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"Hurry, Kagome! You don't want to be late for your first day at a new school! I have a special breakfast ready and everything!" Mrs. Higurashi said cheerily to her daughter.

"Coming, Mom! I'm almost ready!" Kagome took one last look in the mirror at her brand new uniform: navy blue skirt, with a matching jacket covering her white blouse. 'You'll be fine. Just calm down,' she told to herself. She took a deep breath and ran downstairs.

"Mmm, breakfast smells delicious, Mom! Good morning Grandpa! Souta, are you ready for school?"

"Sure thing, Sis! You'll walk me to school, right?"

"Souta, I told you I would. It is right next to my school, after all." The eight year old grinned and shoveled another forkful of eggs into his mouth. When the two siblings finished, they headed out the door.

"Bye everyone," Kagome waved. "You too, Buyo," she said, kneeling down to pet the rotund Calico cat.

"Mrrrrooww." Grandpa Higurashi began to stand up.

"Just a minute, Kagome. I have something to give to you." The old man handed her a small wooden box. Inside lay what appeared to be one half of a broken glass bead, fastened to a delicate silver chain.

"Grandpa, it's beautiful!" She examined the necklace, anticipating the story that would come with the gift. Sure enough, Grandpa Higurashi began his speech.

"This is no ordinary bead, child. This is the Shikon Jewel. Well, half of it anyway.There is much mystery surrounding the Shikon no Tama. Even I do not know all its secrets. It is said to give strength and power to whoever posesses it. Today, I give this to you to bring you luck at your new school." Kagome wrapped her arms around him.

"Thanks so much, Grandpa. I love it" Although she always took his tales with a grain of salt, Kagome couldn't deny the sweet gesture of her only living grandparent. She fastened the necklace and was on her way.

A little while later, after walking Souta to school, Kagome entered the entrance of Takaya High School.

'Ready or not, here I go!' Kagome searched her enormous yellow backpack for the small slip of paper with her locker number and combination. As she walked down the hallway, students began to point and murmer. When she found her locker she was met with by a group of girls. One girl pushed in front of the rest.

"Welcome to Takaya High School! You must be Kagome Higurashi! As president of the Welcoming Committee (and many other clubs), I would like to give you the honor of hanging out with us. My name is Motoko Minagawa. I'll tell you everything you need to know."

"Thanks, nice to meet you," Kagome managed to say, a bit overwhelmed with all the attention focused on her. She opened her locker to find a dozen fresh roses. The girls squealed as she silently read the accompanying card.

"My Dearest Kagome,
Even when you are gone, I will think of you everyday.
Yours always,

Kagome's face flushed with embarrasment. 'Hojo... How in the world did he get those into my locker?'

"Ooh! Are those from your boyfriend? How romantic," Motoko cried, peeking over Kagome's shoulder.

"No, well,uh...we were kinda seeing each other. I broke it off with him when I moved, but..."

"Well, well, I see the loser train must have just arrived," Motoko snickered. "Kagome, that tall, yankee-looking girl over there is Arisa Uotani and the other weirdo is Saki Hanajima-she's some kind of witch."


"It's true. I witnessed it myself," quipped one Motoko's younger friends. "Whatever you do, stay away from those two." At that moment Kagome caught sight of perhaps the most unusually beautiful girl she had ever seen. But why was she dressed as a boy?
"Why is that pretty short-haired girl wearing a boy's uniform?," she asked innocently enough. The group of schoolgirls fell silent and all eyes were on Motoko.

"GIRL??!!! Did you just call Yuki Sohma, our beloved high school prince a girl?! How DARE you!" Motoko screeched.

"Well, um.What I meant..," Kagome stammered.

"Leave her alone, Motoko," a stern voice commanded. Kagome turned around, finding Arisa Uotani as the owner of the voice. Motoko looked furious, but did not dare open her mouth. She proceeded to storm off with her legion of followers right behind her.
"Don't worry about those jerks. They're part of the 'Prince Yuki' fan club," the tall blonde continued, rolling her eyes. "Motoko is the president. Anyway, Yuki really does look like a girl. I don't blame you for not being able to tell." Feeling relieved, Kagome let out a small chuckle.

"You should have seen him when he came to school in a dress," Saki Hanajima piped up without so much as cracking a smile. "I do not think we have been formally introduced."

"I'm Kagome Higurashi. Thanks for sticking up for me back there."

"Don't worry about. You can call me Uo, and this here is my oldest friend, Hana-chan," the girl gestured to the intense-looking brunette, whose braided hair reached the middle of her back.

"Very nice to meet you, Kagome. You have powerful waves," Hana said quietly. Kagome smiled, a bit confused. A warning bell rang.

"Well, gotta run. We'll catch up with you later, Kagome," Uo smiled.

"Bye Hana. Bye Uo. Thanks again!" 'They seemed really nice,' Kagome thought. 'A little strange, but who cares? I'd rather be friends with them than Motoko and the rest of-' Her thoughts were interrupted when she was nearly knocked down by a rather angry-looking boy. She bent down to pick up the books she had droopped during the collision.

"Watch where you're going, bitch!," the boy sneered. He looked at her and stopped. "Kikyo?! What the hell do you think you're doing here?!" Slowly, Kagome stood up and brushed off her skirt.

"My KAGOME! And no one gets away with calling me a bitch! Furthermore, you were the one who pushed right past me!" A stern-looking teacher came out of her classroom.

"The both of you! Go to your classes, or I'll send you both to detention!"

"I'm sorry, ma'am. I'm leaving now," Kagome apologized.

"Keh!," scoffed the boy, who wore his black hair long and messy. 'What is wrong with that guy?" Kagome wondered. Oh well, there was still an entire day ahead of her and she wasn't gooing to waste it thinking about rude high school boys. ...then again, he was kind of cute...

**Next chapter: Sango's temper flares when she meets her lecherous new literature teacher. Can you guess who it is?

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