Cold Reaper

BY : Nin-Kun
Category: Weiß Kreuz > Crossovers
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Disclaimer: I do not own this anime/manga, nor the characters from it. I do not make any money from the writing of this story.


Disclaimer: I own NOTHING! (though I wish I did) lalalalalala *puts fingers into her ears*
Series: Gundam Wing and Weiss Kreuz
Parings: Trowa/Duo, Wufei/Quatre/Heero, Brad/Wufei (rape) and Schuldig/Duo(rape)
Warnings: lots of stuffs, ya'll notice!

Duo Maxwell slowly turned in his queen-sized bed and nuzzled closer to his lovers body, he gently kissed the soft juncture between his taller lovers left shoulder and neck.
Slowly sleepy green eyes opened and a soft moan escaped Trowa Bartons lips.
“Morning lover.” Duo whispered huskily and proceeded to mesh their lips together in a hot morning kiss.
“My are we...eager...this morning..” Trowa moaned breathless as their lips parted and Duo started to make a trail of light nips and soothing licks down the tall Latin boy’s chest.
Duo paused over one light pinkish nipple and flicked his tongue over it playfully, while he teased it’s twin with his hand.
“Mmmm, you know I am koi, you know I am.” Duo murmured and latched onto Trowa’s left nipple, sucking gently.
“Oh gods Duo...” Trowa whimpered as Duo continued his journey down his perfectly muscled body, then he finally reached his goal and he greedily eyed Trowa’s massive erection.
“What are you waiting for, a written invitation?” Trowa asked in frustration, whishing that Duo just would take him into his mouth and suck him dry.
“Not really Tro-love, just admirering the view.” Duo murmured and tentatively brushed his fingers along the pale column of Trowa’s sex.
“Well.. stop that all ready... and suck me instead...” moaned Trowa, bucking his hips up slightly as Duo closed his hand around his throbbing cock.
“Okay... since you asked so nicely...” Duo said barely holding back his laughter at his desperate lover and dipped his tongue into the tiny slit on the tip of his green eyed lovers aching cock.
Suddenly a loud beep sounded from the laptop located on Duo’s desk standing by the bedroom window.
“Shit.” Duo swore as he climbed out off bed and walked over to his laptop, checking on the e-mail that had dropped into his mail box.
“Shit.” He swore again as he climbed back on the bed and laid down beside Trowa sighing with annoyance.
The HeavyArms pilot watched in silence, a bit confused and unhappy as his Braided lover climbed back on the bed and didn’t complete his task.
“I’m sorry koi, me and Justice-boy have a mission..” Duo sighed hopelessly, knowing fully it had killed his mood directly (Ha! I just love cliffhangers).
Trowa nuzzled closer to the Deathschyte pilots lithe frame and kissed him gently on the side of his neck.
“It’s okay... we’ll have plenty of time for this later.. right Angel..” Trowa sighed, silently he cursed Oz and the Scientists for taking his lover from him.
“You bet your sweet ass we will... but right now..” Duo paused and once again got out of bed, opened their wardrobe, pulled out a pair of black silk boxers and a deep violet silk robe, but them on and continued where he took off his conversation:
“I’ve got to inform Wu-wu about our mission.” After he said that he took out a copy of the mission file gave Trowa a chaste kiss and left their bedroom.
Duo walked quickly the short distance to Wufei, Quatre and Heero’s bedroom, his mind had currently taken a vacation and there for he didn’t pick up on the small moans, creaking of bedsprings and encouraging pleasure filled exclamations coming from the other side of the wooden door.
And of course Duo being Duo, he just opened the door, not even bothering to knock and stepped inside.
“Hay Wuffles, we-“ Duo abruptly cut his sentence as his brain (now obviously back from where ever it had taking it’s vacation) tried to take in the scene his eyes currently took in on the bed.
Laying there was Quatre on the bottom, Wufei riding him with his back to the blonds face and Heero between his legs, sucking on his rigid member as Quatre pumped into him with hard fast shoves of his hips, all was startled when the door suddenly flew open and the American stomped in.
