The Steel Maid

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Summary: Kazuhara Fukuyama finds a lost Steel Angel and somehow activates it. Kurumi, Karinka and Seki are sent to look for a lost Steel Angel. M/F, orgy, oral.

Kazuhara Fukuyama is a young man that can be described as a shameless pervert. He is very wealthy and just purchased a large statue from the Meji era, circa 1930. Fukuyama brought it home and proceeded to have the maids clean it. Then one of Lisa's spells went out of control nearby. It created an angry water buffalo that went on a rampage. It ran into Fukuyama's room and rammed him right into the statue, breaking the statue into one large piece and many tiny pieces before storming off. The large piece was human female shaped and dressed in a frilly one-piece dress. She looked about 17, had shoulder length light green hair, blue eyes, a perky smile, and a 36C-26-36 hard body. She was a steel angel that was thought dead. It took Fukuyama a few minutes to recover from the accident, but when he did, his eyes went wide.
"What's this? Could it be another beautiful girl come to worship me?" Fukuyama said. He flipped her over and looked lustfully at her. He saw her as a potential sex slave. Naturally, he felt up her luscious tits while getting a nosebleed. His nose gushed blood and then he passed out.
When he came to, the Steel Angel had put small bandages on Fukuyama's nose. "Master, are you o.k. now? I found you on the ground and bleeding." She said. "I am Bepimi, at your service." She then gave a polite bow.
Fukuyama had hard time breathing due to the bandages on his nose at first. He really couldn't believe his luck; he had a hot babe willing to do what he wanted. Of course, one can easily predict what happened next.
"We need to get cleaned up. Join me in the bath." He said.
"Okay master." Bepimi said.
In the bathroom, Fukuyama and Bepimi entered and drew the bath. They disrobed and Fukuyama turned into a drooling pervert again. After entering the water, Fukuyama started groping Bepimi, manhandling her wonderful 36C tits.
"Oh yes! Me likey this!" Fukuyama said.
"Master, shouldn't you be using the soap to wash now?" Bepimi asked.
"Ageh-buh-guh..." was all Fukuyama could say in return. When his hand touched Bepimi's curvaceous ass, the bandage on his nose blew off, and his nose gushed blood again. Fukuyama passed out again, falling into the water.
"Master!" Bepimi shouted.
When Fukuyama regained his senses again, Bepimi had finished bathing and was dressed in a maid outfit. She had bandaged his nose again.
"Master, can you hear me?" Bepimi asked.
"Uhn... what happened?" Fukuyama asked.
"The bandage on your nose failed and you passed out, master." Bepimi replied. Fukuyama looked up and saw he was staring down Bepimi's dress. He could see her 36C rack cradled in a satin pink bra. He sat up and took Bepimi into his arms. She returned his embrace as Fukuyama smiled.
"I think this is going to be the start of something wonderful." Fukuyama said as he went in for a kiss.
Fukuyama felt wonderful kissing this vixen. Bepimi was indifferent to the kiss, however. It didn't turn her on or off. Bepimi merely let him kiss her. When they parted lips, Fukuyama was overcome. "Yes! I have a total babe!" He shouted.
"I'm glad you think that I am beautiful." Bepimi responded.
The next day, Fukuyama had removed the bandage, threw some money around and got Bepimi admitted to his school. She was in a schoolgirl's outfit and hanging on his arm as they went to school. Unfortunately, Fukuyama's car was in the shop. Once there, they met up with Kirie, Yukinari and Miharu. The trio was surprised that Fukuyama would have a hot babe on his arm.
"What the hell did you do to her Fukuyama!?" Kirie accused.
"I did nothing. She just knows quality when she sees it, unlike you." Fukuyama said arrogantly.
"Girlfriend, this guy is a loser and a pervert. He thinks he's God's gift to women!" Kirie said, anger coming through loud and clear.
"Au contraire, Kojima. Women are God's gift to me." Fukuyama responded arrogantly. "You know, it's not too late to get in on a three-way."
Kirie had enough of Fukuyama's antics. However, her blow stopped short of its goal. Bepimi caught Kirie's hand.
"Please do not hurt my master." Bepimi said.
