The Passion.

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Title: The Passion

Author: Beth Brownell

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Rating: NC17.

Summary: AU. After Usagi had been healed emotionally and physically by the Sailor and Soldier healing ritual, Kafir and she take the next step in their romance.

Warning: Mentions rape m/f.

The characters in the story: Usagi, Kafir and others in Yue Palace.

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Pairings: It will be told in this story.

Disclaimer: Sailor Senshi are not owned by me, though I wish! They belong to their creators and used without permission. I own the storyline. Kafir is owned by ZpanSven.

Author’s Note: Time line is whatever, Usagi and the Sailor Senshi are 17, Hotaru is 16, Setsuna is ancient but looks in her early twenties, Haruka and Michuri are 19. The Soldier Senshi are created by ZpanSven, a friend of mine and used with full permission.

The Passion.

Five days had passed since the ritual of Healing and still there were things that had to be done. It took all the diplomatic skills he had garnered as the CEO of a highly profitable business to make certain his sister would not show up at his apartment as he ordered about ten dozen white roses to be delivered to his apartment. It had taken a bit of doing, but he had also secured several vines of honeysuckle to hang on the certain frame of the bed. He had originally he planned on three dozen white roses but he then decided that would not be enough for his princess. Over his cell phone, he double checked that the dinner plans were arranged and going to be perfect. Nothing was to go wrong on this night, the night he would show his girlfriend, the woman who he would one day marry, how a man truly made love to the woman holding his heart. For this special night, he made reservations with Yue Palace for seven in the evening, in time for them to catch the sunset on the balcony dinning room. Calling the cleaners, he made certain that the dress that Usagi wore that night the night that bastard nearly claimed his life and Usagi’s life would be delivered to her to wear an hour and a half before their reservations. He hoped she would not be angry with him picking that dress for the special night.

The buzzer rang and he was swift in answering it, and finding it was the flower delivery person, he quickly buzzed them up. He nearly wiped out the local florist for that particular color of roses, but he had made sure that they had the ten dozen white roses for this night about three days earlier. Several delivery men brought all the roses and honeysuckle vines into the apartment. Kafir paid the amount and then gave them a nice big tip, pleased with their prompt and courteous service. It was not very often that a gentleman like Kafir would give that huge of a tip. He was in a very good mood and nothing was going to get him into a bad mood, not even the return of Endymion from the grave. He watched as the door closed before he turned towards the white roses. Turning, he picked two of the vases up and carried them into the kitchen, where he proceeded to remove the roses from the vases. He filled up his sink with cold water and started to pluck the rose petals off the stems, repeating the process until he had plucked the petals of two dozen of the roses. Gazing down upon the white sparkling sink that was filled with rose petals, he smiled once more.

Then, he decided to go and get a horse carriage to be at the park when they leave the Yue Palace. He journeyed to where the stables were located at with few of the white roses that he had plucked and the petals placed on the seats and couple of the roses left whole. The grooms grinned and wished him luck when he informed them that this was going to be a very special night for his beloved. The owner of the stables placed the bag of white rose petals and the two roses in the fridge with a note stating which carriage it was to be placed in and what time it should be at the location. A night he wanted to make sure was extra special for her.

Kafir called her home and asked if she had gotten the package from Shingo and smiled when he replied to the positive that she had got it as well as also having accepted the invite to a very special dinner with him. He thanked the young man as he even helped plan the night. His smile broadened into a grin as he hung the phone up. It was the day he took Shingo out, he told the young man about his plans for a very romantic night with his sister Usagi. Shingo told him which flowers had become her favorites white roses and that she no longer had affection for roses of crimson.

Kafir gathered the honeysuckle vines and walked into his bedroom. His bed had a black wrought iron frame, with high posts and curtain frames. It was there that the honeysuckle vines would drape down over the gauzy, semitransparent white silk curtains. He placed the vines down on his bed as he got a stepping stool from the kitchen as he went to work decorating his bedroom with the honeysuckle vines. Once done, he removed the stool from his room and gazed into the room itself. ‘Perfect.

Turning, Kafir carried the footstool back to the kitchen and after putting it away, went to the large double sink where he pulled the petals from the cold water bath he gave them to keep them crisp and not turns brown on him. With incredible gentleness, he thoroughly dried them and then wrapped them in a moist towel. That complete, he placed them within the refrigerator to stay cool till before he left to meet his dinner date, then he'd bring them out and sprinkle them over his bed for the special night with the woman he loved more then life itself.