Quatre broke out in giggles, Wufei blushed deep scarlet and Heero simply stayed where he was and glared needles at Duo.
“Eh.. sorry guys.. I’ll just wait outside until you’re done..” Duo blurted out in one blow and left hurriedly slamming the door shut with a loud bang.
‘God I’m such an IDIOT..’ he thought for himself as he sat down by the opposite wall to the door he went through.
The image of their intimate coupling played over and over in his mind, simply refusing to leave and he couldn’t help to become more and more aroused.
A shuffling sound from inside the bedroom, followed by giggling and soft moans, broke Duo’s dazed mind, the door opened and Wufei only clad in wine red boxers and a black silk robe with a golden dragon on the left side, stepped out.
Before the door shut entirely Duo caught the sight of the other two pilots, whom had picked up on the earlier activity, he sighed thinking for a brief moment of his beloved Trowa, who he had left alone because of the new mission, crap.
“Spill your guts Maxwell, why where you looking form me ?” Wufei huffed angrily and corrected his robe for like the umpteenth time, but of coz it still insisted on slipping down his slim shoulders.
“Um... we’ve got a new mission, sorry if I ruined your fun..” Duo said meekly and handed his angry friend the mission file that he had held behind his back all the time, Wufei just snorted annoyed and snatched the papers out of Duo’s hands and the braided boy added mentally that he would have to kick the Scientists asses later (for more than one reason).
“We’re suppose to assassinate this dude..” Duo explained as the right page came up, pointing at a picture of an elderly man, dressed in a gray suit, white funny looking sideburns and dark glasses.
“His name is Takatori Reji.” Duo explained further as the pilot of ShenLong studied the picture closely.
“It’s seems easy Gundams are needed.. When are we leaving ?” Wufei sighed out and handed the file back to Duo, looking him in the eyes, his anger had lessened somewhat.
“This afternoon I guess, I have to get a car, unless you have the desire to walk thirty miles to Graceland..” Duo joked lightly, he knew an old friend who would help them out while they where in their current safe house in Japan.
“Is there anything I can do to prepare for the mission ?” Wufei asked and eyed his American friend, he now needed something to do since said American had killed his mood by stomping into his bedroom fifteen minutes ago.
“Well you could go sharpen your sword, oh and we need some food, it’s a really long trip.” Duo answered, tapping his index finger thoughtfully on his chin, grinning slightly.
“All right, anything special you want from the store ?” Wufei asked nicely (O_O) taking mental notes.
“Yeah, Milk duds and Dr Pepper, if they have.” Duo answered and received a nod from his Chinese friend.
Smiling Duo turned and started to walk back down the hall to his own bedroom, thankful that Wufei hadn’t bashed his head in when he had so rudely interrupted the other three during their sex, though he knew he wouldn’t do it coz he and Wufei are best friends and best friends do no such things.
Wufei sighed as he saw the braided boy walk slowly down the hall, he opened the door to his bedroom and walked inside.
He found his lovers entangled with each other on their king-sized bed, Quatre was sleeping softly, Heero however lifted his head when he heard the door being closed and spotted his Chinese lover walking up to the bed and sit down onto it carefully, stroking away a few dark brown bangs that had fallen into Heero’s face, the Japanese boy looked so sexy in the mists of afterglow.
“What did that baka want ?” Heero asked, tiredly gazing into Wufei’s ebony eyes.
“I’ve got a new mission and I have to leave soon..” Wufei said sounding very unhappy about it and kissed Heero’s forehead, Heero sighed softly at the tender touch.
Wufei suddenly felt someone grab a firm hold on his robe and looked down and almost immediately drowned in the now awake blonds aqua blue eyes and he now also noticed that both his lovers were well ready for second rounds.
Quatre slowly sat up and meshed his lips together with Wufei as Heero gently eased the black robe off of his shoulders, kissing the neck he revealed, making the black haired teen moan into the blonds mouth.
