Love Me

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Disclaimer: I do not own Death Note, nor any of the characters from it. I do not make any money from the writing of this story.

Title: Love Me
Author: angelicscars
Summary: Misa teaches Raito just how useful a woman can be to a man
Rating: R,
Pairings: Raito x Misa
Author Notes: Even though I think Raito and Misa doesn’t fit that well together I still think that it’s quite impossible that nothing ever happened between them. Well, with a girl that’s absolutely willing to do anything to please her beloved Kira, anything can happen. I guess this is actually a pre-story that is relevant to another story I authored that revolves on a Raito x L pairing.
Disclaimer: Read at your own risk. I don’t own Deathnote or any of the character… blah blah…

It was raining heavily outside her apartment window and Amane Misa couldn’t help but sigh at the sight. “Raito” her eyes shimmered with disappointment, her puckered lips and whispering the beloved name. She sat numbly against the window sill while she hugged herself, pressing her knees against her chest.

‘He is not coming again’ Misa wrinkled her nose then buried her face against her crossed arms. Wasn’t she expecting such a reply from Raito? Was she just kidding herself for trying to wait for a man who will not come? Her special home cooked dinner was now cold. The street below her apartment window seemed to be deserted at this late hour. No shadow lingered. No cars passed by. Justs street lamps illuminating the passageway as the rain continued to pour down.

She raised her head a bit and turned to gaze at the site, most certain that she would see nothing but wet asphalt. Then suddenly out of the corner of her eye she saw something, a shadow moving. It was a silhouette of a man walking under the downpour of the rain. His face was hidden by the hood of his bright orange rain breaker. He silently walked towards her apartment’s front door then knocked his fist against the polished wood.

Misa’s heart raced. Was it him? Without further ado, she jumped upright from her sitting position then paused minutely in front of her mirror to put on some glazy lip gloss. One hand smoothened the wrinkles on her black cocktail dress.

“I’m so happy” she rushed down the stairs, feet barely feeling the wooden steps. Her blue eyes glistened with glee and anticipation as her hand reached out for the door handle.

“Raito?!” the young woman exclaimed attaching herself immediately to the man before her.

“Misa! What the?!” The strangled reply was. The stranger tried to pry himself out of MisaMisa’s interlocked embrace. But Misa hanged on as if hugging this man to death was her life’s prior mission.

“I missed you Raito-kun!” She chirped “I was so worried that you wouldn’t be able to come!”

“Well, well, well… Human women are interesting indeed” A freaky disembodied voice drawled.

Misa stuck out her toungue “So you’re here too Ryuuku!” Her shinigami eyes gazed at the monster floating behind them. Ryuuku just looked back at her, his large protruding eyes never missing a detail of what was happening before him. Raito was right. Rain or shine, five hours late or not, as long as Raito shows up MisaMisa will still be delighted.

The guy Misa was strangling to death drawled in defeat. “Misa let me go. I need to breath”

“Gomen ne” She cheekily smiled “I was just too happy to see you Raito-kun. Raito-kun is also happy to see me ne? Ne? Ne?”

Raito pulled down his jacket’s hood. His eyes rolled in disgust. “Hai”

Ryuuku laughed obnoxiously in the background.

Misa’s smile almost reached her ears. “So Raito-kun was happy to see her” She thought, completely missing the dripping sarcasm in teenage boy’s voice. With one thing set on her mind, she hurriedly dragged her long awaited knight up the stairs and into her room.

Quite excited to show just how much she wanted to see him.


Raito threaded his fingers through his light brown hair. Droplets of water slid against the backside of his palm. He laid his soaked jacket on Misa’s floor letting the water pool around the garment. Misa was busy making tea downstairs for her precious Raito. He on the other hand was instructed to stay put in her room and dry himself. Raito conceded without complaints. As soon as the Misa whisked out of the door, his dark eyes darted around as if looking for something then finally focusing clearly on a dark colored notebook that rested on MisaMisa’s pillow.

“Stupid girl” he mouthed “Leaving the deathnote so out in the open when L is out there determined to catch the second Kira”

Well, if she irks you so much why did you even wanted to see her personally hmm?

“Because L would also be suspicious if I will not respond to Misa’s earlier invitation for me to visit her” Raito huffed “And I need to keep up the front that I am Misa’s boyfriend even though it irks me to no end. Sometimes that woman is just too impractical, getting too much in the way of things. With one wrong move, L can and would correctly suspect her as the Kira copycat.”

