involvement is necessary."

"You never get scared, Aya-kun? You never wish you didn't have to do this?"

"Whether I want to or not doesn't matter. It's all about the job. No more, no less."

Omi slammed his hand on the floor next to the redhead, face so close to his that Ran could feel the boy's hot breath on his cheek as he yelled, red-faced and determined. "Stop using the same excuse! You're hiding behind your dedication to your work! You're using the same excuse over and over to keep yourself from having to talk to anyone about anything at all! Aya-kun... I just..." The younger boy's eyes started to water, and eventually overflowed, a small tear trickling down a flushed cheek, "I just want to know why you're always so unhappy..."

"Ran." He interrupted.

This time it was Omi's turn to blink in confusion. "Huh?"

"Call me Ran. It's my real name. And I think..." He smiled, inching his face closer to Omi's, "That it's a start."

Omi smiled, face still flushed, only for different reasons now, as he leaned forward and completed the journey. "H.. hai.."

Ran's lips were warm against his own, and Omi sighed softly. He'd wanted to do this for so long that he could barely believe he had actually done it. He lifted his head and looked away from the redhead in embarrassment. He hadn't meant to go this far, he had only wanted to find out what was troubling his partner... really.

He began to rise, ready to flee before Ran realized fully what had just happened. But a hand on his arm stopped him from standing. He cast down his eyes, examining the tips of his red shoes with a nervous interest. He couldn't meet Ran's eyes. A hand on his chin brought his face up to reluctantly look at Ran. But before he could register the expression, Ran's mouth covered his own.

Omi froze in shock. This wasn't really happening. It was a dream. But Ran's lips moved over his, and his tongue flashed out to touch his lower lip. Omi gasped at the intimate touch, and Ran used this to slip his tongue into Omi's mouth.

A soft moan escaped Omi's throat as his tongue touched Ran's and rubbed against it lovingly. Ran's hand moved to Omi's hair softly ran his hands through the silky, dark blonde hair. Omi wrapped his arms around Ran's back and pulled him to him. He decided he didn't care if Ran meant this or not. He didn't care if this would be just one night of comfort for a poor, hopeless boy. To him it was a dream come true, and he would just enjoy it. Regardless of what tomorrow would bring.

Having decided this, Omi proceeded to do all the things he'd always dreamt of doing. His mouth went to Ran's neck, his hands to his chest, and he began to undress his teammate, following every movement of his fingers with his teeth and lips and tongue. When he brushed his teeth against a nipple, and heard Ran's deep groan, he was elated. Carefully undoing his teammate's pants, Omi guided them down. By the time he reached Ran's ankles, he was so excited and so aroused that he threw the pants over his shoulder carelessly and returned to place a light, teasing kiss on Ran's belly button.

His tongue flicked into his navel, eliciting a gasp from Ran. Ran's hands were on the back of Omi's head, gently attempting to push him lower, guiding him to where the ache was begging to be cared for.

Omi obliged. His tongue made the journey from Ran's navel to just above his arousal. Omi lifted his head and placed a hot kiss on his scrotum, opening his mouth, and sucking gently. When Ran groaned in pleasure, Omi sucked harder, his tongue tracing patterns on him. He moved his mouth to the base of Ran's penis, and kissed him, ending with a soft suction sound. Ran let out a shuddering sigh, "Please..."

Omi had been waiting for this moment for so long that he couldn't remember a time when he hadn't wanted it. He wasn't about to let it end this fast. His tongue licked Ran's penis, which twitched under the attention. His mouth closed lightly over the tip, sucking him in lightly, then pulling away for a few seconds before repeating the action. Ran twisted on the bed. Omi's teasing touches were nearly driving him crazy. Omi delighted in the fevered frenzy that was building in his lover. He brushed his teeth lightly against Ran, then had mercy on him, and took him fully into his mouth, as deep as he could go.

The heat from his mouth completely surrounding him was more than Ran could take, and he lifted his hips, trying to thrust deeper into that heat. His hands went to either side of Omi's head as he moved against him. Omi moved with him, sucking hard and pulling away, matching Ran's rhythm. Ran gasped, and thrust once more, his seed pouring into Omi's mouth, his hips not ceasing their thrusts until he was drained, and lay back exhausted and sated.

Omi swallowed the last of the salty stuff and lifted his head. He licked his lips, savoring the taste that he knew he would never experience again, and rested his head on Ran's stomach. His arousal twitched and ached, but he had the feeling that Ran would not embrace the idea of returning the favor. Omi sighed and closed his eyes. He brushed a light kiss against Ran's stomach.


At the sound of Ran's deep voice, Omi's eyes popped open. Shimatta! Omi wished frantically for a hole to fall into and escape. Instead he tentatively raised his eyes to meet his new lovers. "Hai, Aya- er, Ran?" The dreamy sound in Omi's whisper made him wince inwardly. He sounded pathetic.

Ran put his hand on his shoulder, and guided him up. Omi was sure his face could not possibly contain any more color than it did, as he met the redhead's gaze. He was wrong. When the redhead's hand covered his erection, and a whimper escaped his lips, he knew that the color in his face had quadrupled.

Ran's hand grasped at him, and began to slowly pump. Omi's head fell back and he bit his lower lip to keep from crying out. His hands went to Ran's shoulders and gripped hard as Ran's hand began to move faster and harder. Unable to control himself, Omi thrust against Ran's hand, his breath coming fast and short, in the same rhythm as his body and Ran's hand. Finally, he reached his release, and he tucked his head into Ran's shoulder to keep from yelling out.

Gasping, Omi clung to his new lover's shoulders with a compassion he didn't know he possessed. "Ran.. I want to know about you... everything."

Pulling the boy closer, Ran rested his chin on Omi's head. "I'll tell it to you, Omi. But only you."

There... happy, Ma-chan? -.- I feel so... so... dirty... >.

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