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“Damn, stupid Haru.” Kyo grumbled as he and Tohru made their way up the stairs. Of course the ox would throw a masquerade.

“Don’t worry, it will be fun.” Tohru smiled at the cat. She was the only reason both he and Yuki were here. The rice ball was dressed in an eightieth century English style powder blue dress, including hoop skirt. The boys wore simple black tuxes, Yuki’s complete with tails.

A blond with a bunny mask on popped his head out of the door. “Welcome! But… where are your masks? It’s okay we have lots!” Momiji disappeared into the entry way and came back with two black masks. The cat and rat both grumbled and fashioned the little black disguises over their eyes. Tohru’s face had been painted with soft blues, purples with silver accents. Shigure insisted on painting the butterfly, saying that his creative abilities as a writer surpassed the pen. The dog had been right, Tohru looked beautiful.

The room was full of people. A sign was posted on the wall, “No hugging.” Their host weaved through the crowd wearing a traditional European suit, one half black, the other white. Haru wore a mask that resembled the one worn by the Phantom.

“I’m glad you could make it.” He bowed in English style, arm across his stomach.

“This is amazing, Hatsuharu. Oh and happy birthday!” Tohru exclaimed happily, clapping gloved hands together.

The ox smiled, “Thank you.” The rice ball blushed. She didn’t know why, there was just something in his gaze made her light headed.

“Good evening Kyo.” Kagura stood next to the phantomed ox. She just smiled at the cat.

“Miss Honda, would you care for a dance?” Haru asked the rice ball. Tohru giggled and took his arm. The ox led her to the dance floor. He led her in a slow waltz.

“You look very beautiful tonight. Have I told you yet?” Haru asked.

Tohru blushed, “No, you haven’t but thank you. Shigure painted the butterfly. He did a wonderful job.”

“No, I mean you look beautiful.” The ox moved as close to her ear as he could.

“Oh, no… I…” Tohru was pulled away from the crowd. Once in the other room, Haru brought his lips to hers in a searing kiss.

“Um… Hatsuharu?” Tohru asked after she opened her eyes and came to her senses.

“Everyone’s playing a part tonight, Tohru.” He whispered in a low, almost seductive voice. Before the riceball could respond, Haru planted another kiss on her mouth. This lighter than the one previous. Tohru started to wrap her arms around the young men. The ox caught her arms, holding her hands between them.

“What the hell do you think your doing?” Kyo shouted. Tohru jumped like she’d been bitten. Haru smirked. This may work out better than he thought.

“Oh… um… Kyo…” The riceball stammered.

“You… and Haru?” The cat stood in front of her, trying to understand.

“Well, no… not exactly…” Tohru tried to best put the situation in words.

“I kissed her.” Haru explained as if it should have been obvious.

“I… you… what… why?” Kyo stuttered.

“Don’t worry, Kyo, I just wanted a kiss.” The ox said. To drive home the point, Haru stood behind Tohru, pulling off one of the elbow-length gloves. He lifted her arm and lightly licked the inside of her elbow. Tohru sucked in a breath of air. Haru smiled at the cat. “Tohru, Doesn’t Kyo look nice?” He asked.

“Yes, he looks very dashing.” She smiled at him.

“You should grace him with a kiss.” Haru smiled.

“Are you black or something?” Kyo blushed.

“Maybe.” The ox replied. He turned to Tohru, “So, how about it. Give him a kiss, like the one you blessed me with earlier.” The crafty ox gave Tohru a soft shove toward the cat. Tohru, who had been frozen like a statue, stumbled forward. If Kyo hadn’t caught her then she would have fallen, possibly ruining the dress Ayame made. Kyo’s heart beat in his throat as he looked at the top of the girl’s head. Slowly she raised her eyes to meet his. For one perfect moment, it looked as though she would kiss him. Tohru’s eyes lowered to Kyo’s lips, lingering for a moment before looking back to his garnet gaze. The cat took a deep breath and leaned in, brushing his lips against hers. She felt like heaven. Tohru tilted her head to the side unconsciously. Kyo pulled her as close as he could manage. Tohru felt a warm presence at her back before Haru’s lips kissed the skin where her neck and shoulder met. She moaned a little when the ox bit down. Kyo looked at her. The rice ball’s eyes were still closed, head still at an angle. The ox still had her flesh between her teeth but his eyes were on Kyo, challenging him to take her back.

The cat tilted her head back, taking claim of her throat, laying little kisses on the soft skin. Tohru didn’t really understand what was going on but she didn’t want it to stop. Haru looked for a place to make their little scene a little more comfortable. There was only a low table and sitting pillows. He cautiously stepped around the pair and put the pillows on the table’s surface. Haru turned back to Kyo and Tohru. The cat was currently wreaking havoc on the poor girl’s senses. She still had her head back but it was now it was turned to the side. Kyo had his face buried in the nap of her neck. The girl was softly cooing at his ministrations.

