My Angel

BY : JennyRogue
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Disclaimer: I do not own Ultimate Muscle, nor any of the characters from it. I do not make any money from the writing of this story.

My Angel

A Ricardo/Turbinski yaoi fanfic by JennyRogue

Author's Notes: Ugh... I can't begin to describe how bad and cliché this fic is. I only wanted to write a pointless TxR fanfic like Sugarhigh, I never thought that it would turn into much more. =/ Ah well... enjoy Niku-fans!

Disclaimer: Kinnikuman = not mine. Kinnikuman belongs to Yudetamago. I am not making any money from this story.

Ricardo smirked and pulled something out from under the bed, "I found this shop when I went out today... just for kicks, I decided to see what was in there when I found this little genius invention."

I so did not like that smirk on his face. He showed me what he was holding, "It's a special kind of toy called a cock ring."

I twitched involuntarily and gulped, "That sounds... painful."

Ricardo smiled, "Nah, not painful at all. I asked the guy there."

I twitched slightly, sitting up. I took the cock ring in my hands, "So... er... how do you put this thing on then?"

Ricardo took it back out of my hands and moved down, starting to stroke me. "Ohhhhh..." I moaned and rolled my head back, against the bed. A few moments of this and he suddenly stopped. I felt the cock ring being adjusted and I gulped as the strings tightened nd mnd me.

"Alright then." Ricardo said to me, "Now that's over with..." he turned me onto my stomach, smirking.

"Er... Ricardo...?" I asked, "What does this thing do anyway?"

"It heightens sexual pleasure."


"Okay, it stops you from getting off."

My jaw hit the bed, "What?!? Ricardo, get this thing off me N-!!" I groaned helplessly as one lubed finger was pressed into me. Oh god... heads were going to roll when this was over. Preferably Ricardo's. And I mean both of them.

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