New Driver (Um Maybe New Lover)

BY : SoUiChIro
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New Driver (um Maybe Lover)
By SoUiChIrO

It’s been 6 years when Souichiro, Lisa, and Lorna have met now they are in college
Still Lisa, was calling Souichiro a stupid no good pervert even though that Souichiro
Only done that accidentally but now Souichiro have grown up a handsome man.

It was Sunday they have no classes today so they are about to have some fun today

“It was a bright sunny day eh?” Lorna said, “I wish so that pervert might hit us again” Lisa said it angrily.

In Souichiro’s room he is just about to wake up when something hurt in him it was his feet he couldn’t move maybe because he’s pushing too hard on his driving. Then they
Are called by Lorna’s Grandpa coz he have to tell them something Souichiro said that he cant move coz his feet were very hurting they need to bring him a wheel chair so back to the HQ the thing that Lorna’s grandpa is talking about the new Driver he was Haru the Ex’Driver from America “Why do we need another driver?!” Lisa yelled pierce fully
“Calm down” Grandpa said “Recently we have many AI car Problems so we need another Driver help so we can maintain the safety our passenger in a better way”

Lisa walk out of the room angrily stomping her feet into madness and gone to the race track back to the HQ Haru says something “I think she doesn’t like me coz I’m a guy.”
“ No she’s don’t really like you she’ll just call you names like pervert” Souichi replied
“You think so I must be careful not to see her in the bathroom” Haru said nervously.

Haru walk to the racetrack hearing raging motors running he jumped into his Lotus Exile to race with the driver. He take it easy coz he didn’t even knew what the driver could do so after knowing that the driver wants to race he maximizes the cars speed to maximum
“Where did he get that skills, I never saw anyone but Lorna and Souichi have done that move.” Lisa said nervously “He’s the man of my dreams” then Haru Jumped off his car smile at Lisa and give her a flying kiss (ohh… how sweet) and Lisa blushed red as apple

3 days later…

Haru was doing his homework when He heard a knock on the door It was Lisa, She brought some orange juice for Haru she was shock when Haru stand in front of her and said thank you. they were just inches away from each other Lisa blushed and Haru pushed her into the wall and kiss her on her cheeks asking if she like what he is doing “we shouldn’t be doing this” said by nervous Lisa “why didn’t you like me?” Haru said “I like what we are doing but someone might see us” Lisa while pushing Haru slightly away from her “then where do you want it to do?“ Haru said while hugging Lisa and kiss her soft lips and explore her smooth silk skin “here in your room just lock the door and close the window” Lisa said before she gives Haru a sweet kiss “as you said my highness”.

“Where Lisa have gone to?” Lorna asked herself “Hi Lorna” Souichi said in some distance “oh Souichi why are you I thought your feet hurts” Lorna said worriedly
“Nah the doctor said I need is rest, so after 2 days of resting my feet doesn’t hurt anymore” Souichi said while scratching his head “um Lorna I have to tell you
Something” he grabbed Lorna’s hand and head to Souichi’s room and locked up
The door “hey why did you bring me here? “ Lorna said, “I have to tell you
Something I love you so much and every night I’m sleeping I think if I could
Have you and I need you madly I want to be inside of you I want to FUCK you
I need you madly“ Lorna look at Souichi shocked “ oh you need me badly okay but
I think we need to be naked right and could I see that big cock of yours “ Lorna pulled
Souichi’s pants and she could see the erection beyond his boxer and Lorna pull it harshly
“Oh this is big cock of yours could I suck it?” Lorna said seductively “oh sure please suck me” 5 mins. Of intense sucking experienced Souichi rip Lorna’s clothes and see those massive Breasts Of hers Souichi remove his cock out of Lorna’s mouth to suck
Those massive breasts of Lorna, She moaned saying his name and then some time later Souichi hardly inserts his cock into Lorna’s virgin pussy “ahhh…ahhh…ahhh…ahhh”
She moaned Loudly to stop her Souichi kiss her exploring her mouth with his tongue
And they’ve slept after that.

Back to Haru And Lisa they removed each other’s dress
Now they are completely naked Haru Kiss Lisa Sweet lips
While putting three of his fingers on Lisa’s entrance moaning
As loud as she could Lisa said, “Could I taste that big cock of
Yours I really like to suck that madly “ She grabs the cock quickly
And suck it like she’s a baby Haru pull Lisa up so he could taste the
Breast of Lisa she moaned while Haru is playing it with his tongue he
Sucked it after that he couldn’t resist he Fuck Lisa with his mighty cock
Now he said to Lisa “Lisa I’m coming would you like me to shot into your
Virgin pussy Lisa replied “ Oh Please Haru shot into me deep inside of me I’m
On a pill” few seconds later Haru cum spurted inside Lisa’s body Lisa fell asleep
Lisa wakes up and Haru said “Do you want another come to me at midnight so we
Could do it again.

What could happen? Wait for the next chapter

Wait For The Next Chapter I’m still working on it

Hello every one could please someone review it this is my first work here coz i only saw this website yesterday

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