Serin Invasion

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Girls Bravo: Serin Invasion

Summary: It's the first time for Miharu and Yukinari, right as girls from Serin invade Earth, looking for men. Maharu leads the way. M/F Lemon, het

Disclaimer: Mario Kaneda created Girls Bravo. That's not me. He probably would do just as good of a job at this than I did.

It was afternoon in the city of the blue forest on Serin. General Yashida Matasoko was inspecting her troops. 400 young women stood opposite her, all in nice, neat rows, and all wearing the same uniform. All were armed with laser rifles.
"Girls, your job this time will be invading earth. Serin needs men, and we need them now. There are a lot of lonely hearts on earth, your job is to get them and bring them back here." She said. "Beware of perverts. Do not let them into Serin. Kill them if you have to. Are there any questions?" She asked. Silence answered her.
"Then let's get to the portal, girls. The guys are waiting!" She said. With that, the girls marched to the home of Miharu on Serin.
Back on Earth, Yukinari wanted to make everything perfect for the evening. He had a new cuisine dish ready for Miharu. It was a crawfish jambalaya. It was made by a chef that came to Japan from Louisiana to spread Cajun culture there. It was their six-month anniversary of living together. Miharu was out shopping when she came home with some things. After putting them away, Yukinari invited Miharu to dinner. Miharu smelled the crawfish jambalaya and smiled.
"It smells wonderful." Miharu said. Miharu ate up her share quickly, and smiled. "Whew… that was the first meal I've had in a long time that was very filling." She said. She and Yukinari cleaned up and then retired to the couch for an evening of TV watching.
Fortunately (or unfortunately, depending on your point of view,) there was something in the crawfish jambalaya that made Miharu feel very horny. She put her arms around Yukinari as they watched TV. Then she turned the TV off via remote and planted her lips on his.
Yukinari was stunned at first, and his nose bled a bit. However, he returned her embrace and held this alien vixen close to him. Passion measureless to man flowed between them, and it only served to make Miharu hornier. When they came up for air, Miharu giggled like a schoolgirl.
"What's up? This isn't like you." Yukinari said.
"I know, but tonight I just feel… well… I love you, Yukinari." Miharu said.
"I love you too, Miharu." Yukinari said.
Miharu parted with Yukinari and proceeded to remove her top. She wasn't wearing a bra, as he found out by seeing her copious mountains in front of him. Yukinari's nose gushed blood.
"Yukinari, why does your nose bleed every time you see me naked?" Miharu asked. It wasn't the first time he had seen her naked.
"Miharu… what's gotten into you?" Yukinari asked, exasperated.
"I don't know… I just feel a strong urge to… love…" Miharu said.
She then proceeded to reach over and unbutton his shirt. Yukinari let her take off his shirt. He wasn't much in a position to resist, since his nose was still bleeding. Miharu then undid his pants and reached into them.
"Hmm… I feel something very hard here…" Miharu said. Yukinari's nose stopped bleeding, and he got a very dopey look on his face.
"Oh… yes…" Yukinari said as he went into full pervert mode. Miharu and Yukinari completely undressed and got ready to go. Yukinari was drooling as Miharu spread her legs wide and shoved his face between them.
"Do me good, Yukinari…" Miharu begged. He then proceeded to lick and eat her pussy out, teasing her slit until she was moaning.
"Mmm… yes… that feels sooo good…" Miharu said. Normal earth women usually experience cramping and feeling bloated on their first time. That wasn't the case with Miharu. She leaned back on the couch and wrapped her legs around Yukinari's shoulders. Yukinari proceeded to continue to eat her pussy out, and then he got enough sense back to try something he had read in one of his many porno books. He put his lips on Miharu's clit and started humming.
Miharu flailed like a fish on dry land. "WHOA! OH GOD YES! MORE!!!" Miharu screamed at the top of her lungs. Yukinari wasn't about to deny this babe what she wanted. He continued to hum her favorite song on her clit, sending shockwaves of pleasure all throughout Miharu's hot, naked body. They did this for a good while, and then switched around. Yukinari lay on his back as Miharu took his hard boner and started blowing air across it.
"What are you doing?" Yukinari asked.
"I'm giving you a blowjob." Miharu responded.
"Uh… that's not quite what a blowjob is." Yukinari said. He showed Miharu what to do and she took his hard rod into her mouth and started sucking on it. Yukinari isn't very large – only 5 inches, but in the mouth of Miharu, he felt his cock was a thousand feet long. She proceeded to suck him raw and run her tongue around his stiff stick. He merely gasped and moaned as she did this. Then Miharu gave him a hum job, just as he did her.
"OH GOD YES!" Yukinari shouted. He'd always fantasized about making love to a woman, and achieving the pleasure associated with it. The reality far exceeded his expectations. He never wanted this blowjob to stop, and Miharu was more than happy to keep it going for a good while. However, after a while she stopped and moved forward. Then she guided his hard, throbbing ramrod deep into her tunnel of love.
Neither one of them were prepared for the amount of pleasure they received.