Wufei panted slightly as the kiss broke, his face was flushed, a thin film of sweat covering it and he was rock hard, but the little voice in the back of his head, kept telling him that he couldn’t stay long.
“Wait. I can’t, I have to leave soon, stop...” Wufei ground out as fingers gently brushed over his pulsating cock, he brushed it off and stood to leave, but as soon he got his left foot out of bed, he was swiftly pulled back into the it and pinned into the mattress by his two lovers.
“No friggin’ way, you’re not leaving Fei.” Heero said calmly.
“Yeah, you all ready ditched us once, you’re not gonna do it again.” Quatre spoke up as he leaned down to tease the Shenlong pilots left nipple.
“But i have to get ready for my mission...” Wufei stuttered pleadingly and even to him it sounded halfhearted, the nagging voice getting harder to hear as his lovers continued to pleasure him.
“We always have time for a quickie, ne Fei ?” Heero whispered hotly as the now not so innocent blond, lowered Wufei’s boxers, letting his aching erection spring out from it’s confidment.
“Yes...” Wufei moaned as Quatre flicked his tongue around his hard shaft.
Heero quickly straddled the Chinese boy’s lap and kissed the breath out of him as Quatre continued to suck Wufei off.
Wufei moaned hotly as their kiss ended and his all ready swollen lips were swept up by the Arab teen as Heero now busied himself with stretching himself and the sight he put on took the other boys arousal into higher light, and Wufei realized that he would take Heero, while Quatre was to take him.
Smiling Quatre lowered himself down to Wufei’s cock again, sucking and covering it with a rich layer of saliva, when finished he motioned Heero to carefully sit down onto the Chinese boy’s engorged member.
The blond licked his lips hungrily as he watched the Chinese boy’s erection slowly disappear into the Japanese boy’s wanton body.
Now the other two waited for their Arabian lover, Heero wriggled around impatiently in Wufei’s lap, making the Chinese teen let out a small gasp of pleasure.
Smiling wickedly, feeling on the teasing line today, Quatre began to make a wet line with his tongue, starting from the middle of Heero’s spine, trailing down slowly and stopped briefly to lick and tease the Japanese teens opening and what was left exposed of Wufei’s cock, he was pleased to hear his lovers moans and pleas for him to go further (beyond teasing).
Reaching his destination Quatre gently nudged Wufei’s legs apart, revealing him fully to his roaming hands and eyes.
The blond proceeded to bend down and nuzzle his Chinese lovers tight sack and flick that wicked tongue of his in and out of Wufei’s puckered entrance.
Wufei yelped momentarily startled than he moaned wantonly trying to push down and get Quatre’s tongue to go in deeper in him.
Finally Quatre took mercy on his lovers and gently pushed in two saliva slicked fingers into Wufei’s opening, he knew his raven haired lover was still a bit loosened from their earlier joining and didn’t need much stretching.
“Quat.. stop teasing damnit... were both ready.. please just slam into me.. fuck me..” Wufei pleaded and trembled under the blonds touch, Heero moaned his concert and looked pleadingly at the pilot of Sandrock, mouthing ‘hurry’ to him.
“All right...” Quatre started and gave Wufei a quick kiss over Heero’s shoulder, “sorry for keeping you waiting.” He finished his sentence and slammed into Wufei’s hole, making Wufei shout in pleasure/pain and Quatre moan at the friction it caused so wonderfully, the Japanese boy took his cue and started to ride his Chinese lover hard and fast.
“Gods you’re tight Fei... like it...” Quatre panted out as he pushed himself rapidly into Wufei’s hot channel.
“No.. I want it Harder... Deeper.. oh yes.. God Quatre...” Wufei gasped out, moaning and whimpering in pleasure, trashing his head from side to side, he kept his hands bruising tight on Heero’s hips as Quatre sped up his thrusts, making the headboard of their bed slam hard into their wall.
The peak was approaching fast, so Wufei reached out and grasped Heero’s neglected need and started to stoke it in time with Quatre’s hard thrusts, with a soft whine Heero shot his cum over Wufei’s hand and stomach, then slumped tiredly over the Chinese boy’s chest as his walls clamped down around Wufei making him tag along on his journey to heaven, Wufei screamed his lovers names on the top of his lungs as his seed coated Heero’s insides.
