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Disclaimer: I do not own the sexiness that is Sensual Phrase





Aine rolled over and stretched in their very messy bed.  It still smelled like Sakuya, even after hours of his absence.  He’d kept her up all night again, drawing unending sensual patterns all over her body, playing her moans like the musician he was.


She yawned a little, looking over at the clock.  It was past 2:00 already.  She didn’t know how he could make love to her all night and still get up and work in the morning.  They were the same age, and it wiped her out completely.


Relaxed, she languidly rose from the bed and pulled one of Sakuya’s shirts over her nude form.  She inhaled his scent, sighing longingly.  The more he had her, the more she wanted him.


After a pit stop and a cup of coffee, Aine curled up on the couch for some time scribbling new lyric ideas.  Her cell phone chirped merrily from somewhere nearby.  A frantic search, a stubbed toe and several rings later, she found her purse and picked up the call.


“Hello?” she said breathlessly.


“You thinking about me, little bird?  You sound a bit bothered.”


“Sakuya!” God, what he could do to her with just his voice.  “I just couldn’t find my phone.”


“Sure, sure, if that’s how you want to play it baby.”


Aine blushed.


“Sakuya. . .”


“Tell me what you’re wearing.”




“I couldn’t stay to wake you up today Aine, I want to hear what you’re wearing.”


Aine blushed further at his words.  His tone was like silk over her skin.


“I’m wearing one of your shirts.”


“Details, little bird, details.”


‘I can’t believe I’m saying this.’


“A white button-down, open three buttons from the top.”


“Mm, I can see it.  Is it riding up on your legs?”


“Yes,” she said, starting to get into it.  “The bottom button is pulling open as I walk.”


“Tell me what else you’re wearing.”


“Nothing.”  There was the sound of a slight curse and fumbling noise.


“God, Aine, I want to feel you so bad right now,” he said huskily.  “Shit, I have to go soon.  I’d love to take you over the phone.”


Aine murmured in protest.  “Are you in rehearsal all day?”


“Yeah, but we’re on a break.  Listen, I have this party tonight and I want you to come.”


“A party?  I thought we had tonight to ourselves.” A slight pout formed in her voice.


“Wear something sexy for me then.  I’m sure you can get me to leave early if you work hard enough.”


“Sakuya,” she sighed.


“I’ll send a car over for you at seven.  See you tonight Aine.”


. . . . . . . .


A long hot bath and heated touches to orgasm relieved a bit of the tension that Sakuya created over the phone.  But Aine was far from satisfied.  She stood in their room, outfits strewn over the bed.  There had to be something here to catch his attention.


A box at the back of the closet caught her eye. 


Those shoes.  They would be perfect.


Aine pulled out the box and laid it on the bed.  She opened the lid, pulling out the three-inch black heels that rose at an almost impossible angle.  They were shiny, smooth leather, and quite sexy by themselves.  The crowning touch was the attached wide satiny ribbons that wove up her legs to just under the knee and tied in the back.


Sakuya didn’t let her out of the house for two days the first time she wore them.


That was also the last time she wore them.  She was too embarrassed to even look at the box for over a month.


But Sakuya said to work hard.  She’d show him what she could do when she put her mind to it.


“Let’s see, what else to wear.”


She pulled on a sparkling black dress with no sleeves, a plunging back and a flowing short skirt.


“A dress that’s easy to slip off. . .”


She teased her styled hair over her shoulders, light chestnut strands drifting sensually into her eyes.


“. . .and hair that’s easy to grab onto.”


A few finishing touches, some smoky eyes, and the all-important shoes and she was ready to tempt her man.


. . . . . . . . . .


After a forty-five minute drive, the car finally pulled up to the party.  It was obviously being hosted at the home of one of the record executives, as the sprawling estate covered acres of land.  The modern home was lit up, warm light spilling dazzlingly from the windows and doors.  Aine was relieved to see other people stepping out of cars in outfits as daring and fancy as hers.  She didn’t want to feel too out of place.


