Illegal Desires

BY : JennyRogue
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Illegal Desires

Rating: NC17

Pairing: Kevin Mask x Robin Mask

Author's Notes: I..... have no friggin' idea O_o It's been a while since I wrote a NC17 fic and this just came to me. Slightly OOC. Surprise gift-fic to Unnoted who loves this pairing.

Disclaimer: Kinnikuman = not mine. Kinnikuman belongs to Yudetamago. I am not making any money from this story.


Robin could feel hands wandering his body. Drowzily he wrapped his arms around the person's neck. He moved his hips slightly and murmured a name that hadn't been spoken for a long time. He had to be dreaming... again. She was dead, had been for at least twenty years. But still... even if he was dreaming, it felt nice... "A...lice...?"

The person froze and pulled back, eliciting a whine of disappointment from the Brit, who still had his eyes closed. "...Do I really look like her?" came a too quiet voice, making Robin almost jump to the ceiling with shock. His eyes snapped open and he pulled away, pushing himself against the wall.

"Kevin?!" Robin yelled, horror and confusion in his voice. His son was bent over him, yellow eyes glancing at him. Kevin had been living with him in England since the Chojin Crown, and they had got on considerably well considering their past. What was he doing? Robin clutched around for his clothes. It had been so impossibly hot that night, he had decided to sleep in the nude, apart from his mask of course. Kevin said nothing, but his thighs tightened around Robin's, pushing their crotches together and making the legend gasp out, "No...! Kevin, why are you doing this...?!" Robin's hands moved up and grabbed the pillow, face blush and his hips involuntarily gyrating towards his son's. Robin swore when he realised, "Kevin, please stop. This is wrong."

"No." Kevin's hands trailed down his father's chest, admiring the well toned muscles and gently pinching his pecs. Robin stifled a moan, red optics disappearing as his eyes closed behind his mask. He couldn't believe what was happening. His own son was doing this to him! Robin began to shake slightly as Kevin's hands moved up his body to the metal mask covering his face, "Dahdee..."

"Kevin... please stop..." Robin moaned quietly. Kevin just laughed, that villainous laugh Robin vaguely remembered from his son's dMp days. Kevin placed his hand against the front of the covers covering Robin's groin, gently rubbing there. Robin let out a loud moan, and Kevin slipped his hand down into the covers, stroking him. Robin thrashed on the bed a little and his blush appeared through the light-blue mask. Kevin laughed again and closed his hand around his father. Robin gasped, eyes opening. He grabbed his son's arm, shaking slightly, "Kevin, this has gone on far enough. You have to stop."

"But you don't want me to stop, do you, dahdee?" Kevin whispered, right against his mask. Robin shuddered, his son's fingers lifting the metal mask. The older Brit's heart pounded in his chest as the mask came off. Robin's body seemed much younger then he was because of all the extra work he had done to keep it that way. While the other legends had accepted their growing old after the new Muscle League had graduated, Robin had become desperate to keep his body fit. His face on the other hand reflected his real age. Deep wrinkles were set around his face. Robin felt his son's fingers on his face and opened his eyes.

Robin jolted when he realised Kevin had taken his own mask off. His son was smiling at him. Well... that was slightly reassuring. Robin hadn't seen his son's face in years and was surprised to see that apart from the long blonde hair and slightly roundish face structure that were so undeniably his mother's features, he looked almost exactly like Robin had in his age. Another thought that came unwilling to his mind, was that if Kevin's eyes were red and his hair shorter, he would look exactly look the Barracuda. Unwillingly, he became completely aroused at this thought. Kevin laughed, noticing his father's state of arousal and the hands on Robin's body became more adventurous on his father's heated skin. Robin let out an involuntarily whimper, unable to fight his son, "B-by the Queen... Kevin..." he moved one hand over his blushing face.

Kevin moved up his body, and took Robin's arm, moving it out of the way and kissing his father passionately. Robin melted into the kiss, opening his mouth to his son and letting Kevin's tongue probe inside. Their heated mouths moving together, Kevin easily dominating over his father. Kevin's hands moved down, pulling away his pants and moved his body over his father's so that their hardness were gently pressed together. Kevin pushed forward, rubbing himself against Robin and his father moaned into the kiss, his blush returning full force. Desire unfurled in Kevin's stomach seeing his father acting so... submissive towards him. Robin's hands grabbed at around Kevin's hips, keeping them together. Kevin broke the kiss, nuzzling his father's face. Robin was sweating lightly and moaning. Kevin rolled his hips into his father's, who was shaking slightly, ecstasy written all over his face, hands clawing at the sheets.

Surely he would regret this tomorrow, but for now all he wanted was his son to continue what he was doing. Kevin's hands were clutching at his father's shoulders and a fine sheen of sweat covered both men's bodies as their rubbing became frantic. Robin was on the verge of release, pulsating weakly as Kevin rubbed against him, gasps of pleasure escaping his lips. His son's hands wandered down his backside, fingers stroking the cleft of his buttocks. Robin shuddered slightly, moaning his son's name. He jolted slightly as a wet finger penetrated him and groaned loudly as he massaged him, hips moving slightly towards Kevin's fingers.

Robin gasped, moaning loudly when his son's fingers brushed against a very sensitive and pleasurable place inside him. That was it, he felt himself start to go and his arched his back to meet Kevin as he climaxed, crying out his son's name. Kevin moaned loudly as he felt his own release approaching and rubbed against his father for a few more times before shuddering, as he climaxed as well. They both clutched to each other desperately as they came down from their high. And after the initial pleasure had run it's course, the guilt of what had happened crashed down on the older Brit and he pulled out from under his son, "What in the world has gotten into you Kevin...?!" The younger Brit just replied by pushing a lock of hair out of his eyes and glancing at his father, sitting cross-legged on the bed.

Robin grabbed his son's shoulders, "Don't ignore me Kevin!" his son suddenly pushed forward, kissing him again and Robin's eyes widened before fluttering closed, hands clasping around his child's back once more. He pulled back from the kiss, glaring at his child. "Kevin, this has to stop right now."

"Why?" Kevin asked, glaring back at him. Robin lost it; "BECAUSE ITS ILLEGAL!" he shrieked. There was silence for a few moments, then Kevin spoke quietly, "I thought you would speak about morals before the law father." Robin paled slightly and his son noticed it, "I-" Kevin interrupted him, "Did you know that in some traditions, it is insisted that rape is the best way to teach a delinquent child how to behave?" he said, eyes still narrowed at his father. Robin almost damn near fainted off the bed. Kevin knew... or he suspected something at least.

Kevin leaned forward, gently placing his hand against his father's shoulder. Robin's eyes moved up to meet his son's, their eyes locking. No words were needed now. Amd this time it was Robin who leaned forward to kiss his son. Their bodies moved closer, hands twining together as they lay back on the bed, Kevin's body over his father's.

Robin could not believe he was giving into his son's wishes like this. Even though his son was above the age for legal sexual intercourse, he would still probably go to prison if they were caught. Robin's legs wrapped around his son's hips, Kevin planting silent kisses on his father's face. They moaned each other's names as they gave into their desire.

Robin would have to take this one day at a time.


The End

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