Valentine Memories

BY : JennyRogue
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Disclaimer: I do not own Ultimate Muscle, nor any of the characters from it. I do not make any money from the writing of this story.

Valentine Memories

By JennyRogue

A Kinnikuman X Buffaloman NC17 Fanfiction

Written For Valentine's Day 2005

Disclaimer: Kinnikuman = not mine. Kinnikuman belongs to Yudetamago. I am not making any money from this story.


It was a happy day when the leader of the Devil Knights, Akuma Shogun had finally been defeated by Kinnikuman. The Justice Chojins went out to celebrate that night. Needless to say, many of them got shitfaced beyond disbelief. Brocken must have been the worst. He tipped his hat slightly and tried to grab at his bottle, even though his hand was nowhere near it. He accidentelly grabbed onto Robin's ass instead. Robin squealed at this and turned around, a slight drunken blush showing through his mask. He grabbed onto Brocken's shoulders and pulled his close, "Why Br~ocken, are you trying to seduce me?"

".......Maybe?" At this, Warsman, being the only legend not completely wasted due to his inability to, hissed and unleashed his bear claws, waving them in the German's face. Brocken shrieked and pulled Robin towards him, telling the Brit to save him from his deranged pupil. Everyone knew from experience that Brocken was a terrible drunk. The recently reseructed and turned-good Ninja Ned was standing on the ceiling as he usually did, with a ninja star in his hand. He threw the aforementioned star at Brocken's hat. The German just squeaked and toppled out of his bar stool. Ninja Ned then fell from the ceiling right onto poor Brocken, not being able to keep himself up right because he, like the rest of them, was at least a little tipsy. Robin laughed hysterically and ended up sliding from his bar stool, ending up on the floor with the other two.

Terryman rolled his eyes, glancing at the three on the floor, "Y'all nuts."

"I couldn't agree more comrade." Warsman huffed, crossing his arms.

Terryman then lost his act of soberity, when he let out an enormous disgusting belch. Everyone started at him.

"Good lord...!" Robin said, one of the optics in his mask slightly bigger then the other, "That was disgusting Terry."

Terryman just snickered and raised his bottle, taking a large swig. He clumsily got to his feet, "Well I'm off, anyone coming with me?"

Brocken raised his hand, almost stabbing Ned in his remaining eye, "Take me home..."

"Fine, as long as ya don't get me arrested again."

Terryman hoisted the drunken German up, who started spouting random Nazi slogans as the two left the bar. Ned sighed and adjusted his hood, teleporting out to help Terryman and Brocken. Warsman rolled his optics and helped up Robin up who was snickering a little, "Please Robin, let's go home."

"Oh fine..." Robin muttered. He rose his voice "Hey, Kinnikuman! Buffaloman!" he glanced towards the two who had been in the corner of the bar all night. Kinnikuman snickered in reply to something Buffaloman had said and glanced at Robin, "What is it Robby?"

"We're heading home now, you guys coming or not?" Robin tried to step forward, but the state of drunkeness he was in caused him to almost fall over, and it it were not for Warsman still holding onto him, he probably would have fallen over. "&Akuma Shogun's probably laughing at you all from the grave...&" Warsman muttered in Russian, pulling Robin out of the bar.

"I take that as a no?!" Robin asked as he was literally dragged out of the bar by Warsman. Buffaloman cackled and slapped his hand against Kinnikuman's back, sending the smaller Chojin headfirst into the table.

"Ow..." he whined, rubbing the front of his mask.

"Heh, sorry Kinnikuman." Buffaloman snickered, raising his bottle, with one arm slung over the side of the chair. Kinnikuman just grabbed his own drink, throwing his head back as he drank from it


When Kinnikuman and Buffaloman finally left the bar, it was gone midnight. The two Chojins held onto each other and sniggered mindlessly, Kinnikuman practically being carried by Buffaloman simply because he couldn't walk himself. The taller Chojin was falling over all the place as they both headed to Kinnikuman's little hut, that being the only place they could both think of.

Buffaloman pulled the smaller Chojin up as the small hut finally came into view. He snickered, "Try not to pass out yet. We're almost there." Kinnikuman was trying to re-enact his match with Akuma and was failing. Big time. Kinnikuman moved up slightly and wrapped his arms around Buffaloman's neck. "You were a great corner-man!" Buffaloman turned slightly red, "I only did what any other Chojin in my position would do. I knew Akuma's weaknesses better then anyone else."

"And you were great!" Kinnikuman suddenly moved his face and kissed his friend's lips. Buffaloman blinked and stepped back, leaning against the door of the small hut. They looked at each other. Buffaloman was trying to think straight, but there were other things more enticing to him right now. Like the faint drunken yet pretty blush on Kinnikuman's masked face. He moved forward and kissed the smaller Chojin back. Kinnikuman tasted of Karubi Don and mint combined. The taste was peculiar, yet oddly refreshing. He must chew a lot of gum, Buffaloman decided.

