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Apology - Chapter 1/3

A Kevin/Turbinski yaoi belated birthday fic for BadassBritChick

Pointless Author's Notes: I was going to have this as a Kevin/Croe/Turbinski fic, but couldn't get poor Croe in there. Ah well. Kevin and Turbinski are also a little OOC, I figure both of them would have changed after the Chojin Crown. Enjoy.

Disclaimer: Kinnikuman = not mine. Kinnikuman belongs to Yudetamago. I am not making any money from this story.

Warnings: yaoi, lemon, alcohol abuse, pwp


Comrade Turbinski was silent as he reagrded the glass of beer in front of him. A dark cloud was settled over his head as he steadily became more and more drunk. This was one of the few bars in the city that was open all night and the nearest to the hospital just incase he ended did something really stupid. The half plane looked up at the clock. 10pm. Nope, he wasn't drunk enough. He looked over at the bartender and rose the glass unsteadily in a toast, "Here's to my flushed career as a Chojin and the wasted years of my childhood." he almost missed his mouth as he drank what was left in the mug.

The bartender gave him look of pity. Every night since he had been released from hospital, the semi finalist of the Chojin Crown had been here, getting drunk, falling asleep on the bar and leaving the morning after in a hazy state, only to return next night. The plane was a disgrace, he couldn't return to Russia, had even stopped wearing his armour and head gear. Turbinski shook his head and banged the glass down, drawing the bartender's attention to him, "More beer please." He pulled some money out of his wallet and flung it onto the table. The bartender sighed and filled up the glass, handing it over to Turbinski who started drinking it right away.

The door opened with a bang and the plane shivered, pulling his jacket around him. He looked up drunkenly as a blonde haired man sat down next to him. There was an awkward silence as the two looked at each other. The stranger spoke first, "Hey, you don't look so good."

Turbinski raised the glass to his lips, "I'm jush fie." he slurred, accidetely dribbling the alcohol down his shirt. The stranger rose an eyebrow, "Riiight..." Turbinski was silent as he regarded the blonde stranger, "Are you Britsh?" he asked, stumbling slightly off his stool as he drunkenly tried to find the toilets. The stranger sighed and helped Turbinski over to the toilets, opening the door for him, "Yes I am. And you're Russian aren't you?" the stranger smiled slightly, helping Turbinski over to the urinals. Turbinski relieved himself and pulled away from the stranger, "Yesh?"

The stranger was silent, "You don't look so good. How much have you drunk?" Turbinski fell back against the wall, pressing his face against the cool wall. "I can handle my drinksh--" and he proved this by turning around and falling against the stranger almost pushing him back. Somewhere in his hazy mind, Turbinski realised that this stranger was incredibly strong. A non-Cn won would have neveen een able to stop him from falling. There was something familiar about this guy. Turbinski shivered in his arms. He felt protected... yet afraid. Who was this guy?

Turbinski looked up, his eyes focussing and unfocussing, "Who... who are you?" The stranger helped Turbinski up, "You're not well. You can't even stand." he put his hand on the plane's arm. Turbinski shivered slightly, falling to a heap on the floor. He didn't even know who this guy was, yet he was affecting him in a way no-one had. He was left literally speechless. The stranger bent down to him and wrapped a... trench coat(?) around him. Turbinski sighed and pulled himself to his feet, resting on the stranger for support as he was helped out of the toilets and through outside. Turbinski pulled the coat tighter around him, and looked up at the stranger, "Who are you... and why are you helping me?"

"It's me, Kevin." Turbinski twitched slightly and pulled back from him, "Govno!" he looked up at Kevin, the drunkeness wearing off. He became very sober and paranoid at that point. His arms started shaking slightly. Kevin sighed and stepped forward, "Turbinski..." the plane put up his fists in a defensive position. He was positive that the Brit was here to hurt him again. Turbinski kept his guard up. Kevin was silent as he regarded the half plane. Turbinski was shivering again, not from the cold or the slight state of drunkeness he was still in, but from fear. Kevin sighed again, "Turbinski, I'm not going to hurt you."

"Then why are you here?!" Turbinski voice was high pitched.

"To apologise. For what happened in the Chojin Crown."

"K Chortoo!" Turbinski spat, glaring at Kevin.

Kevin winced slightly, "Comrade..."

Turbinski turned his back to Kevin, "Go away Kevin Mask." he tried to walk on his own and ended up falling forward. Kevin's arms wrapped tight around him, stopping him from falling, "Get off!" Turbinski yelled, trying to push Kevin away.

"Look at you, you can barely stand!" Kevin yelled, pulling Turbinski up, "Are you trying to drink yourself eatheath?!?"

"Why do you care?!" Turbinski yelled back, glaring at him. Both Kevin and Turbinski were silent as they looked at each other.

"I care, alright?" Kevin said, quietly.

Turbinski blinked. Kevin had really changed since he lost to Kid Muscle in the Chojin Crown finals. Kevin placed his hand on Turbinski's arm, "You can't walk home like this comrade, you can barely even stand." he jabbed his thumb in the opposite direction, "My place isn't far away. You can stay with me for the night if you wish." Turbinski's eyes narrowed. Kevin shrugged, "Or you could stay right here and drink yourself comatose."

Turbinski was silent as he regarded the other chojin's offer. "Sure..." he muttered.


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