He headed for the shower as he made sure that he was very clean for that night’s dinner date as he passed the same suit that he wore that night. It had taken the skill of his best seamstress to repair the damage done to it -- unfortunately his dress shirt couldn't be salvaged, so an identical one had been purchased to replace it. This time, he was going to do almost everything the same that he was going to do that night. But one thing different - the monster was not going to show up and try to kill them. He knew that this night was going to be special as it should have been on that night.


Usagi couldn't believe it when she saw the beautiful white roses and then the card. She just wanted to smell the roses. But her little brother was tugging on her sleeve of her shirt. “Yes, Shingo, what is it?”

“Open the card and see who it is from!” Shingo chirped.

Usagi had forgotten the card, in a way, she wanted to leave who send the roses to her a mystery but her little brother was insistent on her reading the card. She took hold of the card and opened it. “I'm opening it, Shingo.”

Usagi’s blue eyes turned to the card that read, ‘I invite you to dinner, tonight at 7, at Yue Palace. K.

The doorbell rang out as Shingo raced to get it. It was the package from the dry cleaners it was Usagi’s dress that she wore that night. They had fixed and cleaned it. The delivery man stated that the bill and the tip were paid in advanced. The young man also told him that the young man who did so had also asked for the dress to be boxed. Shingo thanked the man as he brought the box back into the house.

Ikuko asked from the kitchen. “Shingo, who was at the door?”

“It was a delivery for Usagi, Kaa-chan. She got a package.” Shingo told his mother, as he took the box over to his sister. “Here's a box for you, Usagi,”

Just then, the phone rang. Shingo grabbed it to hear his sister's boyfriend Kafir on the other end. “She just got the roses and the box. Is it a go for tonight?”

Shingo’s face responded to what was said on the other end as he turned to see Usagi’s gasp as she saw the dress that she wore that night and then heard her squeal as she fled up the stairs with the dress with her mother right behind her.

“She accepts the date and will be waiting for you, Kafir-san,” Shingo informed him over the phone before hanging it up.


Usagi looked at the dress as she pulled her school uniform off. She couldn’t believe that Kafir-san had done something like this. It was so very sweet of him. Ikuko gazed at the dress.

”Usagi, I think you best go get a bath in so you can get dressed for your dinner date. I’ll style your hair.” Ikuko told her daughter, as she noticed the time on the clock.

The phone rang downstairs; Shingo answered it to hear Kafir’s voice on the other end. “Kaa-chan, telephone!”

Ikuko went downstairs to the phone. “Hello?”

”Ikuko, it is Kafir-san. I’m recreating the night that we were attacked by Mamoru. I am planning on doing something very special for Usagi. To do so, I will need your assistance.”

”Do not worry, Kafir-san, it shall be done,” Ikuko said before she hung up the phone. She hurried to get the ribbons that she had in her room for Usagi’s hair to be done in.

Kafir hung up the phone and looked at his clean bed. He realized that he did need to have help from his sister or perhaps Shawn would help him with this as the rose petals should be placed on his bed covers about ten minutes before they get into his apartment so that they would stay fresher longer rather than being placed there before he left – even though it would make them throw off their heavenly scent. He picked up the phone and dialed a number.


It was fifteen minutes to seven when Kafir arrived at the house. A few minutes later, Usagi appeared from the stairs, looking exactly like she did that fateful night. Kafir was shocked into silence for a few seconds before he greeted her with a kiss and handing her; a small bouquet of white roses.

Kafir looked around the area before he started to walk towards his car with Usagi by his side. Even though, he was dead and gone, Kafir still had a touch of concern when it came to recreating this night that caused him to be in the hospital and Mamoru dead by his hands. Would the ghost of Mamoru try to show up to finish him off or would he not show up at all? He whispered a mental prayer that he would never ever show up again.

He helped Usagi into the passenger seat before he went to his side and started the car up and drove towards the restaurant.


"Konban wa, welcome to Yue’s Palace. Name of reservation?” The hostess asked them.

”Shino, party of two,” Kafir said to the hostess.

”Follow me, Shino-san.” The hostess said as she picked up two menus and led them to a table beside the large bay windows overlooking the bustling street.

