Full Metal Panic: Truths Be Told

BY : Smeff
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Her anger was fuelled by hours of wanting him, and yet he never came. She always thought that he would come when she was in danger, she was nearly killed just hours after he had left without even saying good-bye it was unforgivable.
She had grown so close to this boy, this boy brought up to fight, to kill and his heart had finally warmed in that cold cage of his. Kaname was furious, her clothes were slightly torn and they were old from having snuck on the ship with the help of the Captain, begrudgingly on her part as she had always cared for Sousuke but knew deep down of Kaname’s true feelings.
She passed Weber who took one moment to look up as she passed him, his face turned to a puzzled look, “No way” he assured himself and continued walking.
She had reached the door at last, the door where he would be sitting and reading something no doubt, of military interest continuing to forget about her and leave her behind like he had.
She took the handle and shoved the door with all of her might and it slammed against the metal siding of the ship creating a bang that echoed for several minutes. The man at his desk jumped slightly but did not look to the person who barged in… he knew.
He stood, and she glared at him with pure hate, her breathing had become heavy as she contemplated what to say to this man, who betrayed her.
He looked like he was going to speak but she didn’t let him.
“Why did you leave!” she said to him wanting an answer but not waiting for it, “why did you leave me all alone, I was nearly killed! I hate you!”
”I didn’t want…”
”But you did anyway! You followed your orders! And didn’t care about me!”
”I don’t care!” she was starting to lose control, now her eyes were tearing up, “why did you go away…”
“You don’t know…”
”What!? I know you left… you left… you left… you left!” she said and ran over to him and began punching his chest.
Her strength was getting weaker as she struck Sousuke, she slapped him a number of times as well and he took it all, he knew he deserved it. His eyes watered for the first time in a very long time.
She looked at his eyes and saw his pain, her anger melted as she looked into his soul and knew he was sorry.
“I’m filling out… a withdrawal from Mithril…”
“Why? This is what you do… your life”
“I want my life to be… wherever you are… Chidori” he said his tears fell to her face. She was treating the words as though they weren’t real, this couldn’t be true, he would leave it all… for her.
“I missed you…” she said hugging him like she knew she could but never had the courage to. He returned the embrace, a first time for them both.
“I…” he started to say and she looked up at him from his chest, “I love you” he said she pulled back and looked at him.
She knew she wanted to say those words, she couldn’t believe he had said them first.
“I love you Sousuke” she replied and they hugged again.
They were together now, truly together what they both had wanted but there was a subtle pause and they pulled apart for a moment. Sousuke moved closer, and Kaname smiled as her lips prepared for his.
The kiss, that kiss surprised her… of all the times he had seen him battle and kill and destroy his lips did not reflect all his doings. They were soft like petals on a rose, and she wanted to feel them more. She pulled him into the kiss more so and he nearly lost his balance so he embraced her as they kissed.
Again and again, they couldn’t pull their lips from each other subconsciously they had moved closer to the bed in his quarters. And at last they fell to it keeping their lips locked, Sousuke on his back and Kaname above him. The buttons on his suit she torn at swiftly, pulling the shirt open she kissed his chest, the battle scars did not bother her, there weren’t so many and she loved the man beneath the flesh.
Sousuke held her head gingerly as she kissed his chest, he then pulled her shirt off with one motion, her beautiful hair fell about her face and he was awestruck. She was always beautiful and he had always loved her, this moment was perfect. She still wore a white bra that hid his wildest imaginations her breasts were always just hidden from his eyes to be revealed this night.
She pulled herself from his chest and reached behind her back to unfasten the bra, Sousuke swallowed hard he couldn’t take his eyes from her. With a small snap the bra loosened, she looked at him with eyes he’d never seen as she let the straps fall from her shoulders. Straddling him she let the bra fall, and his eyes gazed on her naked chest they were perfect; he let his hand slide up her side and she closed her eyes.
His hand slid softly on her fair skin and reached the side of her breast, his other hand followed swiftly and he gripped them, her breath quickened at his touch. He let his thumbs explore her nipples most firm with her arousal and he realized he had never felt this way before.
She leaned back down, letting her breasts graze his chest and they kissed again. They stood and Sousuke removed his shirt, he reached for his buckle but Kaname’s hand was there already. He looked at her eyes as she pulled at it not looking away, the zipper she pulled teasingly slow and the sound of it was all they could hear in that small room.
A soft thud was heard and his pants were on the floor, he stepped out of them and she pulled his army briefs off also. She slid out of her panties and they were now totally nude before each other. She couldn’t help her eyes wander downward, he was fully aroused and breathing heavily now.
She fell to the bed and awaited his touch, he let his hands trace her legs before pulling them apart her breath heightened. The heat from them both was keeping the cold metal of the walls from affecting them, Sousuke neared her most intimate area and kissed it, it was completely moist from her excitement and she gasped when he touched it with his lips.
He let his tongue caress her lips and delve deep into her, his hands massaging her breasts and his tongue exploring her. She was breathing fast now as his tongue tickled her sensitive areas, and she would let out a soft moan.
“Sousuke…” she would whimper and he would continue.
It had all come to this one moment, he stood and moved upward she opened her eyes and his were looking into her. They both prepared for the feeling, he began to enter her… her hands grabbed the sheets as he went in slowly the feeling of him inside of her was all too much and her voice cracked in pleasure.
His tongue circled her breast once he was inside, then he moved out and in faster and Kaname’s mind was blown her voice was loud now even outside of the room there must have been those who heard and blushed. The sweat from each other was making them slick, Sousuke moved completely onto the bed and held her close as he entered her again and again. She gripped him as he made love to her.
He stopped for a moment and kissed her firmly, they rolled over and she was now atop the man she loved, she moved up and felt him inside, she moved down and deeper he went. Sousuke closed his eyes as he felt her on him, riding him hard. His hands felt her breasts as they bounced from her movements he held them firm as she rode him harder and faster.
They were made for this moment, their parts meant for one another, on one else. She continued to move on him as he sat up and kissed her, her voice becoming louder with each stride upon him.

He held her and laid her down now, he took her one leg over his shoulder and penetrated her as she lay on her side. They would take each other in all ways, for all the times they didn’t say what they meant.

Hours later after many climaxed moments and sweaty sheets, matted hair damp with sweat they held each other close. Skin on skin, desires now complete.

*There's more coming soon!!*

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