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By: AGirlCalledFred

Clinging desperately to the rail on the wall, Mantaro gritted his teeth for what was about to come. Sweat poured down his face a Pumpinator grinned, enjoying the obvious pain and humiliation his new 'comrade' was feeling.
Ever since the son of Sugaruu Kinnikuman had joined the ranks of the DMP, he had been planning this. Carefully watching and waiting for the perfect time to get his revenge.

He could almost taste the fear radiating off his victim; pants around his ankles, beaten and bruised. Pumpinator relished every second of it.

There was silence for a moment, Mantaro's frightened, gasping breaths bouncing off the walls of the stairwell where they were, echoing ominously.
Pumpinator could feel his adrenaline- fueled heart beating furiously with excitement, and was sure Mantaro could, too, from the stiff appendage poised readily between his exposed buttocks. The air hung like a heavy curtain over them both.

Suddenly, the suffocating quiet was dashed by a scream torn from the Prince's throat. His grip tightened on the metal rod, knuckles going white under brown gloves as Pumpinator impaled him on his searingly hot cock.
Tears came to Mantaro's eyes, unbearable pain overtaking every fiber of his body. Pump worked himself in and out of the tight opening, once dry now slicked with blood. He made his hold on his victim's hips stronger as the hate, pleasure, and sense of victory over his object of affliction burned in his belly. He moaned.

The Kinniku Prince, however, felt none of the joy Pumpinator was feeling. His insides were stretching and aching, but the harsh, forced pleasure that began to spark up his spine was worse then the pain.

As the shoe-like Choujin's thrusts increased in speed and power, Mantaro's body began to react, much to his horror and confusion.
Wasn't this only supposed to happen when you wanted it? When you felt good and safe with the person doing it to you, like the times with Mars?
Pump seemed to have sensed his internal questioning, because he laughed, saying:

"You like this, don't you, you filthy little slut?"

Did he? Did he really want this? Did he really like it? Maybe what he was saying was true. Maybe he was a slut. That was how he felt, at least. Like a whore, a dirty little fuck-toy for the amusement and abuse of others. He wasn't worthy of Mars, he wasn't worthy of anyone to love him or be his friend. He bowed his head. He wanted to die.

His self-pity was soon interrupted, though, by the evil Choujin's hand closing around his sex and pulling, rough and off-beat with equally brutal thrusts. Mantaro convulsed, disgusted and terrified by the waves of sick pleasure that crashed over his body. His sobs, accompanied by the occasional half-scream or pained moan, made a delightful symphony for Pumpinatior's ears.

As the Shoe-Choujin was neared his completion, his body began to tighten, his breath getting ragged and short, and making shallow, frantic plunges into the Prince.
Mantaro, too, was building towards his peak, no matter how badly he didn't want it to happen. His screams were becoming louder and longer, his moans now just gurgles deep in his dry throat, and his hands were clawing helplessly at the concrete surface of the wall in between grasps at the rail he was half supporting himself on.

Pulling Mantaro back onto his hips a few more times, making the beaten Choujin knock his head against the hard surface in front of him, Pump achieved his climax, letting out a guttural moan of satisfaction. He jerked the Prince hard until a gasp and a raspy sob signaled his finishing.

With one last shudder, the shoe-man pulled unceremoniously out of Mantaro and let him fall to ground, not able to support his own weight anymore.
The Kinniku Prince lay there, gashes and bruises covering his body, his crotch swollen and sore from the rough and careless treatment, a mixture of cum and blood leaking from his abused opening.

Pump scoffed, making Mantaro weakly look up at him.

"Pathetic. Abso-fucking-lutly pathetic." He leaned down, giving one last, hateful kiss, then walked out of the door with out another word.

Mantaro lay there long after Pumpinator's footsteps had faded, and silence reigned in the stairwell. His mind was buzzing beehive of thoughts, each one more self-depreciating then the last.

He would never be able to look anyone in the eye. Not even Mars, who had sort of taken him under his wing, if you'll excuse the analogy, and had tried to help him fit in a little better, even sticking up for him at times. Mars had deemed him 'a friend with benefits', even though he had felt it was something a bit more between him and the Bird.

He wished that he could have let it grow into something truly more, and gotten to know Mars better, but he didn't want anyone to touch him, look at him, or even be around him, ever again. He felt so unclean.
He was sure Mars would feel the same towards him, if he knew what had gone on. He wouldn't tell him. He would rather have Mars get angry, yell at him, even beat him up, then have the look of disgust on his face, that Mantaro was sure that he'd have, as he recoiled and told him to go away, you whore! He wanted to keep at least that last shred of dignity intact.

When he finally had enough strength, he stood up, groaning in pain as his battered insides clenched and burned. He pulled up his pants, not bothering with the shredded blue and teal spandex shirt, and limpedwly wly down the hall to his bunk.
Luckily for him, it was on the same floor, Pump having cornered him just as he had stepped into the stairwell on his way down for a midnight snack. There was no way he could have climbed any stairs in his current state.

He reached his room, then went straight to the bathroom and threw up violently.
This went on for half an hour, until the dry-heaving stopped, leaving him curled up on the cool tile, nicely soothing on his feverish skin. He looked at the digital clock on the wall across from the doorway. It was 3:18 P.M., and he blacked out.


Well, there you have it! My first finished AND smutty AND rape-fic. Craptacular, no? This was done for the LiveJournal RPG of the same name. I own nothing, so leave my crap alone. X3

Poor Mantaro! He's all depressed and hurt and Emo and poorly written. ;______; Mars needs to help him snap out of it! :: Prods Knuxie-chan with RPG Idea Stick:: XD


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