Kafir and Usagi sat across one another. Kafir merely glanced through the menu with a bored air before he placed his menu down. He could sense Usagi's trepidation and smiled slightly. “Do not worry about ordering off the menu, Usagi. I have something already set up.”

”What do you mean?” asked Usagi, as the waiter came, claimed their menu and opened a very expensive bottle of apple cider.

Kafir gazed at her with love burning in his eyes. “I have ordered what we had ordered the night that I first took you out here the night I slew ‘him’.

Usagi couldn’t believe it; he had ordered what they ate that fateful night. She blushed as she lowered her head. The soup that they had the previous time was placed in front of them as they started to sip their soup.


After a couple hours had passed, Usagi was waiting for Kafir as he held the door open for a couple who was just entering the building when they came out. They strode towards the valet and then walked away from the valet parking.

Kafir turned towards Usagi as he smiled at her. “Would you like to take a walk through the park?”

”Hai, I would love that, Kafir-san.” Usagi said, as he held out his arm to her and she took it.

Couple couples walked past them and smiled as they went past. Kafir’s ears could hear them complimenting on how sweet looking they were. Those words made him smile as he gazed down at Usagi. It was then, did Kafir notice that she was shivering slightly. He shrugged of his tuxedo jacket and placed it around her shoulders. Usagi blushed slightly as she leaned closer to his body heat. He then gently placed his arm around her shoulders, careful not to frighten her. They walked through the maze located in the center of the park, enjoying the nighttime beauty without having to worry about a Youma or Droid attacking them. They paused before a large fountain located in the center of the maze. Moonlight sparkled on the flowing water, appearing as though well-wishers had tossed many diamonds into the fountain instead of coins. Kafir reached into his pocket and drew out a coin. He placed the coin into her hand and whispered, “Care to make a wish, Usagi?”

”Hai, Kafir-san,” Usagi said, as she placed the coin to her lips and tossed it into the fountain.

”I hope your wish comes true, Usagi,” Kafir said, his eyes resting on her crimson, rosebud lips, remembering when they had kissed that fateful night.

“So do I,” she whispered, her pulse pounding in her ears, her mind darting back to the kiss they had shared.

Kafir gently pulled her close and claimed her lips with his in a gentle kiss. Usagi’s eyes drifted closed and she ran her hands up his strong, cloth covered chest while he slid his hands to rest on her lower back, gently pressing her delicate body closer to his taller, stronger body. He felt Usagi’s body shiver as they pulled away from each other. Usagi was scared, Kafir could sense something as he turned around and looked in the general direction where Mamoru once emerged from in his attempt to slay Kafir and kidnap Usagi or rape her right there and kill himself.

The darkness that was there shimmered like someone was there. Kafir quickly changed into his Soldier form to protect Usagi as he whispered to her to remain behind him till he’s assured it is safe for her.

Usagi clung to Kafir’s back as she felt the energies of Kafir’s scythe appear in his hands. She could also feel Kafir’s inner worry that he would not be able to protect her. “Believe in yourself, Kafir, you protected me several times and this is no different.” She whispered.

“Come out where I can see you, Youma!” Kafir hissed.

A slender female form emerged from the shadows – it was Hotaru, Kafir’s little sister. She was smiling. “Oh niisan, did you not sense my aura when you looked into the shadows?”

Kafir looked slightly embarrassed by what he had done, transforming into Soldier Saturn when he could have pushed his mind into the shadows to find out who was there, he shifted out of his Soldier form as he looked towards Hotaru. “My mind was not seeing your aura, Hotaru, but that of Mamoru.”

Hotaru's smile faded into a frown before it returned to a smile again. “You should not worry as he is gone and never to return, Kafir.”

Kafir smiled. “So why are you here? Spying on your older brother?”

“Not exactly, niisan, I just wanted to wish you a good night as I’m turning in,” Hotaru said, as she looked at him and then she stepped into the shadows and vanished.

Kafir smiled slightly as he turned to Usagi. “That’s my sister, for you.”

“I wonder if she came to really spy on us or just to wish you a good night?” asked Usagi.

“Probably to wish me a good night,” Kafir whispered, as he gazed at her rosebud lips before looking into her sapphire colored eyes.

Usagi leaned against him, her ear was against his satin clothed chest, she could hear his heartbeat and she could tell something was wrong as it sounded like he was nervous. “Are you worried about something, Kafir-san?”

