Time for a Nap

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Disclaimer: I do not own Full Metal Panic, nor any of the characters from it. I do not make any money from the writing of this story.

Disclaimer: I don't own full Metal Panic and I make no money on these stories.
Warnings: Male/Male sexual activities including sodomy and drinking hot chocolate together.

Time for a Nap

Kurz Weber had his orders.
He was very capable of following orders, no matter what anyone said.
His orders on this were very distinct, very clear.
Sergeant Major Mao had told him that Sousuke was not sleeping the last few days. She was going to spend the day with the girl, and he was to make sure that Sousuke slept. Those were his orders. Make Sousuke sleep.
Sousuke had balked at each and every one of his ideas so far.
He hadn’t wanted the glass of warm milk, but had drunk it when pressed.
He had critiqued the movie for half an hour until Kurz had turned it off.
He had changed the CD of soothing music to a brass band and then marched in place for ten minutes.
Kurz was getting frustrated and angry.
“Dammit, Sagara-san. I can’t fulfill my orders if you fight me about everything.”
“Orders? What orders?” Sousuke had asked. “Tell me these orders.”
“I was to make sure that you sleep. Why don’t you want to sleep, Sagara-san?”
Sousuke then sat on the couch and looked pathetic.
“It isn’t that I don’t want to sleep, Kurz. I just can’t. I have insomnia and can’t sleep. I have had the problem for ten days now. I am worried about it, but I don’t know what to do.” And he sounded so pathetic, that Kurz sat next to him and placed his arm around his shoulder in comfort.
“I’ll help you, Sagara-san. I have a few ideas left.”
Sousuke nodded in quick agreement.
Cocoa didn’t work.
A hot shower didn’t work.
Reading didn’t work.
They tried every sleep aid they could think of and still Sousuke was wide-awake.
“I give up.” Kurz said, admitting defeat at the hands of his friend.
Sousuke sighed and looked around the room. “Don’t give up yet, Kurz. Isn’t there some other way that you can think of? Some thing that makes You sleep?”
Kurz thought for a minute. ‘No. That wouldn’t work. I mean, it would but it isn’t possible. Especially with Sousuke. I have to come up with something else.”
“What is it Kurz? Did you have another idea?” Sousuke said, seeing his friend pause.
“No. It was a bad idea. I’ll think up something.”
“We should try everything. Tell me.” Sousuke insisted.
Kurz shifted on the chair and watched the dark haired sergeant pace the room, he was incredibly tense and there had to be more to his sleeplessness than he was saying.
“What do you think is keeping you from sleeping Sagara-san?” Kurz asked.
“I-I’d rather not say. It is embarrassing.”
“Embarrassing? How could it be embarrassing?”
“When I fall asleep, I have strange dreams. I don’t think I have ever had dreams like these before.” Sousuke admitted.
“Dreams? Like sexy dreams?” Kurz asked.
“Mmm,” came the response.
“Okay. So why would that bother you? Lot’s of guys dream about pretty girls. It is natural.” But the brunet simply turned away.
“So, you have some naughty dreams, don’t worry about them. Now we need you to sleep. Have you tried dealing with your physical needs before bedtime, to release the stress?” Sousuke stared in shocked silence. “Oh. I guess not. Then suggesting you go find yourself a princess and take her is totally out, huh?”
“I don’t think you understand.” Sousuke said, and Kurz stared at him for a minute.
“Well, then. Never mind. I have an idea, but I don’t think you will like it.” The blond said looking away.
“I’ll try anything.” Sousuke said.
“It is a little out of the ordinary.” Kurz added.
“That might help.” Sousuke continued.
“It could be painful,” Kurz blurted.
“I am a military man, I am not afraid of pain.” Sousuke groused, a little insulted by the statement.
“Why did I know you would say that?” Kurz said then sighed, “Okay, come on. Let’s give it a try.” And he led the brunet to the bedroom.
“You get changed for bed, and I’ll get the things we need.” he said leaving Sousuke to strip to his boxers and a sleeveless T. Kurz entered the room and dropped something on the dresser. “Good, now here’s the deal, I am in charge, remember that? Get in bed.” He ordered and Sousuke lay on the small bed with his arm across his chest, waiting.
Kurz climbed up and straddled Sousuke’s hips. The brunet stared up at him. At some point the blond had changed into his shorts and a t-shirt and as he sat above Sousuke, he pulled the shirt over his head.
“What are you doing Weber?” Sousuke asked.
“Shh. Now, let’s begin.” And the blond leaned down and placed both of his hands on the pillow beside Sousuke’s head. He pressed his lips to the juncture of Sousuke’s throat and shoulder and felt the brunet tighten under him. “Mmm, relax Sagara-kun, you can’t possibly sleep if you are so tense.” He whispered along the other’s neck. Sousuke felt the air on his skin and his eyes drooped closed. His arms slid loose and dropped to the bed beside him.
Kurz made his way up the side of Sousuke’s neck until he crested the brunet’s chin and made his way to the mouth that hung open in surprise. His lips contacted the others and Sousuke jerked away in reflex.
“Kurz?” he said, as the blond looked down at him.
“Yes, Sagara-san.” Kurz answered.
“Is this part of your idea?” Sousuke asked and Kurz nodded silently.
Sousuke waited as Kurz continued to move above him, unsure what to do with his arms.
Kurz allowed his hands to maneuver under the hem of Sousuke’s shirt and soon had it up and over the brunet’s head. Sousuke felt the hands of the blond move along his chest and down to his covered belly. He was nearly distracted by the feeling of Kurz lips on his, when he felt hands pull the band of his boxers and move them down his hips.
“Kurz, is this really going to work?” he asked as the blond moved his lips down the front of his chest and left a wet trail behind. Kurz slid his hand down and placed his palm on Sousuke’s member sending a jolt of sensation up through the brunet’s body.
