For the Love of Pocky

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For the Love of Pocky

That thumb. When he wasn’t snacking, it was that thumb. Raito was convinced it was a conspiracy led by L, because obviously someone who couldn’t stop looking at those pale, petal soft lips, must be Kira. It was driving him mad.

Especially considering everything should be good, the false Kira was dead, Misa had the eyes back, he had his memories back, and sooner or later L would have no excuse to be chained to him. He smiled and looked to where L was crouched before his computer… nibbling at the tip of his thumb. They’d all agreed to go home and sleep for one night before investigating the notebook, after all, they deserved it, they’d caught Kira.

He resisted the urge to scoff. That fat business bastard really had no business calling himself Kira, even if he had fit perfectly into Raito’s plans. No, undoubtedly he was the only one worthy of the title Kira. He’d won hadn’t he?

It was then that L’s dark wide eyes slid over to him. Although he’d always thought them fairly emotionless, but this time he sensed some discomfort. He resisted the smile he was longing to let cross his face. L knew. L knew he was Kira, and he knew he couldn’t prove it.

He must also be painfully aware of their solitude.

“…Yagami-kun,” murmured L in that quiet odd voice, “Is there something the matter?”

Raito allowed the smile to come to his face. “Something? Wrong? Not at all, we achieved a victory today.”

“…Oh, that’s right.” he conceded.

The only victory he wanted was to prove the man beside him was Kira. They both knew that. “I’m surprised you don’t want to celebrate,” continued Raito leaning towards him.

“…That was not the Kira we were looking for Yagami-kun.”

“Oh that’s right, the one you were looking for is still chained to you right?” growled Raito wrapping the chain around his wrist and pulling L to him by way of wheeled chair. L still looked at the computer.

“I’m 84% sure.” he murmured.

“But you have to be 100% sure,” cooed Raito, mere millimeters away from his nemesis’s lips.

“I need to get back to work now Yagami-kun,” he murmured, putting his pale bare foot to the cool tile floor to inch himself closer to his computer.

Raito stopped the chair by trapping L between his outstretched arms. “Yagami-kun, you call me Yagami-kun, but I know what you want to call me. Kira.” hissed Raito.

L didn’t answer. He was so certain…If only Yagami-kun would slip up…

“Yagami-kun is upset,” he replied in finality, as if he‘d just noticed.

“You owe me an apology.”

“…I apologize for what’s happened to you,”

“But not for suspecting me,” finished Raito. “That’s not what I’m looking for.”

“…I can’t apologize for suspecting you Yagami-kun…Even you suspected yourself.”

“That’s not what I’m looking for either.”

“…What is Yagami-kun looking for?”

Raito didn’t say a word, simply drew L’s hand away from his mouth, and took his thumb into his own mouth, smoothing his tongue over the nail, then the surprisingly soft pad of the thumb before drawing it further into his mouth, all while L watched with those dark eyes…confused…and slightly flushed. “Yagami-kun?” he murmured, as if there could be any question as to how Raito wanted to celebrate.

“Ryuuzaki,” he replied, “Where’d you get that name anyways,” he asked around running his hands up and down the limp pale arm in a massaging motion. “From some other poor fuck you locked away?”

L jerked his hand back. “This is inappropriate Yagami-kun.” he said firmly turning back to the computer pulling himself back to the desk with his arms.

It took but a second for Raito to spin around his chair and only one more second for him to punch L out of his chair and have him on the floor clutching his cheek with that look in his eyes. That calculating look that said percentages were running through that pretty little head of his.

The fury that filled Raito allowed him to rush L before L could think to kick and before he knew it L was struggling beneath him, pushing at him with one hand while the other was pinned to the floor by Raito’s hand resting on his self inflicted chains.

“Enough Yagami-kun!” he hissed. Flexible or not, Raito had rested on the point of his hips that would make it impossible to strike with his legs, one of his hands was pinned by that damned chain, and flopping about like a shored fish didn’t appeal to him at all.

“Enough? For what you’ve inflicted on me? Hardly.” said Raito. Before L could think to turn his head Raito had pressed his lips to his in a crushing kiss. His tongue pressed at the seam of his lips until they opened in reluctant invitation and the police-chief’s son searching his mouth as if he were trying to search his soul…

That thought had his hand tightening on Raito’s shoulder until Raito was forced to withdraw wincing in pain before grabbing L’s other hand, jerking it off his shoulder and pinning it to the floor roughly before taking his other hand and wrapping the chain around both of the detective’s hands were incapacitated.

He looked down on his captive, cheeks flushed, panting, lips bruised, dark lined eyes wide, and looking more mussed than usual. Raito couldn’t help but be pleased with himself.

“And to think all this time, you wanted to catch me,” he mused coolly.

“R-Raito-kun,” murmured L in a flustered voice. That vulnerable tone, those pleading words, shot straight to Raito’s groin.

As L himself squirmed, he had to wonder, what precisely had he been pleading for?

Raito leaned over L, breathing against his ear as he rubbed their groins together experimentally. It was L’s low moan that had him fully erect within seconds. He could feel L’s pants tightening as well and he smiled before lowering his hand and cupping his nemesis’s crotch.

“Oh, well this is interesting. Does the evidence down here lower or raise my percentage of being Kira? You wouldn’t be turned on by a murderer would you?”

“St-Stop this Ya- Yagami-kun.” pleaded L.

“I thought you wanted to apologize to me L-chan?” said Raito mockingly. “You never let anyone get close to you, you told me I was your friend!” he said, managing a fake pout, even as he slid his hand beneath L’s pants, sickly pleased to see that L saw underwear as about useful as socks- In other words, not at all.


