Beyond a Lucky Shot

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Beyond a Lucky Shot



The rush of the engines created a low static humming through the cabin of the international flight.  First class was comfortable as usual, attractive flight attendants catering to passengers’ needs in hushed and respectful tones.


They avoided the passenger in the first row, having stonily ignored everything since he settled into his seat three hours ago.  He was beyond handsome, approaching beautiful with his tousled raven hair, ice blue eyes, and long suit-encased body.  He practically exuded sex, and one of the attendants had ventured so far as to ask for an autograph.  The striking Japanese features could not soften the cold fury in his eyes.  After she stammered an apology, he shook his head just barely and returned his gaze to a worn magazine in his large hands.  Something in it was obviously upsetting him, and the flight attendants did not want to get in the way.


Sakuya opened the magazine for what had to have been the hundredth time since he randomly picked it up off a table in a hospitality suite after an appearance.  Lucifer had taken London by storm in just three months, far ahead of schedule.  They were riding high on success, holding back the longing for their loved ones by throwing themselves into their work.  Sakuya was no exception, hungrily composing to the lyrics that Aine faxed to him.  They were more explicit than usual, giving Lucifer an even harder edge that the English fans adored. 


He folded open the very worn page, crumpled at the edge from where he first gripped it in shock.  His fingers stroked the lines of the image, his eyes angrily, hungrily, drinking in the all too familiar form. 


He knew who took it.  Tokugawa was ruthless and underhanded when it came to getting the shot he wanted.


What he didn’t know, what plagued his nights and made him angrier every time he saw the picture, is why she did it.  He asked her, told her, to stay behind the scenes, stay out of the public eye.  Didn’t she understand it was for her protection?


He clenched the flimsy paper closed, gritting his teeth as anger washed up through him again.  He looked out the window at the puffy clouds rolling steadily below.


“Dammit, Aine.”




Aine sighed for what seemed to be the hundredth time since Monday.  She was at Jupiter Records to submit lyrics to Takayama-san’s assistant.  She wasn’t allowed to have the fax number of the hotel where Sakuya was staying, lest she take the initiative for a surprise visit.  Takayama-san was insistent that the band have limited contact with their loved ones, lest they get distracted.  Phone was fine, letters had to be submitted to the record label.


“Band security my ass,” Aine murmured, head sliding into her hands.  Month five was almost over, and she couldn’t wait for Sakuya to come home.


“We’re all done here Yukimura-san,”


Aine looked up, a bit startled.  Takayama-san’s assistant stood in the doorway of the conference room, fax sheets in hand.  Aine murmured her thanks, more than happy to not be in the office anymore.  It reminded her so much of him.  Of course, home wasn’t much better.


She left the office quietly, taking care to tuck her hair into her hat, pulling the brim low over her eyes and donning a pair of dark sunglasses.  She headed towards the subway, careful to not draw attention to herself.  It used to not be necessary to take such precautions, but once again she’d gotten herself into a mess by trusting someone she shouldn’t have.  Only this time Sakuya wasn’t around to bail her out.


It all started innocently enough.  Three months into Sakuya’s absence, about two months ago, she had gone into the office to deliver her lyrics and some concepts for new music videos.  Distracted in the hallway by a “Lucifer in London” poster, she turned a corner and almost knocked into Tokugawa, the photographer who stole her image.  She was surprised, having not seen him since he produced that photo book of Lucifer and Sakuya.  He was arguing loudly with one of Jupiter’s managers, his intense gaze instantly reminding her of her far-away love.


“What do you mean the model is sick?  We have to do the set up today, or the entire campaign will be ruined!”


The manager gave a stammering reply, overpowered by Tokugawa’s shouting.


“I don’t care what it takes!  Pick someone walking down the hall if you have to.”


Tokugawa spun on his heel, catching Aine in the shoulder.  He reached out automatically to steady her, angry eyes softening instantly when he saw with whom he’d collided.


“Aine?  What a pleasant surprise.”  His eyes flickered to the manager in the hall, a slow smile crossing his face.  “Are you doing anything this afternoon?”


She should have refused him straight out.  He had nearly torn her clothes off to get a good shot of her before, so there was no way she should trust him again.


“It’s just a set-up shoot, no actual pictures being taken for the album.  The model dropped out, but you happen to be her size.  I just need you to stand in for her.  It won’t take long.”


As usual, her big heart won over common sense.  She wasn’t really modeling, just helping out Jupiter Records by helping a shoot.  Besides, there would be other people there, and the band being promoted would be in the shot.


During the shoot, she was fine.  Tokugawa was a consummate professional, framing shots and testing lighting against the outfits.  The boys from the band were sweet and fun, and reminded her a little of Lucifer without Sakuya.  No one could match him.  Although the band leader wore Sakuya’s favorite cologne.  It was fairly distracting; she felt like Sakuya’s arms would come around her at any moment and surround her in the scent.


