My, My, Imai! Vol. I

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Disclaimer: I do not own Fruits Basket or any characters, names, locations, etc. from the series. If I did, it probably wouldn't be as cute as it is.

Author Note: Please take note that this fiction was created from an RP currently being held by myself and a friend of mine. The format of the RP has been changed for story purposes, but everything else has been kept in its original form. Also, please take note that the original character, Imai, was created LONG before the anime or manga had been released in America; I had kept up with the fan-subbed series as it was being released in Japan, and since Kureno does not appear in the anime, I didn't know he existed until the manga was released in America. Imai was created in that knowledge or lack thereof. Also, take note that the names of the characters (there's more than two; lots of cameos!) will be stated above their respective actions. All characters, save Hatori, were played by myself.

Warnings: This fiction is NOT PWP, and WILL go on for quite some time with many, many chapters. Explicit content of a violent nature will occur, but there can be no promises as to any content of sexual nature; the RP hasn't reached that point, yet. Constructive criticism is greatly appreciated and flames will be ignored.

It was just about time for Imai's monthly check-up with the family doctor, Hatori. So far, she had contracted no major illnesses of any sort, which only fueled the rumor that Akito's constant illnesses were due to his status in the family. A farfetched rumor, by far, but then again... Thirteen of the family turned into animals.

Imai was one of those thirteen; cursed with the spirit of the rooster, she was supposed to be couragous, hardworking, and even skilled to some extent. But her 'imprisonment' by her elder brother kept her from showing such wondrous traits, or even her more negative ones. She had no room to be courageous and hardworking or selfish and arrogant.

She had not escaped the family curse by any stretch of the imagination, nor had she escaped the family blessing of typical good-looks. She wasn't a goddess, per say, but she wasn't hard on the eyes. Her hair was, at best, waist-length and the hue of the truest of reds. The slight shagginess of her bangs almost always kept her bright, golden eyes hidden from view. Perhaps for the best, for they always seemed to look empty.

She was like a drone, at times. Hardly speaking, barely moving; as though she were in a constant traumatized state of mind. On the rarest of occasions, she split a smile, yet now was not one of those times.

She felt comfortable, somewhat, with Hatori, but she did not know him well. This hindrance kept her from willingly going to her appointments without some form of prompting... Like now. She sat in the rear garden of the section of homes she shared with her iron-fisted brother, her rump having been firmly planted on the small bench that overlooked the fish pond for the past hour. She looked a bit tired, and her loose-fitting kimono only proved to make her look smaller than she really was.

She was about the size of her brother, perhaps smaller, but never as frail. The deep green kimono she wore made her look like a toothpick shoved into a sock, however, and she did not look comfortable.

Mostly, she was just uncomfortable having to serve out her appointment with Hatori; she didn't care very much for anyone, even a doctor, to be poking around at her body. She'd rather die of neglect than to feel one more cold instrument placed on her flesh.

Tick tock, tick tock, went the sound of the quartz clock that sat in a far corner of his study's desk, the bigger hand moving slowly, but surly around the Roman numerals of gold as it became later. First, it had been only ten after the hour, and now it had drawn closer to nearly half of one. Imai was late and Hatori wasn't exactly too worried about it, for there was no where should could be but near the Main House.

Finally, at thirty-five after, he gently closed the book he had been leafing through while waiting and stood up from the leather chair that complimented his furniture set. Hatori saw all the Souma family members in this room: his place of relaxation and work, making only an exception when it came to Akito whom he carried his medical tools to.

Servant were sent about on the look out, though the doctor searched a bit himself through the long stretches of hallways, never once calling out the girl's name lest he get her in trouble. It was only a few moments after that a maid returned, reporting that she'd spotted the girl near the back recess of the garden just a few yards from the koi pond. Hatori thanked her, then 'rounded his way back to his study to pick up his bag and make his way outside through the sliding door there.

He said nothing as he approached, his dress shoes being the only thing making a sound as the crunched on the gravel walkways. He was in his usual apparel: slacks, a button-up shirt, and a white coat with a stethoscope slung casually about his neck. Still nothing was said, and he came to a stop just feet away, gaze steady on his patient even though one eye was curtained by the style of his dark hair. Hatori wasn't exactly a mean man, but he always had a stony expression to his face, and now was no exception. He was sure his presence alone in the garden would remind the girl of what exactly she was late for.

Oh, she knew what she was late for, and she was only sorry that she couldn't have had ten more minutes to procrastinate on it. But when she heard Hatori's shoes crunching on the gravel of the walkway, she only offered an askance look through the shaggy drape of her bright hair. The look she offered in response to his silence was not one of loathing or anger, but rather indifference. She merely wanted nothing to do with the tools in his handbag, they really only irritated her.