As he administered to L, Raito couldn’t help but watch his face. Though he’d heard the same sounds and seen the same faces on porno during his younger adolescent years, they sounded far sexier coming from L. All those small broken unintelligible sounds that escaped L’s lips were because he willed it to be so. That knowledge…that control…made him heady.

He had to wonder. Had anyone besides him seen so many contours of that pale slender body?

The thought filled him with rage. He was Kira, the savior of this world, and L was his nemesis. His. With a quick jerk he’d reached up and ripped L’s shirt down the front, exposing a flat stomach, a pale sinewy chest, and leaving L at the very edge of his sanity.

“Ya-Yagami-kun?” he murmured again. A questioning look in his eyes and a mild fear in his eyes. He’d never been this out of control before in his life. And he didn’t know whether he liked it or not.

“Mine.” murmured Raito lowering himself to L’s shoulder and suckling on the soft flesh there.

“Ah-Ah-Ah-” moaned L, his head tossing as his arms tugged at the chains held by the hand that restrained them above his head. He was going out of his mind he decided, for he didn’t know whether he wanted to push Raito away or pull him closer. Unwittingly, Raito had began to rub their groins together and L bit down on his lip to keep any more embarrassing sounds from escaping.

As he did this, Raito ghosted kisses and bites along what was obviously a sensitive pale neck until he reached L’s mouth where L was already biting down on his lower lip, a pale trickle of crimson blood running enticingly down his chin. Raito licked up that trail, biting sharply on the flesh of L’s upper lip, causing him to yelp and open his mouth allowing access for Raito’s exploring tongue.

In the meantime his hand traveled down to L’s pants unzipping them and jerking them roughly down the narrow hips using his knee to both hold L’s legs apart and to push the pants further down. After grinding his knee against the length of L’s errection, forcing a throaty moan from the other boy, he worked on getting his own pants off.

“Yagami-kun!” exclaimed L pulling away from the kiss. “We can’t!” he protested.

“Why not?” growled Raito.

Once again those eyes flashed with that hungry look that reminded L exactly of why they couldn’t. As much as both of their bodies wanted it…

“Is it because you think I’m Kira?” growled Raito.


With a final kick his pants were off. “Funny, that doesn’t seem to be effecting you down here,” said Raito gripping L’s errection.

“Ya- Yagami-kun!” moaned L.

“I’m going to make you lose your pretty little mind.” hissed Raito as he began delivering short business like strokes, rubbing his thumb over the head and alternating strokes while he kissed L roughly.

L didn’t know what to do. Because he knew if it continued…He might do just that. He couldn’t help it though. All the heat building up in his body had to be released…Or he would burst.

Raito drew back in shock as L released in his hand and against his stomach. He wasn’t sure how he felt about that at first until he saw L trembling and struggling to even his breathing beneath him. “You like sweet things, don’t you L?” he cooed. “Try this.” he said forcing his fingers into L’s mouth. L sputtered and tried to move his head away, but Raito grabbed his hair with his free hand and forced him to stay still. “Suck.” he demanded.

L stopped for a moment before corresponding, figuring it would end sooner with his cooperation. And that did, Raito did withdraw his fingers from his mouth- Only to replace it with his own tongue soon after. L let out a murmur of protest which turned into a full blown struggle when he felt Raito’s fingers searching at his entrance.

“Ayah!” he yelped as not one but two fingers entered him roughly. “Rai- Raito- not there!” he pleaded, “Ah- uh- ah-”

Raito ignored him in lieu of watching his face as he moved his fingers about stretching and scissoring until L’s body went stiff and became covered with goosebumps, his mouth and eyes both open in trembling shock. There. Raito brushed that area again and L began trying to edge off his fingers, desperate to either reach the edge of this insanity or leave it completely.

Raito let him and withdrew his fingers before positioning himself at L’s entrance. By this point he was hard and far past ready for release. “L…” he murmured.

“Y-Yagami-kun.” murmured L.

“L!” he said as he slid into that heat, nearly driven mad by the mere sensation of it.


It didn’t matter what either of them called now, both of them were too far gone. Raito slammed mercilessly into L, hitting that spot every time, his mouth open, unable to create sounds that couldn’t even come close to describing how it felt to be inside L.

L himself could no longer acknowledge the cold tire floor beneath him while his entire body was filling with heat. As painful as it was…As much as he felt as if he was being torn in two…He couldn’t help but moan every time Raito brushed that spot inside him, making his heart stop beating for a second.

At this moment, if he were running on instinct alone, he would be 100% positive that Raito was Kira, because this feeling was too good to be any living or earthly sensation.

The two men slid apart and came together repeatedly joining their bodies while L’s own errection rubbed against Raito’s stomach. And in one beautiful second, they both had their release.

Raito’s mouth opened and closed as his arms got weak and he allowed himself to collapse on L, their foreheads pressing together as he gazed blankly into L’s searching eyes. “…L…” he murmured.


He was only partially surprised to be shoved off by L. When he’d been fucking L into the tile, he’d used both arms to support himself, he’d subconsciously known L would unbind himself, but when he finally gained the strength to sit up, he didn’t see the kick to the face coming.

“What the fuck L!” he shouted, gripping his cheek as L rubbed his wrists trying to rid himself of that prickling feeling.

“Look!” said L pointing next to his chair.

On the floor was an upended box of strawberry pocky. “You spilt my pocky.” he said going to see how much of the treat was salvageable.

The next morning, only Raito knew why L agreed to removing the chains so quickly. He wouldn’t want to risk spilling another box of pocky after all.

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