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Tonight, The Critic’s Guild’s finest reviewer, Misato Hiroaki was given the to chance to interview five of the Anime World’s most bankable stars, not to mention that all of them were nominated as Anime’s Most Eligible Bachelors. Let’s get the ‘examination’ started.

Ms. Hiroaki: You guys were voted as the most sought after Anime stars of this year, could you tell us how you feel?

Allen Shezar: Well, I feel really flattered to be noted as one. Since it’s my first time, I I’m really exhilarated..
Kenshin Himura: Actually, I don’t know why I’m voted in. but hey, what can a samurai do when people can’t get enough of him. (grins jokingly)
Yogi Kuduo: What can I say? Girls love me. (gets smacked by the other guys)
Kurama Minamino: I was voted as one for five consecutive years now but I’m still not used to having all these attention.
Rukawa Kaede: I don’t care as long as this nomination doesn’t get between me and basketball.

Ms. Hiroaki: Alright, Since valentines is fast coming, any ideas on who you’d love to take out on a date on Saturday night?

Schezar: Actually, I already asked Hitomi out but she still haven’t answered favorably.
Yogi: You know bro, that girl has her eyes and heart zoomed in on one person, and I tell you that person’s not you. Why don’t you ask Millerna out?
Schezar: She’s getting married….. ( sounding shocked)
Yogi: Your point is?
Schezar: Aaaaah… whatever.
Kenshin: Well, Kauro’s already planned our date, so I guess I’ll just go with the flow.
Yogi: At the rate you are going, by the next month or two there’s going to be a Mrs. Himura. Hahahahaha
Schezar: Ohh just shut up..
Kurama: I’ve got no date yet. Still looking. (Flashing that devilish smile)
Yogi: Me? I’ve got lots of dates. Don’t even know if I can make it back to bed knowing I’d be so tired the whole day. Hahahaha.
Rukawa: I’d rather sleep on that day. Girls are complicated and totally unstable.

Ms. Hiroaki: Hey, I resent that…..
Yogi: Easy, that guy’s just goading you.

Ms. Hiroaki: Hmmmp. Anyway, what type of girls do you like? Mr. Rukawa can skip the question if he has nothing good to say..

Schezar: Well, I like girls who can seem so vulnerable yet at the same time is capable of protecting themselves. Sort of damsels never caught in distress.
Kenshin: Hard to say.. I’ve little experience with girls.
Yogi: We know.
All the other guys: Yogiiii.
Kurama: I guess I would like friendliness in a girl. Someone who can understand what I want and don’t. I guess nice and good will do.
Yogi: Any female who looks good in my bed.
All the other guys: Yogiiiii
Yogi: What???? What did I say????
Rukawa: hmmmm… I guess someone who can understand that she isn’t my first priority. That is she always after basketball.

Ms. Hiroaki. { I really hate this guy} Anyway, this next question’s mandatory, what do you consider your sexiest moves in the Animes that you did?

Schezar: I don’t think I have any sexy moves to my credit.
Yogi: Yeah right. Well what can you say about that lip action you did with Hitomi? Huh.. huh??
Schezar:Oh that. It was only a friendly kiss.
Yogi: no tongue?
Schezar: definitely no tongue… hey your not the interviewer
Yogi: Oh right right…
Kurama: I don’t consider my self sexy.
Ms. Hiroaki: I don’t think that’s what your fans think. How ‘bout Mr. Kenshin?
Kenshin: Can I skip that?
Yogi: Oh come on Samurai, tell them about the sauna incident?
Ms. Hiroaki: Sauna incident?
Yogi: Yeah, the one where Kenshin showed Kauro and Megumi all that he got. Hahahaha.
Kenshin: (Seriously blushing) I didn’t notice I was wearing nothing…
Yogi: Hahahaha. Anyway (trying to wipe tears of laughter)You know me I’m sexiest when I’m in bed. Although I’m never in a hentai story. Horny as I am, I still got principles. How ‘bout you Rukawa?
Rukawa: Sexiest? When I’m dunking and shooting, does that count? (grinning like a sly fox)
Yogi: Are you double-talking?

Ms Hiroaki: Ok, let’s get a little wholesome now. If you guys ever owned a pet, what would it be?

Schezar: A dragon and a digimon.
Kenshin: I already got a fox, raccoon and a weasel. I guess I’ll settle for a dog. (smiling)
Kurama: a white fox and a cat.
Yogi: a goldish, a pocket monster and the girls of bubblegum crisis. Come to papa….
Rukawa: my basketball.

Ms. Hiroaki: If they ever created a crossover, which anime characters would you like to work with?

Schezar: I think I’d like to work with Jenny from “Autumn in my Heart”.
Ms. Tomoe: I don’t think she’s anime..
Schezar: oh yeah.. right. Ummm…. Think Usagi Dioquino.
Yogi: I’d like to work with the Magic Knght Rayearth girls, the Ragnarok babes……
Kenshin: I’d like to stick to my current position, but if there would be a cameo, I think I’d like to have Miyuki Kobayakawa.
Yogi: Miaka , Tea Gardner, Belldandy, Erika (the daimos babe), Anna yanagi…..
Kurama: hmmmm…. Any female.
Yogi: Jenny, Charlene, Suzie, Mikaela, Anna Kuriyama, Aira, Fiona, Fujiko….
Rukawa: I don’t want anyone.
Yogi: Sakura Kinomoto, Kagome, Bulma and the Sailormoon babes. That’s about it.

Ms. Hiroaki: You guys have become role models, particularly for young men. What’s the message that you would want to give to young men?

Schezar: I think young men should pursue the ideals they find suitable for themselves. I became a knight cause chose to be one.
Kenshin: Make sure you don’t hurt people who are weaker than you are. Remember, you are strong because you help those who are weak.
Kurama: Studies are important. Without knowledge nobody would succeed.
Yogi: The trick in courting girls is to make sure that they feel cherish. Sending them roses doesn’t hurt either.
Rukawa: Just keep this in mind, No one can ever defeat me at basketball.

Ms. Hiroaki: What is it you want your fans to know about you?
Kenshin: That I’m not only good in Samurai slashing. I can also cook decent food.
Yogi: Even better than Kauro?
Kenshin: I can’t answer that. I’ll get clobbered. Oro…
Yogi: To all my fans, I want you to know that there’s more to me than my handsome face. Beneath this handsome exterior, I’m really a good guy.
Schezar: Can’t you say anything decent?
Kurama: (still smiling) My hair is not dyed. It’s natural.
Rukawa: I desperately need sleep.

Ms Hiroaki: What’s the biggest misconception you think people have about you?

Kenshin: I guess people think that since we are celebrities everything’s easy for us.
Schezar: I agree. It’s tough when people think you can do everything.
Yogi: I can do anything.
Rukawa: yeah, me too.
Kurama: (sweat drops) this interview is quite not the usual.
Ms. Hiroaki (sweat drops too) You noticed it too?

Ms. Hiroaki: Well anyway, how does it feel like working for your creators?

Kurama: Yoshihiro Togashi-san was very nice to all of us. He’s the best director I’ve ever come across.
Schezar: Yasuhiro Nightow’s just great.
Kenshin: I’m sorry I can’t seem to remember… (Sonna)
Rukawa: Inoue Takehiko’s not bad. I like him. ( Of course you do. You outshine the leading man, Sakuragi, in all aspects)
Yogi: Creator? What’s that?


Ok ok that was one lousy fan fic but hey… I tried no lemon here…. Sorry!!!! ^_^’

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