Haru stood behind Kyo. He whispered softly to him, “Don’t I get another turn?” the cat stepped back, allowing him to pick up where he left off. Tohru’s normally clear eyes were clouded as she looked up at him. Kyo stood behind her, kissing her neck and the tops of her shoulders. The back of her dress swooped down between her shoulder blades, and the cat got a wicked idea. He bent down and licked a thin trial from the top line of the soft material to the base of her hair line. Tohru’s breath caught in her throat. Haru started kissing down her neck, to her covered chest. The ox lightly bit down on her clothed breast. The rice ball moaned again dropping her head forward. Haru went to his knees in front of her. He continued to kiss his way down her body. Kyo turned Tohru’s face towards him, laying a kiss on her lips. Haru took this as his opportunity to slip under her skirt. He placed a few small kisses on the insides of her thighs, near the knee. The girl above him gasped. The next kiss was a little farther up. Tohru moved her head back from Kyo’s and whispered “Oh, my.” The cat looked over her shoulder and saw the ox on the floor and though he couldn’t see his cousin’s head… or even upper back… judging by the sounds coming from the girl, Kyo could guess what was happening.

Mean while, back under the skirt, Haru had worked his way up to the girls pelvis, kissing and nipping just to the right of her center. Tohru cried out and begged the ox, for what, she didn’t know, but she begged all the same. Haru knew, and so did Kyo. The cat had grown bolder and pulled the zipper down some, revealing the back of a pale blue bra and the skin down to her low back. This action caused the dress to slip off Tohru’s shoulder giving Kyo more skin to explore. All the while Haru had pulled down the matching underwear and was now lightly rubbing his fingers through the girl’s folds. The rice ball above him called out again at the soft touches. Well, because of that and Kyo’s hand found her breast, massaging it a little. Tohru’s legs began to quiver from all the attention, so when Haru finally pulled her panties completely down and off her body, the ox draped the girl’s leg over his shoulder as he continued his assault on her body, trusting that Kyo would hold her up. The cat, all the while, still had his hand over her breast and the other laying against her back, lending support. Tohru had taken to exhaling soft cries and moans with every breath, due to the onslaught of her senses. With the ox in front of her and the cat behind her, the girl felt that she could very well die now and be completely happy. The ox contentedly ran his tongue along her delicate skin, stopping when he reached a particularly sensitive spot. Kyo started to feel a ping of jealousy at the sounds Tohru was making. Even with his lips against her shoulder, he knew the sounds weren’t for him.

“Haru,” he said softly, “Don’t I get a turn?”

Giving one last lick, the ox resurfaced, “Of course.” He stood and picked the dazed girl, setting her on the pillowed table. Kyo blushed as he saw the blue panties lying on the ground. The cat shook his head and kneeled in front of Tohru. He swallowed as his hand worked its way over her center. Tohru sighed and leaned forward resting her head on his shoulder. Her shaking hands gripped his jacket and, due to squirming, pushed it off his shoulders. Somewhere in all of it Kyo’s mask wound up on the ground along with Haru’s. The cat’s hand moved faster, he now inserted a finger, moving it with the rest of his digits. His thumb brushed across her nub and Tohru jumped. Kyo stopped moving with an “I’m sorry.”

The rice ball shook her head “Please, don’t stop.” The cat, growing more confident, did it again and again until the girls legs began to shake. Small whimpers escaped her and her knee shifted, moving against the cat. It bumped against a bulge in Kyo’s pants. The young man in question groaned at the accidental contact.

“Tohru, Maybe you could help him relieve a little tension.” Haru whispered to the girl. “Do you want me to show you how?”

Tohru nodded. The wicked ox took a hold of her hand and guided it to the protrusion in Kyo’s pants then used her hand to rub him up and down through the cloth. Haru let her hands go and moved behind the cat. This would have to be expertly timed. He started by just laying against Kyo’s back. This action seemed to go unnoticed, so did the nuzzle against his neck. Haru moved his hands down the cat’s sides and unzipped his pants. This was noticed by Kyo, whose eyes shot open. When had he closed them? The cat’s erection stood happily at attention now that it was released from its confines. Tohru almost didn’t know what to do with it. Again, Haru’s hand brought hers back to Kyo’s shaft. The cat was baffled by the fact that he didn’t mind the ox being pressed to his back, or the enormous rod that too was pushing to his posterior. He knew Haru was bi, but the cat hadn’t ever really thought about the possibility that he might be too. The only person Kyo had ever been attracted to was Tohru. The most shocking thing was the thought didn’t disgust him. Not even when Haru shifted his hips against the cat’s backside.