After the shoot was finished, and the guys vacated the studio’s single dressing room, Aine went to change.  Tokugawa was talking to the manager about scheduling the real shoot, so she felt safe to change.  The unfamiliar clothing came off easily, and she was soon clad only in her panties.  As she reached across the rack to grab her bra and dress, the alluring smell of that cologne brushed across her senses.  Her hand automatically reached for the white dress shirt that the leader had worn. 


She pressed the collar to her face, deeply inhaling the scent.  Her head lolled back as the shirt drifted down to caress her breasts.  She groaned a little, imagining Sakuya around her, touching her.  Her whole being ached for him in that moment.


Her eyes opened slowly, just in time to catch a soft click.  The expression of longing swiftly changed to that of shock.  Tokugawa stood in the doorway, camera in hand.


“Sorry, Aine, I couldn’t resist.  I guess I got another lucky shot.”


She blushed hard, pushing him out of the room and running from the studio once dressed in her own clothes.  He was nowhere to be found when she left, and for that she was grateful.  She left a message for him to destroy the shot, not wanting him to use her image again without her permission.  It was bad enough it happened once.


Apparently though, she needed to be more specific.  Within a month the picture was featured in a national ad campaign for a new fashion designer.  By the time Aine found out about it, it was too late to pull the image.  She even asked Takayama-san’s assistant and her other contacts at Jupiter Records for help, but Tokugawa had the gall to say she’d agreed to the shot.  In show business, the word of a world-famous photographer trumped that of a young lyricist. 


Her only consolation was that the campaign would be over by the time Sakuya came back to Japan.  She already felt dumb enough for being taken by Tokugawa again, she didn’t need to face Sakuya’s disapproval.


But it hadn’t ended there.  Unlike last time, when it was just one billboard, being in a popular magazine garnered her almost instant recognition.  She had to be careful where she went, and when.  For a couple weeks it got really bad, with some harmless and some scary photo-seekers giving her a fright.  Jupiter even paid for a car to take her back and forth when she needed to go out.  Things finally calmed down, but Aine was shaken by the experience.  She had a new understanding for what Sakuya went through every day.  She honestly didn’t know if she’d be able to handle the throngs of fans that he did.


The train rolled to a stop at her station, and she got off, grateful to be away from the press of people.  She still wasn’t as comfortable around crowds, but she refused to be sheltered.  While Sakuya was gone, she was just a high school graduate and record company employee.  She didn’t deserve special treatment.


Wearily, Aine trudged up the stairs to their condo.  She sighed as her key slid into the lock.  It was harder to be home, his presence even stronger than at work.  It made for great lyrics, but a lot of loneliness and sexual frustration.  Three weeks, and he’d be home.


The condo was dark, but Aine knew her way around well enough.  She kicked off her shoes and removed the sunglasses, leaving them by the door.  She padded down the hall to the open great room and flicked on the light.


There was someone sitting on the couch.  A small scream jumped from her lips, and she pressed herself to the wall.  Another stalker?  Her frazzled nerves took a moment to process the lean form, dark hair and blue eyes. 


“Sa-kuya?” she stammered.  Her mind whirled with a thousand questions.  She couldn’t seem to grasp any one of them in the shock of seeing him.


“Going incognito, Aine?  That hat won’t fool everyone you know.”  Aine’s heart stopped at the cold malice in his voice.  That tone hadn’t been directed at her since she got drunk with his half-brother and passed out in his apartment.  He was pissed, furious.  She swallowed around the enormous lump that jumped to her throat.




A flutter of paper flicked from his wrist interrupted her.  Aine’s heart dropped into her stomach as a worn magazine thumped to her feet.  She slowly picked it up, page open to that dammed photo.


“Was it worth it?”  His voice was deathly quiet.  If possible, the tension in the air thickened.  It was getting hard to breathe.


“Worth it?”  Aine couldn’t stop the tremor in her voice. 


Sakuya uncrossed his legs and rose with uncommon grace.  She wished she could run to him, touch that skin she’d longed for, inhale his seductive scent, wrap herself up in him.  Or prove that this was a horrible dream created by stress and longing.


He stalked up to her, towering over her now shaking form.  The cool anger in his gaze was turning into fury with the twitching of his eyes and clench of his jaw.


‘God, he’s still holding something back.’


A large hand raised up and pulled the hat from her head swiftly, her honey-brown hair tumbling around her shoulders.  Aine jumped at the sudden movement, eyes widening.  Something flicked through is gaze at that moment, and two hands slammed into the wall on either side of her head, trapping her in the cage of his arms.


“The fame, the attention, modeling,” he snarled, anger twisting his handsome features. “Being out from behind the scenes to get your own little limelight.”


