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Disclaimer: I do not own Sailor Moon, nor any of the characters from it. I do not make any money from the writing of this story.

Title: Fantasy
Series: Sailor Moon
Characters: Tsukino Usagi (Serena) and Dez
Synopsis: Dez has always wished to have her way with Sailor Moon. And Dez knows she the biggest loser in the world for writing this
Warning: Lesbianism, Hermaphrodite (ism?)
Disclaimer: I do not own Sailor Moon

There was never a time that I didn’t like Sailor Moon. Ever since the first time it aired here in Canada I was hooked and never missed a chance to watch my favorite heroine. Soon I became obsessed and started to collect anything even remotely related to the popular show.

I would always imagine what it would be like to be a super hero with magical powers. I’d always get a rush when Sailor Moon vanquished her enemies and in private I would mimic her movements. I wished Sailor Moon was real but I had never believed that it could happen.

Hey, I was a bit of loser back then and it wasn’t too much of a secret that I found Sailor Moon sexy. Beautiful girls running around in short skirts and kicking ass are pretty attractive. I had never believed in the magic of the most popular bishoujo series ever. Not until that day.


It had been a wonderful day, the sun have been shinning. I was in my final year of high school and I hurried home to watch my favorite show. I didn’t bother change of my uniform, a short kilt and white blouse. I flopped on the couch, hanging my black stocking feet over the arm.

I switched to Sailor Moon and settled back to watch. I never noticed a slight fluttering to the side, my eyes never left the TV screen. I suddenly sneezed explosively and I looked around in surprise. Glittering dust shimmered around me and I sneezed again.

“What the hell…” I murmured as I felt a slight tingling.

Everything rushed towards me as I fell onto the floor and I was sucked into the screen with a slight pop. I tumbled onto a cement sidewalk and just laid there trying to catch my breath. I shakily stood and looked around in surprise.

Everything was... anime. I walked down the street hesitantly but stopped dead in my tracks when I came to a storefront window. I turned slowly and gasped at what I saw. It was me but it wasn’t.
My blouse had several buttons undone and my newly large breasts jutted out. My skirt had gotten even shorter, barely covering my white panties and my stockings had been replaced with knee length socks. My long back hair had been parted into pigtails and brown Mary-Jane’s completed the look.

I was trembling by then. How had this happened? A person just doesn’t fall into the TV on random. My thoughts turned frantically inside my mind and I almost panicked. I let my eyes wander into the store in front of me and my mouth dropped.

This wasn’t just any store and I glanced up. Crown Game Parlor. I looked back inside. Blond hair dipped forward as a young girl brought her red lips to the straw of her milkshake and her twin odangos bounced as she took a sip.

Could this truly be happening? Logic tried to dissuade me; maybe I was on some crazy drug trip? No, I thought. I may smoke lots of weed but I never hallucinate like this. I pinched myself and jumped at the pain.

I placed a courageous hand on the door and pushed it open. Cool air hissed towards me and I shrugged off the heat of the outside. A blond man in an apron looked up as I entered and gave me a welcoming smile.

“Welcome to the Crown Game Parlor,” he said. “Can I get you anything?”

“No thanks Motoki-san,” I said nervously and I got a look of surprise. He scratched his head in confusion but shrugged and went back to his magazine. I turned and made my way down the row of cushy booths. I stopped just behind her, watching the way her neck bent as she took another drink. She was slender and petit in her flowered dress.

“Tsukino Usagi,” I said walking up to her and glanced up. Cerulean blue eyes stared up at me with innocence and wonder.

“Hai,” she responded softly. My heart jumped up into my throat.

“Sailor Moon.” Her head whipped up and her eyes were wide. I sat down on the opposite side from her and studied her. Her cheeks were a rosy pink and her luscious lips opened wordlessly.

“How… What?” she stammered. “I’m not Sailor Moon. She’s so brave and smart… I’m nothing more than a crybaby and klutz.”

“No, Usagi,” I said. “Don’t say that, you know it’s not true.”

She looked at me closely and smiled serenely. I opened my mouth to say something but closed it. We watched each other over the table and she reaches a hand out towards me. I grasped it tightly and gasped at the power I feel flowing through her veins. Not only that but there is a deep passion for life and something I can’t quite put my finger on.