Watching his lovers sub come to ecstasy and the feeling of the smaller boy beneath him, clenching around him made Quatre tip over the edge himself, he bit down on Heero’s right shoulder stifling his groan of passion as he filled the Chinese pilot with his warm cum.
They detangled from each other, Quatre softly kissed the red mark he left on his Japanese lovers shoulder and murmured an apology, the proceeded to give him a dizzying kiss.
Wufei smiled as he watched his lovers kiss passionately, then he turned to his left side and checked the time, the numbers on the alarm clock showed in bright red: 12.36 pm.
Wufei’s eyes widened greatly and he sat bolt right in the bed with his lovers looking at him questiongly.
“I have to leave... I’m going to be late...I had to fix stuff for the mission..” Wufei said as he got up from the bed and walked over to their wardrobe.
Quatre and Heero watched their petit lover put on his trademark white pants and blue tank top.
“When are you two leaving anyway ?” Heero asked after he’d received a passionate kiss from his Chinese lover and watched as said raven haired boy proceeded to give a similar one to their blond angel.
“This afternoon, but Maxwell asked me to do some shopping.” Wufei explained as he tied his hair back in his usual ponytail and slowly started to head for their door.
“Hn, how typical, he’s always thinking with his stomach..” Heero commented dryly, Quatre started to giggle softly, while Wufei just rolled his eyes and grunted in what sounded like a ‘yeah’ answer.
“Wo ai ni, I’ll be back soon..” Wufei said as he opened the door and stepped out, he only closed it when he had heard his lovers response, he smiled walking out of their current safe house.
Meanwhile Duo happily sauntered into the salvage yard area not to far away from the pilots hide out.
“Hay babe, missed me ?” Duo asked cheerily as he spotted the form of one of his oldest friends.
“Duo Maxwell, where have you been hiding ?” the girl asked, putting her fisted hands on her hips and glared at him for all she was worth.
“Chill down Hilde, those OZ creep’s been a pain in the ass for all five of us, so don’t you go bitching me around too.” Duo retorted and swung his braid over his shoulder irritated, glaring back at the former OZ soldier.
“ *sigh* I know, they’ve been probing my ass to, sorry if I bitched at you..” Hilde said chuckling slightly at Duo’s serious expression, they walked into her kitchen and Hilde started a pot of coffee and placed a plate with brownies down on the table in front of Duo.
“What have I done to honor you’re presence, what grate emergency is it this time ?” Hilde asked as she poured herself and Duo each a cup of hot coffee.
“Oh, me and Justice-boy have a new mission.” Duo said gently blowing on his coffee, before sipping on it carefully.
“Kay, but why did you come here, don’t you and Wufei use your Gundams ?” Hilde asked, placing her cup back on the kitchen table.
“Hnnmm, hay Hilde is that hunk a junk of yours still working ?” Duo asked leaning back in his chair, nibbling thoughtfully on a brownie.
“Yeah I think it does, why do you ask ?” Hilde asked curiously and a bit annoyed that he kept being a bit secretive and avoid her questions.
“Well I kind of need to borrow it..” Duo said drowning the last of the coffee and rose from his chair, heading for the garage, Hilde followed him immediately.
“So, you don’t need Deathscythe or Shenlong on this mission...” Hilde asked as she opened the door to the garage and flipped the lights on..
“Ding, ding, ding, correct give the girl her price, all we need is a few guns, grub and you’re scrap heap.” Duo chirped energetically and looked at the old model of a Toyota Corolla, it looked like it had, had it’s run in the world, though Duo didn’t mind.
“All right you may borrow it, but don’t do like you did with my Harley, bringing it back in a million pieces…” Hilde said literary growling out the last part.
“I all ready told you, it was Heero’s fault, he decided to go on a Kamizase mission and blew the base up with your Harley, why must you always take me for a reckless moron, I’M NO SUCH THING..” Duo said carefully pointing out the last part.
