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Broken Promises


Walking into her room, Amara dropped onto her bed and sighed. Her parents had broken another promise and now she was grounded because she had brought it up in front of some wealthy business man that had been interested in buying shares in the company. Lying back on the bed she smirked. In six days she would be shipped off to boarding school in Japan. She would be away from her parents and she wouldn’t even have to worry about it. Sitting up as her father walked in she looked up.

“What do you want?”

“Well I hope that you have learned your lesson.”

“What lesson would that be?”

“Amanda Amara Tenouh don’t push your luck.”

“Ha my luck was used up when I was born. Besides I really wanna know what lesson I was suppose to learn with you yelling at me and mom trying to make a business proposition with someone who wasn’t interested.”

“Amanda you know what I’m talking about. Yelling at us, disobeying us, being rude and conceited, not to mention frightening away a man who was willing to buy into the company. Now Don’t act like you don’t know.”

“Oh the respect your elders lesson that I always seem to not know. Well sorry but last time I checked there wasn’t an elder that I saw that needed respected at that meeting. The guy was like two years older than me. How was I suppose to respect him when he looked like he was a college geek?”

“Okay how about ‘honor thy mother and thy father’?”

“If I had a mother and father worth honoring they would have all the honor in the world.” she said laying back down and putting her head phones on. Her father though had other plans. Pulling the head phones off he yanked her up and pulled her into a certain room of the house. Throwing her in front of the alter he made her look up at the cross that was there.

“Now ask for forgiveness.”

“There is nothing that I have done that needs forgiven.” Letting go of her head he pulled out a leather belt.

“Spare the rod spoil the child. Well that saying will never be used to describe this house hold. I will never spare the rod and spoil my child.” He said pulling his arm back and then when Amara looked up he pulled it down. The belt hit her squarely in the face. Falling against the alter she held her face and looked up. That had been the first time he had hit her across the face with the belt. Normally he just hit her across the ass with it. Ducking as he tried to hit her again she began to crawl away.

“Where are you going?”

“Father I’m home!” Amara looked up and prayed silently that he didn’t come in. Her prayers went unanswered though as her twin brother walked in. Staring at the scene before him Sho couldn’t believe his eyes. His father was standing behind his sister with the belt in his hand and Amara had a big bruise on her face. Walking in he pulled Amara to her feet and looked at their father.

“Leave her alone. Why do you always beat on her? Because she’s not perfect is that it?”

“Boy stay out of this.” their father said as he put the belt away and picked up the bible. Pulling Amara back in front of the alter he sat her down roughly and slammed the book in front of her face and opened it.

“I expect you to read that until I say so otherwise.”

“Yeah whatever.” This earned her another slap across the face with the belt. As he walked out he grabbed Sho’s arm and drug him out. Amara knew what was going to happen. He was going to get beat for standing up for her and then he was going to be confined to his room again. Pulling open the bible she began to read it. Just so she wouldn’t get beat for that to. By dinner time she had read half way through it. Looking up as her father brought in her dinner she dared to ask.

“Where’s Sho?”

“He’s in his room he isn’t feeling well.” She looked down to see what she was going to eat and noticed blood on her father’s shoes.

“He’s throwing up so don’t bother him.” he continued.

“Throwing up?” she asked hesitantly.

“Yes. Now eat up and finish reading.” Nodding numbly she looked down and continued reading.

“I’m not all that hungry.” she said quietly. That night when her parents were sleeping she snuck into Sho’s room and turned him over. She almost screamed at all of the blood.

“Sho? Sho wake up!” She said quietly. As Sho opened his eyes slowly she smiled weakly.

“Hey there. How are you feeling?”

“Like I’ve had the crap beat out of me.”

“Ouch that must be painful then.”

“Yeah.” All of a sudden Amara was across the room and Sho hit the floor. Looking up Amara looked on in horror as her father started to beat Sho again.

“I found the report that you were trying to hide.” he growled as he hit him again. As soon as he finished with Sho he turned to Amara and raised the belt.

“I told you not to disturb him.” He yelled as he brought the belt down on her. When the blows stopped, Amara looked up to see that her mother had walked in and stopped him. Looking down at her, Amara’s mother picked up a broom and began to hit her with that. Covering her head, Amara wished that her parents would just leave her be. When her mother stopped and left the room, Amara looked up to see that her father had left as well. Crawling over to Sho she picked his head up and shook him.