"Ooh! That feels so big!" Miharu gasped. She tightened up her hot hole with his prick, squeezing the life out of it. Yukinari and Miharu seemed to have made some kind of cosmic connection, as if one was made only for the sole purpose to love the other. Miharu started going up and down on Yukinari like a piston, each stroke bringing them closer and closer to the ultimate in pleasure. After a bit, Yukinari held Miharu close and shifted so that she was on her back and he was over her. He didn't withdraw and it made both of them feel wonderful.
"Mmm… yes… more…" Miharu said breathlessly as Yukinari pumped her hot pussy with his pole. They tried a number of positions, but Miharu liked it best with her on her back and her legs on his shoulders. However, before they could achieve a climax, a group of Serin soldiers entered the place. The leader was Lt. Maharu.
"Sister! What on this planet are you doing!?" Maharu said. Yukinari immediately withdrew from Miharu's cunt and looked over at Maharu and her soldiers. Panic spread all over his face as he tried to cover up. Miharu was oblivious to Maharu and the others.
"Come on, don't stop now, I want that long, hard one of yours back inside me." Miharu said. Maharu approached Yukinari. "What the hell have you done to my sister!?" She demanded.
"Well, I don't know! We had dinner and retired to the couch to watch TV and then suddenly she became this raging sex maniac that wanted me!" Yukinari said. He was then jerked by Miharu by his dong back to her eagerly awaiting tunnel of love.
"I don't know what you did to my sister, but if I find out you forced her into this –" Maharu started.
"No! I didn't force her! Ooh!" Yukinari said as Miharu pushed his cock back into her eager hole.
"Should we stop them, Lt.?" One of the soldiers asked.
"Hmm… let's just watch for now." Maharu responded. Yukinari wasn't very comfortable with this idea, but he was in no position to argue about it. The position he was in was the western missionary. Well, Yukinari tried his best to ignore the 10 or so women staring at him and Miharu having sex. He tried his best at what was most important at the time; satisfying a very beautiful and well-endowed woman in bed. Miharu couldn't get enough of his hard shaft, forcing it as deep as it would go into her crack. Well, just when she thought she couldn't take anymore, Miharu achieved her climax, screaming very loudly as she achieved her ultimate pleasure. Yukinari came right afterwards, shooting his load of love into her wet snatch.
"What the hell is all this noise – OH MY FREAKING GOD!!!" The voice was that of Kirie, who entered to see the scene of what happened. She immediately came up to Yukinari and gave him a karate punch, sending him across the room and slamming him into a wall.
"How dare you take advantage of Miharu like that you filthy pervert!!" Kirie said.
"Mmm… that was wonderful…" Miharu moaned in pleasure. Yukinari could only moan in pain at this point.
Miharu looked up and saw Kirie beating on Yukinari. The other ladies could only look on in confusion here.
"Kirie… why are you beating on Yukinari like that?" Miharu asked. He just gave me the best time I've ever had.
Kirie stopped beating on Yukinari and looked over at Miharu. "You mean… you wanted to have sex with him?" She asked, not believing her ears.
"Oh yes… he's wonderful in bed. I can't get enough of him." Miharu replied.
Kirie was taken aback by this. "Oh… I didn't know you were consenting to it… although why is beyond me. But why are they here?" Kirie asked, pointing to Maharu and the other soldiers.
"We're here on a mission from Serin. We were asked to round up a bunch of men and bring them back there." Maharu said.
"You have to admit this is a very weird situation." Kirie said.
"Yea, but it's not really our fault. 90% of the population on Serin is female. We really want more men there." Maharu said.
"Your welcome to take all the perverts off our planet." Kirie suggested.
"Sorry, orders from the general. No perverts, just bishonen." Maharu said.
"The only extra guys we got around here are perverts." Kirie replied.
"Damn. Well, let's see if we can find something better elsewhere. Move out, girls!" Maharu said. With that, the soldiers left the room.
Miharu stood up and went over to Yukinari. "Yukinari, are you all right?" Miharu asked.
"Burble… gibble… gleb…" Yukinari responded.
Miharu came up to Yukinari. She cradled his head in between her tits.
"Oh, Yukinari… please be all right…" Miharu said.
"Uh… keep holding me like this…" he was barely able to emit.
"I give up. Just keep the noise down." Kirie replied. She left after that.
Later on, at the local shopping arcade, Maharu came across the fruit stand. Business was down and the only people in the arcade besides the soldiers were the shopkeepers. Maharu came up to the fruit stand owner and he smiled at her.
"Welcome to my humble fruit stand, young lady. Would you like to buy some fruit?" He asked.
"I have never seen your fruit before." Maharu replied.
"You know, you look like that young woman that was in my shop a few months ago. I had her try out a banana and she loved them." He said. "Would you like to try one?"
"Hmm… well, all right…" Maharu said.
She and the other soldiers then proceeded to take a banana each and put them in their mouths.
"Uh, you're supposed to peel them first, like this." The man said. He took Maharu's banana and peeled it for her.
"Oh – right." Maharu replied. She took the banana and proceeded to stick it into her mouth. The other soldiers peeled their bananas and did the same. Now he had 10 very beautiful women licking and sucking on bananas at the same time. A pervert came by, and started drooling at this.
"Whoa… woman pretty…" He said. The shop owner ignored him as he started telling the women about bananas.