"Wow. She's pretty fast." Yukinari said.
"Girlfriend, he is just going to use you. All he wants you for is your body." Kirie said. Bepimi squeezed Kirie's hand, causing the latter to cringe and grimace in pain.
"Master loves me, isn't that right, master?" Bepimi asked.
"Well, of course you're right." Fukuyama responded, lying through his teeth.
"You're a crappy liar, Fukuyama." Kirie noted. The bell rang and everyone sat down. Bepimi let go of Kirie.
Kurumi, Saki and Karinka were finishing the day at school with Jibapo, Megami and Shiriji. That's when they were approached by an old man in a suit and tie.
"Kurumi-chan? Saki-chan? Karinka-chan?" He asked the steel angels.
"Yes, what can we do for you, honored sir?" Kurumi responded.
"One of your sisters has surfaced in Kobe. They say her name is Bepimi. We would like you to visit her and make sure she doesn't cause any trouble." The man said.
"Another sister of ours?" Saki asked.
"We should go see her as soon as possible." Kurumi said.
"We can take the train to Kobe tonight and arrive before morning." Jibapo said.
"I've never been to Kobe before. This should be fun." Megami said.
After school, Kazuhara Fukuyama and Bepimi were walking away from the school. They were arm in arm as they walked home.
"Well, another day over, and now we get to have some fun." Fukuyama said. At his home, the two of them went to the bathroom. The maids had drawn a bath and had warmed it up. Fukuyama and Bepimi disrobed and entered the bath together again. Fukuyama reverted to drooling pervert.
"Guh-buh-huh..." Fukuyama said as he stared at her 36C tits that were naked in front of him. They entered the bathtub together and sat down. Fukuyama told Bepimi she must sit in his lap, and she did. Practically noting short of a nuclear blast could have stopped Fukuyama from grabbing one of Bepimi's ample boobs in one hand and caressing her cunt with the other. "Master, your nose is bleeding again." Bepimi noted. Fukuyama didn't notice that he was bleeding, or seemed to care. He was groping a hot babe, and that was what he wanted. He felt up her curvaceous tits, her tight pussy and her hot ass. For her part, Bepimi didn't really seem turned on or off by it. She just wanted to make her master happy, and she thought this would be the best way to do so. He bled from the nose and passed out again.
"I'm sorry, but the last train to Kobe today has already left. The next one will be leaving tomorrow at 06:15 hours." The ticket seller said.
"Well, can we get tickets to that one?" Megumi asked.
"Certainly. How many?" The seller replied.
"Six." Jibapo said.
Once they had the tickets, they returned to their homes. Tomorrow was another day...
Kirie seemed very annoyed. While she was with Yukinari, Miharu and Tomoka, she couldn't get the thought of Fukuyama the sleaze ball having a steel angel.
"I know it's wrong, but there's nothing we can do about it." Yukinari said.
"There has to be something we can do. I just can't stand by and watch her do this to herself." Kirie replied.
"She seemed much stronger than you. Aren't you afraid of getting hurt?" Miharu asked.
"That's the problem. He seems to have some kind of spell on her. I don't -" Kirie looked at Tomoka.
"Tomo-chan, you can use magic. How about throwing a dispel magic spell on her tomorrow?" Kirie asked.
"Why should I?" Tomoka asked.
"Wouldn't you help out a friend in need? He's obviously forcing her to do his will through some magic spell of his sister's." Kirie asked.
"Well... all right. But only because she's being forced to by that icky pervert." Tomo replied.
The next day in school, Tomoka confronted Fukuyama and Bepimi.
"You meanie! I'm gonna undo the magic spell you cast on her now!" Tomo said as she waved her wand. She shot a magical blast, striking Bepimi with it. While it didn't harm her, it did make her upset.
"What are you doing? Are you trying to attack me?" Bepimi asked.
"Obviously, this little girl has gotten the idea that I'm controlling you." Fukuyama said.
"I'm not a little girl!" Tomo snapped back.
"Master loves me." Bepimi said.
"Of course." Fukuyama said, obviously lying.
"Hmph! I don't know what your game is but I won't let you get away with it!" Tomo said as she backed away. At that point, they met up with Kirie. "Well, so Kirie, you had you little bratty girl try something to get me away from her? It didn't work." Fukuyama said.