Aine slapped her cheeks lightly as the car pulled up, and checked her lipstick for the twentieth time.  Now was the time to look confident and sexy, not shy and nervous.


She gratefully took the hand of the driver as she exited the car, and held her little clutch closely.  She took a deep breath, and focused on the open doorway.


Aine followed other guests through the spacious entrance, down a hallway, and into a large open room where the party was being held.  Hardwood floors and two walls of windows gave the room an expansive feel.  Stylish couples lounged over modern furniture, and music from a band on Lucifer’s label floated through the room.  Aine swept her eyes over the room, looking for Sakuya’s familiar form.


She spotted the whole band standing across the room near the bank of windows.  Yuki, Santa and Towa were standing facing her, and Sakuya and Atsuro faced away.  All of them wore dark trousers and stylish shirts with ties.  Aine felt so lucky to know these handsome men.  Grinning to herself, she made her way over to the stunning five-some.


When she was a few yards away, Yuki and Santa stopped talking, eyes widening as they caught sight of her.  Towa inclined his head in her direction, and Sakuya turned to see what his band mates were looking at.


The look on his face was worth it.  He lost composure only for a second, but she knew him well enough to catch the slip.  His eyes widened, then lowered to a predators gaze, taking her in hungrily. 


Aine gave her best sexy smile, and sauntered to his side.  Stopping just within reach, she turned for him, giving him a view of the dress’ open back.


“So, what do you think?”


“You look stunning tonight Aine,” Yuki said, gentlemanly as ever.  Santa and Towa nodded in agreement.


“Yeah!” Atsuro jumped in, “Great shoes too!”


Sakuya stopped his examination long enough to pull her close and level a gaze at his friends.


“Look all you want, but she’s mine to touch.”


Aine blushed a little from his words and the closeness.  She leaned into his ear.


“So, is this sexy enough for you?”


Sakuya smirked a little.


“Depends.  What are you wearing underneath?” he replied lowly.


Her voice dropped to a whisper.




Sakuya’s hand at her back tightened a little on her bare skin.  She could felt he heat coming off his body in waves.  He pulled away from her, all cool and composed.


“Towa, didn’t you say the President had a great garden?”


The blonde nodded.  “It’s supposed to be a replica of a European garden in France.”


“Aine, let me show it to you?”


Aine nodded.  Yuki and Santa smirked a little, sharing a knowing look.


“Just remember we have a set at ten Sakuya,” Yuki said, laughter in his tone.


Sakuya waved in acknowledgement as he led Aine out open patio doors and into the back garden.


Aine sighed in awe at the magnificent sight in front of her.  The garden was enormous, with benches, potted urns, and hedges in every direction.  Several massive trees graced the space, and winding paths lit by luminarias gave the whole space an ethereal glow.


Sakuya led her deeper into the garden at an unhurried pace, his arm draped possessively over her shoulder.


“Sakuya, you didn’t tell me you were playing tonight.”


“It’s just a couple songs.  Something to make the executives happy.”  His voice sounded tight, almost strained.


“Is there something wrong?” Aine asked, wondering if he was upset with her appearance.


Sakuya didn’t answer.  Aine began to get a little concerned.




She didn’t get to finish as he suddenly spun her against the back of a massive tree and captured her lips with his.  One hand tangled in her hair, tilting her head so he could plunder her mouth completely.  The other ran up her thigh to cup the back of her leg, raising it against him slightly.  Aine moaned as Sakuya’s tongue tangled with hers, stroking the familiar territory with needy motions.


A breeze tickling her exposed leg brought her back to her senses.  She broke their kiss, moaning as Sakuya moved his attentions to her neck and collarbone.


“Saku-ya, someone will see.”


He leveled his gaze with hers, drunk with passion and lust.


“Not from here they won’t.  Unless you make too much noise.”


“But what if someone walks by?”


His lips split into a sensual, almost feral, grin.


“That’s part of the fun.”  He returned to her neck, both hands moving to find the warm skin underneath her skirt.  He knelt down in front of her, drawing his hands down the crisscrossed ribbons on her calves.


