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He swallowed but obeyed. He didn't need to concentrate to sense the
air move ever so slightly when Sohryu brought his hand up and the heat
of the other man's body, radiating from the fingertips that hadn't even
touched the skin on his neck. Just millimeters above his skin the fingertips
were caressing him, brushing over the hair that was standing up because
of the goose bumps. Neck, throat, ears and jaw line without making contact
to the exposed skin, and Terazuma let his head fall back, becoming more
and more aware of the other body close to him. Then the fingertips did
touch his skin, and it was like a flash of heat, like pure electricity,
making Terazuma shiver and moan.

Ghosting over highly sensitive spots at his ears again before Sohryu
gently caressed his lips Terazuma had to steady himself at the other
man's shoulders or he would have toppled over with the sensation. Feeling
the shikigami shift slightly fingertips were replaced by lips, butterfly
soft and gentle, and he opened up without even thinking. Wrapping his arms
around the strong body, Terazuma sighed and moaned when he felt those lips
caress his, that hot inquiring tongue stroke over his sensitized mouth,
asking to be let inside.

Too long. It had been too long. He was thirsting for a loving touch,
for a kiss, for... more. Three decades of loneliness boiled up inside him,
made him desperate, made him hunger for every little attention, and he
knew that something inside of him was breaking.

Terazuma utterly surprised himself by not only letting it, but inviting
it in, and eagerly so. Sohryu's hands glided down his body, teasing him
through the fabric of his shirt first before he touched bare skin. Terazuma
was suddenly highly aware of the other man, of his position upon Sohryu's
lap, and the certain pressure against his crotch but then Sohryu teased
a nipple with his thumb, deepening the kiss, a hand sneaked between his
spread legs and Terazuma cried out hoarsely as all the pent up frustration
and need and pleasure suddenly exploded in a mind numbing sensation of


Coming back to himself Terazuma found himself lying lax on top of Sohryu,
gently cradled against a hard naked chest.

His back was stroked soothingly and he was still only too aware of touch
of bare skin against skin.

"You... you made me... "

"You came," Sohryu rumbled softly. "That was the intention."

"In my pants?!"

An amused chuckle. "Not necessarily. Did it feel good?"

"Uh..." Terazuma shifted uncomfortably, and Sohryu chuckled again.

Soft lips brushed against his and Terazuma kissed him back, the initial
shock of kissing another man long gone. Sohryu gently pushed him off his

"There's a perfectly nice lake, Hajime. Use it if you want to. Nobody
will disturb you here."

He looked into those strange eyes, blue-gray with a slit pupil. Terazuma
knew little about shikigami, but for the first time he wanted to; at least
concerning this man.

Shrugging out of his shirt and his pants Terazuma was aware of the
those eyes watching him as he revealed his body to the shikigami.

The water had just the right temperature, and it was caressing his skin
like soft silk when Terazuma dove through effortlessly. He loved swimming,
almost as much as he loved archery and martial arts. The silence under
water was as meditative for him as was concentrating on the target with
his arrow focusing on one point, freeing his mind of disquieting and
distressing thoughts and images, and become one with the world. It was
pure Zen, peace in itself, and only somebody who practiced the same art
would be able to understand how something as simple looking as that could
pacify his usually upset mind. Somehow Terazuma had the impression Sohryu

Stepping out of the water Terazuma indeed felt refreshed, but he was
aware of his own nudity again. Sohryu handed him a robe and he slipped
into it thankfully.

"You're a handsome man, Hajime," the tall shikigami said quietly.

"I'm a freak," Terazuma muttered.

There was a hand on his neck, pulling him close to the handsome man
who had just given him the best thing in a long time. Blue-gray eyes fixed
on inhuman red ones.

"You are Terazuma Hajime. Nothing more, nothing less. This," he caressed
one pointed ear, "doesn't mean you're different from any other shinigami.
They all carry something that makes them different from the next." Now
those fingers caressed the stripes underneath his eyes. "You have beautiful
eyes, Hajime. Quite expressive when you're not constantly frowning."

