Steel AngelKurumi-A New Tournament

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It's me again! Mwahaha!! This story will contain adult themes and mostly boy/girl.
Karinka: Are you far from the tv?
Saki:Are the lights on?
Kurumi and Nakahito: Then let's begin!

"Hmmm, hmm." Kurumi paced the outside porch of the Kagura home.
"Argg!!" This is no fair!" Kurumi sat on the steps.
"Kurumi?" Nakahito came out to sit beside her.
"What's wrong?"
"Master. I have a funny feeling when I see Kamihito and Karinka together. I feel upset and mad when they kiss and stuff--Master do you love me!?" She demanded turning to him. He looked taken aback for a moment
"I think your jealous."
"Jealous? What's that?" Kurumi asked, confused.
"Well, jealousy is when somebody has or does something you don't and you want it."
"Oh so--do you love me!? Huh?"
"Of course I do Kurumi. You know that."
"Then-will you kiss me?"
He paused, turning red but she was almost pleading and he found that recently he did want to touch her, kiss her. He leaned foreward and met their lip's together in a soft kiss.
"See? Is that better?"
"Oh Master!" She flung her arm's around him, hugging him close to her breast.
"You are such a sweetie!" She cooed.
'Kurumi-can't breathe."
"Oh! I'm sorry Master!"
Nakahito smiled at her.
"Let's go into our room."
They entered and sat together on the futon.
"Kurumi-your so beautiful."He pushed her down on her back and leaned over her brushing her bangs back.
"Ooh Master!" Kurumi was in heaven as Nakahito's lip's found her's again. Finally! Finally he's paying attention to me! She thought deleriously and pulled him closer.
"Nakahito!" Dr. Amagi called and they broke apart breathless and moved away from eachother as the sliding door opened.
"Yes Doctor?" They said at once.
"Kaga, Tsunami, and Kaori are here with Dr. Brandow ar. Ar. Ayanakoji."
Karinka gazed at her fingernails, bored as Dr. Brandow and Dr. Ayanakoji talked.
'So Karinka. How do you like it here with your new family?"
She shrugged.
"Why the hell do you care?" She demanded rudely.
"Karinka!" Saki admonished as she poured some tea. Nakahito, Kurumi and Dr. Amagi entered.
"Ah nakahito. Good to see you again. It's been awhile Kurumi."
"Whatever. Hi Kaga!!" Kurumi greeted the leader of the Angels of Destruction with joy.
"Long time Kurumi." Kaori greeted her.
"Hey! Why don't I get a hello!? I'm the most powerful steel angel here!" Karinka snapped, placing her hands on her slim waist.
"They like me better I guess." Kurumi said smugly.
"Oh yeah Pinky!? You want me to kick your ass for you!?" The blonde steel angel threatened and Kurumi stuck out her tongue.
The two glared murder at one another and Saki sighed, gazing misty eyed at Kurumi. Sis is so hot when she's mad, she thought blushingly placing her hands to her face and blushing.
"Calm down you two." Nakahito scolded and both looked ashamed.
"I'm going to find kamihito. See ya." Karinka waved and turned.
"Stop Karinka! I have something important to tell you all."
"Make it quick Blondie." Karinka snapped, turning back.
"The newly built academy is holding another tournament for steel angels to fight against one another."
"But why?"
"A new threat has arisin. Someone stole the blueprints for Kurumi, Saki and Karinka as well as Kaga and Aoi."
"We suspect someone is trying to create the ultimate steel angel, equipped with four angel hearts!"
"Four!?" FIve people demanded at once.
"Yes. A mix of Kaga, Saki, Karinka and Kurumi."

All done with this chapter! Hope you like.
Kurumi: Ooh! A new steel angel!
Saki: She won't be as cute as you Sis.
Karinka: Oh my god I'm gonna die from all this sweetness!

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