We continue to hold hands and I look at her in wonderment. There it is again, that thing I can’t quite read. She leaned down, parting her sweet lips again and wrapped her tongue around the straw. The she closed her eyes in delight as she sucked back the last of her shake.

“My name is Dez by the way, “I murmured.

“De-ez,” she said, stumbling along my English name. We sat for a few more moments.

“Dez, would you care to take a walk?” she asked me and I nodded. We slipped out from booth and we exited the café with a final wave to Motoki.

It was a hot summer in Juban and I was sweating within a few minutes. We walked along the classy stores of the sunny district. We passed Osaka-P and I was amazed to get a quick glimpse of Naru at the cash register.

We didn’t stop though and she led me towards a wonderful park. I recognized this place at once; it was where ChibiUsa had made her journey back home to the future. Usagi smiled wistfully but we kept walking. I think it was a bit of a sore spot with her still and she led me to the edge of the park.

Turning to me, she grasped my hand once more. I felt that strange feeling again and I was still confused. Nothing had made sense since I stepped into this crazy anime world where Sailor Moon was a real girl standing in front of me. Suddenly there was a loud crash and people began to scream.

A large creature stood not too far from us, it was dark and had several glowing red eyes. It had four arms and a long spiked tail. It roared into the crowd, making the people disperse in panic and it swung its tail, knocking a few to the ground unconscious.

“Usagi,” I said anxiously. “We need Sailor Moon.”

“Hai,” she said softly, taking out her henshin broach. “Moon Eternal… MAKE UP!”

I watched in fascination as her clothing faded away, leaving nothing but her nakedness behind. I drooled a bit at her wine colored nipples and patch of blond pubic hair. Ribbons and light blocked my view from there.

“Hey Youma!” yelled Eternal Sailor Moon as her transformation finished. The dark creature swung a massive head towards her. “What do you think you’re doing? I will not tolerate you hurting innocent people any longer. In the name of the Moon, I shall punish you!”

The youma laughed and hurtled towards her. Pushing me out of the way she nimbly jumped into the air sailing over it and landed a kick square in its back. The creature stumbled forward but didn’t drop. I had fallen to the ground and I sat in fright while the thing landed closely to me as Eternal Sailor Moon gave it a vicious round house kick.

It lumbered to its feet, its three red eyes narrowing with hatred and the two faced off for a moment. It glanced over at me and lunged. I screamed as the four hands grasped me and it ran.


I battered the creature with my hands as it sailed up onto the roofs and hopped from roof top to roof top. I glanced over its shoulder and saw Sailor Moon running after us with determination. She spread her wings and flew forward.

“Let me go!” I screamed as it landed heavily on a brick roof. Eternal Sailor Moon touched down in front of us and she looked at the creature with a heard eye. She pulled out her Moon Tier and pointed it at the youma.

“Let her go,” she said darkly. The youma only rumbled loudly in its chest and I realized with a horror that it was laughing. “Dez… I have to destroy it.”

“I understand,” I said shakily, wondering if her power would kill me as well. She swung around and with a golden shower she pulled the handle down of the tier.

“Silver Moon Crystal,” she cried out as she pointed the tier towards us. I squeeze my eyes shut. “Power… No!”

Sailor Moon never got a chance to finish her phrase as the youma swung me over his head with a powerful throw and I soared into the air. Screaming I hurtled towards the dank ground in an alleyway. Oh god, I thought. I am going to die as a cartoon.

I landed with a surprised thud on just my shoulders, amazed that my body had been crushed upon impact. I was actually hanging upside down and I glanced up. Sailor Moon was holding me by my ankle and she smirked at the view of my white panties. She gently let go of my ankle and I tumbled to the ground.

Eternal Sailor Moon gracefully flew towards the youma with a deadly accuracy. She cried out her Silver Moon Crystal Power Kiss once more and I was blinded by a bright light. I backed up in a panic and hit the wall with my back.

She soared down to where I was sitting, crying and shaking. She took a step towards me. I cringed and she stopped. The sunlight seemed to dim then and I pulled into myself even more.

“Dez,” she said softly. I gave her a look of fear that turned into surprise as I heard a bass line echo out of nowhere.