"They're red!"

"So? Tsuzuki's are violet. Mine are blue. Byakko's are red, too."

Terazuma looked away, face a grimace. He hadn't been born with that
color! It was a sign of his possession and the creature inside him. He
rarely looked into a mirror if he could help it.

"As long as you can't accept Kagankokushunkei, you can't accept yourself.
Physical release will only give you a little breathing space, Hajime. It
takes the edge off the tension. You need to accept what you are, and you
need to accept the shikigami you are bound to." Sohryu's voice was soft,
gentle, cajoling.

"What if I can't?" he wanted to know, voice weak.

"Then you will continue to self-destruct. I want to help you, Hajime,
because I like you, and because I can't sit by idly and see two beings
in such pain, but you need to cooperate." Sohryu caressed his skin, fingers
playing over one ear. "Please?"

He sighed softly, deflating a little. Terazuma knew that this wonderful
feeling that he was currently experiencing wouldn't last. And he knew sex
wasn't the answer either. It was a momentary release, fleeing from reality,
just feeling... feeling like he had never done before in all his shinigami
life. His body craved contact and his mind was thirsting for more of those
electric overloads.

Sohryu wanted to help.

And he needed help.

"Okay," he murmured.

Soft lips captured his and he was kissed. "Thank you," the shikigami

° ° °

Terazuma didn't know what exactly he had expected Sohryu to do to help
him. The shikigami had told him that sex wasn't the ultimate solution and
he had agreed. The tension inside him came from lack of control and a too
tight control in one.

"You're all knotted up," Sohryu explained to him when they met again.
"Everything inside you is one big tangle and that can't be solved by physical
release alone."

Terazuma stared out over the lake. "I know."

"Do you have any hobbies?"

He blinked and turned to look at the man standing calmly at his side.

"Hobbies?" Sohryu repeated.

"I, ah, do archery."

He was actually very good at it, one of the few things he liked and
into which he could absorb himself until someone waved a red flag in
form of Tsuzuki in front of him. That man always got him over the edge
in no time.

"Good. To be a master at that you need to concentrate, to meditate,
find your center."

He sighed. "I'm not so good at that. I get distracted."

"How about we find a way to lengthen that moment of total peace, enable
you to ignore the world outside long enough for your emotions to settle
when you get upset? I find that swimming is calming for me, for instance.
I like the water." Sohryu smiled. "There's nothing like being alone, under
water, with nothing but your own heart beat to listen to, to swim in this
environment where nothing else can enter your peaceful state of mind."

Terazuma looked at him, drawn to that gentle baritone, the hypnotic
timbre, and he wanted nothing more than to be close to this man, have him
touch him. Be touched and touch in turn. He longed for that peace, that
calm center, as well as human contact. His tactile sense was like a dried
out well. All his senses were hyper aware, better than anyone's because
of the parasite, but he had always seen them as a liability. Everything
hurt him, everything was bad...

It didn't have to be bad.

"So, how about it?" Sohryu asked, looking questioningly at him.

"I'd like to try," Terazuma found himself answering.

And so their meetings began to encompass a variety of meditation techniques,
underwater swimming, archery, and whatever else Terazuma wanted. Even without
Sohryu, who couldn't be with him all the time, he continued the lessons
and something inside of him started to relax.



"Tell me about yourself," Sohryu asked softly as they lay together on
the fresh grass, the sun playing over their bodies.

Terazuma looked at the azure sky. "What do you want to know?"

"You said you were a detective before you died...?"

He shrugged. "Yeah. Not exactly my life's dream."

"Then why choose that profession?" came the question.

He sighed a little. "Family tradition. Dunno about you guys, but for
some families in the world of the living, tradition is everything. And
some traditions involve the eldest male child taking after the father,
the eldest daughter following the mother. I was the unlucky son to be chosen
to become a police officer. Dad was a high ranking official, as had been
his grandfather. Grandfather was a commissioner, actually."

