Late Night

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L had never really been one for sleeping. It was rather a waste of time, when there were much more important and interesting things he could be doing. It wasn't as if he found it easily either, with the high levels of sugar and caffeine that ran through his system. If he could help it, he preferred to forgo sleep as many days as possible, dozing lightly in whatever spot it finally caught up to him. Of late, however, he had been getting more sleep than he was possibly comfortable with. Or at least, he was being dragged to bed more often than usual. Raito, as it turned out, was a stickler for a decent night's sleep.

It had been several weeks since L had mandated they be chained together, trying to prove a few things to himself. Sometimes he wondered if it had been the soundest decision. Raito's whole demeanor had changed over the past month, and L wasn't quite sure if that should make him more suspicious or less. He was certainly touchier about the accusations L leveled against him, but that could just be frustration from the close quarters they were forced to share. L had to admit, it was a more intimate company than he was usually comfortable with. But it was necessary; he needed to do it to figure certain things out.

And like it or no, L had known he was going to have to make a few changes, even some compromises. So he got used to the sleep thing. At first, L had suggested Raito simply pull up a couch while he continued working, but that was only met with a baleful look and a long, seething silence. The laptop in bed had garnered about the same reaction, yet with a few bitchy comments to boot.

So L usually wound up on his back, in the dark, his mind refusing to slow its pace. He kept it on the case, analyzing, linking information, grasping for theories. If he let it wander to anything else, he would just end up listening to Raito's calm, even breathing, and that always wound up unsettling L. In fact, L found he was becoming increasingly uncomfortable sharing a bed with Raito. The sheer proximity alone; he never let people get this close. Then there was the idea that he was sleeping with someone of the same sex, and whether L wanted to admit it or not, there was something likeable about the occasional touch that came of Raito's shifting.

Finally, L began finding sleep to be the best solution. He didn't have to overwork his brain and he didn't have to dwell on how he really felt about sleeping next to Raito. He simply slipped into that inky void and was out until morning made it too bright to stay unconscious. It became part of his routine, settling in for a good couple weeks before it - like everything else these days, it seemed - was disrupted.

L was still mostly asleep when it started. At first he was only aware of the warmth of a chest against his back. It wasn't really connected to anything else, but it was terribly comfortable, and in his sleep-stupor L leaned into it. He was answered with the brush of legs against his and an arm suddenly draped over his side. The alarms didn't even register through the sleep haze. He might as well have been dreaming for how conscious he was. It was a good dream though, he thought, as he rocked back against the warm body. The arm pulled him closer, a hand stroking over his chest and stomach, and hips moved to meet his. For a while it was enough, moving with the body, the hand caressing him lazily in a hazy, sensual fog. He felt the first sensation of arousal trickle through him and as he rolled his hips back noticed the beginnings of an erection pressing against his backside. It jolted a bit more consciousness into him and L tried to pull away. The hand on him pulled him back insistently, sliding lower and caressing his hip, a faint clink of metal the only sound in the room. L was still only half awake and his body responded to the movement. He didn't exactly want to stop, but...

"Raito?" L murmered softly, twisting his neck a bit to get a better look at the person behind him. Just as conscious as he had been, L noted; his body was also just moving of its own accord. He should put a stop to this, L knew that, but as if on cue fingers slipped under the edge of his shirt, stroking bare skin over his hip and making him gasp. He rocked back, still not fully in control of his body. Lips brushed the back of his neck and his resolve wavered. Part of him was trying to wake up, screaming sense at him, but his body was still mostly asleep and it was his body that was reacting. The hand under his shirt was sliding down his stomach. Fingers picked at the waist of his pyjamas, already riding dangerously low on his hips, and L made a small noise, startled further into wakefulness. A shiver of excitement was sparked by the touch and the sensible part of L's mind reviled at it.

"Raito," he said, a bit more urgently. The only response he got was something between a mumble and a grunt, and Raito pulled back on his hips. Another thrill passed through him and L bit back a second gasp as he felt a half-hard erection press against him. His own cock twitched.