Buffaloman's head was spinning, and he tried to bring himself to some form of coherent thought, but could only find that he couldn't stop kissing Kinnikuman. The Earth-raised Kinniku prince snickered drunkenly and got down from Buffaloman's arms, standing up on his tiptoes, kissing Buffaloman back. The tall horned Chojin slumped back through the door of the hut, wrapping his arms around the Kinnikuman's smaller form and pulling him inside. Kinnikuman gave a slight moan of surprise, as he was hoisted up and wrapped his own arms around Buffaloman's thick neck. The added weight made Buffaloman lose his balance as he tripped over the mattress on the floor that served as Kinnikuman and Meat's bed. Buffaloman fell back, yelling and slammed hard into the mattress with Kinnikuman laying on top of him. An awkward silence filled the room until Kinnikuman spoke, "Haha, we're so drunk."

Buffaloman was caught off guard by this declaration from the future king, and he started laughing as well, "Yes, yes we are." he looked at the Kinniku who was gently touching his broken horn.

"Did I thank you?" Kinnikuman asked softly.

"Yes, a thouasand times, so stop already."

"If it weren't for you coaching me in that match, I would have surely perished."

Buffaloman snickered quietly, "Perished?" he repeated, "Trust you to be more intelligent when you're wasted Kinnikuman."

Kinnikuman laughed, forgetting what he was trying to say. He leaned over and pressed his fingers against Buffaloman's brown curls, stroking them. Buffaloman grinned, "Are you having fun there?"

"You know. Someone could easily mistake you for Jesus."

Buffaloman just laughed at Kinnikuman's randomness. If he had been any less then completely wasted, he would have probably felt horribly offended for some reason, "I've never been told that before, but yeah, I sorta see the resemblance."

Another silence drifted between the two Justice Chojins as Kinnikuman continued to stroke and run his fingers through Buffaloman's hair. "As much as I hate Akuma Shogun, for what he did to you, to me, to the others... if it wasn't thanks to him, you'd still be dead."

Buffaloman closed his eyes and nodded, gently leaning into Kinnikuman. It felt oddly nice to have his hair being played with. "I hate that... thing. And I hate being indebted to him even more."

Kinnikuman nodded a little, his hands stopping their movements and his head leaning into rest on his friend's chest, listening to him breathe. Buffaloman smiled softly and pressed his own hand to Kinnikuman's forehead, touching his mark gently. Kinnikuman glanced up, his blush returning full force. Yellow eyes met black. Kinnikuman moved forward, gently pressing his lips to Buffaloman's. The taller Chojin mumbled something incoherent before kissing back, moving himself and Kinnikuman until the smaller Chojin was nestled quite comfortably under him. Kinnikuman just smiled, a strangely pure look on his face. Buffaloman was amazed that someone who had been in so many damging fights like Kinnikuman could still be so pure-hearted.

He froze slightly, his hand on Kinnikuman's cheek. Was he afraid? Afraid of damaging Kinnikuman beyond the ring? Like this... something like this could damage a person greatly. As he knew all too well... his teeth clenched a little. Kinnikuman blinked, pushing himself up on his shoulders, "Buffaloman...?" he asked concerned. He didn't like that look on his friend's face.

Buffaloman's face softened, he moved forward and kissed Kinnikuman's masked lips again, Kinnikuman moaning softly against him. They were both still so very drunk, but neither cared right now. Buffaloman's hands moved up Kinnikuman's shirt, stroking there, one leg moving over him so they fit togther nicely. Kinnikuman was shivering under Buffaloman's kisses and touches, yet moving himself to he leaned into them, wanting more. Buffaloman moved his hand down, slipping his hand into Kinnikuman's pants. Kinnikuman sighed and moved his hips up. Buffaloman wondered how far they would go with this. He knew Kinnikuman was a virgin, although he wasn't exactly a virgin himself. He had Akuma Shogun to thank for that. Buffaloman berated himself silently. Now wasn't the time to think about that bastard.

Buffaloman slipped down Kinnikuman's pants, while the smaller Chojin kicked off his red boots. Kinnikuman's cheeks were faintly red, and he was panting quietly, his erection now in full view. Buffaloman wrapped his hand around it and began stroking. Kinnikuman gasped and rolled his head back, moaning, sweat trickling down his forehead. This intimacy these two once-enemies now friends were sharing was amazing, and he never wanted it to end. He placed his hand on Buffaloman's arm, smiling wildily at him, seperating his legs more. Buffaloman edged closer, slipping off his gloves and licking his fingers, moving down to Kinnikuman's thighs, he stroked there for a few moments then moved his fingers to the small entrance. Buffaloman was afraid of hurting the smaller Chojin, his hands alone were huge, but with a quick nod from Kinnikuman, he gently pressed one finger into him.