“No, are you?” he asked softly.

“No…well, yes.” She stated, as she looked up at him.

“What are you worried about?”

“I’m worried that the man I love, will not have the same feelings for me that I do for him,” Usagi whispered.

Kafir made her look up at him. “Usagi, I loved you since the first moment I set eyes on you and I love you for all of eternity.”

Usagi couldn’t find her voice to say what her heart felt before she saw Kafir’s handsome face descend and his lips claimed hers in a passionate kiss. Her hand laid on his satin clothed chest as she felt Kafir’s hands pull her ever closer to him. “I love you, Kafir-san.”

“And I, you,” Kafir whispered, as he gazed at her. He knew he could ask her the one question that he been waiting to ask her for years now. But he knew he wanted to do this right before he shows her how a real man makes love to a woman. He gently held her hands in his as he gazed down into her eyes. “Come, the night is still young,”


Kafir led her out of the park and away from the ill memories that was there till Kafir saw the horse drawn carriage that he had asked to be waiting for him and his date to arrive.

The coachman knew not to say a word to them as Kafir helped Usagi into the carriage before they started off into the direction of Kafir’s apartment building at a gentle walk. The white and black horse gave a slow, gentle walk as they walked down the street.

Kafir helped Usagi down from the carriage as he thanked the coachman with a big tip, while Usagi was petting the neck of the carriage horse thanking him for a very nice ride. Kafir thanked the horse as well before leading Usagi into his apartment building and to the night he planned.

Kafir unlocked his apartment door and held it open for Usagi to walk into his apartment. Walking into the room behind her, he closed and locked his door securely. He noticed that there was a flicker of lights in the dining room. He knew he didn’t leave any lights on as they walked into the dining room to find three white candles alight in the middle of the small dinning room table and on two white plates was a mixed berry desert, in a chocolate bag with a dollop of whip cream on top with a fine dusting of cinnamon on top. Kafir had noticed a little note next to his plate. He picked it up and read it. ‘Kafir, here is a special desert I made for you and Usagi. Enjoy the berries. Hotaru.

Kafir chuckled as he handed the note over to Usagi to read. “My sister is very thoughtful. She created a desert plate for us.” He ran his finger through the cinnamon dusted whip cream and stuck it in his mouth.

“That’s sweet of her,” Usagi said after she read the note.

Kafir held the chair out for Usagi as she sat down and placed the napkin down on her lap as she watched Kafir walk to his seat and did the same. They both bowed their heads to the desert before they picked up their fork and started to eat the desert. Usagi had this big smile on her face when she tasted the sweet tangy taste of the raspberries and the whip cream in her mouth.

“What are your plans for the future, Usagi?” asked Kafir.

“Oh, graduate school, fight for good, marry the man of my dreams and raise a family. Why?” She asked, looking at him. The candlelight made him look even more desirable.

"Oh, I was just curious," Kafir said as he smiled towards her, his hand went into his pant's pocket where it held a very special item. He stood up and walked to the kitchen, he picked up a paper towel wetted it down and washed his face as he watched Usagi finish her desert ever so slowly. He bit his lower lip. This should not make him so nervous. Asking the woman he loved with all his heart and soul to be his wife should be easy. He figured facing an army of demons was better than being rejected by the woman he loved.

“Kafir-san is everything okay?” Usagi asked.

“Yes, everything’s okay, Usagi. I just realized that I don’t need to worry anymore about it,” Kafir stated, as he walked out of the kitchen.

“What do you mean don’t need to worry anymore about it?” asked Usagi.

“This,” Kafir said. He dropped to one knee and held up a small velvety ring box, within it was a moonstone that was cut to represent the hemispherical moon surrounding a diamond. “Usagi, will you…honor me by accepting this ring to become my wife, the mother of my children, the woman who owns my heart?”

Usagi saw the ring in the box; she immediately broke down and started to cry into her hands. Kafir sensing that he had been rejected; started to stand up, his hand began to close the box, when she cried out, “Yes, I'll marry you, Kafir.”

Kafir’s heart leapt with joy as he removed her hands from her face and gently but full of passion kissed her lips. “I love you, Usagi, my moon princess.”

Usagi whispered, between kisses. “I love you, Kafir, my dark prince.”

