Not All as it Seems

BY : LeaD
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Disclaimer: I do not own Fruits Basket, nor any of the characters from it. I do not make any money from the writing of this story.

Disclaimer: I do not own Fruits Basket… I’m just borrowing
the characters for this fanfic… but my OC is mine.



“Hello, Jiji-san?”

“huh...?” Came the
sleepy reply.

“Oh I’m sorry dad. I need to talk to Kyoko-san.” I muttered flipping
through my college books.

“Lin, you call at
three in the morning and ask for Kyoko… have you been drinking, you know Kyoko
is dead.”

“Tome!!!” I hear
my mom fuss at my dad in the background before the phone slipped from my

“Kyoko-san… dead?” I picked up the phone with my eyes
welling up in tears. “When did this happen?!?! Why wasn’t I told?!?!”


“Tohru-kun, what’s for Lunch?” Shigure went into the kitchen
finding Yuki and Kyo pouring bowls of Cereal.

“She left this morning… and it’s almost time for dinner.”
Yuki mumbled.

“Oh yes, she did mention Uotoni and Hanajima were spending
the day together before going to the cemetery.” Shigure noted making both Kyo
and Yuki feel mildly guilty for not going, but they’ve all been to the grave to
see her mom. Yuki and Kyo went twice… this would be year three that her mom had
died. It’s amazing how far she had come in all this time. “Is that so…”

“Huh?” They all looked back at the front door hearing a
slight rapping noise. “A visitor?” They
all stood there. Ayame was away doing some fashion thing so he was out, Kagura
hadn’t been over since the whole Kyo’s revealing of his true self. Tohru
would’ve just come in by now… Hatori
doesn’t visit like that and he would walk right in so… giving the other to
looks Shigure moved to answer the door.

“Hello?” Shigure moved to the front door first and found a
boy standing out there with a duffel bag in his hand. His jeans were loose and
baggy on him while his shirt had a tighter feel to expose what LITTLE muscle he
had but as to be expected a button up shirt had been lazily thrown over that
shirt and on his head had been a cap that was tilted to cover his face.

“H…umm… Does Honda Tohru live here?” He asked quietly as his
hands holding the bag trembled slightly.

“Yes, but she isn’t here right now…”

“I see…” He bowed and turned to leave.

“Should I tell her she had a visitor?” Shigure asked
uneasily. The male stopped.

“No, it’s fine… I’m just going to wait for her by the front
gate.” He said in the same overly quiet tone and went to the front gate and
sure enough set his duffel bag down, opened it and pulled out several heavy

“Who’s that?” Kyo’s usual tactless tone made Shigure turn
his head slightly.

“He’s looking for our sweet Tohru.” Shigure pulled out his
fan and started fanning himself with it, or rather concealing the smirk that
covered his face watching Kyo’s eyes narrow a bit with jealousy.

“That person is a friend of Tohru and you let him sit outside
to wait for her. You could’ve just said she won’t be back to for another hour
or two or something like that.” Yuki frowned at his cousin. From there Yuki
moved to the male whom was sitting on the hard ground reading a book in, what
Yuki identified as, English. “Umm… Excuse me.”

“Yes?” The boy looked away from his book but his hat still
shielded much of his face.

“Ms. Honda won’t return home until this evening. She went
with two of her friends to visit her mom’s grave.” He watched every muscle in
this boy tighten.

“Uotoni and Hanajima, right?” He asked softly.


“Then I will proceed to wait here.”


“Yes, it would be rude for me to come to visit Tohru-chan
and wait inside.” The boy said. “So while I wait I can read ahead in my

“Please…” Yuki finally spoke again after a moment of
thought. “I insist that you come in. If you are a friend of Tohru’s then you
are a friend to this family.” The boy sat there in silence before dropping his
books in his bag.

“I cannot do that…” He stopped and balled his hands into
fists. ‘I’m a horrible person and you
wonderful people have been taking care of my ultra special Tohru, while I was
off in America doing what I can to excel in my life. I am selfish. I didn’t even
know that Kyoko-san had died.’
He was quiet as he thrashed himself
mentally. “I wrote and got letters back from my family, phone calls and not a
time I couldn’t get in touch with Tohru-chan because my family is full of mean
people. Superficial and mean people… I should’ve just known that they didn’t
want me knowing something. Dammit…”

“It is quite chilly out here. Ms. Honda will be quite upset
if we let a friend of hers get sick.” Yuki smiled. Yuki had taken to ignoring
the comment that had been added after the pause. It was not up to him to pry
into a strange boy’s life. But if he was determined to see Tohru then he shall
see her.

“Are you sure it is okay, I don’t wish to burden you.” The
wind blew making the hat fall from his head. Dark unruly bangs fell right into
his face. He squinted a little as the sun hit his face. “Bright…”

At that precise moment Yuki’s smile
faltered slightly. Far too many times he had been called, beautiful, something
of true loveliness; each time he never believed a word of it but just smiled
kindly and accepted the compliment, but this boy here… this boy looking him in
the face was something entirely else. Something entirely different than pretty,
or gorgeous or beautiful… This boy was just…wow. His wide grey green eyes
glistened right when the sun hit it, and his lips were quite small and pouty.
They were also very kissable looking. The only thing ruining this face of true
beauty had been the look of hopelessness across his face. Hopelessness,
despair, and all of the feeling Akito liked to invoke on those who finally
found their niche to be happy.

“You will be no burden…”

“Perhaps so… I am a nuisance when I am ill…” The boy stood
and grabbed a sweatshirt from the duffel bag and Yuki bent to grab the bag upon
lifting it he noticed the weight of it and looked at the male who was rather
thin and not really muscle bound. With a shrug Yuki continued to walk into the

“What’d you bring him in here for?!?” Kyo complained.

“Ignore stupid Kyon-Kyon…” Shigure’s voice came from behind
the paper as he folded it grabbing his fan. The boy took off his sneakers and

“Hello…” His cap slipped off and immediately he bent to get
it before slipping it back on his skull backwards. “My name is Aya…” Yuki froze
and Shigure started laughing at how the name invoked a momentary temper flare
in the mouse. “I must thank you three…” He paused as if the word was hard to
let out. “Males for taking care my special Tohru-chan.” He bowed again.

“Your special… Tohru-chan?” They all stared at him as
footsteps soon followed and the door slid open.

“I’m home!” Tohru beamed happily as everyone turned to look
at the female. They had been expecting her home later. But then she noticed
their guest who was not even four feet in front of her.

“Tohru-chan…” The male’s eyes then filled with tears of

“Ay…” Tohru gasped bringing her hand to her mouth. “Ayane…”
She whispered almost inaudible to all except the dog.

“Tohru-chan…” This time his voice cracked slightly.

“Aya-chan!” Tohru smiled her famously bright smile and
hugged the person in front of her tightly. A way she would NEVER be able to hug
the boys unless they called for it first… and somehow that just struck a
jealous cord in the nervous system of two of three males.

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