Ostensible Motive

BY : Cherry-Moondrop
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Disclaimer: I do not own Death Note or any of it's characters. It is rightfully copyrighted to Ooba Tsugumi and Obata Takeshi.

Note: Yes, I have stubbornly latched onto the names "Mero" and "Nia". Somehow "Mello" and "Near" just doesn't want to click with me. Also I have an odd obsession with being really graphic when I write, so please don't flame me if you get grossed out. You have been warned. Comments and criticism are always welcome.


It tasted so good... The rich cocoa treat melting on his warm undulating tongue... He couldn't seem to get enough of it tonight. He was already on his fifth bar of milk chocolate and still he had the urge to indulge further.

Crinkling the empty silver wrapper into a ball, Mero carelessly threw it onto the floor beside his bed before mechanically digging beneath his pillow for another candybar. He distantly heard the muffled stirrings of sheets in the next bed over but didn't pay any mind to it as he impatiently unsheathed the fresh chunk of chocolate from it's wrapper. It was only when he felt the uneasy feeling that someone was watching him that he turned his eyes to his roommate.

The silver haired boy was tucked beneath his blanket, his emotionless gaze locked on Mero in an unblinking stare. Mero gritted his teeth and abruptly turned his attention back to the chocolate. How he hated it when that boy stared at him like that... The silence began to grow heavy, the weight pressing on Mero's nerves until he finally forced himself to speak just to end it.

"Did I wake you, Nia?" He asked in a constricted voice, knowing well that he really didn't give a damn either way.

"No. I can't sleep." The silver haired boy replied as he sat up and looked down at the numerous silver balls that littered the space between his and Mero's bed. "You shouldn't eat so much chocolate."

Mero looked at the boy with surprising curiousity. "It's none of your business what I eat!" He retorted bitterly. The familiar stab of annoyance began to pick its way at his nerves once more as the other boy only continued to stare in silence, his right hand reaching up into his hair to idly toy with a silvery lock.

"And you know what I think?" Mero quickly challenged, turning fully to face the boy, "I think you look like a complete idiot when you play with your hair like that!" Glaring, Mero viciously took a bite from his candybar. If Nia wanted to start a critiscism war with him he didn't mind one bit. Finally he could vent steam that had been building ever since the boy had showed up at the orphanage...

Nia didn't seem at all phased by the bland insult Mero had thrown at him. Continuing to twirl the silver lock between his thumb and forefinger he casually pulled back the blanket and threw his legs over the side of his bed.

A jolt of adrenaline coursed through Mero's body as he watched Nia stand. "You want to fight me?" He scoffed, nawing on his chocolate bar as he too kicked off the blanket around his legs. "We'll finally settle this once and for all!" Tossing his candy on the bed, he stood eagerly to face his longtime rival.

"I have no intention of fighting you." Nia murmered, keeping a steady placid stare.

Clenching his fist, Mero frowned. "Too bad my intentions aren't the same!" In a short bound he quickly closed the gap between himself and the silver haired boy, throwing out his arms and shoving him roughly back onto his bed. He got a strange delight from watching the boy grimace as he feebly clutched onto the blanket trying to steady himself. "Not too good at fighting are you?" He laughed, grabbing Nia by the collar of his white night shirt and shaking him.

Nia's hands trembled lightly as he latched onto Mero's arms, trying to yank away from the blonde's vice-like grip. He had been caught off guard for the first time in his life. Never had he expected Mero to charge him with the threat of really hurting him before. Digging his fingertips into the boy's skin, he clenched his teeth and swiftly kicked him in the gut.

Mero heaved from the blow to his stomach, stumbling backward and nearly ripping Nia's shirt in the process. A low growl emitted from within his throat as he glared daggers at the boy. It seemed Nia was also recovering from the attack. His chest rose and fell rapidly as he glared back behind the curtain of silver bangs. But there was no way Mero was going to let him have the last laugh. Not this time. Gritting his teeth fiercely, he blindly charged again, this time throwing his hands around the slim milky white neck of the boy and slamming his head down against the bed, his legs straddling his torso.

"I hate you!" He whispered harshly. His grip tightened until he could clearly feel the rapid pounding of the boy's heart through the thin wall of pale flesh. Beneath him, Nia struggled; grasping at his wrists and choking for air. "Do you honestly believe you could beat me?" Mero continued, a dangerous gleam in his wide eyes as he watched the scene play out before him. There was something oddly enticing about the way Nia moved...the way he writhed and squirmed...the way his lips parted as he silently begged for a taste of oxygen... It was almost...arousing. He wanted to strangle the fragile life out of the boy, but something in the back of his mind stopped him. No...he wouldn't kill him. Not yet anyway. He wanted to do something that would hurt him...make him scream and plead... That would do nicely for the time being.

"I'll make you know who the better one is, Nia. Oh yes...I'll make you." Mero released his hold on the boy's neck, chuckling coldly as Nia shakily refilled his lungs. Without a moment of hesitation, he stole the opportunity and pressed his lips against the other's, his tongue slithering out to invade his warm mouth.

Nia tensed dramatically, his eyes widening as he looked back into the depths of Mero's fixated stare. This was wrong. Why was he doing this? He knew it had nothing to do with a simple request to reduce the amount of his obsessive chocolate intake. That just happened to be the remark that lit the fuse of years of hurt pride and inferiority... The feel of Mero's hands burying themselves in his hair abruptly ended his train of thought. He winced inwardly as the boy took handfuls of the soft silver and yanked his head back, exposing his vulnerable neck.