She stood, then, without saying a thing and pulled her kimono tighter around her. No need to give a show, despite the numerous times Hatori had seen her without. He served as doctor in all aspects, the more unpleasant ones included. No words passed between them as she made her way toward him, and then right past him. Her destination was that which he wanted; his office. She could no sooner run from her dreaded appointment than she could from the family; that, at least, she understood... Despite the fact that she was late, as always.

It never failed that he had to search for her, for she never went to his office of her own accord. At least she was healthier than Akito, but if the elder boy ever found out about her tardiness, she'd been in for it. She was knocking on trouble's door and running away with these small acts of defiance, but she'd seen her brother's anger before, and she see it again, no doubt, for whatever reason.

As long as she did show up eventually, Hatori had no problem with searching the place for her. It wasn't his nature to say anything about the small signs of rebellion, for they weren't at all any trouble for him. However, if Imai didn't show up and he was asked about it by Akito, then he would have no other choice but to tell. That would be a day he would not be looking forward to.

Hatori followed after her, silent as ever even when they reached the study and went back inside. It was bright, windows thrown open to welcome in the golden warmth of the sun, the Sakura trees in bloom with the pleasant weather outside on delicately twisted branches. Sparrows even hobbled around on the sills on the far end, chirping a song of summer as they flapped and eventually darted off into the blue of the clear sky. Hatori's study had the best view of the nice afternoons in the dryer seasons, and it was no wonder that he spent most of his time there.

The appointments were like a routine, and the doctor was already pulling out a chair for Imai to re-seat herself in. It was only after that did he finally speak, voice deep, though gentle as he set his bag on his desk to open and rummage carefully through.

"Anything that I should know about?" he asked, drawing out seemingly random instruments.

Her footsteps were light and delicate on the flooring, and moving like a shadow on the sea, she made her silent way into his office, taking the 'offered' seat in typical indifference. Imai eyed Hatori instead of enjoying the view his office gave, paying the birds and the breeze no mind as she watched him rummage through his bag. She cared as much for his instruments as she did for the smell of his office; it always seemed to reek of cigarettes and medicine, and she didn't care much for the mix. It was a wonder that the poor doctor didn't have lungs the color of coal by this time.

At his question, her tired eyes finally lifted from his dreadful bag to land on his face. He was handsome for his age, she mused, but then again, everyone in the family was beautiful... Beautiful with issues.

She remembered, vaguely, the problems that Hatori'd had with his desire to marry Kanna, and while she had felt strangely sorry for the entire ordeal, she had never dared voice a word of it, not even to herself when she had her time alone. It was quite sad that everyone in the family had to suffer because of her mad brother; she hardly remembered the last time she'd seen Akito's eyes actually look soft instead of stony and insane.

"My throat has been sore for two days and my sinuses are draining."

She paused for a moment, heaving a soft and nearly inaudible sigh through her thin, pale lips.

"A bruise is on my left leg, still, and my neck is stiff as well."

It was all she said, and her voice was soft and quiet as though she found it difficult, mentally, to say anything at all. But her voice could easily be mistaken for that of an angel, to those with ears so unused to the sound of her speech; she might have been a decent singer if she dared to try it.

At least he had the common courtesy not to smoke when he was seeing his patients?

After she'd finished speaking, Hatori plugged the plastic ends of his stethoscope into his ears and was even polite enough to touch it on the palm of his hand to warm it before pressing it to her chest after parting the neckline of the green kimono.

The sniffles and sore throat weren't too much of a concern. It was just finally starting to warm up after colder weather, and it wasn't uncommon for people to come down with flu-type symptoms. It was the stiff neck and the confession to the bruises she held that made him glance up to her briefly, though he didn't have to ask how she'd attained them.

"I can give you some pain killers to take if it's too uncomfortable."

Dropping the metal tubes with squishy ends back around his neck, he pulled her clothing up before setting the tips of his fingers at either side of Ima's throat to feel her glands.

"Have you tried drinking hot tea for the soreness?"

Hatori was always gentle in the way that he handled her, but he never warned her when moving in to conduct a possible action the girl might deem as a violation. Thus a hand came down after her glands had been examined to pull the side of her kimono away to take a look at the mentioned bruise. Hatori was a physician, the human body was nothing but work to him and it was no different when it came to treating members of his own family.

