New Master Again

BY : quamp
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Disclaimer: I do not own Steel Angel Kurumi, nor any of the characters from it. I do not make any money from the writing of this story.

Steel Angel Kurumi: New Master again.

By quamp

Disclaimer: Steel Angel Kurumi is not owned by me, Kaishaku created it. I'm not making any money off of this so let's hope it's legal.

Shiriji Gotanabe is an young male, with light blue hair, green eyes, and moderate attractiveness. He didn't really stick out in his school, where he was a junior. He never really wanted much out of life. His one goal was to find a woman that would love him. Unfortunately, from an early age he was branded a pervert. He suffered a number of bumps, bruises and the like after almost every brush with a woman.

Well, Shiriji was at the temple praying one day. He put in a 100 yen coin and rang the bell 3 times. He then prayed that a beautiful woman would love him.

"Well, if it isn't Shiriji." A woman's voice said from behind him. Shiriji turned around to see a woman his age with light brown hair, brown eyes and a sour look on her face. She wore a schoolgirl's uniform.

"You're praying for someone to love. Well, I can tell you right now that's never going to happen." She said.

"Come on, leave me alone Megami." Shiriji replied. Megami then grabbed Shiriji by the ear and pulled.

"What was that you called me!?" She asked. Her anger in every word was loud and clear.

"All right! Megami-dono!" Shiriji responded. Megami then kicked him over a bunch of bushes.

"Serves you right you filthy pervert!" She said before walking off.
This was one of Shiriji's better encounters with women. He only got banged up a bit; some of his encounters required hospitalization. After dusting himself off and standing up, he found that his landing had moved enough dirt and leaves aside to reveal a door partially hidden in the ground. After removing the covering, Shiriji opened the door and saw a bunch of steps leading down. Shiriji went down the steps and into the room. It was dark and gloomy, but Shiriji could make out a figure in the dark. The figure was female, and covered with dust. Shiriji picked up the figure and took her out into the light.

It was Kurumi. Dusty and covered with soot, she was in her maid outfit. Shiriji brushed a bunch of the dust away from Kurumi. He looked her over.

"A beautiful girl doll..." He said. His wild thoughts turned to lust. Shiriji caressed Kurumi's inner thighs. They felt soft and cold. He then fondled her pussy, and got a shocked expression on his face.

"You're anatomically correct." Shiriji said. He then used his other hand to fondle her tits. After a little of this, he took his hands away from her. He stared at her lips for a bit. They looked so inviting and soft. Shiriji had a nosebleed at this point, but he then bent down and kissed her.

Shiriji was very shocked to say the least when Kurumi opened her eyes and smiled. He pulled back in fear of an impending beating.

"Oh God - please don't hurt me! I didn't mean to! Honest!" He said, cowering in fear next to the bushes.

"Master? Why do you think I would hurt you?" Kurumi asked.

"Oh..." She then placed an arm around Shiriji.

"Whatever it is that's hurting you, I will protect you from it." Kurumi said. Shiriji realized that she was not going to hurt him.

"You... didn't mind that I kissed you?" He asked.

"That is how all us Steel Angels are activated." Kurumi said.

"Well, the first thing we should do is take you home and get you cleaned up." Shiriji said.

So they went home and Shiriji showed Kurumi where the bathroom was. Kurumi disrobed away from Shiriji and entered the shower. Shiriji spied on her bathing.

"Man, she is super-hot!" Shiriji said. Well, Shortly after she started, Kurumi noticed that Shiriji was spying on her. Most women at this point would have raced up to Shiriji and smacked the life out of him. Kurumi merely came up to Shiriji.

"Were you wanting to bathe with me, master?" Kurumi asked.

"Uh... Erm..." Shiriji stammered. He had been caught and was fearing the worst. Kurumi merely smiled at him.

"All right, you may join me if you wish." She replied.

Shiriji couldn't believe his luck; He thought he was going to end up in traction, but instead he was about to bathe with a hot babe. Shiriji removed his clothing and entered the shower with Kurumi. The two of them ran soapy hands over each other, caressing each other. Shiriji seemed to linger over Kurumi's privates a lot. After a good, long time in the shower, they stopped, dried off and dressed. Kurumi wore a bathrobe only. Shiriji then washed his clothes with Kurumi's maid outfit.

