Mercanaries and Assassins

BY : ShaericDraconis
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Disclaimers: I do not own the Final Fantasy VIII (Squaresoft) or Weiss
Kreuz characters though I wished I did especially the blondes.

Warnings: Mild language, slight male loving thoughts

Eventual Pairings: Squall x Zell, Aya x Youji, Quistis x Rinoa

R: For later chapters for the male kissing male etc

Rinoa is taken from her world and placed into the world of Weiss Kreuz by some
unknown force. Squall and gang follow her to find her and uncover more than ju
taken friend/sorceress.


Mercenaries and Assassins


Darkness surrounded her form as she felt powers beyond her recognition infuse her
body. The shadows where this darkness lurked exploded inside of her and she had
no idea how to stop it. She tried to call out, but no words would come forth. Fear
began to run rampant through her body, fear like she has never known before. She
was a sorceress yet this dark power had her enthralled within its grasp. For a fleeting
moment she sensed a Gateway opening, and her mind gasped as she stared at a tall
blonde haired man with emerald eyes, then the image was gone.

Rinoa screamed as she felt the darkness take over her mind and she felt the very air
around her suffocating, the thunder and lightning dulling her screams, muffling it to
nothing. She whimpered, “God Squall, help me…PLEASE!! I am SCA…” Her last
remaining word lost into the nothingness that had dragged her body from this world
into another…


Part One – Koneko

“Hey Youji not feeling well today?” Ken grinned as he began to move plants around.
Youji was on time for work for once.

Youji ignored him; he had a sense of déjà vu or whatever you liked to call it. Hell he
had no idea, whatever it was this feeling seemed to haunt him in his dreams and now
in his waking moments. He wished to tell someone but his team mates would only
laugh at him saying he was imagining things or better yet…crazy.

He dreamt of a dark haired girl with dark eyes, quite beautiful in fact but she was
different. He frowned. In what way she was different he had no idea. He shook
his head and slapped his forehead. Idiot! You are crazy.

“Ho…if you like I can hit you harder, might knock some working sense into you.”
Ken chuckled and a slight smirk appeared on Aya's face.

Giving Ken a sour look Youji gave him the one finger salute, “You know what you
can do with this… Oh sorry you don’t too many fingers.” Sarcasm dripping from
his tone. Youji smiled lazily as he saw Ken get on the defensive.

“Up yours Youji, just because…Youji?!” Ken watched as his team mate’s face
suddenly paled his hands gripping the counter his eyes going dark his breathing sharp
and fast. Ken looked towards Aya nervously.

Aya shook his head and moved silently towards Youji. “Youji?” He waved his hand
in front of his eyes. The usual emerald colouring of his team mates eyes were now
dark, very dark and different. They looked around the shop and stopped the
moment they rested on Aya.

Aya almost stepped back but stood his ground, his eyes squinting wearily. ~What
the hell…?!~

Youji then spoke; his voice seemed as if it was far away, softer, “Four will come.
They journey to rescue me. The leader is a close friend of mine, the lion with stormy
grey eyes…tell hi…” Youji's bottom lip trembled, and the dark eyes wavered
between black and emerald. “I…I…don’t have much time, I am tra…pped inside
a…dar…k ce...ll…I ca…n’t…she… is too stro…sorce…” Youji's face contorted
his breathing now ragged, then silence. His face slowly relaxing.

Still as a statue Aya stood there silent, if Youji was fooling around he was going to
kill him. But somehow Aya knew he wasn’t, but this did not make him feel any better.
In fact he was a little freaked by it, especially by Youji’s eyes, for a moment there
they were the eyes of someone else, someone who was afraid. Aya rushed forward
as Youji's eyes rolled and his body began to fall backwards. “Youji!” Aya grabbed
him, pulling him into his arms. He lifted him up saying over his shoulders, “Ken I will
take him upstairs, you watch the shop.”

“Look Aya, Youji is only fooling around, granted it was a good performance…”

“Shut. Up. Ken. Just watch the bloody shop damn it!” Aya was a sceptical man
and did not believe in many things, but what he had just witnessed with Youji was
definitely not a prank on Youji's part.

As he carried him upstairs he looked down at the older assassin. He looked so
innocent when his mouth was shut. Aya frowned shaking his head. When he
reached the door, he stood Youji up and leaned his body up against his as he
searched his pocket for the key. He hesitated as Youji's head rested on his shoulder,
his hair felt like soft silk against his neck. Aya sniffed his hair and could smell honey,
honey with a dash of male musk. ~Damn it Aya pull yourself together. You don’t
have time for this shit. ~With that he pushed the key into the land and opened the door.

