Orenji Neko

BY : Miss_Led
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Disclaimer: I do not own Fruits Basket, nor any of the characters from it. I do not make any money from the writing of this story.

Disclaimer: Fruits Basket does not belong to and was not created by me. I am merely borrowing the characters for some creative action. I do however, hold the creator in high esteem and thank them for a wonderful story and even better characters.

Author's Note: Since I have never read the manga for fruits basket before I will have to suffice with my knowledge of the anime series. To all of those hardcore FuBaru fans, I apologize. Akito, if mentioned at all, will be a man. This will most likely be a soft-core lemon. I don't write M/M or yaoi pairings though I find them a fun read. In this case, I'm much more interested in the emotional development of the characters.

This story takes place two years after the end of the anime.


Orenji Neko

By Miss_Led


     Honda Touru sat on a plane making a Trans-Pacific flight from America to Japan. For the past year she had been in Los Angeles studying the hospitality industry at a prestigious American school. She missed her friends, the Soumas, terribly. She had only been able to see them for a few days over winter break when they had surprised her with a visit. Most of the trip had been spent sightseeing the local wonders and Touru had very little quality time with her "secondary family".

     Yuki had written her faithfully every week to tell her of the goings on at home and her good friends, Arisa and Saki, had been just as faithful, but Touru had rarely heard from Kyo. It had been his aloof coldness that seemed to affect her most of all. Kyo was much too passionate a person to let someone leave without a piece of his mind, yet she had heard nothing. After she had found out about his terrible secret two years ago, Kyo had been almost inseperable from Touru. It seemed that because she had cared for him so much, Kyo couldn't bear to let anything harm her.

     Even Akito had been unable to break the most special person in Kyo's world. Touru knew that because of her, Kyo had been given a new chance at life. That's why she had hurt him so badly when she left. Touru knew all along that she couldn't spend the rest of her life with the Soumas. She wanted to make her mother proud by standing on her own two feet.

     So, at the end of high school, she decided that since she lacked in so many other talents, she would look for a career where she could maximize the potential of the talents she did have. Because she was so good at running a house, what with the cooking, cleaning, laundry, and such, what better a career choice would there be for her than to become a hotel manager? She had lucked out for sure.

     When she had told Shigure of her plans to attend Hospitality school he had smiled at her with quiet regret in his eyes. "Hai, I knew you would try to leave us again. I just didn't know how long we had. I'm so glad that you have stayed with us all these years, Touru-chan. I really don't know how the three of us would have fared without you. You have done so much for this broken family. Please, allow me to use the power of the Sohma's to find you the very best school. Ne, Touru-chan?"

     The last was said with Shigure's usual carefree, flirty charm. Touru hated to be a bother considering all the trouble they had endured because of her presence all the years. She looked down at her hands nervously, unsure of whether to accept. "Iie, Shigure-san. I really can do this on my own. I don't think it would be fair if I had help..."

     Shigure interrupted before she could come up with more excuses not to take the help offered. "Nonsense! You have a wonderful reference from us and fairly good grades in your classes. Leave the rest up to me. Any placement you recieve will be very well deserved." And that was that, Shigure shooed her out of his office and ran to his phone to call Hatori.

     Hatori was distressed over the news but quickly agreed to help pull some strings for Touru. After all, Touru had fixed many of the intangible wounds to the Souma psyche where he had only ever been able to fix the physical. Within days Touru had been accepted to one of the most prestigious schools in the northern hemisphere.

     Durning the next year her cooking skills had been honed to perfection and she learned manage a five star hotel with barely a hassle. She had catered to the needs of many a high maintenace Hollywood star with ease and little friction as a concierge in a high-end Hollywood resort. The only thing about the whole experience that even phased her was that it was completely free.

     The school had given her a fully paid scholorship as a finacially-needy, foreign exchange-student. It still astounded her. (Little did she know that the older members of the Souma family had pooled together a few of their private resources to send her to school. They asked the school to manage her finances as a "grant" for her over the next few years.) Now, it was her first summer vaction and she was looking forward to going home.


     Back in Japan there was a massive housecleaning ensuing at Shigure's house in preparation for Touru's homecoming. Even though the cat and mouse fought constantly about how they should welcome her, one thing was for certain: Touru had to come home to a spotless house and a well cooked meal. Shigure had already told her she would spend her summer break back at the Souma house with no strings attached.

     Even though she had other places where she could stay, they all wanted her close. Kyo most especially, even though he would never admit to her how he felt. The others knew that when it came to Touru, the only Souma that could have her was Kyo. He had claimed her the night she had asked him to come home. There was only one woman he would ever love and it was Touru.

     Yuki loved Touru as well, but it was sometimes hard for him to seperate the feelings he had for her. She was a sister, a comforter and a woman. Yuki didn't quite understand where that left him after all the separation was done. But he did love Touru, he just wasn't quite sure how yet. And Shigure, the patient self-proclaimed "older-brother" of the house, well Shigure just missed the quiet peace Touru's presence brought. She had always been the balm to heal the ruffled feathers of the Soumas. It was about time she came home.


On a the plane over the Pacific, Touru fell asleep and dreamed of her loved ones. 'I miss you all! Okaa-chan, please let them not hate me for leaving...especially my Kyo-neko.'




Author's Notes: Alright, I added some stuff to this one today. I'm going through and editing after I post because I'm tryng to breathe life into a more full-bodied story. I don't just want thoughts, I'm trying to give you a chance to indulge all your senses so expect more changes in the future. Also, this is my first fanfic in about 5 years, I just got a whim the other night to write this and I'm on chapter 3 already! The other fanfics I wrote were for Rurouni Kenshin. I have a really steamy Aoshi and Misao Blanket Scenario that was done for a challenge. It's five chapters of pure smut. It's been posted so go check it out.

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