A New Tournament

BY : fushigi
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Disclaimer: I do not own Steel Angel Kurumi, nor any of the characters from it. I do not make any money from the writing of this story.

Heyosh! Welcome to my SteelAngelKurumi fanfic!! Hope you enjoy.
Pairings: Kurumi+Nakahito (Obviously), Dr. Ayanakoji+ Dr. Amagi, Kamahito+Karinka, Saki+Mystery Person
Warnings: Sexual content, langauge, violence, intense fight scenes and kawaii overdose!
Disclaimer: I do not own Steel Angel Kurumi or any of it’s characters Except the steel angels I make up. The real characters and story belong to their original creator.

Kurumi: A new tournament? Wowee!!
Karinka: Shut up Baka!
Saki: Ummm..let’s start the fic


“Get your face out of my food Stupid Kurumi!”
“C’mon. Let me try it. I’m done with mine!”
“No! Get your own!”
Kurumi and Karinka glared hate and anger at eachother over the table while Saki, Nakahito and Kamahito sweatdropped.
“Here Kurumi. You may have some of mine.” Saki said blushing as she held out her bowl.
“Thank you Saki.” Kurumi said and quickly ate the whole thing. Saki made a whimpering sound seeing her food dissapear down Kurumi’s throat.
“Umm..Kurumi? I think Saki meant you could take some of her food.” Nakahito said with a smile.
“Oh Saki! I’m sorry.”
Saki smiled down at her hands.
“It’s ok Kurumi.”
“Well now that that is all settled I..” Kamahito’s words were stopped when there came a knock at the door.
“I’ll get it!!” Kurumi cried jumping up.
“No I will!” Karinka raced behind her and the two scuffled before managing to open the door. Dr’s Ayanakoji and Amagi sweatdropped.
“Uhh..could we come in?”
“A new tournament? And a new evil?” Kamahito asked softly and Ayanakoji nodded gravely.
“We were hoping that Nakahito, Saki, Karinka and Kurumi could participate in this tournament to discover who is behind the evil. Steel Angels have been vanishing and their masters have no clue where they have gone.”
“Couldn’t they have just run away?” Karinka demanded.
“You know full well that a steel angel must obey her master’s every command. They cannot just run away.” Amagi said.
“Well I could! Me and Saki don’t have masters so there!”
“That is true, but you are both connected to Nakahito and Kurumi. You wouldn’t leave them.”
Karinka opened her mouth, about to say something than closed it looking chastened. She knew Amagi was right. She could never leave Nakahito or Kamahito, or her sisters. Although she and Kurumi fought all the time, she still card about her two older sisters.
“Nakahito..please will you do it?” Ayanakoji asked a note of pleading in his voice.
“K.” Nakahito nodded.
“Yaaaaayy!!” Kurumi flung her arms around Nakahito’s neck hugging him tight to her chest.
“Your..squishing me again!!” He cried.
“Sorry Master.”
“It’s ok. Just please try not to get so excited. If we do this it is to find out who has taken the steel angels. It is not time to have fun.”
“Ooh Master! You worry too much!! You need to relax!”
“You four can relax after you find those angels.” Kamahito said.
“Ok, ok.” Kurumi said.
“The tournament is being held in America.”
Nakahito stared around the airport of Washinton DC. It was crowded with normal people and steel angels and their masters.
“Master!! Karinka is being all bitchy again!” Kurumi cried.
“I am not!” The blonde angel snapped glaring up at her sister.
“You two please stop!”
“Are you Nakahito Kagura?” A sweet voice said and they all turned to see a very pretty steel angel with thickly braided lavender hair and bright green eyes. She wore a short maid uniform.
“Yes..but who are you?”
She smiled but didn’t reply.
“Her name is Violet and she is my steel angel.” A tall teenage boy stepped out from behind her. He had long deep red hair and grey eyes.
“Oh..hello. Nice to meet you two.”
“I’m Nick. You four are the ones Ayanakoji told us about! The mystic with the three most powerful steel angels in Japan.”
“Uh..yeah that’s us.”
“Good. You will be staying with us, so come on.”

So there is the first chapter! I will try and upload one every day. Until tomm, have fun reading other wonderful fics. Ja!

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