He dragged Youji into their shared apartment then laid him down on the couch. He
watched his team mate then frowned and watched as Youji stirred slowly. Any
thoughts going through Aya's mind was instantly ejected. Bending he placed his
hands on Youji's face, his eyes flickering slightly, Youji's skin was like warm silk. ~For
shits sake Aya get a grip. ~“Youji, get up!”


Straightening Aya nodded his head brusquely. “How do you feel?” Aya tried to
sound concerned but his words came out forced and hard. It was the best he could
do; besides Youji was used to him.

“I…I feel strange…wha…what did she say?”

Aya blinked twice his face frozen, “She…What are you talking about?”

“The girl from my dreams, wha…what did she say, I need to know Aya?” Youji
began to nibble on his bottom lip; he was so sure it was her. She was in some kind
of trouble…or was he still dreaming?

Aya's frowned deepened his eyes tiny slits. Girl of his dreams. Now why did that
bother him? Because it did. “Tell me from the beginning Youji, tell me about the
dreams.” He only wanted to know so he could understand what he was talking
about, nothing else.

Sitting up Youji watched as Aya sat beside him. “I have had the same recurring
dream for the last seven nights and she is in it. She tries to talk to me but the words
won’t come out and a black shadow hovers in the background, she tries to hold it
at bay but the harder she tries the stronger it becomes, and then…it overtakes her.”
Youji shuddered. “She is different from us Aya, I know it sounds crazy but it is true.
She glows with some kind of energy that I cannot put a finger on, and on her back
she has white wings.” He took a deep breath and could not look at his friend. He
did not want to see that look that Aya was prone to give, the one that said he was crazy.

Strangely enough Aya believed him, after what had happened downstairs how could
he not. “I don’t think you are crazy this time Youji, other times I do but not this time.”
He smirked at this but then he became serious again. “Why can’t you remember
what she said downstairs?”

Youji shrugged, “I have no idea, it is like she takes me over completely and puts me
somewhere else.” He had no idea what he said or meant but it was the only way he
could explain it.

A perfect crimson eyebrow arched his voice flat, “Well she said that we are to expect
four people to arrive to rescue her, and that the leader was the lion with stormy
blue/grey eyes.”

Leaning forward Youji's eyes sparkled brightly. “Did she say anything else?”

So it was definitely a she. Maybe the lion guy was her lover. Aya snorted, what
difference did it make anyway. “Yes, she said she is trapped in a dark cell.” He
angled his head thoughtfully, “Whoever has her it is a female who is very strong.”

“How strong?”

“How the hell would I know? I am not even sure that this is real!” What did he look
like the oracle?

“Alright Aya calm down, I was just asking. I am not sure myself but if anything is
going to happen it will. I just hope she doesn’t try and talk through me again, it is
the most unpleasant feeling and not quite how I like to have the female around me.”
Youji shivered.

“Time will tell. Now get your butt of the couch and get back downstairs, the school
girls will be arriving soon.” Aya shuddered at this, he hated this part of the day. He
stood up then hesitated, “what does she look like?’ Aya had no idea why he asked
but he had to know.

Youji smiled his eyes glazing as he remembered her, “She is very beautiful with dark
hair with red streaks and dark eyes, pale skin and soft lips...” He could have gone
on but he saw Aya's face scowl. “But you know she is just another pretty face.”
Why the hell was he playing it down for? Oh no Youji, don’t you dare go there.
Ah ah ah, it will only cause you pain. Stick with the ladies, Aya would kill you if he
ever finds out about your secret wish. He quickly stood up and ran passed Aya.
Safer if he was working.

Shaking his head Aya watched Youji practically run back to work. What was the
matter with Youji? And what about himself when Youji described the female in his
dreams. Whatever it was it was starting to irritate him and he hated wasting energy
on pointless thoughts as these. He shrugged his shoulders shutting and locking the


The school girls had arrived and were invading the flower shop, each one of the
assassins dealt with them in their own personal way…even Aya. But today Youji
was not his usual self, yes he flirted and encouraged them to buy some flowers but
his mind was on other things. The female in his dreams, and to top it off he kept
expecting the four strangers to walk in the door, making him fidgety and restless.
~What the hell am I going to say if they do walk in here? They might think I am
crazy. ~ He gave a sour look to Aya, and that will just top his day if they did. He
snorted and turned his back to him.

Aya kept watching Youji beneath his crimson bangs. Why was he suddenly
interested in him? A perfect crimson eyebrow arched. It is only Youji for goodness
sake. He shook himself that guy has a big ego, and it was so inflated he was surprised
that he wasn’t floating. He smirked at this, his thoughts wandering to Youji's dreams,
and the unusual event that happened this morning.

