A New Ranger

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Girls Bravo: A New Ranger

Summary: Mamoru Machida recruits a new Mamoru ranger... Koyomi, but not very willingly. M/F

Koyomi was walking outside Yukinari's school, and had some papers with her. She slipped and fell, scattering the papers all over the ground.
"Ow!" She said as she hit the ground. Suddenly a strange-looking man in a Mexican Wrestler mask and a red outfit appeared.
"Ah-ha! Someone is trying to dirty my school again! Stop right there, you vile villain!" Koyomi was scared witless as she scurried up a tree to hide. Machida gathered up the papers that Koyomi dropped.
"Do you realize how much this hurts the environment!?" Machida asked. At that time Yukinari and Miharu passed by.
"Paper is not something you can just drop on the ground, you know!" Machida shouted.
"You're yelling at a tree about littering?" Miharu asked, very confused.
"There's a girl in the tree that has littered all these papers here. It's my duty to set her on the right path to cleanliness!" Machida responded.
"A girl in the tree?" Yukinari asked. Miharu and Yukinari looked in the tree and saw Koyomi hiding in the tree. "Koyomi, what are you doing in that tree?" Miharu asked.
"Miharu...? Is he gone?" Koyomi replied very nervously.
"Come on down, Koyomi. It's safe." Miharu said.
"You'll have to forgive her. She's terrified of men. She probably saw you and panicked." Yukinari told Machida. Koyomi nervously climbed out of the tree, but kept Miharu and Yukinari between her and Machida.
"Well, there's one sure-fire way to be cured of that! You should join the Mamoru Rangers!" Machida responded. Before anyone could react, Machida had dressed Koyomi in a pink Mamoru Rangers outfit. Koyomi scampered up the tree again in terror, screaming her head off.
"I think you did more harm than good." Yukinari noted as he and Miharu looked downhearted.
"The uniform commands respect! No man would ever dare harm Mamoru ranger pink!" Machida said.
Then things really got ugly: Kazuhara Fukuyama showed up.
"Oh no." Yukinari and Miharu thought at the same time.
"Well, if it isn't Chibi-nari and the delectable Miharu." Fukuyama said. "So why are you so interested in the tree?" Fukuyama then looked into the tree and saw Koyomi there. She was shaking like a leaf and scared witless. Fukuyama perked up.
"Well! You look really fetching in pink, Koyomi. Of course, you'd look better in nothing at all." Fukuyama noted.
"Hey, you leave Mamoru pink alone!" Machida responded.
"Why on earth would she go with a loser like you when she could have me?" Fukuyama asked arrogantly.
"Mamoru pink has sworn her life to cleanliness! Your dirty perversions are not welcome here!" Machida said.
"Well, what could you possibly do to me? You're just as shrimpy as Chibi-nari here." Fukuyama said arrogantly. Machida had enough of Fukuyama, and then gave him an uppercut. Fukuyama went down like lead, but scrambled to his feet.
"What? How DARE you!" Fukuyama said in anger. Machida gave him a kick that sent Fukuyama flying off into the distance.
"We Mamoru rangers stick together, lover of slime!" Machida said as Fukuyama disappeared in a speck of light.
"Whoa. Fukuyama's going to take a long time to recover from that." Yukinari said.
Machida offered Koyomi his hand. "Come out of the tree, Mamoru Pink. That evil man is gone." He said.
"Oh no." Miharu thought. Koyomi did as she was told.
"You have saved me." Koyomi said. She took his hand and climbed out of the tree.
"I think that this might be bad." Miharu said.
"Why do you say that?" Yukinari asked.
"On Serin, if a man rescues a woman, and offers her his hand, she is bound to do what he asks her for that day." Miharu said.
"It's known as the ritual of Sa'materito."
"This is very bad." Yukinari said.
"Well, Mamoru pink, we cannot rest until the school is clean! There's a lot more work we must do!" Machida said. He and Koyomi exited the area as the bell rang.
"Oh man, we're going to be late again!" Yukinari said.
During class, Machida had changed into his school uniform and removed his mask.
"In school, I am merely Machida Mamoru." He told Koyomi. "Address me as Machida-kun here."
"O.k." Koyomi nervously replied. The rest of the school day went without incident.
After school, Machida and Koyomi donned their costumes and set about cleaning the school.
"Cleanliness will promote a sound mind and body." Machida said.
"Right." Koyomi replied.
Fukuyama appeared out of nowhere and grabbed Koyomi's luscious rack.
