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Disclaimer: I do not own this anime/manga, nor the characters from it. I do not make any money from the writing of this story.

This is a Gravitation and FAKE cross-over (which means yes there will be male/male ‘references’ or just lime). This isn’t just one of those experimental fics; I plan on having more chapters and even completing it! So whether you like it or not it’s going to stay here.

Disclaimer: I don't own FAKE or Gravitation because if I did they would have already been crossed.


“Do you really have to go?” the thin brown-haired woman asked, “I mean that Japan’s so much safer for you.”

The blonde man smiled as he packed his things, “Mika… thanks for your concern but business is business…”

“And you have to do your business…” Mika sighed, “Isn’t there anything that I can do get you to stay here?”

“I’m afraid…”

“Is there anything I can get Eiri to do to make you stay here?” Mika hoped that mentioning her younger brother would do the trick… he was always a sucker when it came to Eiri.

“I’m sorry Mika-san… but that’s just one more reason to leave…”

“Tohma…” Mika’s voice was filled with concern and surprise, “You don’t really mean that do you…?”

Tohma kissed her cheek and forced a fake smile, “I only wish I didn’t.”

Mika noticed the sadness filling her husband’s eyes, which was soon covered by his hat as he placed it on his head and headed for the door with his bags.

“Hopefully… I’ll be home in a week or so…” Tohma stood still in the open doorway as from downstairs you could hear the honk of a car.

“Hopefully… Tohma please don’t say that.” Mika tried to keep her voice calm as she talked to her husband’s back.

Tohma kept his back toward her, “Mika… I love you.”

Mika eyes widen as she watched him walk down the hall from their bedroom and headed down the stairs.

“Tohma…” she sighed as she placed her hand on her kissed cheek and listened to the sound of the front door open and close, “I love you too…”

Out in the rain, Tohma climbed into the taxi and as the driver placed his bags in the trunk. Looking back at the house Tohma Seguchi smiled as they set off toward the airport.


“Good morning, New York! It’s five am and I’m waking you lazy bums up for work!” the DJ chimed, “Now to get into this Monday, here’s some Nirvana!”

The red-haired man pulled the covers off his head and yawned. Yuck… he thought to himself, I hate Mondays… waking up to Nirvana or not. Always have, always will.

Stretching he slowly sat up, placing his bare feet on the cold hard wood floor and he began to sing...

“She eyes me like a Pisces when I am weak, I've been locked inside your heart-shaped box for weeks, I've been drawn into your magnet tar pit trap, I wish I could eat your cancer when you turn back… Hey, Wait, I've got a new complaint, forever in debt to your priceless advice…” Ted shut his alarm clock off and as he still hummed the tune he headed across the hallway to the bathroom.

Stretching once again, Ted let out a satisfied sigh as he could feel and hear the crack in his back. Walking over to the shower Ted pulled back the shower curtain and turned the taps… not too hot to burn the skin and not cold enough for a rude awakening, just right. Slipping out of his sweats and into the shower as he pulled the curtain closed, he sighed again… but this time it wasn’t satisfied.

Reaching out he took the soap and began to rub it between his hands, lathering up he began to wash… throwing his head back to get the red bangs out from his eyes. Standing under the shower head to let the water run down and rinse off the soap, Ted lightly banged his head against the tiled wall…

Everyday it’s the same fucking routine… day in, day out… Ted though as he kept his head against the wall, Get up at five, have a shower, shave, get dressed, eat breakfast, get into car, be late for work, fight crime, file papers, go home, and I’m all alone…Throw in the random date and sex with some chicks that never wanna stay more than a few days… and you’ve got the never ending boredom of my life…

The red-haired man was alone… and he knew that bachelor was all he was going to be, but he thought that he wasn’t going to be a bachelor alone. Drake, one of Ted’s colleagues and one of Ted’s closest friends was just like him… no luck when it came to the ladies. So at least Ted wasn’t alone, until recently… Drake had came out of the closet and pronounced his love to JJ… shocking everyone at the precinct especially Ted.

