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The Chronicles
A Pokémon Story Two
Part One of Two
By Spiral Breeze

When you reach a certain age on this beloved Earth of ours, Mother Nature tends to start your hormones going on their rapid development. This age is different for everyone nevertheless it is around your early teen years. When you come into this age and when your hormones are turned on, a variety of things begin to happen. You start developing and growing, but most importantly you begin to take interest in the opposite sex, yet this is not the case for everyone, especially Gary Oak. The day that Gary and his rival Ash began their journeys it was Ash's tenth birthday. Gary on the other hand was sixteen. At this age many boys get their first girlfriends or go on their first date, and depending upon where you are in this good old U.S. of A, some boys have sex for the first time. However now that Gary was nineteen he started feeling left out, he would watch all his male and female friends go out on their dates and he was left alone. He knew that he was different from other guys his age; he never had a girlfriend, and never felt any emotion toward girls at all. Even when his personal cheer leading squad was stripping in front of him, he wasn't fazed, but… when he saw a great looking guy like Brock; he couldn't help but feel a tightness in his pants and think to himself, “Oh Chancey, was he manly!” Or when he saw a big guy with a lot muscles like Bruno from the Elite Four he thought, “Good Growlithe, if everything else is so big, what about the part where the sun don't shine!” He couldn't help these strange and sudden urges. In fact now that he thought about it, his own mortal enemy Ash Ketchum wasn't all that puny and pathetic, he was now kind of cute. The more he thought about it, the more he wished he could see Ash, and maybe, just maybe… kiss him. He practiced everyday on his pillow, “Oh Ash… I love you… I love you Ash!”

Once he realized that he was attracted to boys instead of girls, his entire outlook on life changed. He started wearing different shirts that revealed his built chest, and he fixed all his baggy pants to be tight bell-bottoms. He started to experiment with make up and soon developed a way of putting it on that made him actually look like a girl. In reality Gary wished that he was a girl instead of a boy, all the boys that he met were all interested in girls, not boys, so where could he find a guy that would like him? Gary was more like a girl than some girls he knew. His favorite TV channel had always been Lifetime, and his decorating tips helped everyone with their interior dilemmas. Gary was a changed man. He even bought a bumper sticker that read, “I BREAK FOR GOOD LOOKING GUYS!”. While he was purchasing it, the man behind the counter made kissing noises at him, and Gary smiled with content at the fact that his feminine appearance was convincing. After that pleasing little incident, he went to a different store and bought another bumper sticker, this one was just a plain rainbow. Gary loved rainbows, and flowers, and clouds, and cute little Clefairys that danced in the moonlight. There was no other explanation for it; Gary was just plain gay, although he didn't know it until…

“Gary could you come down here!” Professor Samuel Oak yelled at the top of his lungs.

“Ok Grampy!” Gary called from upstairs. He usually called his grandfather “Gramps”, but his speech and the way he carried himself had also changed.

“What in the name of Sam's Hill!” Professor Oak screamed as he watched his only grandchild strut down stairs from his bedroom.

Gary walked down the flight of stairs with a tight black satin turtleneck with half sleeves, a pair of tight purple corduroy bell bottoms, long brown hair died with green streaks, a full face of Boy George makeup, and to top it all off a pair of black leather high heeled motorcycle boots.

“Are you gay? Get that damn makeup off and put some clothes on that don't make everything pop out!” Professor Oak shrieked, the poor elderly scholar looked about ready to have heart attack.

“What's Gay?” Gary questioned seriously in his normal girly voice.

“It's when men are attracted to other men. You know, homosexual, same sex, get it?” Professor Oak explained with a little confusion. He couldn't believe how his grandson could dress like that and not know what the word gay meant.

“Oh! Then I guess I am gay! Bye Grampy! Kiss, kiss!” Gary replied happily after finally finding out what he was. He grabbed his car keys from the hook on the wall, and ran out the front door.

At that moment Professor Oak fainted. Outside the house Gary walked out to his little red Cadillac convertible, and there in the back seat sat six topless cheerleaders.

“Gary, Gary he's our… Ah!” They all screamed.

“Like, Gary, what did you like, do to yourself?” Asked a blond haired girl.

“Yeah, and how come, you don't sleep with us no more?” Another with a heavy New York accent inquired.

“Because girls, I don't want any flat chested, skinny little girls! I want a good-looking guy to flip me upside down, inside out, from side to side and back again! I need a good man in my life girls, so get the hell away from me unless one of you is really a boy!” Gary explained triumphantly.

With that sudden outburst complete the girls put their shirts back on, jumped out of the car, and walked back to their houses.

“Now to find Ash and Brock!” A very determined Gary exclaimed.

Meanwhile in a Pokémon Center in Johto, Ash, Misty, Pikachu and Togepi were just waking up. Brock was already preparing their breakfast.

“Good morning Ash!” Misty smiled with a yawn.

“Good morning Misty!” Ash replied with a smirk.

“Breakfast is ready!” Brock shouted as he looked at the couple hugging each other. “You know Ash, I never will know how you found the girl of your dreams so fast! By the time you two get married, and have three kids, I still might not have been on my first date yet!”

Suddenly the doorbell rang and everyone jumped with surprise. Misty stood up, stretched and quickly went to the door of the suite to see who it could possibly be at eight thirty in the morning.

“Hello?” The red head asked as she opened the door to reveal an oddly dressed young woman. “Um, who are you looking for Miss?”