"Raito, wake up," L whispered, twisting onto his back. Raito's movements paused and he lifted his head, blinking sleepily at L. For a moment they stared at each other in the dark, then Raito lowered his head. His hand slid over L's stomach to grip his other hip and his lips fastened on his throat. L moaned, despite himself, his body twisted under a rush of arousal, and his mind screamed for him to stop.

He knew ending this would be the best thing to do, that continuing would only lead to complications. But logic was fighting a losing battle against his body and the supressed part of himself that was enjoying this contact. Raito's movements were clumsy, reminding L that he was still mostly asleep. He closed his eyes, letting his body move as it liked while he slipped back to that same state, humming contentedly as Raito's lips kissed and nipped hungrily at his neck. Raito's knee pressed between his legs as he rolled onto him, straddling one leg. His uncuffed hand wound itself in L's hair, tugging his head back as his other hand slid up his shirt. The little flash of pain made L's breath hitch and he arched his hips up against Raito's thigh. The hand on his skin continued its path up his chest, pulling his shirt with it, and Raito's lips found his jaw. They nibbled at his earlobe, then rushed to cover his mouth. L groaned, letting Raito's tongue slip into his mouth as his fingers brushed over Raito's hair.

They kissed roughly, tongues struggling against each other, Raito sucking L's bottom lip between his teeth and chewing lightly. They moved against each other, clumsy with sleep and sudden desperation. L's fingertips pressed against Raito's neck as Raito's hands slid down his exposed torso. They stopped at his waist and L writhed as they caressed his hips, arching his neck up into another kiss. It made his scalp tingle, the devouring way Raito kissed him, nipping and pulling on his lips, drawing his tongue into his mouth and sucking on it hungrily. The hands on his hips slid lower, hooking under his pyjama pants, and with a groan L lifted his hips, letting the fabric slip away. Urgently, his fingers skimmed down the front of Raito's shirt, picking at the strings of his pyjamas and slipping them off. Raito broke the kiss, planting his chained hand on the bed next to L's head. His eyes were closed and he panted heavily. L's eyes trailed down the body just above him, fixing on the sight of Raito's erection hanging dangerously close to his own.

"This is wrong, Raito-kun," he said softly. Raito's brow furrowed.

"I know, shut up," came the short, husky response before Raito's free hand slipped between them. L sucked in a sharp breath and let his head tilt back as a strong grip pressed their erections together. Raito tightened his hold, pressing his face into the curve of L's neck, and L bit his lower lip, groaning at the sensation of being trapped between Raito's fingers and the stiff heat of his cock. Raito began stroking both of them with short, firm jerks and L thrust into his hand, grinding their erections against each other. A hot breath hit the hollow of his neck and he felt Raito's cock throb against his own. He moaned and chewed his lip. A small whimper escaped him as Raito pumped faster, his weight crushing down on him as he jerked his hips against L's. L screwed his eyes shut, head falling to the side and fingers curling in the sheets. Teeth clamped onto his clavicle, sending a sharp thrill straight to his crotch, and then he felt hot liquid spilling over his cock, pushing him over the edge. L bit back a cry as he came, his semen hitting his stomach just after Raito's did. He arched his hips up in one final thrust, then fell back, gasping for air.

Raito groaned against his skin, released them both and rolled off of L clumsily. Silently, L wiped the cum off his stomach with the topsheet while Raito pulled his pyjamas back up. He climbed out of bed with just the slightest tug of the chain connecting them, waiting with averted eyes for L to collect his pants as well.

"We should change the sheets," he noted dully and L nodded, getting up. He was certain now that he didn't want to go back to sleep. They stood ackwardly for a while, L chewing his thumb as he studied Raito, who was concentrating on picking at his fingernails uncomfortably.

"Why did you do that, Raito-kun?" L broke the silence finally. Raito's head snapped up and he glared hard at L.

"I don't know," he said testily, "I was barely awake. Why did you go along with it?"

L merely grinned at Raito, earning a narrowing of his glare. "Fine," Raito hissed. "I'm washing up." He turned on his heel and headed towards the bathroom, jerking the chain between them as he did.

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