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Disclaimer: I do not own Death Note, nor any of the characters from it. I do not make any money from the writing of this story.

Disclaimer: I do not own Death Note or any of it's characters. It is rightfully copyrighted to Ooba Tsugumi and Obata Takeshi.

Note: For those of you who haven't read my Mero/Nia fics before, I like those names, so I have stuck with them rather than calling the boys "Mello" and "Near". Also, from the translation of chapter 67 it has been deduced that the Mafia boss's name is Rod. *sheepish grin* I had a lot of fun writing this one...and as always, I tend to get overly graphic when I write. Comments and criticism are always welcome.


It was always the same. After the rats had crawled back into their holes for the night, he alone would sit idly by in the pressing darkness, plotting, calculating, and dreaming of the day he would taste the bittersweet victory he rightfully deserved. He had obtained the Death Note flawlessly; one more notch to add to his growing list of successes since he had left the institution and everything that was his past behind to rot.

Leaning comfortably back against the tacky zebra-patterned sofa, Mero bit into the tender chocolate bar and silently grazed over the plans filed in his head, narrowing down every single detail to sharpened perfection. He had come this far afterall, and although the rest of the group had no fears after seeing the power of the Death Note, Mero knew better. Even one sloppy slip-up could cost him everything he had strived for and shift the balance of power to his silver-haired competitor. Just the thought of Nia made the blonde boy grit his teeth in utter contempt.

The sudden flash of white light startled Mero back into the reality around him. He threw an aggravated glare across the room where Rod was standing rigidly, one of his meaty fingers still hovering over the light switch.

"Shouldn't you know by now that I prefer to do it with the light off?" Mero asked, clearly annoyed by the burly man's impertinence.

"Yes, Mero. I just wanted to make sure you were here." Rod answered gruffly before the darkness instantly shrouded every inch of the room once more.

Taking one last bite of his chocolate bar, Mero somewhat reluctantly set it on the coffee table beside a half empty bottle of vodka. He could feel the sofa's cushion begin to cave in from the weight of the man's muscular girth, followed closely by hot breath panting through his blonde hair and across the back of his neck. With a small shiver, Mero allowed himself to be overcome by the strong hands groping his chest blindly for the zipper of his vest. It was instantly unraveled to bare his opulent stretch of smooth skin and discarded without a care.

"I can never get enough of you..." Rod's husky voice protruded through the black space that seperated his lips from Mero's ear. With a flickering sweep of his tongue he caressed the shell of the younger boy's ear leaving behind a thin film of saliva.

Mero didn't answer. He never did. Even as he sat back and let Rod undo the clasp of his belt buckle the only sound he uttered were small unsteady breaths that gradually escalated to heavy pants from the rough fondling of the man's hands. He bit back a groan as Rod pulled his dry cracked palm along the sensitive flesh of his erection, making him squirm with little resistance.

" lovely..." whispered Rod, his fingers skillfully peeling the taut leather pants down the boy's long slender legs. Mero had always been a figure of beauty in the older man's eyes. It was rare to come across such an exquisite creature; which was why he was more than willing to take him every night...

Staring vacantly up at Rod, Mero analyzed his every move. He knew exactly when to turn over onto his belly, just as the man unzipped the front of his pants and pulled out his ample shaft. Digging his fingernails into the striped fabric, Mero steadied himself as he felt Rod place his sizable hands on his backside, spreading apart his fleshy crevice to reveal his contracted entranceway.

"Now just relax..." Rod shallowly breathed. He pressed the head of his member firmly against the boy's puckered opening, stretching it apart further with his thumbs to gain easier access.

Mero winced inwardly, a single tear escaping from the corner of his eye from the sharp pain. It felt as though his anal cavity would rip apart under the pressure as Rod forced in his sizable organ. Catching the air in his throat, he promptly bit down on the arm of the couch to muffle a loud moan that threatened to spill from between his lips. Tiny beads of perspiration had begun to cling to his dampening skin as Rod pumped into his body repetitiously, hitting the same spot over and over again until the need to ejaculate was maddening.

"Almost...there..." he distantly heard Rod mumble between the euphony of grunts and moans that echoed through the lightless room. Mero sank his teeth harder into the cushion as a torrid of pleasure overcame his senses, forcing him to release a stream of thick milky fluid that splattered along his stomach and decorated the couch. Behind him he could perceive a warm syrupy substance flowing slowly down the inside of his thighs.

With a heavy sigh of satisfaction, Rod leaned forward and rested on top of Mero's back being careful not to crush the stringy boy under his dead weight. Brushing the blonde curtain of hair to one side, he regarded the boy's face curiously while basking in the afterglow of their love making. No matter how many times he pleasured Mero he seemed just as distant and cold as when he had first arrived at their organization.

"Can I ask you something, Mero?"

Mero's eyes shifted slightly. "Depends on what it is."

"Was I...your first?" Rod almost seethed as he saw the ugly look that crossed Mero's once placid complexion. He immediately lifted himself as the boy made a struggling motion to get up. It was quite apparent that he had said something he wasn't supposed to.

"That's nobodies business but my own." Mero growled as he snatched up his clothes from the floor, and his half-eaten bar of chocolate, and stomped off in a lather, leaving a confused Rod behind in his wake. Stepping into his room, he slammed the door shut and leaned against the smooth wooden structure. His body shuddered involunatarily before he lowered himself into a sitting position and pulled his knees up to his chest. He had begun to grit his teeth again.


"Just keep quiet and no one will ever have to know about this."

"Be careful, watch those teeth!"

The young silver-haired boy closed his eyes to obstruct the unpleasant view of the man's pubic hair as he quietly kept his lips wrapped around the thrusting organ. Tears began to leak down his pale cheeks as the man continuously rammed against the back of his raw throat, while another filled his opposite end to the brim. They had removed his pants only leaving him with his socks and shirt, but they might as well have just stripped him naked. He felt cold and exposed either way.

He lay still, his hands recumbent at his sides. There was no point in trying to fight the inevitable. The raven haired man spread his bare legs further apart before hoisting them up to either side of his torso for the benefit of getting into a better position.

"Don't feel bad, Nia." the man said as he smirked complacently at the other man who straddled the boy's silvery head, "We're only doing this to make you feel good..."

If he wasn't currently being skewered at both ends like a roasting piece of meat Nia would have laughed resentfully at this comment. He almost had if it hadn't been for the warm rush of liquid that overflowed his mouth and made him gag. The man above him moaned loudly and gripped at his curly locks with a tight fist as he bucked his hips in the aftermath of the ejaculation.

Nia let his head fall to the side as the man rose, the unconsumed semen seeping out of the corner of his lips to run down his chin and dribble on the hard tiled floor. He remembered the bitter taste clearly, but back then he had enjoyed it. Now, his stomach was churning uncomfortably to the point he felt he would be sick. He just wanted it all to end.

Through blank eyes he watched as another one of his comrades rose impatiently from a chair nearby to take the newly opened position over his head, while the other submersed himself in the task of stroking his painfully throbbing erection...

They had left him alone in a puddle of secretions, the product of both his aggressor's and his own humanly pleasures. He knew this wouldn't be the only time they would take advantage of him, but somehow the thought wasn't as troubling as it should have been. His mind wandered aimlessly from the nauseating taste in his mouth and the shooting pain in his lower back to days when he had welcomed those symptoms. He remembered chocolate and the fresh smell of grass as he was roughly taken. He remembered the beautiful blonde boy grimacing down at him and the momentary rueful expression he would make when he ejaculated deep inside him.

Worn and broken, his dry lips stretched into a small smile. Nia remembered happier times...

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