"So you followed in your father's foot steps?"

"Kinda. I hated it, but I had no choice. I wanted my father to be proud
of me, it was expected of me, but I didn't want it at all." Terazuma looked
glumly at the clouds passing over the blue sky. "I hated the politics and
the guns. I wasn't a good investigator at all."

"You made detective."

A snort. "Dad's influence. I should have remained a beat cop, but hey,
I was a Terazuma. I had to become more. So I did and see where it go me.
I was killed by a rotten cop on the take and I didn't even realize it until
it was too late."

Terazuma sat up, feeling the old anger rise. The Black One stirred,
but he seemed to be more careful lately. The mediation and relaxation helped,
as did Sohryu.

The shikigami pushed himself up as well, regarding him calmly. "What
would you have done if not for tradition?"

He closed his eyes. "I always loved the traditional sports. Archery
was my passion ever since I had been a child. I once tried kendo. I liked
it, but my father said to concentrate on the Academy. I snuck away to watch
others, to secretly shoot archery."

A warm hand curled over one shoulder. "Maybe it's the path you should
follow now. You are free of your mortal bond, Hajime. Free to be who you
want to be."

"I'm a shinigami," Terazuma muttered.

"Infinite possibilities."

Yes, infinite. He was immortal, a guardian of death...

Sohryu kissed his neck and he closed his eyes, enjoying the tender contact.
Hands slipped around his waist, pulling him against the firm, warm and
very solid form of his lover.

"Be what you want to be," Sohryu whispered, never stopping his caress.

Hands glided over his skin, leaving a fiery trail behind. Wherever he
had been touched, his skin tingled and prickled, overly sensitized, and
all Terazuma could do was dig his fingers into the ground and gasp for
air. Sohryu knew exactly what he was doing, nibbling at the tip of his
ear and working himself down his neck and chest.

Terazuma hadn't really noticed that the shikigami had freed him from
the shirt, but when the hands slipped deeper he tensed. Sohryu stopped,
looking at him questioningly.


"I... I don't know..."

"Let me help you with that doubt of yours."

And before he could grasp the concept, Sohryu had shrugged out of his
own clothes, lying at his side in all his naked glory. Terazuma had seen
him that way only once and his body reacted immediately to the sight. His
eyes slid over the well defined chest, down to the flat stomach, long legs
and... he had to swallow when he couldn't help notice that Sohryu wasn't
unaffected by what they were doing. Nope, definitely not.

"I'd like to feel your skin against mine, Hajime. Very much so."

Sohryu ran fingers over his chest and ribcage, working himself down
south, and Terazuma moaned when his body responded. Sohryu's fingers brushed
over his crotch, making his hips twitch before he slid inside.

It felt good... so much better than everything Sohryu had done to him
until this point, and Terazuma's eyes slid shut, hips arching into the
touch and then he was released of the confinement of his jeans, feeling
the tall shikigami's body glide along his unhindered by any clothing. A
leg pushed between his thighs, spreading them enough to grant exploring
fingers access, while lips searched for his again.

Terazuma cried out as those strong fingers curled around his arousal
and it only took a few strokes to make him come. He felt the rush in his
ears, heard his heart race, and was highly sensitive all of a sudden. More
than before. A lot more than before. Sohryu kissed him, smiling at his
dazed expression.

"Now that we took the edge off it," the shikigami whispered, "we can
start for real."

Terazuma gasped as those nimble fingers stroked over him, and he twitched.
Yes, the first need was sated, but it had also stoked an appetite... an
incredible appetite for more.

And Sohryu saw the hunger. He smiled more and ran a hand over Terazuma's
sweaty chest. He lowered his head and licked over one nipple, making the
shinigami whimper.

"Soh... ry.. u..."

"Just enjoy," came the rumble.

Oh, he was! He definitely was...




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