After changing back into her maid outfit, Kurumi felt hungry.

"Well, I'm not that good of a cook. However, I can make some sashimi for you." Shiriji said.

"Let's do it together." Kurumi replied. For the life of her, she could not figure out why Shiriji started drooling and getting a nosebleed... Anyway, once Shiriji calmed down, they made dinner and ate it.

"Wow Kurumi, you're a great cook." Shiriji said.

"Thank you, master." She replied. After dinner, they washed the dishes and put them away. Kurumi and Shiriji spent that evening holding each other close and kissing. That night they slept next to each other.

The next day Kurumi went shopping for a wardrobe while Shiriji went to school. Shiriji didn't have a whole lot of money saved up, but it was enough to buy Kurumi a few dresses, including a schoolgirl's outfit. Kurumi came home and Shiriji went to his part-time job at a place called Kotetsu seafood. He washed dishes there. They weren't hiring at the time, but that didn't matter to Kurumi. She patiently waited at home for Shiriji. When he returned, she greeted him with a warm embrace. Shiriji returned that embrace and held her close. Shiriji was too tired to have sex with Kurumi that night, but did sleep holding her close.
The next day Kurumi enrolled in school and met Shiriji's friend for the first time.

"Dude, this is one hot babe. Where did you get her?" Jingaro asked. Shiriji smiled.

"A babe like this is one of a kind." He said.

"Oh no, I have many sisters." Kurumi replied. "They should be at the temple as well."

Jingaro grew excited. "Dude, I got to get me one!" He said. At lunchtime, Shiriji and Kurumi ran into Megami.

"Why in the world are you with this pervert!?" She asked Kurumi.

"He is my master, the one who activated me." Kurumi replied.

"Girlfriend, he's a pervert. He probably activated you by accident while trying to get a cheap thrill." Megami said.

"What is a... pervert?" Kurumi asked.

"It's a guy who only likes women because they can give him pleasure." Megami said. "He does not care about you." Shiriji interrupted her at this point.

"I care about her! I took her in! I've fed her and let her have some food and more clothing." Shiriji said. Megami merely struck Shiriji, sending him tumbling into a wall.

"Stay out of this, you pervert!" She shouted.

Kurumi got mad. "Hey, don't you dare hurt my master!" She shouted a she struck Megami, knocking her to the floor. Megami was stunned to say the least. Jingaro moved between Kurumi and Megami.

"Whoa! Don't do that, babe! Fighting isn't allowed in school." Jingaro said. Megami got a bruise on her jaw where Kurumi had hit her.

"Ow..." Megami said in pain. Kurumi, for her part, went over to the fallen Shiriji and looked him over. That's when the teacher came in. She sized up the situation and sent everyone involved (Kurumi, Jingaro, Megami, and Shiriji) to the front office. There they had to wait in the seiza position for quite a while. Once that was over, the vice headmaster stated they would have to be like that for the rest of the day. In addition, they would have to hold a bucket of water on their heads.

"I do not understand. I was merely defending you, master." Kurumi said.

"Well, no fighting is permitted at school." Shiriji said.

"Look at this mess you've gotten me into." Megami sneered. "If you weren't such a pervert none of this would happen."

Kurumi snapped back at Megami. "Hey, you were the one that hit him first!" She said.

"I just wanted a woman that was not going to beat me up. Was that too much to ask for?" Shiriji said.

Well, after school and detention, Shiriji got a flashlight and showed Jingaro where he found Kurumi. They went down the steps and saw two large boxes there. Jingaro opened one and saw Saki inside. He brushed away the dust and then kissed her. Saki woke up and stretched.

"Hi. I am Jingaro, and I woke you up." He said.

Saki looked around. "Master...?" She said quietly. Jingaro took Saki by the hand and led her up the steps where Kurumi and Shiriji were waiting.

"Saki! Sister! It is good to see you again." Kurumi said.

"Kurumi?" Saki asked.

"Well then, let's get you cleaned up, shall we?" Jingaro said.

One shower and a wash of clothing later, Saki looked as good as new. Kurumi and Shiriji went home, leaving Jingaro alone with Saki. His mother worked a swing shift and she usually did not get home until 3 a.m. Or so. Jingaro put an arm around Saki.

"I have been very lonely, Saki. I feel lucky that you have come into my life." Jingaro said. Saki felt uneasy at this point. She never had a male master before now.