“What is going on?” I murmured as I stood up. A funky beat pounded my senses as Eternal Sailor Moon stepped forward.

“Fighting always makes me feel strange,” she said as she took my hand and looked at me with a lustful smile.

“Sailor Moon...?” I said in confusion.

“This is your fantasy Dez,” she said as she stepped even closer to me. “I’ve never felt this away about another woman before.”

“What about Mamo-?”

“He’s never made me feel like this,” she interrupted as she placed her hands on either sides of my face. Leaning in she kissed me soundly. Confusion was running rampant in my mind. What had happened? First we were facing a youma and now Sailor Moon of all people wanted to be intimate with me?

Her wings slowly enveloped the two of us as her tongue explored my mouth. I tried to hold back but soon I was moaning into her mouth as her tight body brushed up against me.

“Fuck me Dez,” she whispered into my ear as she came up for breath. I looked at her with surprise.

“Right here? In an alley?” The alley in question was dark and the funky music was still playing sharply. Sunlight peeked in at the entrance as people walked by but other than that it was largely empty.

“Yes, I don’t care who sees us… I need you right here, right now.”

“Okay,” I said slowly and by now I was getting giddy. We kissed again and I loved the feel of her velvet lips pressed against my own. I pulled her odangos out and her hair tumbled down. I tangled my fingers in the shiny main and pulled her closer.

Eternal Sailor Moon gasped into my mouth as our breasts brushed up against each other. My pussy was starting to throb as I broke contact with her. I leaned down and sucked her nipple right through her white fuku.

She gasped in surprise as her nub hardened under my mouth. I used my teeth to nibble at it and then switched to the other. I wanted nothing more than to get my hands on her perky breasts and fondle them till she came.

Sailor Moon had the same idea because she pushed me back and ripped her fuku at her chest. Her tits popped out and I latched onto them with gusto. She had backed up so she was resting against a brick wall and was moaning loudly into the darkness.

I paid homage to both her of delicious tits and then kissed her again, long and hard. I bared my own breasts easily and we circled our nipples together slowly. I felt my buttons harden at the contact and I cried out with pleasure.

I fell to my knees and placed one of her legs over my shoulder. I ripped the material at Sailor Moon’s crotch. Her pussy gleamed with juices and I drooled at the sight. I slid a finger to her clit and rubbed it slowly.

She cried out as I continued my ministrations. The sight was too much for me, I had to taste her. I replaced my finger with my mouth and nibbled at her clit. She stifled a scream as I stuck the finger deep into her hole.

“Yes!” she cried out as my finger probed her pussy. Juices dripped down onto my chin and slid down to my breasts. I stuck another finger in her cunt and finger fucked her hard. “Yes…. That feels so good Dez.”

I frantically manipulated her pussy. My fingers slammed into her hole and my mouth was full of her juices. Eternal Sailor Moon was grasping her breasts, pulling her at her nipples, as she cried out, louder each time I crashed into her.

“I need more,” she panted. I took my fingers from hole and licked the juices from them. I stood up and kissed her again.

“I don’t have any toys,” I murmured against her mouth and she smiled. She pulled out a wand with a beautiful ruby on top. “Is that what I think it is?”

“Hai, I think you know what to say,” she said. I took the wand from her with excitement and held it up into the air.

“Moon Power… Ni Nare!” I cried out as light enveloped me. “Turn me into a hot hermaphrodite!”

I floated into the air and I was blinded for a moment. I landed softly on my toes and I opened my eyes. Sailor Moon was looking at me with round eyes and I glanced down.

I cried out when I saw my penis. I slowly reached down and grasped it. I moaned as wonderful feelings coursed through my body. It twitched in my hand and I jumped as it became larger. My cock was long and wide, with bright blue veins and a big bulbous head.

My pussy was gushing as a drop of precum slipped from my dick. I motioned Sailor Moon forward and she fell to her knees. She took my massive cock into her mouth and inhaled it.

“Yesss!” I screamed out as she wrapper her tongue around me. She worked her head down my shaft, swallowing to the base and I threw back my head in pleasure. She reached up and stuck a finger into my pussy as she pumped her head.

I couldn’t control myself. I didn’t care who heard or if they were watching, I cried out loudly with pleasure. I grasped her hair and pulled myself deeper into her mouth. She stuck another finger into my cunt and it was too much.