"I am not a little girl you dirty pervert!" Tomo snapped back in anger.
"I know you've done something to her. Whatever you've done to enslave her mind I will free her from it!" Kirie said.
"He hasn't enslaved me. He activated me, so he must be pure of heart." Bepimi said.
"I won't give up on you, girlfriend. I will set you free from this pervert's control!" Kirie vowed.
After school, Fukuyama had an idea. He decided to use Bepimi to get at the woman he really wanted to have: Miharu. However, he would have to wait for the right time...
Kurumi and company were on their way to Kobe via train. They had six seats on the car. They sat near each other and talked for a bit. The only problem on the way to Kobe was that there was a bomb on the train. They were showing the movie "Chairman of the Board" starring Carrot Top.
"There's not much that's worse than a comedy that isn't funny." Jibapo noted.
"Well, we can just tune it out until we get to Kobe." Kurumi said.
"Of course, Kurumi-chan. I'd rather spend my time with you." Shiriji said.
Kazuhara Fukuyama had Bepimi in tow with them. They were getting close to the trio of Kirie, Yukinari and Miharu. He had told Bepimi that Miharu was under some kind of magic spell and she was being forced to be with Yukinari and Kirie.
"We should save her at once!" Bepimi said.
Things were setting themselves up for a big problem.
Across town, Kurumi, Shiriji etc. had arrived at the station.
"Well, we're now in Kobe. What should we do now?" Kurumi asked.
"We should divide the city into parts and split up. We'll keep in touch by cell phone." Megumi said.
Off they went; little knowing what was ahead of them...
As Miharu, Yukinari, and Kirie walked home, they did not know what was ahead of them.
"Man, what a day. We have tons of homework here." Yukinari said.
"We can get through it together." Kirie said. That's when it happened. Bepimi came from nowhere and tackled Kirie, sending the latter down. She then spun around and kicked Yukinari in the face, leaving a footprint mark there as Yukinari went down. Bepimi then grabbed Miharu and took her over to Fukuyama.
"Well, you're now saved, Miharu. I'll take you back to my place and treat you right." Fukuyama said.
"What? I don't want to go back with you..." Miharu said.
"You're obviously under some magic spell. We should take her to my place so that my sister can remove the spell." Fukuyama said.
Bepimi, who was clueless, took Miharu and went back to Fukuyama's mansion.
A few minutes later, Kurumi and Shiriji were walking near the school when they saw Kirie and Yukinari in the ground, hurting. Checking them over, Kurumi saw that Kirie's arm was broken and Yukinari had a concussion. Shiriji called for an ambulance and they waited. Shiriji also called the others and informed them of what they found. "Who would do such a thing?" Kurumi asked.
"Whoever it was, they were very strong. Both of them looked like they were felled with one or two blows." Shiriji said. It was about 3 minutes later that the paramedics arrived. During that time, Kirie regained consciousness and talked to Kurumi and Shiriji.
"That woman that hit me couldn't have been human." Kirie said as she gnashed her teeth in pain. "She was as fast as light and being struck by her was like getting hit by a bullet train."
"You don't think this could be my sister?" Kurumi asked.
"We won't know until we find her. But whoever did this should be stopped." Shiriji said.
The paramedics took Kirie and Yukinari to the hospital after Kirie gave Kurumi Fukuyama's address. Shiriji and Kurumi called the others and told them to meet up at Fukuyama's mansion.
At the mansion itself, Fukuyama was laughing as Bepimi waited outside the door. Miharu was tied to a chair and stripped naked.
"Fukuyama, stop this. You know that it's wrong..." Miharu said.
"Oh, but I'm so close to my goal! I've wanted to do this ever since I meant you! You're not going to deny me now!" Fukuyama said arrogantly. Miharu could only cry as Fukuyama started manhandling her twin peaks. Miharu slowly started getting angry....
Outside the mansion, the steel angels had reunited and were ready to enter. They were ready to fight. Leaping over the walls, Kurumi, Saki and Karinka landed in the hedge maze that surrounds Fukuyama's mansion. They leaped over the rows until they came to the mansion door. A maid opened up the door.