"Master? What are you saying?" She asked nervously.

"I love you, Saki. I never want to let you go." Jingaro said. Saki abandoned herself to the moment.

"I - I love you too, master." She said. She never really knew the loving embrace of a boy before, but Jingaro's touch seemed to soothe her. Well, they went shopping for some clothing for Saki. At one point, she was shopping for underwear, and she went into the dressing room. Saki came out clad only in a bra and panties. Jingaro took one look at her, and his nose gushed blood. Saki retreated behind a door.

"Master? Your nose is bleeding! Have I done something wrong?" Saki asked. Jingaro was barely able to compose himself afterwards.

"No - no! You did great, Saki! Please, keep shopping." In the end they spent a lot of money, but to Jingaro, Saki is more precious than gold.

The next day, Kurumi, Shiriji, Jingaro and Saki were between classes. Saki was dressed in a schoolgirl's outfit, just like Kurumi. Both had an arm with their respective masters. Shiriji and Jingaro had an arm around their respective Steel Angel as well.
"This has been so wonderful. Kurumi, you are a miracle in my life." Shiriji said. Then Megami entered.

"Wonderful. Now we've got two wolves guarding two henhouses." She said. Saki was unclear on the concept.

"This boy is a filthy pervert!" Megami said.

"My master is not a pervert. He has not taken advantage of me." Saki replied.

"Oh really? I don't believe you for one minute!" Megami replied.

"I haven't taken advantage of her. She lives with me of her own free will." Jingaro said. Shiriji pulled a book out and handed it to her.

"We've been reading this book and it's been very helpful in establishing a relationship with each other." He said. The book was titled Love is Not about Power by John Harrison, PsycD. Megami opened the book and read the first page.

"Love is not about power. Love is letting go of one's ego and attachments to expectations of a person. Love can never be based on idealization of a partner. Love is all about trust and desires for companionship." She read, skipping here and there. Megami slammed the book shut.

"What kind of bullshit do you think this is? I know you, Shiriji. You probably forced yourself on her several times already!" Megami said.

"Fuck you if you can't handle the truth. We've got to get to class." Shiriji said, taking the book back from her.
Megami was frustrated to say the least.

"Damn you! I'm going to find out how to beat you!" She shouted.

She then realized that it all started at the shrine, and how she had kicked him into some bushes. Could she be responsible for this situation? After school, Megami went to the shrine and behind the bushes. She saw the door and opened it. Going down the steps, she saw the third box there. She opened it up to find Karinka inside it. Megami took Karinka out of the box and out of the shrine.

"Thank God I found you before you fell into the hands of another pervert." Megami said. "Now I have to figure out how to activate you." Megami took Karinka home and set her on the floor.

"Let's see here… for Shiriji to have activated her, it would have to be something perverted…" She reasoned. She undressed Karinka, and looked over her private places. No switch. With great reluctance, she stuck her fingers up Karinka's pussy. Nothing there either. She then dressed Karinka and thought for a bit.

"What else could it be?" She thought. "The only thing I haven't tried is kissing her." Megami was hesitant on that. She never really had any lesbian tendencies. Well, she decided first to wash Karinka and her clothing. This she did, and after dressing her, with great reluctance, she bent down and kissed Karinka.

Karinka sprang to life and pulled away from Megami.

"What the hell!?" I wanted some hot hunk to activate me, and I get a girl!" Karinka said.

"I need your help." Megami said. "Two perverts have come in and activated your sisters. Right now, they are probably being taken advantage of by them." Karinka was shocked at the news.

"Kurumi and Saki in danger? Some pervert has them doing sick stuff?" Karinka asked.

"Yes. The worst part of it is that they don't know they're doing the wrong thing." Megami said.

"I'll save them! Show me where they are!" She said. "I don't know exactly where they are, but I do know they will be at my school tomorrow. We have to get you ready for that place." Megami said. Fortunately for her, Karinka and Megami were about the same size. So changing clothes into one of Megami's school uniforms was no problem.

That evening, Shiriji came home from work and was tired. Kurumi was waiting for him as usual. She had been cleaning up the place, and was somewhat dirty herself.

"Master? You look like you could use a good bath." Kurumi said.