Yes, well, she was quite GLAD that he didn't light up a stink stick while he was seeing her; she could care less about what he did with the others, honestly. And she was glad that he didn't completely reek of the nastiness, despite how much he smoked. At least his teeth weren't yellow.

Her torso automatically twitched when she felt the metal instrument placed there, but she breathed slowly and steadily for him as he listened, remaining quiet to allow him to hear. She was happy to find that his hands weren't cold when he placed them to her neck, but shifted uncomfortably as he moved her kimono to inspect the bruise she harbored.

"No, I haven't."

She mumbled her response as she relaxed. There really wasn't anything for her to feel uncomfortable about when Hatori checked her over on these countless check-ups and last minute bone-sets he gave, but she WAS a woman... A self-conscious one, at that, and one that lacked a good portion of God-given self-esteem.

The bruise on her leg, which had flowered several days ago, was still a mixture of purples, blues, and yellows. Thankfully, it didn't spread into anything much larger than a fist, though it still gave her a bit of trouble. Her neck had been stiff for the same number of days, but she'd been glad that she hadn't suffered too much of Akito's wrath that night. Though there had been a great deal of screaming on his part, he didn't seem to have had enough energy to really give her anything more than a few stiff cuffs and throws. She'd seen much worse.


Hatori, finished for the most part with this check up, pulled the soft fabric of her clothes back around her as he moved to a cabinet that jutted out from the wall behind his desk. Inside there were all sorts of bottles; some filled with pills while the others were a myriad of colored liquid. It was his own private collection that he kept stocked up with connections from the hospital and the drug store, having a supply of everything anyone of the Sohma family might need.

A moment of searching went by, and then he was coming back towards here with two small boxes with blue writing printed across its front clutched idly in one hand and a plastic bottle in the other.

"These are lozenges and pills. They'll help with the sore throat and sinuses, though I still recommend drinking tea as often as possible along ," he explained, handing the box first. Then came the bottle.
"Take one of these at first for the pain in your neck, but if it's not enough, then up the does to two. If nothing gets better, then come back to see me."

And that was that, though Hatori lifted his brows and looked completely serious when he closed the examination with a question out of the blue. "Would you like a sticker?" As if it would make up for all the trouble Imai had to go through these monthly things. Hatori had a dry sense of humor.

She watched him as he went to the cupboard, idly wondering just what he was planning on giving her. When he brought the items back, she nodded at his words and took the items as he handed them to her. Out of simple curiosity, she looked at the bottle and then at the box, as though attempting to find out just what was in them. A perk of hers; she did it every time he gave her something, no matter if he told her what it was or not.

With his final, closing question, her eyes raked their way back up to find his own. Was he feeling alright? Rarely did he offer anything other than stone words and expressions with their less-than-lively conversations... If one could call them that. But Imai cracked a small smile, the rare expression tweaking the edges of her fine lips to give a rare peek of pearly whites underneath, not to mention a lighter side of her demeanor.

"... I didn't know you had stickers."

She didn't know he had a sense of HUMOR, either. But, even though it might have brightened her day to be able to think 'I got a sticker from my doctor for being a good girl', she politely shook her head 'no' before the smile faded once again. The meager smiles and bell-like laughs were as often as a total eclipse of the sun; one might count himself lucky to see it in his lifetime, blessed to see it more than once.

Hatori didn't smile exactly, but there was something definitely softer in his features before he turned and made his way back to his desk, sitting his lanky frame down in it almost carelessly before pulling open a bottom drawer. From it, he took out a small shoe box of assorted stickers piled up inside followed by a plastic container of a quarter-costing suckers of various flavors.

"Momiji-kun likes them best," he said, leaning back in his chair then and propping his feet up on the desk's top.

His work was done and he was more than welcomed to lounge in his own study and put whatever he wished on furniture he personally bought and brought in.

He wasn't looking at her anymore, however, attention going elsewhere as he patted the tailored vest he wore until he dug into an inside pocket, withdrawing a box of 'stink sticks' and pulling one out. He didn't light it right away, for he still had to locate his pack of matches and was still being courteous to the patient that occupied his space of business.

Imai wasn't completely surprised to find him lounging so... Comfortably and loosely while she was still there. She found that he often did this when his work was finished, and he never did rush her out of his office. With her precious medicine still in hand, she pattered over to his desk. Her movements were almost cautious... Perhaps tentative, at best. But once she reached it, she looked like a young child as she peered into the container of suckers. She may not be able to enjoy a sticker for too long, but she was... Well... A sucker for suckers. She had a sweet-tooth, and she rarely got any form of candy; a mere sliver of chocolate was a delicacy to the young woman.