He he he. So Misa is getting impractical for your use? Why don’t you just go and kill her

Raito’s eyes gleamed. “Not yet” the evil in his voice resounded “Later when L is less suspicious of me being Kira.” His eyes then looked outside the window “L is still on my tail, he even sent Matsuda to follow me to MisaMisa’s house. Though it was lucky for me that Matsuda thinks that it’s important for two lovers to have some private time together and decided to just keep his inspection outside the parameters of the apartment”

So as soon as the suspicion dissipates you will write her name in the DeathNote?

He broke into a grin “Yes. She is worthless”

Just outside the door to the young model’s room, a lone form stood still against the wall. The hand that held the tea tray shook.

She is worthless.

It shook her very soul to hear such a thing. She? Amane Misa? The popular teen idol that was sought after by many men is worthless?

She isn’t worthless even if Raito thinks she is. Her brows furrowed with determination. Maybe it was time to teach Raito what other ways a girl can be useful.


The shinigami floated right above his charge. His amusement about the human world always gets better and better. His large protruding eyes danced in merriment as it detected the presence of Misa outside the door. She heard everything, he was sure. Now what would be her course of action? Would she cry in vain for her Raito’s evil plans? Or dismiss such talk and continue her worship. The anticipation got Ryuuku excited. He sensed that Misa’s form finally moved from its repose.

“You’re back” Raito said as he saw Misa enter the door. Her usual smile was plastered on her face as she offered Raito a seat and a cup of steaming hot green tea. He took the offer, took the cup and then looked at Misa’s eyes.

He was startled.

Her eyes, they were not the innocent gay ones that he had always seen before. It was as if the aura of the shinigami eyes within Misa was glowing mischievously.

“Do you like the tea Raito-kun?” Her voice also was quiet now unlike the gay chatter that was definitely her trademark.

Something was not right.

A small smile was on her lips as she watched Raito sip the hot tea.

Raito’s eyes detected it and his thoughts flew.

Misamisa the famous teen model of Japan. The sweet, innocent but sometimes irritating girl wouldn’t even think of…

He sputtered and jerked the cup away from his lips splashing the tea on his white polo shirt.

“It’s not drugged if that’s what you’re thinking of Raito-kun” The little woman winked “I would not do that to my prince even if I wanted to” She gingerly kneeled down before him and settled herself between his strong legs. One hand reached to unbutton the top of his shirt. Raito’s hand grabbed her wrist.

“What are you doing?” His grip tightened against the white skin.

“Getting you out of these wet clothes” she replied leaning forward almost touching her lips against Raito’s. As if numbed by her actions Raito couldn’t even remember when the front of his shirt was unbuttoned off. His senses were focused on Misa’s minstrations, on the hands that caressed the slopes of his shoulders and then slid down his chest. Those hands that felt so soft against his frame. One hand tweaked delightfully at his nipple, hardening the numb while the other ventured further downwards until it felt what it wanted to seek.

Raito’s breathing quickened when Misa skillfully unzipped his pants. She smiled at the sound of his shallow intake of breath then leaned closer press her luscious lips against his.

“Just a taste” she said when she moved away and Raito’s tongue tried to dart out and capture her mouth. Misa then licked the side of his face, from the tip of his chin to outer lobe of his ear. Red lips gently nibbled his earlobe. Heat began to pool at his groin. Raito could do nothing but to moan as one small skillful hand grabbed hold of his erection.

“Misa” he moaned “What are you…”

Her hand just handled him firmer, fingers gripping the shaft then slowly sliding upwards until they reached the tip. Misa rolled the base of her thumb against Raito’s head then teasingly slid her gripped palm downwards.

“I’m showing you…” she spoke as her other hand joined in to caress his twins. She increased the speed of her strokes. Raito eyes rolled as pleasure started to wave through his body. His hips began to thrust in tune to the motion.

“That I am…” Misa’s tongue tentatively licked his head then kissed the hardening shaft before moving further to lick the sides of Raito’s dick in motion with the movement of her hands.

Then she stopped.

Her hands released his manhood then just as suddenly, Misa stood up from her kneeling position. Raito groaned in desperation, he tried to reach for Misa but she moved farther away.