Kafir held her close to him. It was time to know the answer to a question he had. Would she say yes, to knowing how it was to be made love to by the man that truly loved her or would this day be held off till their marriage? He took a deep breath and asked the question.

Usagi looked up at him, a little shocked by his question. She did want to know how it would feel to make love, not forced like her first time was like. She wanted to make love to Kafir. She whispered her answer to him.

Kafir kissed her lips as he hoisted her up into his strong arms and broke the kiss to blow out the candles as he strode towards his room, where he nudged open the door and found the room bathed in the light of the full moon. Kafir took it as a blessing from Queen Serenity, Usagi’s mother as the light from the moon made the white roses glisten on his bed. Kafir’s nose could detect the wonderful scent of the honeysuckle and that of the rose petals that was in the room. It was light enough just to give a barest hint of the smell.

Kafir placed Usagi down onto her delicate feet as he kissed her lips. His hands running gently down her back till they reached the zipper of the gown and started to unzip the gown going as slow as possible not to spook his fiancée. His hand cupped her cheek as he pulled away from kissing her. He gently pushed off her gown and then removed the rest of her clothing from her body. Usagi stood there completely naked – she was nervous as here she was showing her entire body to her fiancée for an event that was going to be very special to her.


“Go a head and remove my clothes, Usagi. I want you to feel very comfortable seeing me naked.” Kafir whispered, softly.

Usagi hesitantly started to remove his shirt, and then watched as the white shirt fell behind Kafir. She ran her hands over his chest feeling the light chest hairs as she ran her hands towards his pants which was still on. She pulled her hands away and held them at her chest.

"Usagi, it's okay, I will not hurt you," he whispered to her, love in his dark eyes.

Usagi bit her lower lip as her hands went hesitantly towards his belt buckle and opened his pants. She took another deep breath and let it loose as she unzipped his zipper and pushing his pants down off his waist to where they rested at his feet. She turned towards his black silk boxers and that’s when she noticed the tent appearing before her. She looked up at Kafir to see him with a slight shade of red tinting his cheeks.

“If you are uncomfortable enough in removing my shorts, I’ll remove them for you.” Kafir whispered softly.

Usagi looked at him and shook her head. She turned her eyes towards his boxers and hesitantly took hold of his boxers. She breathed in and pushed his boxers down over his waist as Kafir’s hand had slipped between his boxers to keep his member from getting hurt by being pulled down and then being flipped back up again fast. He removed his hand from his member as soon as his boxers reached his fingers.

Usagi’s breath that she held came out as she got the chance to see Kafir’s member standing erect surrounding a nice coating of dark brown hair. He was indeed a very handsome young man; her dark prince was very handsome. But would she be able to please him like he would like to be pleased?

Kafir stood there, he could feel her awe at how he looked and then he felt the tinge of worry coming from her. “It's alright; it's okay to touch my body, Usagi.”

Usagi breathed in and slowly reached out to feel his skin. She glanced up to see a touch of red tint his cheeks, when she finally touched his skin. She turned her eyes to look at the skin she was touching. Kafir’s skin was not baby soft but it was soft. Her hands and eyes drifted lower down his six pack stomach to see dark brown hair surrounding his member who was pulsating with an unstated hunger. Usagi hesitatingly reached out with her hand, touched the tip of his rod, and then she started to run her hand down his shaft. It felt weird feeling his member. She pulled her hand away as she looked up into Kafir’s loving eyes.

Kafir looked into her sapphire eyes and asked, “Do you want me to continue, for me to show you how much I loved you, body and soul?”

Usagi kissed his lips, whispering, “Show me, Kafir, show me,"

Kafir lifted Usagi up into his arms and carried her to his bed. He removed the bed covers and laid her down upon it. Kafir sat on his bed looking at his beautiful fiancée who lay upon his bed wearing nothing but the ring on her ring finger. His lips descended to her lips as he kissed her softly, before his hands cupped her face as he lay down next to her. Kafir allowed her time to get accustomed to having him lying next to her naked before he made the next move. His hands descended down from her cheek to her neck, then down her arms, then up her arms to where her breasts were and gently cupped them both, feeling the silkiness of her breasts. Kafir kissed his way down her neck and rested his face in between her breasts, smelling the scent of honeysuckle. He looked at her and asked, “Are you wearing honeysuckle, Usagi?”

“Yes, it’s my favorite scent, why?” asked Usagi.