"So do you. Let's take one together." He said unthinkingly. The thought of Kurumi's hot pussy in his sight again made him go nuts. Well, they disrobed together and entered the bath. Hands roamed freely over each other, and Shiriji got to feel Kurumi's luscious mountains, her hot ass, and her tight crack. Kurumi noticed that Shiriji's cock was up and ready to shoot.

"Master, why does your penis get erect every time you touch my body?" Kurumi asked.

"It's an involuntary reaction. Just relax, Kurumi." Shiriji said. Well, after they finished bathing, Shiriji couldn't take it anymore. He reached down and started caressing Kurumi's pussy.

"Master? The bath is over now. Why are you still touching me?" Kurumi asked.

"I… I can't stop myself. Kurumi, I want to make love to you." He replied. Kurumi pulled back a bit.

"I see… well, I should not disobey an order of my master." She said.

"You don't have to if you don't want to." Shiriji said.

"I want to." Kurumi replied.

Kurumi and Shiriji got into a 69 in the empty tub. Shiriji felt like the luckiest man alive to have a woman this hot and this naked willing to fuck him good. He buried his tongue as deep as he could into her crack as she leaned back. "Mmm… master… that feels good…" She moaned. Kurumi was programmed to feel pleasure from sex, fortunately. That and the angel within her angel heart was also a nympho. She moaned softly as Shiriji ate her pussy out. He had never really done it before; however, he watched porn, which gave him a good idea of how to do it. Kurumi continued to moan softly and gasp quietly as Shiriji went deep into her slit with his tongue and back. He parted her lips with his hand and caressed her creamy thighs and curvaceous ass with the other. After a bit, Shiriji stopped and asked for a blowjob. Kurumi then bent down and blew warm air on his pecker. "Uh… that's not a blowjob." Shiriji said. He then showed her what to do, and she eagerly took his cock into her mouth.

Shockwaves of pleasure made Shiriji shake. He'd never had a blowjob before, but it far exceeded his expectations of what it should be like. He could not get enough of Kurumi's cocksucking; he thought she had done it before, even though she had not. Kurumi licked his stick and got into a 69 with Shiriji. He had a hard time eating out her pussy because he was getting a blowjob beyond compare. Shiriji and Kurumi moaned and gasped quite a bit as they did the 69.

"Oh yes master… more…" Kurumi gasped, as she had to let go of his stiff love spear. After a long time of doing the 69, Shiriji shifted around and slid his hard pecker deep into her snatch.
Neither one of them were prepared for what happened next. Both of them were filled with even more pleasure than before. Shiriji thought that this was the most amount of pleasure that two people could have, and he was right. Kurumi gasped sharply as he started thrusting deep as he could into her.

"Ooh master… it feels so wonderful and large…" Kurumi said. He went deep into her and pulled back to go deeper still. Their moans of ecstasy echoed throughout the room. Neither one of them wanted to stop; they wanted to keep going forever. Kurumi's pussy hole seemed one size to small for Shiriji's hard dick, but that didn't stop him from thrusting it as deep as he could into her.

"Master… I've never felt so wonderful in my life. I want it all!" Kurumi said. They fucked each other for a long time to the casual observer; but to them, forever would not be long enough. Shiriji felt Kurumi tighten around his staff, and each stroke brought them closer and closer to orgasmic delight. Just when Shiriji thought he couldn't take anymore, he came hard into Kurumi, filling her snatch with his love juice. This caused Kurumi to achieve climax.

"OH YES!" Kurumi shouted at the top of her lungs as she climaxed.
Exhausted as they were elated, Kurumi and Shiriji collapsed next to each other and held each other close. Both of them felt the warmth of afterglow as they did this.

"Mmm… master, I have never felt so wonderful in my life." Kurumi said. "I haven't either. You knew exactly how to make love the way I wanted it." Shiriji replied.

"I'm so happy. I am glad that I have pleased you with my lovemaking." She said.

"I never thought I'd get a woman to love me until I met you. I can't thank you enough for this." Shiriji said. It took them about 30 minutes of resting before they had enough strength to stand up. They then went to the bed together and fell asleep hold each other's naked bodies very close.

Jingaro and Saki, while not engaged in anything sexual, were at his home and in his bed together. They were in a nightgown for her and a pair of shorts for him. Jingaro was staring at Saki's hot, tight body in a nightgown he could see through. Naturally, being a pervert, Jingaro got a nosebleed.