Aine forgot to breathe.  He lowered his face towards hers when she didn’t respond.


“Was all worth betraying me?”


That shook her out of her stupor.


“Betray you?  Sakuya, that’s not true-”


“Isn’t it?” he shouted, banging a fist against the wall for emphasis.  “I TOLD you not to model Aine!  You know how dangerous it is to be associated with a public figure, let alone be one!  I asked you to be the one thing in my life that I don’t have to share with the world, and you did it anyway.”  His eyes darkened to a dangerous cobalt as he grit his teeth.  “And with Tokugawa!  Again!!  You know how obsessed he is with you.  How is that not betrayal?”


Tears started to form in her eyes.  She hated it when he yelled.  Gathering her wits, she tried to answer.


“That’s not how it happened,” she protested weakly.


“And how exactly did it ‘happen’ Aine,” he said, voice dripping with sarcasm.  One long finger drew along the neckline of her blouse, suddenly tangling in the thin fabric.


“How did you end up mostly naked, in a studio, with that wanton expression on your face?”  The shirt ripped open with a sharp tug, buttons clattering to the floor.  Aine tried to cover herself with a cry, but Sakuya’s large hand grabbed both of hers and held them overhead.  His other hand gripped her chin and forced her misty eyes to meet his.


“Did he promise you fame?  Money?  A good screw?”  Those cruel fingers traced down her exposed chest.  His voice dropped to a dangerous growl.


“Did he touch you Aine?”


“No!” she cried.  How could he even think that?


“Then what?!  What the hell was going on?”  He gripped her shoulders with both hands, bumping her into the wall.  “What could possibly happen to put that look on your face?  Why did you look like you wanted to be fucked?”


With strength she didn’t know she possessed, Aine pushed him back with a powerful shove.


“Because I was thinking of you!”


Sakuya stumbled back, looking at her in shock.  Aine grasped the ruined edges of her shirt, tears streaming down her face.


“What?”  The anger was still evident, surprise leaking in around the edges of his voice.


“Yes, I should have told him to take a flying leap.  I never should have walked into that studio again.  But some model dropped out and they needed a stand in to do a setup, no pictures.  It was for a Jupiter band, and the manager practically begged.  I wouldn’t be alone with him, so like an idiot I agreed.” 


She plowed on, trying to speak around hitching sobs.


“T-the band was really fun, and reminded me of L-lucifer, just a l-little.   And one of them was w-wearing your favorite cologne.”  She covered her face with her free hand and sobbed a little more.  “I missed you so much, it felt like you were there but I knew you weren’t.  So when I finally got into the dressing room and started changing, that s-tupid shirt smelled s-so much like you called to me.  I couldn’t help but hold it and think of you!”


Sakuya stood silent, eyes shadowed by his bangs and fists clenched.  Aine couldn’t look at him, all the frustration and embarrassment coming out in her now quieter tone.


“Next thing I know, Tokugawa is standing there with a smirk and a camera, having taken my picture AGAIN without my permission.  I ran out of there as soon as I dressed, and begged him later to destroy the picture.  But he didn’t, and my face was all over the fashion rags.” 


She laughed ruefully, roughly wiping her face.  “Apparently the word of a photographer is greater than that of a girl.   Jupiter wouldn’t do a thing to help.  I hated the attention, hated the autographs, having to be shuttled to and fro like a prisoner lest someone take some damming tabloid shot.  I just wanted to make it disappear.”


A long silence passed, punctuated only by her sniffles.  A faint trembling ran through Sakuya’s tense body.


“Why didn’t you tell me.”  His voice was quiet, unreadable.


Aine half-laughed, half sobbed with a watery chuckle. 


“And tell you what?  That I screwed up?  That I got tricked again?  That I’m still a naive idiot?”  She sighed.  “I did this to myself, and have to deal with it.  I found out the hard way that there was nothing I could do to fix it, and I thought telling you would make it worse.”


Sakuya’s body tightened like a spring, and for one long heartbeat, Aine was afraid of him.  He turned on his heel suddenly, walking towards the door.




The front door slamming closed was her only reply. 


Aine curled up, put her head on her knees, and cried.




It had started to rain.  Sheets of water flowed down the windowpanes, turning the bright skyline into an indistinct painting of shape and light.


Aine sat on the too-big bed, wrapped up in one of his white dress shirts that she found in his luggage.  Skin still damp from her shower, she didn’t care if it was clean.  She wanted to be wrapped up in him, and this was the closest she could get.


It had been hours since he left.  His phone wasn’t on, and it was late enough that no one at the record company was answering.  A call to Maria showed that he wasn’t at Yuki’s.  In fact, Yuki wasn’t back yet.  Apparently Sakuya had left earlier than the rest of the band.


‘Eager to see the damage for himself I guess.’