Aya will never admit to it, but he kept watching the door too, as if the lion with stormy
eyes was about to walk in at any moment. How would they handle it? He shifted
uncomfortably on his shoes, maybe it was just a dream and that it will all blow over
soon, besides he had more important things to think about, and Youji was one of them.
He gasped at this terrible thought and pricked his finger on a rose thorn. Damn you
Youji this is your fault! Aya sneered and looked at Youji icily.

Youji looked up as Aya gasped and he was confused as to why Aya gave him that
look, the one ‘if looks could kill he would drop dead instantly look’. Geez what
stick is up his arse now?

Omni and Ken looked at one another. Since the incident the two older assassins
were acting differently. Ken told Omni about it and they agreed with one another
something was in the wind. Omni shuddered; ‘something wicked this way comes’
seemed to rush through his mind. All they needed now was for Manx to come
through that door with a mission.

Shaking himself Omni went back to work, hoping that the girls would leave soon,
his face was aching with all the smiles and goodness he had to portray and he had
a lot of studying to do.


Stepping out of the shower grabbing a towel, Youji had to admit he was a little
disappointed with the non-event that happened after the incident. No strangers had
arrived and nothing else had occurred. The only thing he did noticed different today
was that Aya kept giving him the death glare. How he earned that he had no idea.
Walking bloody icicle.

He wiped the steam of the mirror and looked at his reflection then down into the sink.
Youji froze for a moment cocking his head with a confused expression on his face.
He lifted his head very slowly, “What the fu…?!” He stepped back abruptly, his
emerald eyes wide with shock. They grew bigger (if that was possible) his mouth
trying to scream but no words would come out.

His reflection was not his; it was of a short young man with spiky blonde hair and
a black tattoo on the left side of his face. Youji closed his mouth and swallowed.
The other blonde looked just as shocked as he did. Youji could not help himself
as he yelled at the top of his voice, “WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON??!!”
Alright so he panicked but what else could he do.

Aya came crashing in almost breaking the door down. He looked at Youji, who
was only wearing a towel around his slender hips.

Youji looked at Aya then the mirror and back to Aya again who was breathing fast.
“I-I saw…n-not me…s-some…he…b-blonde…tattoo…sh-short…m-mirror…”

Aya folded his arms looking at his team mate oddly. He refused to look down and
kept his eyes on Youji's left ear. “Short mirror, Youji you are beginning to scare me.
Now make sense what about the mirror?”

Opening and closing his mouth like a fish in a bowel, Youji just could not get the
words out and besides, Aya will think he was nuts and the funny thing was Youji
himself thought he was nuts. He sighed and hunched his broad shoulders with defeat,
drops of water glistening on his golden skin mumbling softly, “I think I need to lie
down, it has been a long day.” His damp honey hair covering his face.

“Night Aya.”

He walked passed him then Omni then Ken saying night to each of them. ~I haven’t
even had a drink and I am hallucinating. Big time! God I am in dire need for a smoke! ~

“Youji?!” Aya hated to admit it but he was beginning to worry about him. He watched
as Youji's hips began to sway as he made his way to his room, violet eyes darkening
at the seductive movement. Aya swallowed his pale face like cold marble as he
looked at the other two saying crisply, “Best let him rest, he is tired.” He strode
briskly towards his room so he could kick himself. ~There is no way in hell I am
attracted to Youji! ~ Slamming his door he toed his shoes of viciously and stormed
over to his bed and grabbed his Katana. ~I would rather cut my own throat then
have feelings for that guy! ~

Unsheathing his most precious possession he began to practice moves, anything to
get his mind of his older team mate. His violet eyes were fiery like his hair, his pale
skin, barely covered with a tight fitting tank top, and crimson silk boxers. His well
toned muscled body, graceful and precise with each movement as his slender form
seemed to dance, his Katana arcing and slicing in the air, almost singing as they
became one. Breathing heavily he felt better and his mind was detached and aloof
the way he liked it to be.

Youji was not his type. Simple statement but very true. Nodding his head as he
rejected the nonsense from his mind Aya had made a decision. He would never
ever think of going with Youji. Not in a million years. With that he relaxed so glad
that he had sorted out those ridiculous feelings. Besides Youji was freaking out on
him. The dreams, now the bathroom scene. Aya frowned as he felt a cold feeling
rush through his body, the hairs on the back of his neck standing on end, like someone
was walking on his grave. The same feeling he felt the night his life was destroyed
never to be the same again.

He shivered and re-sheathed his Katana frowning. Something was on its way and
for a moment Aya felt fear. …Fear of not knowing what!


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