To speak Thru the printed word

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Chapter 1: A Beginning

I remember the day that my elder sister Yukino told me she was friends with my favorite author. She showed me the script that Aya Sawada had written. I of course knew her under her pen name Ayaki Sawai along with thousands of other fans. However, I could have the chance to know her personally. The thought made me flush with pleasure. The script that Ms. Sawada had written for her schools culture festival was incredible! So moving and full of raw emotion, it moved me to tears during parts of it. I just had to have it for myself. So the day after my sister let me borrow it I made my move, I got home from school early, escaping the few clubs I was in by telling them my parents desperately needed my help getting ready for a family visit. Then I slipped into Yukinos’ room and snitched the play, I ran down to a near by little print shop and quickly had a copy made. I slipped the original back into my sisters’ room, as much as I wanted to keep the handwritten copy, I could not. My sister was to smart for that, she would notice any switching. In fact I had taken extra special precautions just to make sure she wouldn’t notice it had been moved from where it was left that morning, Yukino always had a great eye for detail. I hugged my copy to my chest as I slipped out of her room and down to mine where I could hide the copy and savor it again and again later, I couldn’t suppress the sigh that came from within me. “Sawada-san….” I breathed gently, thinking about how I had held a document she had made, that only me and a half dozen other people knew about. Another voice spoke up “Sawada-san? Kano, don’t tell me your still fawning over that book?” I turned nervously and slowly, adjusting my arms to cover more of the copy that I held. “Tsuki-neesan! When did you get home?” she blinked incredulously at me “just a moment ago while you were out wherever. Now I heard from some of your friends at school, that our parents desperately needed you at home after school today because we had family coming into town? We both know that’s not true. Why don’t you tell me what’s up?” I took a few steps back “Nothings up, I just didn’t feel like going to clubs today and I had to make up something to get out of them, it’s no big deal.” I turned to go to my room, when Tsukino stopped me again “No big deal?! Since when does Kano Miyazawa, the perfect student, ever make something up to get out of something because she simply ‘doesn’t feel like it’? Kano, now I know something’s up. You might not tell me now, but I will find out. Yukino isn’t the only brilliant mind in this family you know.” At this, I took off to my room, and shut my door behind me, blushing something furious! I’m sorry Tsuki-chan I’m sorry mother, father, Yukino-neesan. But there is no way you could understand what’s going on in my mind. You don’t feel what I feel when I read those books written by Aya-Chan, yes Aya-Chan, that’s what I call her in my head, when I’m just done reading a really exciting chapter in her books, or when… never mind. Anyway, you don’t feel what I feel, there is no possible way you could feel it. When I read what she has written, I feel like… she has written to me and only to me! Her words speak to me, I know that I’m an avid reader and anytime I read a story I picture it in my head, but with Aya-Chan’s it’s so much more, I don’t just see the story in my mind, I live! It, I’m there, breathing the air the characters breath, holding my breath when they do, crying when they do, and laughing when they do. Her writing has touched me, touched me like nobody else’s writing has. I sunk down against my door, breathing a sigh or relief. My legs were trembling and could no longer hold my weight. So close had I come to just spilling out my secrets, I sat there for a minute and caught my breath. When I did get up again I reached into my book bag where I retrieved the plastic cover I had purchased that morning on my way to school. There was no way I was letting something this precious go unprotected. Feeling much better and surer of myself now that I had successfully completed my mission mainly undetected, I skipped down stairs to the kitchen to help my mom with dinner. She kissed my forehead as I passed to wash my hands “Kano, Tsukino was muttering something earlier about you acting oddly and I know that you didn’t go to your clubs today. Are you feeling alright darling?” I started peeling carrots for the stew. “Yes mother, I’m feeling perfectly alright, Tsukino is just being weird, I swear her brains are addled, maybe she has a boyfriend now too?” My mother looked thoughtful at this and started muttering to herself about how she would have to give Tsukino the talk. And about how just because her older sister had a boyfriend didn’t mean she had to run out and get one as well. I snickered to myself, another crisis safely avoided. When dinner was served, Yukino asked if it would be all right for all of her group to come to the house one day after school and run through the play here. I perked up at this, mother and father considered it with all their usual care and concern, meaning that they agreed as soon as the words were out of Yukinos’ mouth. For this once I thanked my parents’ impulsiveness, I was determined to be here when they were, and I would make myself useful to them so that I could stay near my idol. I went to bed happily that night, only after reading through my copy of the play, seeing if I could say anything to Aya-Chan about the play. Maybe I could make a suggestion about how something could be done differently and she would agree and she would take me on as an assistant? I shuddered with guilty pleasure at that thought. Then just as I was ready to turn the lights off, my hand was on the lamp switch in fact. A knock came at my door “Yes, come in” I called out, the door opened and my big sister, Yukino stepped in, shutting it behind her. “What is it, Yukino-Chan?” I inquired, thinking hopefully that it was just something stupid, like she had a problem she just had to tell someone and that she would soon leave. My sister though intelligent, doesn’t realize that she wears her emotions on her face, anyone could take one look at her and know exactly what she was thinking, I however play much closer vested. “Kano” she started “I don’t mind and I’m not angry, but next time, ask, ok?” that was all she said, I swear my heart almost leaped out of my chest when she said that. How did she know?! I bet Tsukino told her that she had seen me coming out of her room, and then she looked closer than she would have otherwise, that is the only way. I was perfect! I left no trace of my passing. I sighed in defeat “ok, I’m sorry Yukino, I’ll ask next time, alright?” she smiled and ruffled my head “that’s fine squirt, now get some sleep, you still have school tomorrow.”

Authors Notes

This is just the first chapter, yeah i know its not the greatest but it is a start. i will be doing a make over on the story soon, just as soon as i get some feed back from my beta readers. please review and constructively critizice. don't send flames and if you do write me, please have a decent grasp of the english language, something i could actually read and not have to decipher.

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