Drawing away from his moist lips, Mero ran his tongue jaggedly along the garnet marks he had left upon the boy's creamy skin. He desired to see more of that beautiful color on Nia. It looked rather lovely on him... Just one quick movement was all it took. His jaw locked as he sank his teeth into Nia's flesh. He could feel the boy thrashing beneath him and could hear the sharp whimper that had escaped from between those lovely lips. It was music to Mero's ears...

"Stop this Mero!" Nia groaned through gritted teeth. It had took everything in his willpower to hold back the scream that threatened to spill from his throat. His heart nearly skipped a beat as Mero raised his blonde head. Blood...his blood...streamed down Mero's lips, forming tiny sanguin droplets that idly fell on his cheek as the boy grinned sadistically.

"You humor me, you know that Nia? This is merely the tip of the iceberg..." He softly hissed before the back of his hand came in contact with the side of Nia's face, creating a defined 'crack' that jolted his head to one side. Yes...more red was what he wanted to see... Grabbing onto the blood spattered collar of the boy's shirt, Mero tore it down the middle, the buttons popping and clicking as they hit the worn wooden floor around the bed. Gazing upon the expanse of bare ivory skin made him internally wish his penknife was in his hand rather than safely hidden under his mattress. He would have had fun decorating Nia's chest and belly with bloody words. Instead, he rested his forefinger on the tender dip in his throat, just above his collar bone, and raked his nail downwards, adding more and more pressure until skin began to build beneath his nail.

Nia shut his eyes tightly as he painfully beared through the intense burning sensation that came to a halt at his bellybutton. It was then that he had noticed his own fingernails embedded in the upper arms of his aggressor. Mero didn't seem to take any direct notice however. He held his breath as the boy lowered his head closer until he felt his hot breath lap at the shell of his ear. Then came the words that nearly made his blood run cold... "This is where the real fun begins..."

With another vicious tug of the platinum hair, Mero shifted his weight from the straddling position with the intent of flipping Nia over onto his stomach. Realizing this chance, Nia began to put up an effort to escape the strong hands pinning his shoulders down. But Mero was no weakling. He had been in countless numbers of fights over the years, whereas Nia had never been in a situation like this in his life. In a last ditch attempt, he hollered hoping to wake someone. A blunt but hard knee came in contact with his lower back, molding his yell into an agonizing cry.

"I haven't given you a good reason to scream yet!" Mero growled, shoving Nia's face roughly into the bed's surface to stifle the boy. "Now be good and hold still, or your really going to regret it."

Sliding his fingers beneath both the elastic band of Nia's pajama bottoms and his boxers, Mero ripped both items of clothing down just enough to bare the boy's backside.

"Stop! Mero!" Nia heard himself plead, his voice muffled against the blanket shoved in his face. He was becoming more and more desperate as he visualized what Mero was planning to do with him. The knee in his back grinded against his spine in response.

Mero's heart was pounding in his chest as he pulled down the front of his own lower garments. Resting a hand on his warm genitals, he began to coax his shaft. The thoughts of Nia bound and bleeding, and screaming from both pain and pleasure only increased his sex drive as he stroked himself into a full erection. Wettening his dry lips with his tongue, Mero gathered Nia's wrists together and held them firmly against his back as he removed his knee to get into position behind the rather limp boy.

"What's wrong, Nia? The more you struggle to get away, the more I enjoy it." He chuckled in an unpleasant manner. "Or perhaps, your so smart you realize that the more relaxed you are the less likely it will hurt?"

Nia didn't bother to respond. It was true that if he relaxed, odds were the pain wouldn't be as harsh, but why struggle when there was no hope of getting away. It was obvious he hadn't been heard, or if he had, odds were either the other children were too frightened to investigate, or his cries for help had been mistaken for the ending result of a frightening nightmare. In any case, he knew it was hopeless at this point. Letting his legs dangle loosely off the side of the bed, he closed his eyes and quietly awaited the inevitable.

Mero pressed the reddened head of his penis against the boy's puckered opening. If Nia was no longer going to fight back and plead, he would just have to make him scream instead. At first he began to slowly ease his way into the tight cavity, pulling out from time to time to lube the entrance with his forming precum. Soon he began to fill the boy deeper with each thrust of his hips.

Nia fought to stay relaxed but eventually found himself biting onto a wad of his blanket. Tears unconsciously welled up in his eyes as he struggled against the bitter pain of Mero's form of torture. He could feel his own erection pressing madly against the folds in his pants. He knew he would eventually be forced to release as well before it became too agonizing to hold back.

Beads of sweat had begun to trail down Mero's brow as he worked his hips in a steady rythmic movement. Nia was very tight around his cirumference, almost excruciatingly tight. But that didn't matter. All that mattered was that he was hurting Nia; not just physically, but emotionally as well. Being taken by him was something Nia would never be able to forget... Reaching down, Mero cupped his own testicals with a free hand, massaging and continuing to work himself. After time, and with one final thrust, he arched his back and climaxed, his seed overflowing out of the boy's entrance and dribbling down the inside of his thighs.

Nia convulsively shook as he too reached his climax, cumming inside of his pants and on his underside. He gasped loudly and struggled to catch his waning breath as Mero pulled himself out finally.

With a weak but triumphant smirk, the blonde stepped over to his bed, leaving the broken Nia to collect his thoughts. He knew he had done it. He had won. There was no way Nia would be able to top this. With a small chuckle he threw himself down on the bed and tiredly reached for the chocolate bar he had thrown aside earlier. As he closed his tired eyes and took a bite from the delicious sweet, he couldn't see the small smile forming on the silver haired boy's lips. Nor did he hear as the boy carefully got to his feet and shakily started towards his bed.

The smile never left Nia's lips, even as he stood beside Mero's dozing figure. His facade had worked perfectly. The game was over. But now it was his turn...

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