Olive Oil and Sports Drinks

BY : Shiraishi
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Dear gods, do I want him.

The assassin shook his head. One must not think these things; especially not about your own teammates. Especially not about one's male teammates.

But nevertheless, the thought remained, haunting him during the day, and gracing his dreams at night.

I don't have a chance, he thought grimly, especially since he's... well, him.

The unattainable, the one no one would ever own. But damn, if he didn't want him anyway.

If I thought there was even the slightest chance... He glanced up at the other man arranging a vase of orchids by the window, casually tossing a stray strand of hair behind his ear, unaware of the effect he had on his audience.

Everyone knows the girls come here to see him, anyway, Shaking his head, Ken turned back to the calculations on the paper in front of him. The sound of Aya sliding the orchids slowly into each green Styrofoam block, and the moist, suctioning noise it made caused Ken to shift uncomfortably, and eventually gather his work and hastily retreat.

This is gonna drive me insane...


I do NOT want him.

The redhead assured himself for the billionth time. Aya had watched the brunette make his hasty retreat, and sighed. He knew the reputation he had as a cold, heartless bastard, but there was nothing he could do about it. It was simply the way he was.

Nevertheless, he found himself growing more and more attracted to his soccer-playing teammate. He had subconsciously found ways to pair up with him on duet missions, and managed to make sure that whenever Ken did a flower delivery that Aya was with him.

What's wrong with me?

He asked himself as he turned to water a nearby unidentifiable shrub. He'd never been attracted to anyone before; not like this. Especially not to a guy. Especially not to Ken. After all, he was clumsy, ignorant, naive, kind, caring, loving, playful, terribly cute...

Aya shook his head. He did NOT like Ken, he did NOT like Ken...

"Ne, Aya-kun," came a timid tenor from behind him.

Aya jumped slightly. "What do you want, Omi?"

"Anou... it's none of my business, but... to shrubs really need that much water?" Upon seeing Aya's confused glance, he pointed timidly towards the overflowing shrub. Aya hastily put the watering can down and picked up the plant, carrying it towards the door to empty out the water in hopes of salvaging what was otherwise a perfectly good shrub.

Omi followed him outside. "You okay, Aya-kun? You've been acting strange recently."

"Oh?" Was the redhead's only reply.

"Yeah... you've been doing stuff like that. Just not paying attention to stuff, and doing things that would normally irritate you. Like, you let Ken cook the other day, and you're usually really possessive about the kitchen."

Aya couldn't help but laugh at the memory. Ken had walked into his study, large, brown eyes large and shining, with a grin on his face and a cookbook in his hand, begging Aya to let him cook that night. True, dinner hadn't been too good... okay, so they had to order pizza that night, but what mattered to him was that Ken tried. And he looked so cute with flour covered all over him. But the white paste that stuck to his fingers was all to similar to something Aya had been fantasizing about for quite some time. Even the memory of it made him shift uncomfortably.

"U... un. I just didn't feel like cooking."

Omi shuffled his feet nervously, and fiddled with a loose string on his shirt sleeve. "N.. ne... Aya-kun... if I ask you something, do you promise not to get mad."

Aya turned to Omi, a bit taken aback by the question. "Why?"

"B... because I want to ask you something... butitmightmakeyoumadatmeandIdon'twantyoutogetmadatmebecauseyou'remyfriendandIwantyoutobemyfriend-"

"Alright, alright. Just ask the question," Aya rubbed his temples with a pale index finger, "You're giving me a headache."

Omi took a deep breath. "Okay, here it is. Aya-kun... do you... like Ken?"

Aya could swear he felt his cheeks warm. He felt his chest pound, and all of a sudden found it hard to breathe. "W.. what makes you ask that, Omi?" He managed.

"Well, it's just that... I dunno... I sorta noticed that you stare at him and stuff..."

"S... so what if I do? It's no business of yours, or anyone else's for that matter." He spat coldly.

Omi winced. "H... hai... I know... I just wanted to know is all... I'll leave you alone now..." And Omi left, leaving Aya to his own meandering thoughts.

"So now he knows..." Aya breathed. "I wonder what's going to happen now..."


Omi burst into Yohji's room, grinning widely at the blonde. "Yep, you were right. Aya likes Ken!"

Yohji looked smug. "See? Told ya. And Kenken seems to be quite stuck on our dear Aya. Been havin' wet dreams for months now."

The brunette blinked. "How do you know that?"

He rolled his eyes. "I'm in the room next to his. He talks in his sleep... LOUDLY."

Omi flushed slightly, blushed, then giggled. "Alright, alright... so, now we know that they want each other... what do we do now?"