"May I help you?" She asked.
"We heard someone had been kidnapped and was being held here. We want to see the master of this place." Kurumi said.
"Master Fukuyama is busy now. Please return later." The maid said. The angels took that as an invitation to fight. Kurumi knocked down the maid as they ran past her. An intruder alert was sounded.
Upstairs, Fukuyama continued to manhandle Miharu. She was getting angry by now.
"I will explode if you don't stop!" Miharu said. Clueless about what she was saying, Fukuyama thought she would orgasm. He didn't think she would literally blow up, which is exactly what she did. Fukuyama was blown into the air, and then landed on top of Miharu. Aroused by the noise, Bepimi entered to find Fukuyama lying on top of Miharu.
"Get off me, please." Miharu said as she tried to push Fukuyama off her.
"Master... lied... to... me..." Bepimi said in disbelief. Miharu dislodged herself from underneath Fukuyama.
"There. Now maybe I can go back to my Yukinari." Miharu said.
"You asshole! How dare you betray me like this!" Bepimi shouted. She started beating on Fukuyama. It was at this time the other Steel Angels entered.
"Oh my goodness." Kurumi said.
"What happened?" Karinka asked.
"He kidnapped me." Miharu replied.
"We have to stop her. She could seriously hurt him." Kurumi said.
The three Steel Angels - Kurumi, Saki and Karinka - pulled Bepimi away from Fukuyama.
"Let me go! He betrayed me!" Bepimi shouted. She struggled against the other Steel Angels.
"Man, it's like trying to hold down a raging typhoon." Karinka said.
"Get her shut down! Hit the fail-safe switch!" Kurumi said.
"Where is it?" Miharu asked.
"On her left armpit. Hurry!" Karinka replied.
Miharu felt around for a bit and found the switch. Bepimi was turned off, and slumped over. "Let's take sis here home." Karinka said. Kurumi later explained that after an incident in which she accidentally destroyed a city, all Steel Angels were fitted with a fail-safe.
Later Miharu's clothes were returned to her, she dressed and she walked away from the damaged mansion with the Steel Angels. Kurumi carried Bepimi in her arms.
"Ah-ha! So, you are trying to hurt that girl!" A voice said out of nowhere. It was Machida Mamoru, and he was standing on a roof. He swooped down on a line and struck Kurumi, sending the latter staggering back. Machida grabbed Bepimi out of Kurumi's hands.
"Hey! Give us back our sister!" Karinka shouted to no avail.
"Here we go again." Miharu said downheartedly.
Saki and Karinka attacked Machida, sending him and Bepimi to the ground. Machida and Bepimi landed in such a way that their lips touched. This activated the angel heart in Bepimi. She opened her eyes and looked around.
"Master?" She said to Machida.
"This doesn't look good." Miharu said.
"He... activated her?" Saki said in disbelief.
"But we Steel Angels can only activate when someone next to us is hurt and bleeding or by one who is pure of heart." Karinka said.
"Does this mean this man was supposed to be Bepimi's true master?" Kurumi asked.
"Well, he is not evil, but he is... different." Miharu said.
They talked things over and decided it would be best for Bepimi to join Machida Mamoru on his quest to keep the school clean.
"At last! The Mamoru Rangers have another member! Bepimi, from now on, you will also be Mamoru Pink!" Machida said. "I will fulfill my dream of being the greatest janitor ever!"
Kurumi, Saki and Karinka looked downhearted. "Is this guy for real?" Karina asked.
Miharu nodded. "Unfortunately, yes." She responded.
Four weeks later, the Steel Angels (Kurumi, Saki and Bepimi) were with Kirie and Miharu. Megumi and Karinka had returned to Tokyo, but the others stayed on for a bit. They were in the bathtub taking a bath.
"You know, this seems kind of boring." Bepimi said.
"I know! Let's invite the guys in." Kurumi said. Kirie was aghast.
"What!? You mean you want the guys to come in here!?" Kirie shouted.
"Shiriji and I bathe together every day. It's always funnier when he's there." Kurumi said.
"Hmm... I've been in the bath with Yukinari, but I've never really bathed with him before." Miharu said.
