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I wrote this story solely so that someone who hasn't read steel angel kurumi that they might
I encorage thoose who haven't to go out and buy it
I consider it one of the best animes ever
Now to the story

She sat on the roof of the Kagura shrine that night, staring at the small crescent moon, dreaming the dreams she always dreamt. She closed her eyes as they began to tear up knowing full well that her dreams of having Nakahito were an impossibility. He would always love Kur She She would always love him. “Why?” she softly inquired the moon. Doing this seemed to make her even sadder causing her to grasp her knees into a fetal position and fight off the onslaught of tears that came. “Karinka”, the sound of her name jarred her from current state into her normal mean attitude. “Yeah what!?” she yelled back. Dr. Amagi walked outside, “Karinka its time for dinner come on” she said. Karinka swore under her breath and jumped down landing cleanly next to Amagi. She then walked quickly inside slamming the door in Amagi’s face. “ What’s up h she she inquired to her self before joining the rest for dinner. “Oh, hello Karinka” Kurumi said cheerfully as she walked in “glad you could join us”. “Fucking ditz” Karinka thought as she sat down. Saki then walked into the room carrying in the beef bowls they were having “Here we are” she said, placing it down. Karinka picked hers up quickly and began to wolf down her food, knowing no one would care how bad her manners were. She finished and walked to her room wanting the rest of the nighone.one. In her haste however she left her door open.

Saki was cleaning up as she always did. Putting things away and finishing the last of the tea in the kettle, she somehow found joy in these accomplishments. Once she was done she slowly walked to her room trying to think up new ways in which Kurumi would pay attention to her and praise what she did. As she walked by Karinka’s room and stopped as she heard Karinka softly weeping on her pillow. “Nakahito” Karinka said in a quavering voice she to cry and softly touch herself to try to ease the pain she had in her two angel hearts. “Karinka, are you okay?” Saki said in a soft motherly tone. Karinka froze hearing this and turned around to see Saki sitting right next to her. “How did you…?” Karinka started “you left you door open and I heard you crying, what’s wrong?” Saki asked. Karinka sat up “It’s not fair, Saki, I don’t want to be alone” she said, sniffling soundly “Nakahito should be mine, Kurumi isn’t good enough for him.” “What about Kamihito?” Saki asked in a soothing voice. Karinka sniffed again “I like him but he said I should follow my heart after we went on a date. And my heart tells me Nakahito.” Saki remained quiet not knowing quite what to do. Karinka got agitated at Saki because of her sudden silence and coldly remarked, “Why the Fuck do you even care, you have no idea how I feel.” Saki was deeply hurt by this remark and sadly looked at Karinka with eyes like a puppy that had just been beaten. Saki slowly stood up, crying softly, and walked out of the room. Karinka swore under her breath again “great now I have to apologize to her” she said. Karinka walked up to Saki’s door. She could here Saki crying inside. “Saki, can I come in?” she asked. She got no response so she opened the door. Saki was a mess her night robe was crooked on her shoulders and her eyes were red and puffy from tears. “Look Saki I’m really sorry about said to you” Karinka said, “You were just trying to comfort me and all I did was snap at you. Please forgive me.” Saki just stared at her with her sad puppy eyes; Karinka couldn’t bear seeing anyone so sad. She knew Saki was emotional but this must have been really serious to her. “Karinka” Saki said in quivering voice, Karinka noticed that her bottom lip trembling. “Karinka” Saki said, “ I need to tell you something.” “Sure Saki,” she replied. “Karinka you can’t tell anyone what I’m going to say.” “Okay, okay” Karinka said trying to calm her down. “I…” she started then paused for a good minute or so. “It’s okay I’m not going to tell anyone.” Saki nodded closed her eyes and said “I… I’m in love with Kurumi.”

Karinka would have fell over right there if she hadn’t been sitting already. “You… You…” was all Karinka could say. Saki nodded. “So that’s why you’re always…” Karinka said. Saki nodded once more. “Oh Saki,” she said hugging her friend; Saki sniffed and hugged Karinka back. “You poor thing, all you want is to be loved and all people do is ignore you,” Karinka said. Karinka pulled away from the hug and looked Saki in the eyes. Instinct and loneliness suddenly took over Karinka’s thought as she closed her eyes and softly kissed her companions lips. Saki’s eyes shot open and she began to wonder why Karinka was doing this and why she couldn’t bring herself to pull away from Karinka. Karinka’s mind caught up with her and she pulled out of the embrace. “I’m so sorry Saki” Karinka said “I didn’t mean to but.” Karinka was cut off by Saki’s deep kiss. Saki didn’t even start the kiss with her lips closed. All she wanted was for this wonderful sensation to last forever. Unfortunately Karinka had to about a minute later. She was so out of breath that she had to lean on Saki whom was also panting heavily. This interruption didn’t stop Saki however and she was soon nibbling on Karinka’s neck. Karinka threw her head back to allow Saki all the room she needed. Saki took this as the final invitation. She put her hands on Karinka’s shoulders and lowered Karinka’s robe. Karinka closed her eyes and became totally submissive to Saki’s actions as Saki began to kiss her collarbone and fondle Karinka’s petite little breasts. Saki then lowered herself to Karinka’s navel and licked Karinka’s cute bellybutton. Karinka began to make soft moans and squeals and gasped softly as Saki slowly moved her finger up Karinka’s inner thigh. Saki teased Karinka like this for while. Finally when Saki could take it no longer she began nuzzle Karinka’s wet virgin flower through her panties. Karinka cried out softly and she gripped the bed to try to contain herself. Saki loved Karinka’s scent. It was gentle and had a smallest hint of musk. Saki knew that she shouldn’t torture Karinka any longer and pulled Karinka’s panties down revealing Karinka’s beautiful wet sex. Saki softly dragged her finger around Karinka’s outer lips sending shockwaves of pure bliss throughout Karinka’s body. Saki then kissed her companion on her nether lips and began to lick inside causing Karinka to moan, gasp, and thrash. Saki grabbed Karinka’s legs to steady her and lick deeper which caused Karinka to arc her back and tighten herself around Saki’s tongue. Karinka’s eyes were hardly open at this point and she was panting harder then a black dog on a summer’s day. Saki then found Karinka’s clit. She pulled back its’ hood and put Karinka’s clit in betweer ter teeth and lashed it violently with her tongue. Karinka cried out Saki’s name and climaxed, rewarding Saki with her delicious cum. Saki happily lapped up nearly all it, leaving a small amount of it for her lover to taste. Karinka hungrily ate the rest from Saki’s fingers and closed her eyes. She was to exhausted to stay awake and she quickly slipped into dreamland. Saki smiled, she finally had some one. She kissed Karinka on her cheek as she snuggled up next to Karinka and whispered “Goodnight my angel.”

*The End*
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