"Master? Your nose is bleeding." Saki said as she got a tissue. She then wiped the blood trickling down from his nose.

"Saki, you're so wonderful." Jingaro said. He then put his arms around Saki and pulled her close.

"Master? What are you doing?" Saki asked. Jingaro pulled back.

"I'm sorry. I wanted to express my love for you." Jingaro replied. Saki then smiled and put an arm around Jingaro.

"I'm sorry, master. I've never been held by a man before." Saki said. Jingaro returned her arm and smiled.

"I love you, Saki." He said.

"I love you too, master." Saki replied. Saki realized that holding a guy was even more fun than holding a woman. She felt a magical connection to Jingaro; something about him endeared him to her. For his part, Jingaro felt the same connection. They embraced each other fully and kissed.

Saki had kissed women before, but she had never kissed a man. She didn't know what to expect. He had never kissed a woman before either. She felt his strong lips against hers, and her heart fluttered. He felt her soft lips against his, and couldn't get enough of it. They kissed and held each other for a very long time, and then came up for air.

"Mmm… master…" Saki moaned. Jingaro merely put a finger over her lips, and then removed it. He then went back in for a second kiss, which was just as wonderful to him as the first one. Saki then realized that being with a man is just as good as being with a woman, if not better. She felt more powerful when he held her close and kissed her. It was the type of power she never had felt before; it was the power of love. When they came up for air, both of them stared into each other's eyes.

"This is something I never knew before. I feel so wonderful." Saki said. "We have all night for this." Jingaro replied. They kissed and necked into the night, and then slept separately.

The next day, on the way to school, Kurumi, Shiriji, Jingaro and Saki were walking down the street towards the school. Shiriji was carrying Kurumi's books along with his. Trouble came in the form of Megami and Karinka. They showed up and confronted the others.

"Megami!" Shiriji said.

"Karinka? Why are you with her?" Kurumi asked.

"You two are being taken advantage of and don't know it. If you won't listen to reason, then I'll force you to leave them!" Megami said.

"I do not wish to fight." Kurumi said. "However, I do not want to leave my master." Karinka got angry.

"Sister, these guys are perverts! They felt up my mistress!" Karinka said.

"Is that true?" Kurumi replied.

"Well… yes and no." Shiriji replied.

"I was late for class and running to get there. I didn't look where I was going and accidentally ran into her." Megami was aghast.

"That's the biggest lie I've ever heard! You came right up to me and felt me up!" She shouted. Frustrated, Megami struck Jingaro. Then Saki and Karinka got involved. Kurumi started to join in, but Shiriji held her back.

"Master, we should help my sister out!" Kurumi said.

"Saki can take care of Karinka." Shiriji said.

Numerous punches and kicks were traded on both sides. Neither side had a clear advantage until near the end, when Saki manged to trip Karkinka up and send her crashing to the ground. Megami was fighting Jingaro and then he managed to break free from her and take her down with a foot sweep.

"AH!" Megami grunted as she fell right on her ass.

"God damn it! You shouldn't have won! Perverts are supposed to lose!" Megami shouted.

"You don't get it, do you? Kurumi and Saki's power come from the love that we give them. Granted, at first I just wanted her body, but she has really shown me what true love is. I love Saki, and she loves me. That love has made both of us very strong." Jingaro said.

"It is a love that not only makes her stronger, but I as well." Jingaro held Saki's hand tenderly.

"Steel Angels cannot be fueled by hate and disgust, which is what you have fueled Karinka with." Shiriji added.

"Damn you! Damn you all! Fine! Be some cheap harlot for him! Don't come crying to me when he breaks your heart!" Megami said. She then stormed off, and Karinka followed.

"We're going to be late for school." Shiriji said.

After school, Jingaro and Saki went home together arm in arm.

"Saki, I can't tell you how much joy you've brought into my life. I feel like we should be together forever." Jingaro said.

"We will be together forever, master." Saki replied. Once home they had dinner and did homework together. Once that was finished, Jingaro took Saki in his arms and pulled her close.

"I love you, Saki." He said.

"I love you too, master." She responded as she returned his embrace. They kissed again, and again felt wonderful doing it. After coming up for air, Saki pulled away from Jingaro.