“ Yeah, whatever, you’re always the same, blaming others for your mistakes, how typical.” Hilde said with dark amusement and a undertone of the teasing edge.
“Just fork the keys over...” Duo sighed out, his voice turning a warning edge.
She handed him the keys and he sat down in the drivers seat, put the key in the ignition lock and turned, nothing happened, Duo got out again and stomped irritated up to the front and popped the hood open and started to check things over, Hilde herself stood close by watching.
After Duo had rearranged a few cables and checked the oil, he sat down behind the wheel, took a deep breath and turned again, just like before the engine refused to start.
Duo slammed his hand in the dashboard in frustration, then the engine revived and he perked up, grinning triumpely.
“Way to go Duo, just what ol Betsy needed, a good bash in the the head.” Hilde squealed happily clapping her hands.
“Thanx babe, well which us luck, C ya !” Duo said and drove out of the garage and headed towards the safe house.
“Good luck, Shinigami..” Hilde whispered under her breath, watching the back of her red Corolla slowly disappear down the street.
Duo arrived about a half hour later than Wufei, he happily hung his coat up and bounced into the kitchen, he spotted the Chinese pilot putting stuff into one of the higher shelves, cursing himself for being to short.
Duo smiled and snuck up silently to said Chinese boy and grabbed a firm hold of Wufei’s waist, making Wufei yelp in surprise, dropping a few cans on the floor, he turned to stare at a smirking Duo, who still held his waist tight.
“Don’t do that Maxwell !” Wufei huffed angrily, bending down to pick up one of the many cans he had dropped when the American had startled him.
“Forgive me, need help Wuffles ?” Duo asked trying to stifle the laughter still caught in his throat.
“Hn… yeah.. and it’s WUFEI..” Wufei muttered under a breath as he placed a can of cocktail fruit in the lower cabinet, he hated that nickname.
“Hay Fei, where are the others ?” Duo asked as he tucked away the plastic bags, ha hadn’t spotted any of the other three pilots when he’d entered their safe house.
“Trowa is at the Circus visiting Cathrine and Quatre tagged along, Heero I don’t know, he walked off somewhere as usual.” Wufei answered and sat down on a chair by the kitchen table, sighing deeply.
“Oh, what a shame..” Duo sighed and tapped his chin thoughtfully.
“What’s a shame Duo ?” Wufei asked, actually a bit curious.
“I wont get my good bye kiss..” Duo said pouting and Wufei’s face deadpanned.
Duo catching the not so often placed expression on his friends face, promently started to laugh, very much and very loud.
Wufei shook his head sadly, looking down at Duo rolling around on the kitchen floor, howling with laughter.
“Geez you’re noisy Duo..” Wufei snorted annoyed but flashed the braided American a slight smile, offered him a hand with that braided baka took and helped him up from the floor and onto his feet.
“sorry, I know I’m way to noisy… sorry..” Duo huffed out between giggles and hitching breath, Wufei just shook his head, still smiling, he wiped away a few tears from Duo’s eyes, caused by laughing to much.
“We should get going, I can’t stand good byes… and it’s getting late..” Wufei said more seriously, his warrior persona had come to the surface and he didn’t really want to see the sad and worried expression his lovers had every time he would leave on a mission.
“Right, get the food and we’ll be on our way..” Duo said absently twirling the car keys around his index finger.
“Yeah… let’s go.. Maxwell.” Wufei nodded and grabbed the duffle bag with all their important stuff and headed out of the door with the Deathschyte pilot following.
Wufei stuffed the duffle bag in the back seat, then sat down in the passenger seat and waited for Duo to come and start the car.
Duo checked the car once again, this time more thourouly, checking tires and every nook and cranny of the borrowed car, when he was satisfied he sat down in the drivers seat, missing the curious and unhappy look his partner gave him.
Duo put the keys in the ignition lock and turned to the right, he was very pleased when the engine didn’t argue with him, he backed out of the driveway and they were off.