“I think it will. What do you think, Sagara-san?” Kurz purred into his ear.
“I think perhaps you should call me Sousuke if you are going to be kissing me?” The sergeant said, and Kurz smiled.
“An interesting idea, Sousuke.” And his lips made contact once more, as the hand began to rub in slow circles and Sousuke felt his body respond to the firm touches.
Kurz rose up and stood, watching as Sousuke breathed heavily and watched him. He crossed to the dresser and retrieved his possession from it. Sousuke was still watching as he stripped out of his shorts and crawled back up to press his own straining member against Sousuke’s and shift above the moaning sergeant.
“Kurz, what are you doing now?” Sousuke asked as the blond leaned to one side pressing his hardened cock onto the brunet’s leg as he opened his tube and squeezed it. The blond looked down at him and pecked his mouth once before speaking.
“This is where that pain I warned you about, comes in. Relax, Sousuke-kun. I will be careful.” And the brunet felt the intrusion of fingers in his body. Kurz twisted and turned his hand as he coaxed the muscles to relax. He watched as Sousuke ground his teeth in an attempt to endure and then he pulled the fingers away. “Now, we use up that last little bit of energy that is allowing you to do anything but sleep. When I am done with you, you won’t be able to stay awake if you want to. So, do you think you should tell me what it is that is keeping you awake before or not?” Sousuke glared at him and Kurz shrugged.
He pushed the brunet’s legs up and wrapped his arms around them as he pulled Sousuke’s behind up onto his knees and lined his dick up with the brunet’s entrance. Sousuke watched in a detached way as he was positioned. Then Kurz shifted one last time and pushed himself in. Sousuke cried out as his body was impaled and his lower half burned with the strain of the penetration. It didn’t last long, but it took all of his concentration to keep from crying or making some other foolish sound.
Kurz shifted and moved as Sousuke lay back and tried to relax. His body fought the intrusion but the pain subsided as the organ shifted within him. Soon the two were moving together and Sousuke had forgotten the pain as the blond moved within and his mouth found the tender flesh of Sousuke’s chest and toyed with a tawny nipple.
Sousuke gasped at the feel and Kurz smiled around the tight flesh. The feeling of being filled was so different that Sousuke was unsure what to think. He was beginning to enjoy this activity and then the blond reached down and stroked his cock once giving him a jolt of pure joy. Sousuke had now figured out what to do with those arms as they reached around the blond and held him fast, pushing himself against the thrust that were impaling him and matching those thrusts one for one.
Kurz had given up trying to speak or continue to kiss the brunet who's teeth were held tightly closed in a growl that emanated from his deepest core, and he let them wander behind the others ear to lick and tickle there. Then as Sousuke shifted once, he plunged in deeply striking the sergeant’s prostate as he took his earlobe in his teeth and held firmly.
Sousuke let loose a cry and his body jerked into the others, shifting and moving erratically. Kurz felt this and his own system gave him no more time. He too, began to thrust wildly and his core heat moved through his veins.
They came together, teeth clenched and fingers gripping painfully onto each other. Kurz pulled Sousuke’s mouth to his and forced his tongue between the locked jaw he met, bruising not only lips but gums as well.
Sousuke went slack against him and Kurz released him. The brunet was panting heavily and his eyes were closed lightly. Kurz waited and watched as Sousuke looked up at him and stared.
Kurz could take it no longer and he smiled as his own breathing began to level out. He looked between them to where Sousuke’s organ had purged itself and smirked.
“Well, now. How was that?” he asked slowly.
“Nnnh,” The brunet responded.
Kurz reached over and tossed the opened tube to the floor and grabbed a damp cloth he had placed there earlier. He cleaned the mess and tossed it to the floor also. Then he pulled the covers over them and dropped next to the very relaxed brown haired sergeant.
“Now, even I couldn’t stay awake.” He said as he curled up and rested his head on Sousuke’s shoulder. In less then five minutes they were both asleep.

Melissa came home late that night, and found the apartment silent. She smiled at the fact that for once Kurz Weber had followed orders. She peeked carefully into Sousuke’s room and nearly fell on to the floor in shock as she took in the sight of the two men curled up together, sleeping like a couple.
She closed the door and walked away.

The two sergeants slept late the next day, and when the sunshine through the window refused to allow them any further rest, Kurz lifted his head. He was met by the glaring eyes of the brunet. ‘Great.’ He thought. ‘This is why I hate mornings after.’
“Hey, Sousuke. Are you all right?” he asked.
“I’ve been waiting for you to wake up. I want to say something.” He began. Kurz shifted up and rested his head on his arm as the brunet stared straight ahead and refused to meet his gaze. “The thing that has kept me awake is fear that I would dream about You again. I have had several dreams about you, and they were very confusing. In them you are always with out your shirt and touching yourself. I am sorry for dreaming these things about you without your permission.”
“Sousuke? If it helps you sleep, I’ll give you my permission to dream whatever you want about me. But, I like this method of helping you sleep better.” Kurz said.
Sousuke’s lips tightened like he was fighting to keep them from making an expression and he turned to the blond. His eyes twinkled slightly as his mouth won out and a smile filled his face.
“Me, too!”

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