Ted had to admit it though, he was happy for Drake and JJ and he admired the way Drake had the courage to admit how he felt for another dude. Of course Drake and JJ weren’t the first nor the last… Dee and Ryo had become a couple a few months before Drake and JJ… and soon following Drake’s coming out, Commissioner Rose had old everyone that he had proposed and was now engaged to the female FBI agent, Diana Spacey…

Everyone had someone… everyone was a someone’s someone… Ted couldn’t take this anymore. At worked he just kept pretending that nothing bothered him even though drowning out any free time with work still couldn’t stop the empty feeling…

Argh! This is enough Ted… snap out of it… Ted turned off the tap and ran his fingers through wet red hair, You’re gonna be late for work if you don’t hurry it up! Stop you’re moping... you have papers to file, crimes to solve and crazy maniacs to lock away…

Slipping out of the shower, he grabbed his towel and rubbed it over his haired and proceeded to dry the rest of himself off. Wrapping the towel around his waist he stood tall in front of his mirror he picked up his razor, quick shave and he ran into his bedroom. Glancing over at his alarm clock as it read 5:30. SHIT! I better hurry up or I’ll be stuck…

Hooooonnkkkk! Was the sound made by the car’s horn as Ted banged his head against the steering wheel… IN TRAFIC! DAMN IT! DAMN IT! DAMN IT! DAMN IT! Ted’s mind screamed as he continuously banged his forehead against the steering wheel, Great… I’m gonna be late. I’m gonna get it good from the chief or worse… Commissioner Berkeley… ARGH!


“Flight six heading to New York now boarding…” the attendant announced over the intercom, “Now boarding in dock 2.”

“That’s my flight…” Tohma sighed as he stood up, “I really appreciate you meeting me here.”

“Well it’s nothing, boss man.” The long blonde-haired man smiled, “It’s just luck that I was heading back from to New York.”

“Yes…” Tohma hid his eyes under the brim of his hat, “I suppose you are right… K-san…”

K looked up from where he was sitting and sighed, “Do you really wanna go and leave now? I mean everyone is going to be worried about you…”

“Everything will be fine…” Tohma looked over at him and smiled, “I gave Mika my word… I’ll be home in a week or so.”

K sighed louder as he watched Tohma walk away, “Hey! Hold on a second, boss man!”

Seguchi looked back and slightly tilted his head in confusion, “Yes… K-san?”

“Are you really sure it’s a good idea to go on a normal plane without any body guards?”

Tohma lightly laughed as he turned, “Don’t worry… they’re looking for Tohma Seguchi… wouldn’t he be easy to track down on a private jet with tons of gun wielding body guards?”

K-san smiled, “Well… that’s why you’re the boss man… ”

“I guess you’re right…” Tohma smiled bigger as he walked away from K, toward his flight.


“I’m here!” Ted opened the door walked into the conference room where the meeting was already in progress.

Commissioner Rose slowly turned his head toward the door and smirked, “Well it’s nice of you to show up…”

Ted sat down in his seat beside the light brown-haired man everyone knew as Ryo and watched as Berkeley dropped a huge file on the table and crossed his arms, “This is what you have to work with… this file contains any information that the FBI so far has obtained about the assassin and the information about who we are supposed to protect.”

All five men looked at the file and moaned… looking back up at Berkeley, the commissioner smiled and walked away.

“Would someone like to fill me in on what is happening around here?” Ted sighed as the youngest man slowly opened the file.

“Well Ted-senpai, we are supposed to be acting as body guards…” the youngest man pulled a picture out from the file and gave it to Ted, “For this man here.”

Ted took the picture from his hands and looked down at the blonde man with happy green eyes, “Who is this guy, JJ?”

The younger man smiled as he sat back down by Drake, “Well his name is Tohma Seguchi.”

“And we’re supposed to protect him while he’s here in New York for business.” The raven-haired man leaned back in his chair and sighed, “Man just what he need… another case with the FBI.”

Ryo smiled, “Well they are doing the most of the work… all we have to do is protect Seguchi when he arrives here… we’re not the ones trying to track down the assassin.”

Drake sighed, “So we’re playing the baby-sitter… what does think guy do anyway?”

JJ piped up and smiled, “Well he owns a major record company in Japan called N-G.”

All the four men looked over at the platinum blue-haired man… eyes wide, “He’s coming from Japan!”

“Opps…” JJ smile nervously and scratch his head, “I guess I forget to mention it… sorry.”

Drake trapped JJ in a headlock, rubbing his knuckles against the top of JJ’s head, “What do you mean you forgot huh?”

“Oh, Drake-senpai! Come on let go!” JJ squirmed and try to pry himself loose, “Come on! It was accident! I didn’t mean to! Owwww!”

Ted sighed as he turned to the window, blocking out the sounds of his fellow colleagues… Well something tells me this is gonna be fun… Ted rolled his eyes as he watched the clouds move across the sky.



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