‘Yearn for me’ she thought as she slid one strap of her black dress over her shoulder. ‘Lust for me’ her hand reached for the dress’ zipper, pulling down the tag, revealing her alabaster skin. The black apparel slid down her body and pooled around her feet. Exposed before the man she loved, Misa stroked her creamy full breasts, massaging each globe delicately. She did not wear a brassier so Raito could clearly see her tender nipples hardening against the pull of her own fingers. Her lower lips were only covered by a sheer thong and Yagami’s observant eyes could clearly see the juices that trickled at her center.

He was mesmerized, eyes widening at the sight. His member trembled in excitement.

‘Yes, yearn for me. Lust for me. Tell me that I am not worthless’

Raito stood up from the chair, his body yearning for Misa’s soft supple body. He removed his clothing in one swift movement, exposing his whole self to the woman in front of him. Needy hands reached out to caress the young girl’s breasts, each of his hands thumbing her pink numbs. Misa moaned in delight, her own hands reaching out to hold Raito. She snaked her arms around his neck then kissed Yagami with all the longing that she had, tongues battling against each other.

“God” Raito moaned when he broke the kiss. Misa then led him to her bed, pushing Raito on top, her lithe form crawled on top of him.

Misa grinned then kissed him tenderly on his check before moving downwards once again. Raito moaned louder, his hand grabbed Misa’s head as she licked harder against his shaft. His manhood was fully aroused now, engorged and delightfully iron hard. He wanted so much to feel her, to be inside of her. To thrust against Misa’s full hips again and again, to have that final overwhelming release that he yearned for so much.

It took a lot of his will to sit up while Misa sucked his penis. Raito’s hands gently grabbed Misa’s neck and directed her mouth away from his dick. The young girl looked at her prey, clearly confused at why Raito wanted her to stop. Yagami just pulled her up against his frame and kissed her sweetly. His hands wandered freely about her exposed flesh. He then pushed his finger through her thong and testily teased her sensitive core.

Misa purred in utter delight, her juices now flowed more freely, soaking Raito’s fingers with her essence. He bucked her hips as Raito burrowed his fingers deeper, thrusting it into her passage. The presence of his long finger moving within her sent Misa wailing.

“More” she whimpered as Raito’s fingers drew faster “More”

“More?” Raito cocked his head to the side, watching the young woman’s erotic reactions. He drew out his finger making Misa moan in frustration at the loss of contact. Raito then pushed Misa down on the mattress, kissing her eyelids, cheeks, nose and mouth in the process. His large organ wantonly pressed against her entrance. Raito’s lust filled eyes gleamed.

It was Misa who pushed against his dick, sending Raito deeply imbedded within her. Raito moaned in the utter pleasure of being inside, feeling his cock surrounded by her hot tight walls. They were still for a moment, savoring the feeling brought by the union. And then, Raito started the pistol like motion that made Misa scream.

“Oh! Oh! OH!” Misa screamed bucking her hips wildly, pushing back at his thrusts.

Raito hooked her legs unto his shoulders making more room for him and making him thrust deeper into Misa’s core.

Suddenly Misa’s body stiffened, her limbs shook with the power of her orgasm, making her moan and wail. Raito didn’t stop. He continued on like a man who was holding unto dear life. He pushed and pushed, the tempo of his thrusts quickening even more, until she was indulged into orgasmic pleasure once again. But this time Raito joined her and with one load groan he thrust his seeds into her hot depths. His body pleasurably shook at the force of his ejaculation.

Yagami Raito panted, his lungs gulped for air. He kissed Misa for one last time before he dislodged himself from her hot wet depths. He spooned Misa against his frame cuddling her naked form until she fell asleep. With scheming eyes he gazed at the ceiling.



The young man smiled “I know you had been watching the whole time”

The shinigami only laughed in return.

“I think….” He finally broke his gaze and looked down upon the young woman who just sent him into a stormy pleasurable sexual encounter. Misa slept soundly against the crook of his neck, her arm possessively hung around his waist.

“I think” Raito’s eyes gleamed “I found another kind of use for the second Kira”

Ryuuku grinned harder “Humans are interesting indeed


Author's Notes: Ah finally my first fic posted here on I'm currently posting the fic that's supposed to follow this one. So if you liked my writing please read the other story too. And review! Nice constructive criticisms can help me a lot!

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