"You know you want it, babe." Fukuyama said smugly.
"Hey you pervert! Respect the Mamoru ranger uniform!" Machida said.
"Please stop..." Koyomi said meekly.
"What Kazuhara Fukuyama wants, I get." Fukuyama replied smugly. Machida ran up to him and struck Fukuyama hard, sending the latter flying off into the distance. He then offered his hand to her again.
"Are you o.k., Mamoru Pink?" He asked.
She held his hand. "Thank you for saving me." Koyomi said.
Several blocks away, Kirie Kojima was completely naked and entering the bathtub.
"Finally, I get a chance to relax and unwind after a rough day at school." She thought. However, a split-second later, Fukuyama crashed through the roof and landed at Kirie's feet. He had some hives on him as well.
"AAAIIIEEEE!!! HOW DARE YOU DO THIS, YOU FILTHY PERVERT!!!" Kirie shouted as she reached for the towel. Kirie then gave Fukuyama several kicks while covering herself up with the towel. Once wrapped in the towel, Kirie gave Fukuyama an uppercut that sent him back out the hole in the roof. After he left, Tomoka entered wearing only a towel.
"Oh my... what happened?" Tomo asked.
"I caught that pervert Fukuyama trying to spy on me." Kirie said.
"Man... I'm glad I'm not in his shoes."
Tomo said. The two of them disrobed and entered the water together. They started to relax.
"He shouldn't be back." Kirie said.
Back at the school, Machida and Koyomi were standing on top of the school. Fukuyama flew in and crashed at Koyomi's feet.
"You again!?" Machida snapped. "I will not have you hurting Mamoru Pink!" Machida then smacked Fukuyama again, sending him flying. Once again, Fukuyama landed in the bath where Kirie and Tomoka were bathing.
"YOU GODDAMNED PERVERT!! DIDN'T YOU LEARN YOUR LESSON LAST TIME!?" Kirie shouted as she and Tomo grabbed their towels. After covering up, Tomo readied a magic spell.
"Obviously not. We have to teach him again!" Tomo said. She joined in with Kirie in cleaning Fukuyama's clock. This time, Tomoka hit Fukuyama with a powerful magical blast that knocked Fukuyama over the school and into the hedge maze of his home. He landed squarely on a thorn bush, but was unconscious when he landed there.
Back at school, Machida escorted Koyomi home. He stayed with her in case Fukuyama showed up again. Fortunately he didn't, and Koyomi was glad to see Yukinari and Miharu.
"Are you O.k., Koyomi? Did he do anything bad to you?" Yukinari asked.
"I'm - I'm fine. We just cleaned up the school." Koyomi replied nervously.
"I was worried about you." Yukinari said.
"Well, now that you are free of the ritual of Sa'materito, you can relax." Miharu said with a smile.
"He... he saved me a second time." Koyomi said nervously.
Miharu's face turned from happy to worry. "Oh my..." She said.
"What does that mean?" Yukinari asked.
"That means she is bound to him for a year." Miharu said. "One more and she must become his bride."
"Does he even know that he's doing this?" Yukinari asked.
"I - I don't think so." Koyomi replied.
"Is there a way out of this?" Yukinari asked.
"The only way out is for him to invoke the ritual of release." Miharu said.
"That involves him saying that he does not like me anymore, and he absolves me from all obligations." Koyomi said.
"We should talk to him about this." Miharu said.
"I - I can't." Koyomi said.
"Someone should. That leaves you, Miharu." Yukinari said.
"Why don't you do it yourself?" A female voice asked. Kirie entered, attired in a T-shirt and miniskirt.
"It's about time you stood up for yourself and others. Just what is it going to take for you to do that?" Kirie asked.
"I want to do it, but I just can't." Yukinari said.
"*SIGH* Looks like it's up to me again. What exactly am I doing here?" Kirie asked. They explained the situation to her.
"That is the stupidest ritual I have ever heard of!" Kirie shouted. "Who the hell would come up with something as cockamamie as that!?"
"It is a centuries old tradition on Serin. It ensures that every man has a wife." Miharu said.
The next day Yukinari, Kirie an Miharu confronted Machida over this, and explained everything to him. He listened and looked at them as if they were crazy.
"Mamoru pink is with me because she wants respect. She has sworn to uphold the oath of cleanliness and work to make the world a cleaner place!" He said.
Unbeknownst to anyone, Kazuhara Fukuyama had heard it all. "So, this ritual of Sa'materito will make a girl do what I want for a day? Now is the perfect chance to get Miharu to do what I want!" He said aloud. Fukuyama came from nowhere and knocked Yukinari down. He then extended his hand to Miharu.