“Well, take a look at the ceiling. I hung honeysuckle vines all over the railings of my bed. I like the scent very much,” Kafir whispered, as he gazed within her eyes.

“Kafir, that’s so cosmic,” Usagi said, as she bent towards Kafir and kissed his lips.

Kafir smiled as he broke away from her kiss and kissed his way back down to her breast where his tongue ran over Usagi’s aroused peak before he claimed it with his lips.

Usagi drew in a hissing breath as it was very arousing as her back arched in response to his suckles, Usagi’s hands roamed over his back and shoulders as she started to moan in pleasure. Her body felt like it was on fire.

“Oh Kafir,” cried Usagi, as she responded to the fire that Kafir ignited in her. “Please, make love to me,”

Kafir whispered as he suckled her other breast, “I intend on it, love,”

Kafir’s kisses started to leave her breasts as he trailed hot kisses down her belly to where he opened her legs as he knelt between them. Kafir’s kisses rained down upon Usagi’s belly. Soon, Kafir was lying flat on his belly as he finally reached Usagi’s mound and pleasured her like nothing she had felt before. Kafir placed three fingers within her warmth and mimicked the motions of intercourse as his tongue made her body burn with desire.

“Kafir, please I feel like I’m on fire,” Usagi cried out.

Kafir smiled as his hand reached for the box that was on his nightstand and removed a condom from its wrapper and sheathed his mighty rod with it. He then, covered her with his body as he gazed into her eyes, his hand holding his erection at the entrance to her warmth and slowly teasing her with his condom covered rod, coating his rod with her juice. “Are you sure you want me in?”

“Yes!” she cried out.

Kafir smiled as he claimed her lips with his as his slick rod slid into her warmth stopping just at the barrier. He held still as he wanted to give her a chance to get accustomed to his thick rod and it being buried within her. As he gazed lovingly into her eyes, Kafir pulled almost all the way out of her warmth before thrusting hard into her, breaking her barrier. A single tear was all that came from Usagi as Kafir claimed her lips. Kafir waited till the pain of the breaking of her inner barrier had faded and she accustomed to his full length and width.

He started to slowly thrust in and out of her warmth, not speeding at all, just going at a nice leisurely pace. Kafir could feel Usagi’s body finally loosening up to where she too, was thrusting her hips against him. Soon, the bed was rocking back and forth as the room echoed the two lovers’ cries of passion.

Kafir felt the jerk in his sack, just as he felt Usagi’s walls clench down around his rod. She was in full blown orgasm as he started to feel his rod expel his seeds out. “Oh Usagi, I’m cumming!” he cried out, as he emptied himself into her.

“Oh Kafir!” Usagi cried out, as her walls tightened again around his rod. She grabbed his firm butt and pulled him closer to her body, unintentionally pushing his member in deeper.

“Oh Usagi, I love you,” Kafir whispered huskily, as he laid against her sweaty body.

“I love you too, Kafir,” Usagi whispered, as she wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed his lips.

Kafir felt his rod start to go limp within her as he grabbed the base of his rod with the condom still in place and withdrew the seed filled condom. He looked at the condom for any leaks before he tied it up, placed it into a small pile of tissue, folded it up and threw it away. “We’re safe, the condom didn’t break.”

Usagi smiled as she leaned against her lover’s chest and soon they both drifted off to sleep.

Usagi barely heard the phone till its rings went louder as each ring past. She reached over and answered it. “Moshi, moshi, Usagi speaking,”

“Usagi, its Solace.” Solace said over the phone.

“Hi Solace.”

Solace asked, “Are you okay, Usagi? You didn’t return home?”

Usagi turned to look at Kafir, who looked down at her, she cuddled closer to him. "Yes, I'm fine, Solace, I'm lying here in the loving arms of my future husband."

“Are…you…did…he?” asked Solace.

“Did we make love? The answer is yes, right after he asked me to marry him, we made hot passionate love and I love it, Solace,” spoke Usagi, as she kissed Kafir’s lips and then hung up the phone.

Solace turned towards the others and smirked, “They made love last night and Kafir asked my little sister to marry him and she accepted,”

The other Sailors and Soldiers all cheered as the Prince of the Sun looked on with a big smile on his face. He was very pleased with his sister and he was going to have another brother, even if he was the Senshi of Death, he was the man his sister loved with all her heart.

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