After a few hours of endless driving, silence was beginning to nag Duo out of his mind, he looked over at Wufei from the corner of his eye.
The Chinese pilot sat quietly in the passenger seat, he was leaning the elbow of his right arm lightly against the window frame, his chin rested in his open palm as he restlessly watched the trees fly by as they drove fast down the seemingly empty road, he looked so lonely Duo almost felt sorry for him.
“Hey Fei, a blow job for your thoughts.” Duo said cheerily, finally braking the silence in the small car.
Wufei’s head immediately snapped up, his eyes clearly screaming: Have you gone mad Maxwell !
“Hay chill Wuffi, I just wanted your attention, it’s gotten pretty boring in this car unless you haven’t noticed, and you looked kinda lonely…” Duo said and flashed him his usual cocky grin.
“Sure..” Wufei nodded slightly and smiled at this American friend, letting his mask fall a fraction, his stomach suddenly rumbled loudly, he hadn’t noticed he was hungry he had been to lost in his own thoughts to care about anything else.
“Do you want anything from the food stock Duo ?” Wufei asked as he unbuckled himself and leaned back to rummage through the bag in the back seat.
“Hmm, you could give me my milk duds… please..” Duo said while he tried to tune in a good radio station, finding none he soon gave up.
Wufei had now settled back in his seat, he placed the bag of milk duds in Duo’s lap (after he’d ripped a corner off)
“Thanx Wuffie.” Duo said genkidly and started munching on the candy.
“No probs Du-chan..” Wufei said sweetly, something completely OOC (out of character) but also something the Deathschyte pilot as well as the others cherished.
The Chinese boy busied himself with heating a can of Chicken soup, by using the cigarette lighter, patiently waiting with a plastic cup in his left hand.
“So how are you and Barton doing ?” Wufei asked casually as he now poured his hot soup and took a tentative sip, looking curiously towards his American friend.
“Oh just fine, you know, he really is a good talker once you’ve got his shell open, and he’s not particularly quiet in bed either.” Duo said and chuckled quietly, thinking about his taller lover, moaning and squirming deliciously under his touch.
“Yeah I’ve heard you..” Wufei said giving Duo a dirty glare, which made Duo fell a bit embarrassed.
“Though you’re still the loudmouth, it’s funny, I thought he and Quatre had somewhat a crush on each other..” Wufei continued and took another sip of his soup.
“Mmm, but I guess you’re angel wanted slightly more aggressive lovers, and Tro-chan, well he wanted Death himself..” Duo said with a smirk.
“ Yeah, well both he and Heero have been good to me, I’m surely not complaining..” Wufei said and sighed, remembering that his lovers almost got him late for his mission earlier the same morning, but he smiled, life with the Perfect Soldier and the Desert Prince was a happy one, which the stoic Dragon didn’t regret one bit.
After this an awkward silence once again entered the car, save for the rustling of the plastic bag, as Duo once in every while wanted to have a snack.
“Ne Fei, do you smell something ?” Duo asked suddenly, his hand halfway to his bag.
Wufei looked at him raising one graceful black brow, then he sniffed the air.
‘Gas?’ he thought to himself.
“Maxwell, stop the car.” Wufei said seriously.
“Huh?!” Duo questioned confused, but did what he was told, now he realized that it was indeed the smell of gas that slowly wafted into the car.
Wufei hurriedly grabbed the duffle bag and bailed out of the car, closely followed by the braided American.
Just as they had gotten out of the car it exploded, sending both teens hauling through the air, like they were mere stuffed toys.
Wufei shifted his body off the ground sometime later, groaning at the dull pain in his left shoulder, he took a glance to his right and spotted Duo laying lifeless on the ground, face down in the dirt.
He crawled over to where the American laid and gently checked him for injuries, there appeared to be none, except for a large bump on the back of Duo’s head.
“Duo..Duo are you okay ?” Wufei asked as he turned Duo’s body so that he now laid on his back, with his head in Wufei’s lap, he shook Duo’s shoulder lightly.