Cracking his knuckles, Yohji pulled out a sheet of paper and handed it to Omi. "We make 'em fuck. And here's how we'll do it."


"Ne, Ken-kun!" Omi called up to the soccer player. "Can I ask you for a favor?"

Ken hopped down the stairs pleasantly. "What can I do for ya, Omi-kun?"

"I need you to take over my shift with the Koneko tonight. Persia's asked me to take care of some... business."

Ken nodded seriously. "I understand. Not a problem, Omi. Just be careful, ne?"

The younger boy smiled and saluted him. "Hai, sempai!"

Ken blushed. "Mou, Omi, I'm not your sempai..."

Omi giggled. "Hai, hai. I'm going to go get some homework done before I leave, okay? Ja, Ken-kun!" Omi climbed the stairs up to his room, leaving the poor, na´ve Ken in his wake. He giggled to himself. Poor Ken-kun...


"Oi, Aya, c'mere."


Yohji sighed impatiently. "C'mon, just get your bastardly ass over here. I need your help with something."

Aya rolled his eyes, but complied. "What do you want, Kudo?"

He feigned a pout, glancing at Aya with puppy dog eyes from behind his sunglasses. "Mou, you've known me for how many years, and you still call me Kudo? Call me Yohji, for Christ's sake."

"Okay, Kudo."

Shaking his head, Yohji continued. "Okay, here's my problem. I've got these two girls... hey, hey, wait a minute!" He caught the arm of the quickly retreating Aya. "Hear me out first!"

"I don't care about your girl problems."

"Just let me finish, would ya?" He let go of Aya's arm and continued. "So, like I said, I have these two girls, right? And I promised both I'd take 'em out to dinner, one at 5pm and the other at 8pm. The way I see it, I can make both, but... I won't make it back in time for my shift tonight. In fact, if I'm lucky I'll be pulling an all-nighter." He winked.

".... So you want me to cover for you."

Yohji slapped him on the back. "Knew I could count on you! Thanks a bunch, man!"


"Aw, c'mon! Just this once!"

"No. I'm not going to sit here at the Koneko all night with Omi."

"Omi's not assigned for the evening shift tonight. Ken is." Yohji's eyes sparkled. C'mon, fishy, he whispered to himself, Take the nice bait. I know you like him, so take the chance. For once in your life, take the chance.

Long silence.

".... All right. But just this once."

Yohji silently cheered. "Thanks, man, you're the best!" He whirled around, and gave Aya a very sly look. "Now, if you'll excuse me, I must... prepare." With a rustling of cloth, Yohji was gone, leaving a bewildered yet excited Aya to contemplate what had just happened.


At around five o'clock, Yohji met Omi at their previously arranged location. Slipping his arm comfortably in Yohji's, Omi grinned. "So, did you get it done?"

"Yep. Poured odorless alcohol in with the olive oil. And since we all know Aya's addicted to salad, and can't eat one without gobs of olive oil..."

Omi laughed. "Hidoi yo, Yohji-kun!"

"Hey, hey, what you did was pretty mean, too!"

He blinked cerulean eyes innocently. "Who, me?"

"Yes, you," He growled, ruffling the boy's hair gently, "Replacing Ken's sports drinks with vodka and Kool-aid like that..."

Omi grinned. "Yeah.. well, at least they'll finally get together, ne?"

The blonde nodded, pushing Omi onto the motel bed. "Hnn.. let's hope so. But for now," He grinned seductively, "we have some getting together of our own to do, ne?"

Omi laughed and kissed Yohji on the cheek. "That we do..."


The tension in the room was thick enough to slice. Neither boy was very comfortable being alone with the other, and having no option other than to stay in each other's company, they exchanged a few weak excuses for conversational topics, and then would be silent.

The two sat down to dinner at around six o'clock, each having prepared their own meal. Aya had a plate full of pasta, topped with red sauce and grated parmesan cheese, with a bowl of salad and a glass of iced tea.

Ken, on the other hand, had prepared himself a hamburger and fries, drinking his ever present sports drinks.

"Why do you always drink those?" Aya asked at last, in a weak attempt to ease the tension.

Ken grinned, holding up a bottle. "'Cause they're good for ya! Lotsa energy in these." He took a long swig, then blinked.

"Something wrong?"

Ken stiffed at the bottle, then shrugged, taking another long gulp. "Nah, just thou' it tasted kinna funny fer a secn'd. Mus' be a new flav'r." The alcohol was obviously taking it's toll already.

"... I see."

Aya quickly returned to his food, and began attacking his meal with reckless abandon. That must be one hell of a sports drink, Aya thought as he watched his now drunk teammate from the corner of his eye. Absently grabbing the olive oil jar, he poured it liberally over his salad, and took a bite.