A shaky moan escaped Kinnikuman, his hands grabbing at the sheets, his eyes tightly closed and his legs slightly trembling. Buffaloman made sure the smaller Chojin could handle it before sliding another finger into him. Kinnikuman whimpered and moved his hips up slightly, a sudden cry escaping him when the taller Chojin pressed against a hidden pleasure point deep inside him. Buffaloman smiled at this and began to rub his two fingers in circles around the small spot.

Kinnikuman's head was spinning, from both the alcohol and delightful pleasure running through him. His hips bucked, and Buffaloman kept rubbing the spot mercilessly. It felt so impossibly good... Buffaloman's other hand grabbed at his length again, and Kinnikuman literally stopped thinking, just revelled in the raw heat and pleasure, moans and cries of escaping his mouth. Buffaloman's own arousal was pressed tight against his knee and, wanting to return the favour, he pressed his knee in and rubbed it against Buffaloman. A loud groan escaped the taller Chojin's mouth and he eagerly rubbed himself as his hands continued their work. Kinnikuman was growing more hotter and harder as his friend continued giving him these amazing feelings. Kinnikuman moved his face and kissed Buffaloman desperately. The taller Chojin pumped his fingers, pressing hard against Kinnikuman's weak spot every time he pushed. Kinnikuman thrust up, a bright white light overtaking his senses as he came in ecstasy. Buffaloman grunted and groaned, being pushed over the edge as well, their releases soaking the mattress.

Kinnikuman whimpered as his climax finished and slumped to the side, smiling at his friend. Buffaloman pulled out his fingers and slumped back against the mattress, falling asleep. Kinnikuman just smiled and cuddled close to his friend before drifting asleep as well.


Of course, the next day wasn't at all pleasant. When they woke up with hangovers, naked next to each other on a soaked mattress. Well... Kinnikuman screamed and Buffaloman fell over the side of the mattress. Kinnikuman was kinda torn between helping him up and screaming some more. He evantually leaned over the mattress. Buffaloman sat up, glancing awkwardly at Kinnikuman

"Er... do you remember what happened last night?" Kinnikuman asked, nervously scratching the back of his head,

"Yes..." Buffaloman said quietly, just as nervous as the smaller Chojin.

Kinnikuman took a deep breath, poking his fingers together nervously, "What... does this mean we're gay now...?"

"Well, we're definetly not one hundred percent heterosexual, I can guarantee you that..."

Kinnikuman sat back on the mattress, glancing down at the stains. He groaned and put his face in his hands, "Meat's going to kill me..."

Buffaloman gently placed his hand on Kinnikuman's shoulder, "Come on, I'll help you clean it."

They took the mattress to the sink and cleaned it silently, not looking at each other. Kinnikuman sighed, looking up from the sink, his eyes falling onto the calendar, his eyes widening slightly. A small smile drifted onto the future King's face and he turned to Buffaloman, standing on his tip-toes to gently kiss the other Chojin. Buffaloman blinked and gently kissed back, unsure to what the smaller Chojin was attempting to do.

Kinnikuman smiled shyly as he pulled back from the kiss, "Happy Valentine's Day Buffaloman."

----- Thirty Years Later -----

The legends were off discussing the latest Generation Ex vs Team AHO matchups and how to stop something like Mars happening again. Buffaloman should have been with them, but he had been distracted and asked to be excused from the meeting. The tal Hercules Factory trainer crossed his arms and leaned back against the wall, his thoughts going back to that night over thirty years before. Buffaloman absentmindedly twirled a lock of his hair around his finger.


The once powerful Demon Chojin glanced to his side, "King Muscle."

A small smile appeared on the Kinniku King's face and he scampered towards the taller Chojin's side. "Are you okay?"

Buffaloman laughed, "Yes, I'm fine. I was just thinking..."

"About that night?"

Buffaloman glanced at King Muscle, unable to hide the look of surprise. The Kinniku King just smiled in return, "Just because I'm married and have a kid, that doesn't mean I don't think about what happened that night." King Muscle blushed slightly.

Buffaloman nodded, watching the Kinniku King for a few moments before smiling, "Hey Kinnikuman." Buffaloman said, calling the King by his old name. King Muscle looked at him oddly, "Happy Valentine's Day." Buffaloman leaned down and kissed him. King Muscle's eyes widened, surprised at Buffaloman's kiss, before he closed his eyes and kissed the taller Chojin back.

Happy Valentine's Day indeed.

----- The End -----

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