Duo stirred but didn’t wake up, Wufei started to get worried, he quirked an eye brow in concentration, then reached out and grabbed a firm hold on Duo’s braid and tugged on it. Hard.
Duo sat bolt right and gasped roughly as cold air entered his lungs painfully, he coughed weakly and rubbed the back of his aching skull.
“Ouch… what in the names of hell happened here ?” Duo asked checking on his abused braid then he looked at the Shenlong pilot.
“That…” Wufei ground out and pointed his finger at the burning left overs of the Toyota Corolla.
“Man ! Hilde’s gonna chew my head off for this one.” Duo muttered and flinged his arms about like a maniac, then he turned his head and looked at his Chinese friend and noticed the small revolts of blood running down the ebony eyed boy’s left arm, he locked his eyes in Wufei’s and scooted closer to him, he gingerly touched the shoulder, his fingers came away drenched with blood and the Chinese teen cringed in pain momentarily.
“Take your top off Wu, lemme check you’re wound.” Duo said as he rummaged through the duffle bag, finding the med kit he swiftly returned to his injured friend.
Wufei shivered slightly as the cold air lapped over his skin, when he took his blue tank off and folded it neatly on the ground, then waited patiently for Duo to come back and check him over, he sighed heavily, the sun had begun to set.
“Geez this is kinda bad Wuffles, let see what I can do ‘bout it..” Duo said as he inspected the rather large gash in Wufei’s left shoulder, Duo started off with cleaning it carefully (since it had gotten lots of dirt in it from the impact with the ground when the car had exploded), he watched Wufei’s face all the time, as usual the Shenlong pilot showed no signs of pain whatsoever, he sometimes winched but his facial expression remained flat.
Then after a few minutes and some careful medical attention, Wufei’s shoulder was neatly bandaged and his top was back on.
“Feelin’ better Fei ?” Duo asked softly and looked said Chinese in his coffee black eyes.
“Yes, thank you Duo..we better get moving…it’s a long walk..” Wufei answered and pushed himself off of the ground.
“Yeah.. just be happy were still alive, ne Wufei..” Duo chirped and trotted ahead of his Chinese friend as they started to walk down the road.
After a few hours of walking the sun had gone down and darkness swept over the two pilots, they began to get really tired, and hungry and in Wufei’s case also irritated since Duo kept asking: ‘are we there yet’ and ‘Fei I’m hungry’.
“Maxwell zip it, you’re going on my nerves..” Wufei snapped at the braided boy, who momentarily stumbled backwards, a bit taken a back of his friends outrage, but he quickly forgave it and walked beside him again in silence.
Suddenly the sound of an engine and light shone directly on them from behind told them someone was approaching.
The black BMW stopped just alongside with the two boys, the window pulled down revealing a man in his mid twenties, with long fiery orange hair, green eyes, clad in white slacks, green fine tailored jacket and black loafers, he wore a green scarf around his head with sunglasses upon it, he was peering out on them questiongly..
“You boys need any help ?” the man asked smiling, though the smile showed way to many teeth for Wufei’s liking.
“Um.. yeah, our car broke down.” Duo said with a sheepish smile and Wufei added mentally ‘more likely exploded’ sighing uncomfortably.
“Oh, so that bonfire I spotted down the road was your then ?” the man asked and now Duo noted the German accent the man had lining his voice.
“You can say so yes..” Wufei mumbled, crossing his arms over his chest, glaring at the driver who just kept smiling.
“So where are you heading to, maybe I can give you a ride along the road..” the man asked raking his eyes over the two boys as if he were a king looking at a new slave, though the look went unnoticed by the other two.
“To the White Rose Hotel..” Duo answered and locked his with Wufei’s he saw discomfort there, but it was their only chance they had, and Wufei simply nodded, this went unnoticed by the driver of the BMW..
“Are you willing to give us a ride or not ?” Wufei asked he was becoming irritated again, this German bastard was stalling their mission.
“Well you’re in luck, I’m on my way there myself, hop in.” the man said his smile widening to a grin and opened the passenger door and Duo sat down in the seat as Wufei sat in the back seat.
