Girls Will Be Girls

BY : the cinnamon neko
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Disclaimer: I do not own Fruits Basket, nor any of the characters from it. I do not make any money from the writing of this story.

Authors Note: This is a response to a challenge, pairing up Tohru and Kagura.
(I do not own the Fruits Basket characters-sigh-)
I hope you enjoy!

“Tonight will be ‘Girl’s Night’!” Tohru proclaimed, raising her fist in the air. I had to giggle.

“Okay,” I agreed.

Tohru always knows just how to cheer me up. I may have been slightly annoyed that morning at the Sohma household, knowing all the males of the family were getting ready to go to the annual party that was for ‘the male members of the Sohma family only’. OK, SO I WAS PISSED OFF, ALRIGHT!! But midway through punching the wall, Tohru, ever coming up with ways to put a positive spin on a bad situation, came up with a great idea.

“I’m staying here with Tohru!,” I announced loudly, making sure the whole house heard me. “We’re having a Girls’ Night!”
“Who cares,” said Kyo, through the bathroom door.

“WELL, YOU’RE NOT INVITED, KYO! I’M TOHRU’S BEST FRIEND AND SHE WANTS TO HANG OUT WITH ME! Right, Tohru-chan?” She nodded at me vigorously.

“Wonderful! I’m glad two cute girls such as yourselves can be such good friends,” commented Shigure. “Since you are both so adorable, I’ll leave some Yen here so you girls can have some fun, ok?”

“Arigatou gozaimasu!” we shouted. Yuki entered the room.

“Hey Yuki, did you hear,” asked Tohru.

“Girls’ Night, huh? What are you two planning?” He flashed them a killer smile.

“Well, uh” began Tohru, twisting one of her brown pigtails. “Girl stuff! We can watch romance movies, talk.”

“Ooh, lets give each other makeovers,” I said, trying to suppress a squeal.

“Sounds like you guys are going to have fun,” Yuki said.

Tohru threw her arms around me in an impromptu squeeze.

“You betcha!,” she cried and gave me an innocent peck on the cheek. “I always have fun when Kagura-chan is around!” I couldn’t help smiling at my friend because I knew she genuinely meant it. Kind words feel golden when they come from a friend as honest and sweet as Honda Tohru. She’s not like Kyo, or Yuki, so guarded to the world. Or like me, at times, violent and unkind. She wears her heart on her sleeve, with a smile on her face and for that, you have to love her.

Kyo stepped out of the bathroom.

“Whatever you two do, you better stay out of my room! Got that Kagura?”

“Kyo-kun! Do you have to be so mean to me?,” I pouted. He rolled his eyes. “Did you notice my new dress?” I twirled in front of him to give him the full view of my green mini-dress to which I had sewn a little orange kitty patch.

“Why should I care?” he said, pushing past me.

“IF A GIRL DRESSES UP TO LOOK NICE FOR YOU, THE LEAST YOU CAN DO IS GIVE HER A COMPLIMENT!! IT’S THE POLITE THING TO DO!!,” I shouted in his face. I felt a small hand gently pulling my shoulder. It was Tohru.

“I think it’s kawaii, Kagura!” I turned to her and was met with her smile. “You always look pretty, anyway,” she added.

“Thanks, Tohru-chan. You’re always so sweet to me, even when CERTAIN PEOPLE aren’t!”
“Whatever,” Kyo said. “Isn’t it time to leave now?”

“Yes, yes,” said Shigure. “Hatori should be here any moment to pick us up.” Yuki peered out the window.

“It looks as though the moment is now.”

“Thank god,” muttered Kyo. I ignored his remark and gave him a big hug.

“Goodbye, Kyo-kun! I love you!”

“What the hell?! We’re only going to be gone one night!”

“Bye everyone!” Tohru waved as the Sohma men piled into Hatori’s car.

I let out a sigh.

“Bye!” I said, putting in a happy face. I turned to Tohru. “Well, what next?”

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