"Don't tell me you're thinking about doing this!" Kirie said.
"Have you ever tried it before?" Saki asked.
"I don't need to. If you do this, you do it without me!" Kirie said. She got out of the bath and put on her robe on her hot, tight body. Kirie stormed out of the room.
"Man, she needs a boyfriend." Bepimi announced.
Well, the guys got the word that the girls wanted them to join in.
"You got the condoms?" Jibapo asked Shiriji.
"Yea. Let's go." Shiriji replied.
"Condoms?" Yukinari asked.
"You'll see." Shiriji replied.
The guys came in and saw these 4 luscious vixens naked. They saw their eight perfectly rounded tits, their four tight slits and four curvaceous asses. The four guys turned into drooling perverts.
"Geeh-buh-huh..." Yukinari said as he gazed upon Miharu's mammoth mountains.
"Aren't they cute like that?" Kurumi asked. The guys were getting nosebleeds by now.
"Yukinari? Are you o.k.?" Miharu asked.
Plugging up their noses, the guys undressed and entered the bathtub with these ladies. Yukinari and Miharu put an arm around each other, as did Kurumi and Shiriji. Saki and Jibapo followed suit. The ladies got to see the guys' muscular chests, firm asses, and hardening cocks. Everyone felt wonderful as they talked.
"I must say I've never bathed with a guy before, but I like doing it." Miharu said.
"Well, the first time I tried it out I felt so wonderful I never wanted it to stop." Shiriji said.
"Well, I'm glad you like it, Shiriji." Kurumi said.
"What guy wouldn't like holding a beautiful woman close? I feel very lucky that I get that chance with Saki here." Jibapo said. Saki put her head on Jibapo's shoulder.
"Thank you, darling." Saki said. Well, naturally, holding each other close like this made everyone horny. Kurumi and Shiriji took the first step as Kurumi reached down for Shiriji's stiff cock. Miharu and Yukinari followed suit, and then the others followed suit. Four hot, tight gashes were felt by four very lucky men. Everyone got out of the bathtub and into a circle of 69. Yukinari went down on Miharu as Kurumi went down on him. She didn't set off his allergy, like Miharu. Shiriji went down on Kurumi as Bepimi went down on him. Machida went down on Bepimi as Saki went down on him. Jibapo went down on Saki as Miharu blew him. All eight people here felt wonderful as they did this large circle of 69. Each oral job was done expertly. Everyone went further towards orgasmic delights. After some time, everyone turned around and reversed the oral directions. It was just as sweet and intense as before. No one could get enough of anyone else. After a long time of this, everyone shifted around. Yukinari slid his hard boner deep into Miharu's snatch. Machida thrusted his trouser snake into Bepimi's beaver. Shiriji shoved his stick into Kurumi's cunt. Lastly, Jibapo jammed his staff into Saki's soaking snatch.
All the babes clamped hard on their guys. Each person felt the joy of people truly in love fucking each other hard. Hands continued to roam over eight bodies as four hard boners went deep and back into four wet pussies. No partners were traded during sex, but several different positions were tried. Each one brought everybody closer and closer to orgasm. It was paradise on earth as they fucked long and hard. Yukinari was the first to come, which made Miharu climax. Then Shiriji came, making Kurumi climax. Jibapo and Machida came shortly thereafter, making Saki and Bepimi climax as well.
Everyone held his/her partner close. "This is far better than I imagined. I never knew sex could be this good." Machida said.
"I can never get enough of it." Shiriji responded. "Kurumi, you really know how to make a man feel very special."
"Thank you, Shiriji. It makes me feel very special knowing you love me so deeply." Kurumi replied.
"You're special to me as well." Yukinari cooed into Miharu's ear.
"Mmm... thank you, Yukinari." Miharu responded. Couples cuddled each other and praised each other's bed skills. After a while, everyone dressed and went to their respective beds. Miharu slept holding Yukinari close while Kurumi and Shiriji slept in Miharu's bed. Saki and Jibapo slept on the couch.
The next day, everyone was at the station to see the Steel Angels off. They all waved goodbye as the train left.
"Come, Mamoru pink, there's a school to clean!" Machida said.
"Of course, master." Bepimi replied.

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