His nose wrinkled, and he quickly dropped his fork.

"Summin wron', Aya-kun?" Ken slurred.

"This olive oil tastes awful..." Picking up the bottle, he swirled it around, examining it's density and thickness.

"Tha's what ya get fer eatin' s'many damn salads... they startta taste bad."

Aya blinked. "Really?"

Ken nodded emphatically. "I should know. Did it m'self once."

Aya shrugged and turned back to his salad, taking another hesitant bite. Then another. And another. Eventually, the bowl was empty, and Aya was feeling a bit tipsy himself.

Not an hour later, the two found themselves on the living room couch, laughing and giggling like a pair of teenage girls at a sleepover.

"N...n 'then," Ken gasped out between laughs, "Yohji said, 'What th' hell's your prob'm?'"

Aya burst out laughing again, clutching at his side. "N... no more...! It hurts!" Trying to sober up, he wiped his eyes and took several deep breaths. The room was still spinning. He turned to stare at Ken, who was looking him over seriously.

"N... nan desu, Ken?"

Ken cocked his head to one side. "Y'know, you're really cute. Didja know tha'?"

Aya felt his cheeks redden. He was obviously more sober than the usually bashful Ken. "N... no... what makes you say that?"

"'Specially when yer drunk..." He grinned. "Y'r face gets all red."

"C... chotto matte! I'm not as red as YOU." He poked Ken's cheek for emphasis, making a small white mark where his finger indentation had been. Fascinated by this, he poked at his cheek again, and giggled.

"What's it now, Aya-kun?"

"Your face makes funny white marks when I push on it..." Grinning, he poked at his cheek once more, laughing, and lunged for another try when Ken rotated his head, catching Aya's finger in his mouth. Much to Aya's surprise (not that he was complaining), Ken began to slowly suck on Aya's finger, rolling his tounge around the sides of it, and sucking it in as far as it could go.

Aya, although he was a rather conservative and clean-minded man, couldn't help but allude his finger to another body part, which was quickly responding to Ken's attentions.

"A... anou... Ken... ?"

"Whaht duh ya vant?" He replied around a mouthful of finger.

"W... why are you doing that?" Aya's eyes were closed, and he could hear his heartbeat pound in his finger.

"Hnn... I dunno." He popped Aya's finger out for a moment. "But... y'seem to like it, huh?" He squeezed the growing bulge through Aya's jeans, eliciting a sharp gasp from the redhead.

"K... Ken...."

"Hnnn... ?" Ken grinned slyly, squeezing again.

Aya groaned. "Don't... don't stop..."

Dropping Aya's finger, Ken sat down on the floor in front of Aya, who was leaning back on the couch, eyes closed, and breathing hard. He moved his fingertips gracefully over Aya's crotch, teasing him through the fabric ever so gently, causing his partner to grit his teeth and plead for Ken to just get the hell on with it.

Ken fumbled a bit with the buttons to Aya's jeans, but finally got them undone, and assisted Aya in removing them. Ken almost laughed at Aya's yellow smiley-face boxers.

"Figures you're a boxers man..." Before Aya could respond, Ken's hand was down Aya's boxers and feeling up his hard bat of flesh. Shivering slightly, Aya groaned, whispering Ken's name.

Ken moved his hands up and down his shaft, running his fingernails gently down the sides, tracing the pulsing veins with his fingertips. Finally, his journey led him to the tip, where his finger discovered a small valley of precum forming.

Taking a deep breath, he tugged at the elastic band of Aya's boxers, and the older man quickly complied and removed them, tossing them to the floor with his jeans. Ken moved closer to Aya's crotch and examined the tip. He ran his finger around the hole at the tip, smearing the precum around the head, and eventually down his shaft, occasionally returning to the tip to scrape some more up and apply it to the rest of him. Eventually he reached the base of his cock, and the beginning of his scrotum. He cupped Aya's balls in both of his hands, and gave them a playful squeeze.

By this time, Aya's breathing was quite irregular, and beads of sweat were dripping down his forehead. "P... please... Ken...."

He began by slowing licking from tip to base, licking off the previously applied precum and replacing it with his own saliva. Ken put the tip inside his mouth, sucking on it liberally in atemptempt to cleanse the tip of the clear, sticky fluid currently inhabiting it. Then, without warning, he lunged forward as far as he could go, taking well over three fourths of Aya's huge member. A deep moan escaped from Aya's lips, and he clutched at the back of Ken's head, running his fingers through the chocolate locks. He then used his tongue playfully while going up and down on him, adding to the mounting pleasure deep within the redhead.