"Oh, Miharu-chan! I just saved you from that puny-nari and I offer my hand to you! Now under the ritual of Sa'materito, you must do what I want for a day!" He said.
Nobody was amused by Fukuyama's antics, least of all Kirie.
"Yukinari wasn't trying to hurt me." Miharu said plainly. Kirie was more blunt about her desires.
"Fukuyama! You always show up at the worst possible times! Leave us alone!" Kirie shouted.
"I want that is mine by the ritual of Sa'materito! Give me Miharu now!" Fukuyama retorted. Machida Mamoru had enough of this.
"The Machida Rangers also help the helpless! You are not welcome here, mister! Machida said. He and Kirie struck Fukuyama hard, sending him back. Fukuyama retaliated by striking Machida, sending him into Koyomi. They landed with him face up and her face down on top of him. Kirie gave Fukuyama an uppercut, sending him off into the distance.
"Damn pervert." Kirie said. She turned around and saw a blushing Koyomi still lying on top of Machida.
"Are you hurt, Mamoru pink?" Machida asked.
Kirie pulled Koyomi off of Machida angrily. "WHAT ARE YOU DOING YOU FILTHY PERVERT!?" Kirie shouted at him.
"I was making sure she was o.k. Weren't you paying attention in health class when they said never move someone who might be injured!?" Machida asked. He stood up and went over to Koyomi. She was on the ground.
"Koyomi-chan, are you hurt?" Machida asked.
"Ow..." was all Koyomi said. She uneasily sat up. "I'll... I'll live." She said.
"You could have seriously hurt her." Machida admonished Kirie.
"I was protecting her from your lecherous advances you pervert!" Kirie snapped back. The bell rang at that point, and everyone had to go to class.
After school, Koyomi and Miharu were walking out of the classroom.
"Miharu, I want to ask you something." Koyomi started.
"What's up?" Miharu asked.
"Well, this morning, when Machida and I were lying on the ground, I felt something. My heart started beating faster, and I kept staring into Machida's eyes." Koyomi said.
"Oh." Miharu responded. She didn't know how to react to this.
"How do you feel when you're holding Yukinari-san?" Koyomi asked.
"Well... when I hold him, I feel more at peace with the world; he seems to say "It's all right to be you, Miharu." I feel my heart flutter sometimes." She said.
"Does this mean... I'm falling in love with Machida?" Koyomi asked.
"I couldn't tell you. You have to follow your heart." Miharu said.
At that point Machida met up with Koyomi and Miharu.
"Well, Koyomi-san, are you ready to clean this place up!?" He asked.
"Okay..." She responded.
They walked away juxtaposed as Yukinari entered.
"She still thinks she has to go with him?" Yukinari asked.
"Yukinari, it may be worse. Koyomi may be falling for him." Miharu said.
"You've got to be kidding me." Yukinari replied.
"She said that when she was lying on top of him this morning, she felt her heart flutter." Miharu said.
"I have to wonder why." Yukinari said.
"Well, we have to study. There's a test coming up on Friday."
Nearby, Koyomi and Machida were cleaning up a room. They were in their Mamoru rangers outfits. Machida talked as he swept. Koyomi washed the blackboards.
"So was all of that true? You're fighting grime with me because I did that ritual?" He asked her.
"Well... I don't know anymore; I feel very confused." Koyomi said.
"Koyomi, I release you from any ritual. I want you to be with me because you want to make this school a cleaner place." Machida said.
Koyomi didn't know how to react at first. She was taken aback.
"Domo arigato." Koyomi said. She continued to clean the blackboards until they were clean.
"You could have left me. But you stayed." Machida said.
"I know, but... I feel... safer around you." Koyomi replied.
Machida was taken aback by this. Nobody had ever Iíd that to him before.
"Oh... Machida pink, are you ready to fight the evildoers or grime?" He asked, offering his hand. "Or is there something else you want to do?"
Koyomi blushed, and then took his hand. "I... want to be with you for a while." She said meekly.
Machida pulled his mask off and smiled.
"You are like the lotus blossom ready to bloom. I want to help you be a great fighter of grime." Machida said.
The two of them walked around the school, talking and cleaning up here and there.
Then trouble appeared in the form of Kazuhara Fukuyama. He appeared out of nowhere and shoved Machida down. He then extended his hand to Koyomi.