“Sho? Sho? Sho please wake up. Don’t leave me. Please?” she whined and then took his pulse. Shaking her head she dropped him and wailed. Pulling her knees up to her face Amara began to wail even harder. Falling asleep she curled up.

Shooting awake Amara turned to look at the clock that was on her brother’s night table. It read 3:30 a.m. Standing she calmly walked downstairs and into the kitchen she picked up a butcher knife and turned.


That morning the neighbors woke up to hear sirens. Walking out onto the front lawn of the Tenouh mansion they watched as three body bags were pulled out of the house and a shaken girl was as well. Shaking their heads as the police began to ask questions, they began to wonder what had happened. A figure stood in the shadows and looked closely at Amara and then left. When Amara got to the hospital and was taken care of she looked at the cops.

“What happened in the house Amanda?” One of the officers asked and Amara raised her head.

“My name is Amara and they hurt him so I got back at them.”

“Who hurt who?”

“Father beat him to death so I hurt him.” The officers shook their heads and looked down at her.

“What exactly happened?”

“I came home from school and they weren’t there for my concert. I yelled at them and they got mad. Mother tried to finish the business proposition and father yelled at me. I went to my room and father came upstairs. We argued. He pulled me in front of the family alter and tried to make me apologize for something that I didn’t do. He got mad and hit me with the belt. Then Sho came home. He tried to protect me and father beat him in his room. I was reading the bible. He got me dinner and there was blood on his shoes so when they went to bed I went to see Sho. He was all bloody. I woke him up and we smiled at each other. Then father beat him to death. Then they beat me. Mom’s a bitch. I cried. Then I slept. I woke up and got them back. Then I called the cops. Done yet?” She asked sweetly. Shaking their heads they looked up.

“Amara are you protecting anyone?”

“I don’t have anyone to protect so no.”

“Amara are you saying that you killed you own parents?”

“Yup.” she said with a smile.


“They hurt my bubby. Can I go?”

“No Amara. You can’t go.”

“Why not?”

“Well if you did kill them then we will have to take you to a juvenile correction facility. You can’t get away with what you did.”

“Yes I can. I’m a kid and you’re dead.” All of a sudden a cloud of smoke filled the room and Amara felt someone pick her up. As they left the building Amara laughed as the room that the cops were in blew up. Looking up she saw a man’s face and knew that she was going to be okay.

The man ran threw the portal and sat the girl down in front of his leader. Bowing he smiled.

“It’s done. I have found the child that will defeat the Battousai, Kurushimi. She killed her parents remorselessly and she can smile about it. You were right. It was easier to go to the future to find the child. Now you just have to teach her.”


8 years later.………..


“Kenshin! Where are you?”

“Out back doing the laundry Kaoru dono.” As Kaoru came around the corner she smiled. Kenshin, the legendary hitokiri Battousai, was no more than a misled child who loved to work hard.

“The paper’s here and there was something that I thought you should see.” She said as she dropped the paper in front of him. On the front cover was a report about a murder. Picking it up Kenshin read the article completely through and his eyes narrowed. Setting it down Kenshin stood up and brushed himself off. As he turned he ducked a sword swing and then dodged to the side. Standing in front of him was a tall girl with blond hair.

“So your Hitokiri Battousai. Not much if you ask me. But then again you are a coward.”

“Do I know you?”

“No. But I know everything about you.”

“So who are you? What’s your name? Why did you attack me?”

“You sure do ask a lot of questions.” she said with a smile.

“Well you like to evade them.”

“I’m Amara. I want to see your blood that’s why I attacked. Can you die? If so what color blood do you have?” Kenshin stared at her as if she were crazy. Then he noticed the band on her arm.

“So the shogun ate wants to finish me off. Did Kurushimi put you up to this?”

“Why do you want to know?”

“Well if he did then you should know that he can bend the truth and distort reality to his own twisted delusion and make you believe something that isn’t true.”

“Don’t speak lies about my father. Well he’s not my real father, I killed him. He was fun he ran like a coward. He should have never made me mad.”

“How old were you when you killed your father?”

“I was ten, you?”

“I never killed my father.”

“Yes you did. You were in the village. That’s what killed him.”

“No cholera killed him.”

“The vaccine would have made it if you weren’t there.” As Kenshin’s eyes widened, Kaoru stared in shock. Shaking his head Kenshin prepared himself for battle.





How do you like? I know that the characters are ooc and that I probably changed the leader of the Shogunate but it was fun! Sides it’s my story. If you have a complaint then get a kitchen knife and kill your parents. Bye now.

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