"Yes, bananas are very good for you. They're filled with very important vitamins and minerals." He said. "I searched the whole world looking for the best bananas. I looked high and low everywhere! It took me years and years, but I found them and brought them here to Japan!" He said. Maharu smiled as she licked her banana. By now, several perverts were gathered around, and most of them were having nosebleeds. The fruit stand owner continued to inform everyone about how he had fallen in love with bananas.
"I love them now more than ever!" He said.
Mind you, there were 10 very beautiful women still around him, sucking, licking and eating bananas. The perverts were still bleeding from the nose.
"I've always loved bananas. I hope you do too!" The fruit stand owner said, near tears. Well, the soldiers finished their bananas.
"That was very tasty." Maharu said.
"I'm glad you think so." The fruit stand owner said.
"We should bring him back to Serin." One of the soldiers suggested.
"How would you like to sell your wares in our world?" Maharu asked.
"Well, business here has been pretty bad… where is this world of yours?" He asked.
"Serin is not that far from earth. We need men in Serin too." Maharu said.
"Hmm… well, all right. I'll do it! I'll sell bananas in Serin!" He said.
"Great. You know, we've been looking for good men in Serin." Maharu said. "I've really wanted a great man like you." She added.
Well, at the end of the week, they had about 5 men to send back to Serin. The fruit stand owner was among them.
"Well, I shall miss Japan, but if there's a new world that needs bananas, I'll be there!" He said. He also had arranged to move in with Maharu. They all went back to Serin and got settled in. Maharu came in and found him busy. He was tracking inventory, surrounded by numerous boxes of fresh fruit.
"It's all here! Now all I need to do is get this moved to the shop!" He said.
Well, sure enough, the women of Serin couldn't get enough of bananas. In fact, they started building banana plantations on Serin and growing them as fast as they could. The fruit stand owner was raking in the dough.
"It's so beautiful! Everyone here loves bananas!" He said, with tears in his eyes. Maharu had an arm around him and smiled. "Well, by your side, I feel invincible! I want to help you be the best banana salesman in the world!" Maharu said.
The fruit stand owner put his arms around Maharu. "I owe it all to you! I wanted to be a great fruit salesman, and you've helped me make that dream come true, Maharu! I want you to be with me forever!" He said.
Maharu had tears stream from her eyes. "I would love to be your wife!" She responded.
After the wedding, the fruit stand owner and Maharu went to their honeymoon. Maharu picked out some sexy lingerie and put it on after arriving at the hotel.
"Oh, I can't wait to have fun!" she said. She came out and found him in his underwear, sitting on the bed.
"Oh my…" He said, seeing her sexy body in very little. "Well my man, let's get to it." She replied.
The rest of their clothing came off and they were eager to go. Maharu is naturally redheaded, as evidenced by the red hair next to her hot pink. She lay down and invited him to give head. The fruit stand owner went down on her and parted her lips, placing his tongue on her crack. Maharu moaned softly as he licked her pussy.
"Mmm… yes…" she moaned. Women in Serin really love sex, and Maharu was very eager to use her beaver. She turned around and started to take his boner into her mouth while he continued to lick her snatch. Both of them couldn't help but moan as they did the 69. He felt her pussy was one of the best ever created – like eating the best fruits at their best. Neither one of them wanted to stop this 69. They did this for a good while, teasing each other and getting very aroused. Maharu got very wet, with her love lube dripping out. Maharu had always thought sex would be good, but she never thought it would be this good. After a long time of doing the 69, Maharu turned around, and got on her back. The fruit stand owner slid his hard boner deep into her hot hole.
Maharu gasped quite sharply as she clamped onto his turgid tool. "Ooh…oh yes!" She moaned as he started going deep into her and pulling back. She never wanted to stop fucking him; and he felt the same way. Both of them seemed to know by instinct how to make the other achieve the ultimate in pleasure. They tried a number of positions; Maharu seemed to like the forward cowgirl the best, going up and down on him like a piston. He felt her pussy was one size too small for his 8 inches of love spear, but that didn't stop him from wanting her more and more. Maharu and the fruit stand owner raced down the corridors of passion and desire, never slowing down or looking back. It would have taken construction equipment and heavy chains to pull them apart at this point. Just when neither one of them thought they could take anymore, Maharu orgasmed. Then she did it again; he had given her multiple orgasms. Maharu had three in all, and the fruit stand owner came hard into her dripping snatch as she had her second orgasm. The third one was her climax, and she crashed into orgasmic delights with the speed of a bullet.
Afterwards, Maharu and the fruit stand owner held each other close, feeling the afterglow.
"I've always heard sex was good, but this was far better than I'd ever imagined." Both of them said at the same time. They laughed a little bit but held each other very close. "I think this is going to be a wonderful life." The fruit stand owner said.


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