"Well, I just saved you from that loser. Now Koyomi-babe, you have to do what I want." He said.
"Machida-san wasn't hurting me." Koyomi replied as Machida scrambled to his feet.
"Hey, keep your filthy paws off of her!" Machida said.
"Stay out of this, shrimp. I'm giving this babe the superior man she deserves, namely me." Fukuyama said arrogantly.
"I... I don't like you..." Koyomi said meekly. These words went in one ear and out the other.
"Oh, you know you want me, Koyomi-babe." Fukuyama said. Machida stood in between them. Fukuyama pushed him down again.
"Come on, babe. Get yourself a real man now." Fukuyama said.
Machida struck back, hitting Fukuyama hard. Fukuyama broke out in hives.
"Idon'twantyouyouareadirtypervertandIthinkyouarereallyawful!" Koyomi blurted out rapidly as tears filled her eyes.
"You heard the lady, get out of here!" Machida said. He then gave Fukuyama an uppercut that sent the latter flying.
Koyomi put her arms around Machida and cried on his shoulder.
"Don't worry, Koyomi-chan. It's going to be all right." Machida said. He comforted her as best he could.
Three weeks later, Koyomi came home to find Yukinari, Tomoka, and Miharu sitting around the living room watching the football (soccer) teams of Tokyo and Kyoto play.
"I... I need your help, Miharu." Koyomi said.
"What's up?" Miharu asked.
"I... made a date with Machida. I don't know what to do!" Koyomi replied.
"Well... all you should do is dress nice and be yourself." Miharu said.
Kirie entered from the restroom. "Hey, what's up?" Kirie asked.
"Koyomi made a date with Machida." Miharu announced.
"You did WHAT with him?" Kirie asked.
"It just might be the thing she needs, Kirie." Miharu said.
"I feel more relaxed around him." Koyomi said.
"This has disaster written all over it." Kirie said.
"It might also turn out to be good for her too." Miharu said.
That Saturday Machida came over to Yukinari's place. He picked up Koyomi and they went to a sushi bar. While there, they talked and got to know each other some more. Machida was a gentleman to Koyomi, surprisingly. Afterwards, he took her to a park. There they strolled beneath a quarter moon and talked, occasionally stopping to pick up a piece of trash or two. After a few hours, Machida took Koyomi home. While they stood on the front porch, Machida pulled Koyomi's hot, athletic body close to his. Then he went in for the kiss.
Koyomi didn't know what to expect here; She was caught off guard at first, but she felt the passion that Machida was sending her. She returned this passion as best she could. When they parted lips, Miharu opened the door. Koyomi and Machida parted and blushed.
"I'll see you at school, o.k.?" Machida said. He left quickly.
"So did you have a good time?" Miharu asked. Koyomi's face was only slightly red at this point, but then it turned very red.
"I... I guess so..." Koyomi said.
"Well, good for you!" Miharu said with a smile. This made Koyomi smile too. She went inside and found Yukinari studying with Kirie.
"Hey everyone, Koyomi liked her date." Miharu said.
"Please..." Koyomi said.
Kirie zipped up to Koyomi, excited.
"Details, girlfriend. I want details!" Kirie said.
"Well, we had dinner at a sushi place. The Ebi was pretty good, so was the American roll." Koyomi said. Her face was returning to normal.
"And then?" Kirie asked.
"We went to a park and cleaned up the place a bit." Koyomi said.
"O.k., I'm not making myself clear. Did you kiss?" Kirie asked.
"Well... yea..." Koyomi said, blushing again.
"How was it?" Kirie quickly asked.
"I... I liked it." Koyomi replied. She was not comfortable at all about giving her answer.
Over the next few weeks Koyomi and Machida developed a relationship as each other and as Mamoru Rangers. Fukuyama tried to break them up and steal Koyomi away every day, but he was always stopped. Once when Machida was absent, Koyomi stopped his lecherous advances by giving him a kick to the jaw. He was quite surprised but he didn't let it stop him from trying again, clueless as he is.
Well, a school dance was coming, and Koyomi wanted to go. Machida dressed in a nice outfit, and picked up Koyomi. They went to the dance and had some of the punch there. Unbeknownst to them, the punch had been spiked with sextacy. They had a few glasses and danced some slow dances. Probably the sextacy did it. Both of them were starting to feel horny, as were most everyone around them. The dance ended early as couples went off into quiet corners of the school. Machida took Koyomi home and she pulled him into her room.
"I don't know why... but I feel really..." Koyomi started. "What's the word?"