“Oh, no Misty. It's just…” Began the person before she could finish but she too was interrupted.

“Hey, Mist, who is it?” Ash asked as he walked to the door.

“Ash, is that you?” The stranger questioned hopefully, trying to get a look inside the room.

“Who are you?” The ebony haired young man inquired curiously, the person didn't look familiar at all.

“It's me Gary! Don't you remember me Ash?” Gary asked with a wide grin, Gods, he looked so adorable.

“Um… no, so can you please leave me and my girl alone?” Ash replied very nastily as he slammed the door in the strangers face.

(Aww… I wanted to shock him.) Pikachu said as he snapped his chubby little fingers sadly.

(You'll get to use your Thunder Bolt real soon don't worry.) Togepi patted her brother on the back.

“No Ash! I love you damn it! I love you! And that little bitch has taken you away from me!” Gary screamed and banged his fists on the door, his tears were pouring down his face and messing up his mascara.

Misty cringed at the word and swung open the door with rage.

“What did you call me you little fagot!” The red head shrieked angrily. “I'll kick your ass!”

“Uh, Misty? Sweetie? Calm down.” Ash begged as he tried to pull her away from the stranger, who said she or he was Gary.

(Come on, call me out… I'm ready!) Pikachu punched the air enthusiastically as he readied himself for the ensuing battle.

(See told you that you'd get to battle soon.) Togepi trilled.

“Hey, what's the problem over here?” Brock asked as he made his way towards the door.

“Prepare for trouble!” Cackled a female voice.

“And make it double!” Added a high male voice. “Oh! Where did you get those adorable pants!”

“Not you again!” Ash, Misty and Brock yelled together.

“Pikkaaaaa!” Pikachu exclaimed, he was now more than ready for a huge Thunder Bolt attack.

“Toge, toge priii!” Sang Togepi happily in the midst of all the early morning chaos.

“No, no, Boys and girl, or is that girls?” Jessie stated as she looked curiously at Gary. “Oh well, doesn't matter anyway, we are here for fashion reasons only. Are you a seamstress young lady?”

“No, and I'm a boy!” Whined the stranger in a girly voice. He was a little annoyed by everyone calling him a girl, now that he knew he was homosexual he didn't need to pretend to be a girl anymore, and he really needed to let Ash know that he was a boy.

“Are you serious?” James questioned with a raised eyebrow. “Because, quite frankly I didn't know whether to be extremely disgusted or attracted to you!”

“Meowth! Let's just get outta here!” Meowth whined. “These people are freaking Meowth out!”

“Meowth's right let's go! I don't want to spend anymore time with these weird little twerps!” Jessie agreed as they started running down the hall.

“But Jess!” James whined. “I want pants like that!”

“Shut up!” Jessie yelled back at him.

“Team Rocket's running off again!” The trio yelled.

“They keep getting weirder and weirder…” Misty muttered with a shake of her head. “Anyway, now what do you mean that you're Gary and you love Ash?”

“Hold up a second, that can't be Gary, he would never dress like that!” Brock laughed as he looked over the stranger who appeared to be going to an 80's band tribute party.

“Yeah, and how come all of a sudden he loves me?” Ash asked who was extremely confused.

(Let me at him!) Pikachu jumped up and down waiting for the command.

Togepi simply shook her head at her brother; sometimes she just couldn't believe that they were related.

“It is me, you guys! Honest!” The stranger said softly. “And I didn't know that you were going out with Misty. I thought that I would have a chance with you, but I guess not… I'll see you at the wedding. Bye.”

With that the stranger who really was Gary left. He let more tears run freely down his face, not caring if he looked like a drunken prom queen.

“Now that was even weirder.” Said the red head.

“You said it, let's just eat breakfast.” Ash exclaimed. “I'm starving!”

(Eat? But… I wanted to electrocute him!) Pikachu whined.

(Yay! Breakfast!) Togepi squealed, completely ignoring the electric mouse.

“Come on everyone, dig in!” Brock laughed. He was wearing his pink frilly apron as he dished out steaming hot pancakes.

The three friends and two Pokémon ate their breakfast happily and didn't even wonder who the stranger at their door had been.

~* ))O(( *~

Gary went into the house after parking his car, and his beloved grandfather was still lying on the floor. Gary was used to the elderly man falling asleep in odd locations, so didn't think much of it. So the boy kneeled down and picked him up, and whispered:

“Wakey, wakey Grampy. I'm home.”

“Gary? Is…is… it you?” Asked a weak Professor.

“Yes Grampy, it is.” Gary replied with a smile, when his grandfather opened his eyes.

“Oh, my!” The old man shouted as he fainted again from the shock of his grandsons face.

“Uh oh!” Gary mumbled and carried him to the couch and lied him down to rest. He covered him with the blanket that he had crochet for his grandfather, kissed him on the cheek and whispered lovingly to him. “I love you Grampy, and one day you will too, but you'll love me for who I am.”

After that he went to his room, closed the door behind him, and sat down on his bed feeling really awful about himself. Was it fair that he had to go through this, like so many other people that are afraid to come out into the open with their true feelings? Yet it wasn't what he was that bothered him, but the fact that it bothered other people. It had scared him to see his grandfather faint, but knowing that it was because of him; he became rather upset. The young man laid his head down on his multi-colored pillows and immediately thoughts of depression poured into his poor confused head. Why did Ash and Misty love each other so much? How come there isn't anyone else like me? Is there anybody out there that with love me?

The End Of Part One

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