“Besides, you knew you were playing with fire.  I can’t resist you in these sexy shoes.”


Aine was losing herself to the passion in his eyes.  Her center burned with heat, and she was sure that she was already dripping for him.


“It’s your fault,” she said breathily.  “You challenged me.”


He chuckled, a rich sound that shot right through Aine’s body.


“That’s right.  And here’s your reward.”


He ran one large hand down her front, pausing to brush over an erect nipple while he passed.  Holding her in place at the waist, he raised a heeled foot to his chest and ran his other hand in random patterns over the silk ribbons.  His eyes drifted closed as he began to lick the shiny leather of the shoe, tracing the contour of the opening.  Aine bit her lip at the erotic sight of Sakuya kneeling before her, kissing her shoes.


He worked his way up her leg, licking and nipping at the exposed skin around the ribbons, touching only the material with his hands.  He lowered one leg and repeated his actions on the other, taking care to nibble the inside of her ankles as well as the rest of her skin. 


Aine flushed further as he continued his ministrations upwards, draping one leg over his shoulder.  She bit her lip harder to stifle her moans as he kissed along her inner thigh, getting closer and closer to her dripping folds without quite touching.  He skirted both hands up the outside of her thighs, exposing her to his gaze.


Sakuya groaned and looked up at her with burning eyes.


“You really aren’t wearing anything, you naughty girl.”


Aine managed a little wicked smile, only to moan as he blew across her wet mound.  Sakuya shifted closer, placing two fingers at her lips.  She took them eagerly and began to suck.  His fingers muffled her louder moan as he began tracing her folds with his tongue.  Aine arched into his touch, his hand at her hip only partially stilling her movements.


Sakuya continued his pleasurable assault as she hungrily sucked and licked at his fingers.  She bit down in pleasure as he inserted two long fingers into her wet heat.  He stroked her expertly on the inside with his fingers and the outside with his tongue.  His pace was merciless, and she came hard when he sucked her clit with fervor.  Her long groan was muffled by his fingers, having long lost the mental coherence to pleasure his hand


He stood quickly, lifting her higher on the smooth bark of the tree and keeping her leg draped over one shoulder.  He lifted the other leg in a similar position and entered her before she had time to react.  Aine idly wondered when he had undone his pants.


“This is what you’ve done to me Aine,” he said, grinding his hips in a circular motion against her.  She whimpered in pleasure and excitement.  “The thrill of getting caught is just an added bonus,” he murmured into her ear.  Her muscles clenched him tightly at the thought, and he groaned.


“Does that turn you on Aine?” he demanded, starting slow, measured thrusts into her.


Aine nodded, flushing wildly at the sensations flowing through her.


“I didn’t know you were such a dirty girl.”


Aine moaned and ground down into his thrust.  His words, the cool air on her bare skin, the open position he held her in and the faint voices in the garden all had her winding higher and faster than ever before.


“Please, Sakuya,” she pleaded.


“Tell me what you want, naughty girl.”


“Harder, faster, I need you please,” she hissed as loud as she dare.


Sakuya complied, clamping his mouth on hers in a breath-stealing kiss.  His hands gripped her rear as he slammed into her, and she moaned into his mouth with each stroke.  Faster, harder, more intense with every passing moment, Aine felt like she was going to explode.


Another hard orgasm turned into a third and a fourth, Sakuya riding each wave and sending her over the edge again and again.  Finally, he stiffened and came with her, shooting his hot seed into her waiting warmth.


They sat entangled for a few moments, panting heavily.  Sakuya lowered them down to the ground, bringing Aine’s legs around his waist as she sat on top of him.  She groaned at the sensation of him pulling out, and collapsed wearily against the tree as he straightened his clothing and refastened his belt.  He took in her disheveled form and grinned sexily.  She gratefully took his handkerchief to clean up a little.


“So, do you think that will hold you until after my set?” He picked a few twigs from her hair.  Aine blushed.


“Sure.  What happens after your set?”


Sakuya leaned in and kissed her deeply.


“I take you home and really show you how much I like these shoes.”

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