"Horny. I feel it too." Machida said. Normally he would never reach down and fondle Koyomi's hot pussy, but he did. She responded by reaching down for his hardening cock.
"I've never done this before. I'm not sure of what to do." Koyomi said.
"I 'm not completely sure myself. We'll just have to feel our way around." Machida replied.
They undressed and saw each other naked for the first time. Koyomi smiled at seeing Machida naked.
"So that's what a guy looks like naked. I've always wondered..." She said. Machida merely stroked Koyomi's hot, tight beaver and then set her down. He got her aroused and they did a bit of mutual masturbation. Koyomi pulled lovingly on Machida's rod while he slid two fingers in and out of her pussy. After a while of this, Koyomi's pussy was glistening with love lube. Machida then slid his hard boner into her snatch.
Koyomi clamped onto it and cramped up quite a bit. She really didn't feel any pain, primarily due to the sextacy she had. Machida started ramming his hard on into Koyomi's hard body. They really only did one position, that being the western missionary. Koyomi felt an intense pleasure that outweighed any pain she was having. He used a gentile rhythm as he slid his trouser snake back and forth in her eager, wet beaver. For his part, Machida was enjoying this as well, as evidenced by his moans and gasps of yes. Neither one wanted it to stop, but great things never last forever. Machida came hard into Koyomi's hot pussy, causing her to climax. Koyomi gasped sharply as she had her climax.
They were spent, and collapsed next to each other. Machida and Koyomi held each other close and felt the afterglow.
"This is the best I've ever felt." Koyomi said.
"Same here. I'd always heard that sex was enjoyable, but this has far exceeded my expectations." Machida replied. They continued to hold each other close, and fell asleep that evening that way. Machida slept with a total babe in his arms and Koyomi slept holding a hot stud close.
"Ughn... what happened last night?" Koyomi thought as she woke up. Then she realized that she had something warm and strong in her arms. Upon opening her eyes, she saw that she had Machida in her arms, and that both of them were naked. Koyomi let out an ear-piercing shriek as she scurried into a corner. Machida woke up and saw that he was not in his room.
"Huh? What happened?" Machida said as he nursed his throbbing head. He then saw that Koyomi was completely naked and crying in the corner. He went up to her and kneeled next to her.
"O-Koyomi-san, I am very sorry for this." Machida said. She merely continued to cry. Miharu entered and saw what was going on.
"What happened?" Miharu asked.
"I... I found him naked in my arms!" Koyomi sobbed.
"I never wanted to hurt you, Koyomi-san. I love you." Machida said.
"G...go away!" Koyomi said emotionally as she cried. Machida was crushed. He never wanted to hurt Koyomi, but he unintentionally did. He felt very sad as he moved away from her. Miharu put her arms around Koyomi, who turned and cried on Miharu's shoulder. She had never felt so violated in her life.
Outside, Machida dressed as Yukinari entered.
"How did things go last night?" Yukinari asked.
"It's All a haze - the last thing I remember is having some punch with Koyomi. Next thing I know we're here, completely naked, and she's in a corner crying." Machida said.
"You were naked with her? I always thought Koyomi would save herself for marriage." Yukinari said.
"I'm afraid she will revert to the scared man-fearing girl I first met." Machida said as he finished dressing. "I never wanted to hurt her."
"Just go home. This will take time." Yukinari said.
"Tell her I still love her." Machida said. He knew Yukinari was right; it might be best if they not see each other for a while.
At school, Koyomi was very on edge; every man around her looked like some hideous monster out to kill her.
The first couple of days were like that for her. A run-in with Fukuyama didn't help either (Fortunately, Kirie was nearby to knock his block off.) They announced that it had been discovered that the punch was spiked and their act was the result of a drug trip.
It was three weeks later that Fukuyama had cornered Koyomi and was trying to grope her luscious tits when a red blur came from nowhere and struck Fukuyama. It was Machida, in his red Mamoru Rangers outfit. He sent Fukuyama flying out of the way and into the distance.
"Are you all right, Miss?" He asked as he turned around. "Koyomi-san..." He said as he looked at her. She looked up and saw him there.
"Ma - Machida...?" She said.
He helped her stand. "Yes, Koyomi." He replied. There was an awkward silence for a bit.
"O-Koyomi-san, I know you can never forget, but can you find it in your heart to forgive? I never wanted to hurt you." Machida said.
"I - I forgive you." Koyomi said. "But I can never love you again."
Machida went away with tears in his eyes.

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