Pretty Boy

BY : JennyRogue
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Disclaimer: I do not own Ultimate Muscle, nor any of the characters from it. I do not make any money from the writing of this story.

Pretty Boy

Rating: NC17

Pairing: Akuma Shogun X Mantaro Kinniku

Warnings: Lemon, Yaoi, Non-Consensual (Rape)

Disclaimer: Kinnikuman = not mine. Kinnikuman belongs to Yudetamago. I am not making any money from this story.


Akuma Shogun had decided that the boy was extremely pretty, despite the fact that he had never seen under the Kinniku mask. The fact that he was a Kinniku himself had stopped him from removing the mask and seeing the face underneath. Akuma pressed his armoured fingertips against the boy's cheek. So incredibly pretty... was he the only one able to see it? The boy's father had been pretty as well. It was too bad that he had never been able to enjoy him like this though. Akuma could feel himself getting aroused, almost painfully, as he stroked the boy's chest and abdomen, feeling his muscles. Akuma could tell that the boy had been working out furiously for a while. Strange. His father had never trained like that before.

Akuma laughed softly, slipping off his own mask to press his golden lips to the boy's masked ones. The God moved his hands down, pulling away the boy's wrestling clothes. His skin was still damp from the wrestling match with Ashuraman. Well, at least Ashura had softened the boy up for him. Akuma laughed a little and pressed himself against the boy's entrance, moving his legs a little for easier access. A groan escaped his mouth, eyes fluttering open. The look of innocence in the boy's eyes made Akuma totally lose what self control he had, and he thrust himself hard into him.

The scream of pain that tore itself from the boy's throat was so delicious, it flamed Akuma's blood even more and he began thrusting almost immediately. Tears spilled down the boy's cheeks as Akuma tore through him. The pain was unbearable. Akuma moaned, spiralling himself higher and higher. The boy's virginal heat was driving him crazy as were his screams of pain. He thrust himself deeper, stabbing that special part of the male body he knew so well.

The boy sobbed as terrible painful-pleasure crashed upon him. Akuma smirked, whispering a stream of Kinniku language in the boy's ear as he continued to thrust. Of course, he would know what that meant. All Kinniku royals were taught the language, even if it wasn't widely used anymore. The boy continued sobbing as Akuma sent wave after wave of euphoria down through him, he hated himself for reacting like this. He unconsciously spread his legs wider, wanting this over as quickly as possible. The boy's screams were quickly becoming replaced with moans. Akuma was hissing in his ear again. Tears streamed down the boy's cheeks as he teetered dangerously close to climax, the other forcing himself harder onto him.

A few more thrusts was all it took and the boy arched his back, screaming and sobbing as he came. Akuma was in bliss. Feeling the boy tense around him and the screams that came with it was all he could take. He thrust as deep as could, coming hard... sodomizing him, claiming the boy as his own. The younger whimpered as Akuma finally removed himself, blood dripping down from his entrance. How could he have liked what the God was doing to him, if only for a few minutes...

Akuma stroked down the curve of the boy's back, making him shiver. Finally he spoke after a few moments of silence, "Has anyone ever told you how pretty you are Mantaro Kinniku?" The boy just sobbed silently and turned on his side. Akuma moved closer, wrapping his cold armoured arms around the boy's chest and stroking one finger down his cheek. He had been so innocent... and to have that innocence ripped away so brutally... Akuma smiled. Mantaro reminded him of himself, of how he used to be.



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