“Tohru… I need…” Kyo stammered as Haru bit the side of his neck. The ox was in need too. Kyo released the girl and moved so he rubbed against her opening, silently asking permission. Tohru’s answer was a soft cry and squeeze of her hand. Kyo took that hand into his own and used the unoccupied one to guide himself inside the girl’s tight opening. He shuddered at the first contact. The cat waited for Tohru to relax a little before he began to move. Haru leaned back from them and watched for a moment. His hand went to his now exposed shaft, working it up and down in time with Kyo’s movements. The ox now pressed himself to the cat’s back again. Just holding himself still, Kyo was generating enough friction to make it enjoyable. Every time he bumped into his younger cousin, the cat felt Haru’s length slide between his legs. Kyo brought his legs together to help create more friction subconsciously. The ox moaned in appreciation. The three of them moved in perfect sync, save for some minor set backs in the beginning. Tohru began to emit soft whimpers with every move the cat made. Haru leaned into Kyo and the cat in turn leaned towards Tohru. The girl lay down on the table or she would have turned her new lover into an animal. From this angle Kyo was able to get better leverage resting his hands on either side of the girl’s shoulders. As for Haru, he liked this new position. It allowed him to go further between the cat’s legs touching the soft skin sack on the other side. Kyo picked up his pace slowly; looking into Tohru’s eyes, making sure it was alright with her. Judging by the moans and gasps escaping her lips and the way her body “butterfly-ed” around him, she was close to her end. Truth be told, he was close too. Kyo began to groan with every push into his Tohru’s body. The cat tucked his head in the side of her neck as he continued to move within the girl. Tohru looked up to see Haru moving above Kyo. Their eyes met, cerulean and smoke, before Tohru closed her eyes. Her heart started to beat faster as her lower abdomen clinched and released. Soft, barely audible ‘oh’s’ fell from her lips and her legs hugged Kyo’s thighs tightly. The rice ball tossed her head back as the surge of ecstasy swelled within her. She let out a loud gasp and her legs gripped tighter around Kyo’s body. The cat lost it, emptying himself within her. Haru sped up, noticing that the other two had reached their completion. It his lust-idled mind, the ox realized that jizzing between Kyo’s legs wouldn’t be the best idea, especially with the cat’s pants around his knees. Haru moved back and wrapped his hand around himself working almost franticly to bring about his own finish. Kyo looked at the girl, still lying on the table catching her breath. He turned to Haru who was still beating himself off. Like they say, turn about’s fair play. The cat pushed the ox’s hand away, wrapping is own around and finishing off Haru.

Tohru blushed as she realized her underwear was missing, flashing her private parts to the whole room. She sat up feeling a little dizzy and blushed harder when the dress fell off her other shoulder. Tohru cleared her throat as she straightened her dress.

“Could… um… one of you … uh… zip me up?” she turned around. Kyo stepped forward but stopped, realizing his hand was sticky. Haru chuckled and held on to the bottom of the zipper and pulled the fastener up. Kyo took the handkerchief from his coat pocket and wiped his hands thoroughly. He swallowed and retrieved Tohru’s underwear from the floor, handing it back to her. The riceball blushed and took the garment from him, slipping it on. She stood in front of the cat with a small smile on her face she placed her hands on his chest and tilting up, placing a kiss on his lips.

“We should get back. Oh but, Kyo, where’s your mask?” Tohru asked. The cat smiled. His Tohru… his pure Tohru. For a brief moment he thought he might have tarnished her innocent heart. Haru tapped Kyo on the shoulder with his little black mask, the ox’s hung by its string form his other wrist.

“Your mask still looks beautiful, Miss Honda.” He smiled.

“Miss Honda?” Yuki poked her head in the door. “There you are. You like to dance? That is, if your finished here.” The rat's eyes narrowed as he took in the oder in the room.

Tohru smiled, “I’d love too," she turned to Kyo, “if that’s okay.” He nodded. The rice ball smiled at him and ambled back to Yuki, taking his arm. Kyo started to make his way out to monitor the rat’s hands when Haru grabbed his elbow. The cat looked up at him, questions in his eyes.

The ox smiled a little and placed a small kiss on Kyo’s lips. “Don’t think so much. She loves you.”

“But… I’m confused… I… didn’t mind you being behind me.”

“Just don't worry about, enjoy yourself tonight.”

“Are you… were you black?”

“You’ll never know.” Haru winked and slid his mask back into place and walked back to the party, leaving Kyo a bit bewildered.

A/N- well I’ve got two things to say in this note. 1) This is only a one shot. If someone wants to try and convince me to continue it go ahead but I’m a very difficult person to convince, just for the record. 2) The term “butterfly-ed” refers to the clinching and relaxing of a woman’s vaginal muscles, just in case that was unclear.

A/N (1 year later)- as it turns out, I have gotten a lot of positive feed back on this trifle of a story. That a lone wouldn't be enough for me to come out of Fan fiction retirement except that as I go back over my stories, I realize that the story isn't over yet. Not after reading what's been going on in the Fruits Basket manga. So please read the next page for further info on what's been going on.

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