She watched him pull out a stink-stick, but she didn't seem to mind. At least he wasn't lighting up, but she did notice him looking for some sort of fire to light it with. Keen eyes saw that he didn't have them anywhere in his pockets, but rather on his desk.

"... By your foot."

She offered the location of the matches before reaching for them. Really, there wasn't any need for him to get up once he'd made himself comfortable, and the least she could do was hand him his matches. She was certain he needed that nasty nicotine anyway; he always looked like he had a rough day.

Coffee and cigarettes seemed to be the only things that kept Hatori going these days along with his promise to the family to keep them in their best health. Honestly, that was really all that he had left, and just as Imai never brought it up, Hatori never openly talked about anything pertaining to his past to anyone. Except maybe vaguely to his two best friends, Ayame and Shigure.

When the whereabouts of his matches had been revealed, Hatori started to sit up, though Imai had beaten him to it and he simply watched the girl as she came close and then offered them to her on her own. Hatori had no particular expression on his face through this exchange, but his strange, blue eyes -- the color of winter with pupils inhumanly small as the only giveaway to his 'dragon' form -- kept steady on her as he finally reached out to take them. Long fingers curled around the end, careful not to let skin brush upon skin as he took them from her.

"Thank you."

Tucking the cigarette between his lips, he still didn't seem to want to light it right away even with the matches in his hand, letting it bob from between then when he added,

"You can help yourself."

The suckers were cheap, but were effective, he found, when working with children to get them to cooperate better the next go around. Not that he was implying anything, for his practice was a little different now that he worked at home.

When she handed him the matches, she watched him as though expecting him to leap out and bite her... But she had never felt so brave before in her life. She was handing him a pack of matches instead of scurrying out of his office like a scared kitten, and they were exchanging words that had nothing to do with his business with her.

"... You're welcome."

Her mumbled words accompanied a quaint nod of thanks as she peered once again into the container of suckers. Oh! A red one! She loved the red ones, and was glad to find that even though Momiji seemed to like them, too, that there was more than a few left. Tentatively, she reached her hand in and took one.

"Did you say 'thank you'..?"

Akito had appeared at the door as silently as a wolf stalking its prey. He looked as equally tired as his sibling, but a little more vexed. He was highly agitated today.

Imai's heart skipped so suddenly, that she feared that her brother might have heard it. She had hoped to escape him, at least for today, but her prayers had gone unanswered. Meekly, she turned to Hatori, bowing low.

"Thank you, Hatori-san."

As if being silently summoned by the elder boy at the door, she slowly backed out of the office. She looked like a trapped animal when Akito laid a hand on her back in a feigned gentle manner. It was apparent that she, like everybody else, wanted to escape. She disappeared behind the doorjamb and around the corner, her tiny feet shuffling alongside her sibling as he led her back to their own quarters.

It was by this time that Hatori desperately needed the toxic fumes of the 'stink stick', a flash of light followed by the sudden and pungent smell of sulfur filled the room as the used match head was tossed into an ashtray kept on his desk. With a sound inhale of breath, the gray smoke swirled up and filtered through the room, trailing up from the ashy end like a lazy snake as it hung thick in the air.

"Good afternoon, Akito-san. Your checkup isn't for a while yet."

Hatori had dropped his gaze by then, arms draping over the sides of his office chair as he made no move to discontinue his lounging. Akito was always sudden with his random visits, though he was never unwelcome at any time. Everyone who lived or spent any length of time in the Main House knew this and if they didn't... Well, then they were taught the hard way.

Hatori didn't offer the head of the family a seat, not sure how long he was going to choose to stay, confident that Akito would help himself to anything in his study that he wished.

But he hadn't remained for very long at all... He had merely come to see his precious sister. At Hatori's words, Akito let slip one of his ruthless, mad smiles.

"Good afternoon, Hatori. I've merely come to get my dear sister; she and I were to have lunch together."

He did not offer Hatori to join them; the less friendly contact Imai had with others, the better. He wasn't going to allow her to have anything with anybody. He had been unable to keep Imai from getting closer to Shigure, but he wasn't about to let it happen with somebody that she could feasibly see every day if she so wished. Besides... The further he kept her from the world, the more miserable she could be. And she deserved it, and worse, for killing their mother like she had. If he could honestly get away with killing the girl, he would do it without second thought.

He offered a sneer to the doctor before laying a hand on Imai's back, faking the gentle touch as he turned his back and led the girl away. She was disgusting; he didn't want to touch her, even to beat her... But sometimes, it was nice to keep her on her toes.

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