"I want to show you something. Wait right here; I'll be right back." She said. Jingaro wondered what this could be. Saki exited the room, and about two minutes later, came back wearing only a sexy thong bikini.

"I bought this a few days ago, and I wanted you to see me in it. Do you like it?" Saki asked. Jingaro could only stare blankly at her and get a nosebleed. It wasn't like the quiet and shy Saki to be so bold.

"Master, your nose is bleeding." Saki said. She took out a tissue and wiped the blood from his nose.

"Whoa… you look stunning…" Jingaro was barely able to get out in his awe.

"Thank you, master. I had hoped you would like it." Saki replied. She then embraced Jingaro again and they kissed some more. After some kissing and necking, Saki stared into Jingaro's eyes.

"Kurumi said she made love to her master last night. She said it was the most enjoyable experience she'd ever had. I want that experience." Saki said. Jingaro was more than eager to give that to her…

Off came clothing and Jingaro's nose gushed blood. After a little of that, Saki and Jingaro lay down next to each other on a futon and got into a 69. Jingaro parted Saki's soft, swollen lips and proceeded to eat her pussy out. He tasted her sweet nectar and never wanted to stop.

"Mmm… yes master… that feels so wonderful…" Saki moaned. She had never been this far with neither man nor woman before, but she was enjoying what she felt. Jingaro ran his tongue around her hot hole and deep inside it, making Saki feel more and more wonderful. After a good while of this, Jingaro turned around and asked Saki for a blowjob. Saki then blew warm air on his stick. Jingaro then corrected her and showed her what a blowjob was. Saki eagerly took his stick into her mouth and started sucking on it.

"Mmm… yes… Saki, you're the best…" Jingaro moaned. They did the 69 and moaned constantly while they did it. Both of them felt the intense pleasure that the other did, and neither one of them wanted to stop. It was as if two people specifically designed to make the other feel the ultimate pleasure were making love. They did this 69 for a very long time; but neither of them wanted it to end. At the end of it, however, Jingaro turned around and slid his pecker deep into her pussy.

Saki gasped sharply as she clamped hard on Jingaro's cock.

"Oh master! That feels so good! I want more!" She said breathlessly. Jingaro wasn't about to deny her what she wanted. He then proceeded to go deep into her snatch with his staff and pull back. Each stroke brought them closer and closer to the brink of perfect love. Jingaro and Saki tried a number of positions, including the forward and reverse cowgirl, on their sides, doggie style, and many more. However, the western missionary seemed to be Saki's favorite. Jingaro didn't mind that, as he wanted most was to fuck a woman as hot as Saki. He rammed her and reamed her hot slit for a long time, but to both of them, forever would not be long enough. Just when Jingaro thought he couldn't take anymore, he came into Saki's tight crack. This caused her to achieve climax. Saki gasped loudly and sharply as she crashed into orgasmic pleasures, as did Jingaro.

"Master… I have never felt so wonderful in my life." Saki said.

"I haven't either. I hope this love can last forever." Jingaro replied.

"Mmm… I would love to be your lover forever, master." Saki said.

"Please, call me Jingaro." Jingaro replied.

"O.k., Jingaro." Saki said. About all they could do at this point was hold each other close and feel the afterglow. Jingaro never wanted to let Saki go, and vice versa. He caressed her body and she did the same to him.

"I never want to leave you either. This has been the best experience of my life." Jingaro said. They held each other close, and fell asleep this way after praising each other's bed skills.

The next day Jingaro and Saki woke up and smiled at each other.

"Good morning, mas – Jingaro." Saki said.

"Any morning near you is a wonderful morning." Jingaro replied. Saki blushed slightly.

"Thank you." She replied. They separated and stood up, but Jingaro couldn't take his eyes away from Saki's hot body. Well, they did their morning routines and dressed, then had breakfast together. Afterwards, they went to school. At school Kurumi and Saki went aside for a bit.

"You were right. Making love to my master was absolutely incredible." Saki said.

"See? My master and I really love each other too." Kurumi said. The two of them giggled for a bit, and then rejoined their lovers. Megami became friends with Karinka, and through that, began to understand Kurumi and Saki. She really didn't like that Kurumi and Saki were living with perverts, but decided that having their perversions thrusted on those two was better than having it on herself. They all lived dysfunctionally ever after.


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