Ken picked up the pace a little, and rubbed at Aya's inner thighs. The older man couldn't help but lift his hips, bucking in rhythm with his teammates attentions, trying to get even deeper inside him. He could feel some sort of warm, building sensation deep inside him that he couldn't quite describe. All he knew was that he liked it. He grunted, and forced Ken to go even faster by picking up the pace with his own hips.

"Ken..." He managed, and then was lost in the pleasure. A blinding flash of light exploded before him, swallowing him in the pleasure that was release. A flood of cum erupted from the tip of his member, flooding Ken's mouth. The soccer boy managed to swallow most, and what was left over leaked out of his mouth and dribbled down his chin, making quite an erotic site indeed.

Aya pulled out and heaved back onto the couch, panting heavily. "That was... that was..."

"Wonderful," Ken finished for him, wiping the cum from his face with the back of his sleeve.

"Y... yeah. But, what about you?" He pointed towards the rather large tent in Ken's jeans.

Before Ken could respond, Aya was on his knees next to him, squeezing at his erection liberally. Ken's eyes widened in shock. "Your turn, Ken..." Was all Aya said before deftly removing Ken's jeans and underwear (briefs, for the record) and tossing them alongside his own.

Aya made his way farther down, kissing a straight line down the length of the soccer player's body until he reached Ken's arousal.

"Aya-kun..." He breathed jaggedly, "Please...."

He nodded in compliance, and leaned forward, taking the younger boy in his mouth. Ken's hands were buried in amazingly silky soft red hair as he rode the waves of pleasure wracking his body. Aya sucked slowly at the shaft in his mouth. Ken instinctively thrust into that moist cavern but an arm of iron strength pinned his hips to the bed. Aya drew Ken's cock deeper into his mouth and let his teeth scrape down the sensitive sides. He went back up again and sucked at the head, stabbing his tongue into the slit.

"A... aya... I'm about to..."

Just then, Aya withdrew, leaving a very frustrated Ken, who was unable to do anything about it himself with Aya pinning him down like he was.

"Not yet... I want you to do something first." During the course of his attentions, Aya had grown quite hard once again, and had been formulating a plan that woulke cke care of both of them at the same time.

"I want to be... inside of you," Aya said before bringing Ken's head back down for a kiss. Saliva slick fingers teased at Ken's opening and he bucked, trying to bring them in. Finally, they stopped torturing him and a finger made its way into the tight passage.

"Oh, god!" Ken cried as his back arched. One, two then three fingers stretched the passage, Ken backing into them, trying to get as much of them as he could. The fingers were removed, a feeling of emptiness settled over him before a rock hard shaft gently pushed its way in.

Ken arched off the couch, bringing Aya even closer. There was a slight amount of pain at first but that was quickly overridden by the feeling of fullness plunging into him. Aya thrust slowly, trying to make it last as long as possible. But as his desire mounted, his control started to fade and soon he started to pound Ken into the floor, who welcomed it wholeheartedly.

He could feel the redhead pumping in and out against his walls, filling him to the brim. He had never felt so complete in his life as he did here with Aya, on their living room floor. Aya shifted and the new angle enabled him to hit at just the right spot, sending black spots across the soccer boy's vision. A few more thrusts against the same spot and Ken was gone.

Ken's inner passages tightened, sending Aya into sensory overload. Aya plunged in one more time and held himself as deep as possible in his new lover's body.

"Ken..." he called out as he flooded his depths with his seed. Aya then collapsed onto Ken and managed to get enough semblance of mind to roll off.

Cradling the younger boy in his arm, he pulled the spent Ken against his body, allowing the warmth of the two intertwine. The buzz of the alcohol having finally left, what had just happened finally registered in Aya's previously... busy mind.

With somewhat of a shock, he realized that he didn't regret any of what he had just done. In fact, given the opportunity, he'd do it all over again. He couldn't help but gaze down at the bundle of Ken in his arms, a soft smile gracing his otherwise hard features.

"Aishiteru, Ken." He said, in the faintest of whispers.

Ken smiled, and kissed Aya on the forehead. "Ore mo, aishiteru."


Elsewhere, a similarly exhausted Yohji cuddled against a sleeping Omi. "Hnn... how do you think they did, Omittchi?"

Omi rubbed his eyes sleepily. "Well, we'll find out when we get back, ne?"

Yohji sighed, and hugged the boy against him. "Hai, hai." He leaned forward to kiss him on the forehead. "Oyasumi, Omittchi."

Yawning, Omi pressed himself against the blonde. "Oyasumi, Yotan."


I sooooo did not write that... I feel so... so... dirty... -.-;;; Ken made me do it!!! I swear!! -.-;;;

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