“I. am. going. to. cum,” I panted out and with a groan I let my jizz spew. Sailor Moon took it all into her mouth, drinking up my creamy white cum. I fell back against the wall and gasped for breath.

I closed my eyes as the world started to spin. Never in my life had I experienced such an intense orgasm. My cock was still rigid and it pounded with the same rhythm as my pussy. I reopened my eyes to find Eternal Sailor Moon pressed against the opposite wall, displaying her long sexy legs and tight twat.

“Fuck me Dez,” she said in a low sultry voice. My cock seemed to have a mind of its own because it jumped right back up to attention and I walked over as if in a dream.

I placed a hand on her hip, bringing her ass closer to me and inhaled sharply as she ground herself against me. Her pussy was moist and wet, begging to be split open by my enormous manhood. I mean womanhood… I mean... Whatever.

I ran the head through her slit and pushed into her pussy slowly. I howled in pleasure as she swallow me. It was warm, wet and tight, it squeezed my cock and I thought I would blow another load right then.

I tried to be gentle and loving, much like a woman should be but I couldn’t. I think I got a big dose of testosterone when I transformed and so I couldn’t stop myself from fucking her brains out.
I pushed her into the wall, her breast squashed against the red bricks. I pounded her cunt, making her squeal with delight and I screamed. I spread her legs further apart so I could get deeper.

I lubed a finger in my mouth and slipped into her asshole. She arched her back with ecstasy and I finger fucked her hole much to the same rhythm as I was pounding her sweet cunt.

I pulled out of her pussy and I spread her ass cheeks apart. I leaned down and rimmed her asshole expertly and stuck my tongue as deeply as I could. Eternal Sailor Moon cried out as I tongue fucked her hole.

Satisfied that she was lubed enough I pressed my dick to her hole. I pushed forward and slid deeply into her tight little asshole. And I screamed. I screamed so loudly I’m sure people on the street had heard me.

I pumped into her ass, loving the feel of the small taught hole. My dick was swollen with desire and our skin rubbed together frantically, causing friction among other things to make us both cry out.
The music was still inexplicably playing in the background as I pounded her hole and I felt another orgasm speeding towards me. Eternal Sailor Moon had reached down rub her clit and we both came at the same moment.

Her asshole contract around my cock and I yelled out as I shot cum shot after cum shot into her ass. Sailor Moon’s pussy was gushing as she continued to rub her clit and she came again. This caused me to groan and to spew out the last of my jizz.

I slowly pulled out and we both sank to the ground. I pulled her into my embrace and kissed her soundly on the lips. She lost her transformation then, once again becoming Usagi and we started to drift off to sleep despite being in a dank alleyway.

“Arigatou Usagi-chan,” I murmured drowsily.

I woke up later to find myself back in my own living room. My hair and clothing were all askew but other than that it was if I had never left. Sailor Moon had just ended and the credits were scrolling down the screen.

I must be crazy, I thought to myself as I sat up. My breasts were back to normal and my clothing the same as well. It must have been a dream, I thought. Yes, that’s right a dream but when I stood up I noticed something in my breast pocket. I pulled it out and dropped it in shock.

“No way!” I cried out. Light shone off the ruby as I ran from the room. A cute little pixie soared into the room and picked up the wand.

“You’re welcome,” she said with a grin as she fluttered away.

The end.

I am a super huge loser I know. And I know that that Sailor Stars Season never aired in Canada. Here’s some of the terms I used:

Bishoujo – Meaning Magical Girl Anime
Crown Game Centre – It’s the central hang out place for the Senshi and in the manga their secret meeting room is under the Sailor V game.
Furuhata Motoki – His family owns the Crown Game Centre and he is good friends with Mamoru
Tsukino Usagi – Serena in the NA version
Hai – Yes
Juban – The district of Japan that the Senshi live in
Osaka-p – The jewelry shop that Osaka Naru’s mother owns. Naru is Usagi-chan’s best friend
ChibiUsa – Usagi Small Lady Serenity, future daughter of Usagi-chan and Mamo-chan
Henshin Broach – Her transformation Broach
Youma – Demon/Enemy
Moon Power… Ni Nare! – The transformation phrase used in conjunction with her wand that allows her to transform into

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