The trip went on pretty fast, Duo and the driver were talking and making bad jokes, while the Chinese pilot sat in the back once again lost in thoughts.
“We’re here.” The man announced as he stopped the car in front of the luxury Hotel.
“Thanx for the ride Mr…” Duo said as he and Wufei stepped out of the car.
“Just call me Schuldig, I’ll be staying at the Hotel too, so I guess were gonna bump into each other, later..” the man now known as Schuldig said and waved to them from his open car window as he drove off to park his car.
‘Strange of him to call himself that..’ Duo brooded for a moment as Wufei fixed their room.
“Maxwell.” Wufei whispered, poking Duo in his ribs to catch his attention.
“What is it Wu-man.” Duo whispered back, then followed Wufei’s gaze, looking at what he had spotted.
Takatori Reji stood only five meters from the two pilots, he was talking to a tall man with black hair, dressed in a white suit, wearing glasses.
Duo and Wufei retreated to their room, they decided that they would take the target out later on in the night, they needed to rest and get food for their strength.
“Wow, would you look at this !” Duo beamed the moment the two had entered their room, the bed was huge and curtains hung from it’s sides, big pillows laid in blue and golden color over the silk bed spread also in a soft blue color, the curtains was dark green, it made it seem like something from a flashy porn movie.
Duo plopped down on the bed, snuggled up into the pillows and purred contentedly, it had been after all, a very long and tiresome journey, for both pilots.
“I’m taking a shower so don’t wreck the room Maxwell..” Wufei said his voice holding a warning edge as he watched the Deathschyte pilots form clinging on the bed.
“No worries Fei, I’m way to content to move right now..” Duo sighed blissfully, burying his face further into the pillows.
“Good.” Wufei huffed, then walked into the bathroom connected to the bedroom.
20 minutes passed, then he came back out, he walked into the bedroom only clad in his white pants, his hair unbound and a fluffy cream colored towel rested upon his shoulders.
Duo who laid on the bed with one hand under his head, in the other he held the third part of the FAKE manga, reading with rapid speed, he lifted his gaze when he heard the bathroom door open and soft padding of foot falls approach the bed, he locked his eyes on the form of the Shenlong pilot, Duo surely looked like he was in heaven.
“Comfy Duo ?” Wufei asked as he sat down beside the braided American on the bed.
“Yeah very, hay how’s your shoulder ?” Duo said and leveled himself up on his elbows, looking a bit worried.
“I’m fine Duo, you know I don’t brake that easily, thanx for asking..” Wufei said sounding very haughty, but the smile on his lips betrayed anything thereof.
“No probs Fei, say are you hungry ?” Duo asked and as if on cue a soft rap on the door as well as the male voice that spoke ’Room service’ sounded on the other side of the white painted wood door.
“Come in..” Duo chirped and the door opened and the boy standing on the other side walked in pushing a small cart with steaming hot food standing on it in front of him, Wufei paid and gave the boy a 150 yen tip, the boy bowed gratefully and left the two pilots to their meal, Duo had ordered the food while Wufei had taken his shower.
The meal was simple consisting of Ramen, Sushi, coke to drink and lighthearted conversation.
After their stomachs were full and contented Duo called Room service to come and bring the cart down, in the time being Wufei had placed himself on the bed in a seated position and was meditating peacefully.
Duo smiled and crawled up on the bed and flopped down on his back once he was beside his Chinese friend, Wufei opened one eye and peered at him, then smiled, the silence was treasured, plus that the Shenlong pilot could get grumpy if he didn’t get to finish his meditation.
When Wufei was done he laid down on his back, turning his head slightly to his left he noticed that Duo had fallen asleep and he was getting pretty sleepy himself.
‘So that was why he was so quiet, I guess I can take a little nap myself I need to be rested for later tonight.’ Wufei thought then let his eyes slid close as his breathing evened out as his body settled in for it’s sleep.
Though both boys failed to spot the two figures lurking outside their window.

To Be Continued..

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