Aine curled her arms around her knees again, no tears left.  Her eyes were red and puffy from crying.  She wanted things to go back to normal.  She was even at the point where she didn’t care if he apologized for yelling at her without asking for her side of the story. Of course, the picture was pretty damning.  It was easy to see why he jumped to conclusions. 


Aine sighed.  She just hoped that he was coming back.


A noise from downstairs roused her out of her contemplation.  She held still, perched on the edge of the bed, straining to hear.  Her feet dropped quickly to the floor when she detected soft footsteps coming up the stairs.  She ran to the doorway, stopping just outside.


Sakuya crested the stairs, drenched.  His dripping suit coat hung from long fingers, shirt clinging to him like a second skin.  His hair was black as night, long drops of water running down his neck.  He’d obviously raked a hand through it at some point, as his bangs were swept back haphazardly from his face.  He looked tired, but his blue eyes were otherwise expressionless.


They stood in the hallway for a moment, less than a meter between them. Aine wanted nothing more than to throw herself into his arms.  His eyes flicked over her form. 


She couldn’t stand the silence any longer.  Aine opened her mouth to speak, but was interrupted.


“You’ll get an official apology from Jupiter in the morning.  In writing.  You’ll also get the royalties you’re owed for the use of your image.”  One of his large hands reached out, fingertips brushing along her jaw line tenderly.  “And Tokugawa won’t bother you again.”


She reached up and gripped his hand before it left her skin.  Her eyes widened at the resulting wince, turning his hand to inspect it.  His knuckles were bruised, blood crusting over a few cuts.


“What did you do?”


Sakuya chuckled, a smile finally gracing his features.


“Jupiter didn’t like the thought of losing their international moneymaker.  Tokugawa didn’t like the thought of losing consciousness.”


The smile left his face slowly, replaced by a more serious expression.  The sodden jacket fell from his hand, and he dropped to his knees in front of her.  Aine gasped a bit as he pulled her into a wet embrace.  His face buried into her chest, forehead resting on her shoulder.  After a startled moment, she wrapped her arms around his head and shoulders, sighing as his arms tightened further around her.


God she’d missed his touch.  She didn’t realize that she ached all over until he held her again and made it go away.


“I’m sorry I didn’t tell you, Sakuya.  I was scared that you would be upset or . . . disappointed.”


His nose nudged inside the collar of the shirt she wore.  She drew in a shuddering breath as his lips caressed the skin of her collarbone.


“I’m sorry I didn’t call when I saw the photo.  Seeing you exposed like that. . .”  He sighed across her skin and flicked out his tongue to taste her.  Aine moaned a little, and he pulled back to meet her brown eyes with his deep blue.


“I want to be the only person who sees that face, Aine.  Show it to me again?”


She smiled and kissed his forehead.


“I’ll show it to you forever if you’re here with me.”


A classic Sakuya grin spread across his face.  The look in his eyes told her she wouldn’t be sleeping for a long time.  He stood quickly, scooping her into his strong arms.  Aine giggled as she found herself spread out on the bed, Sakuya above her on all fours.


“I’m going to hold you to that, little bird.”


Deft fingers popped open the buttons on her shirt, caressing the silken skin underneath.  She reached up and worked on his, struggling a little with the damp fabric.  Finally, she exposed his broad chest to her seeking fingers.


“You should wear my clothes more often, makes it easy to undress you.”


Her laugh turned into a groan as his hands pulled the shirt open, brushing palms lightly over erect nipples as he passed.  She arched up into him, and he took the opportunity to snake a hand underneath her back and strip the shirt off her body.  He pressed her slight form to his chest, lips capturing hers in a kiss filled with five and a half months worth of longing.  They pulled apart to breathe, his lips almost immediately attacking the smooth column of her delicate neck.


“Next you’ll want me to- ah – stop wearing clothes altogether.”  His lips and teeth blazed a fiery trail down her neck and collarbone.


“Works for me,” he breathed against her skin, laying her back down.  He stripped off his shirt, throwing it to the side before cupping her breasts with skillful hands.  Aine cried out in pleasure as his warm lips curled around one pink bud.


“That’s the face I’m looking for,” he said, breath blowing across her wet nipple, causing her to shiver. 


He continued to lave her breasts with lips, tongue and teeth.  Aine tangled fingers into his damp hair, riding out the waves of sensation he was building in her.  Every lick, every stroke sent fire shooting to her core.  She was more than ready for him, feeling the hot wetness soaking her panties.


As if reading her mind, his long fingers left her aching peaks and slid down to caress her sides.  His lips moved in the opposite direction, biting down on the juncture of her neck and shoulder.  Aine shuddered; he knew it was one of her favorite spots.


Sakuya pulled off her panties with swift fingers, tossing them to join the shirts on the floor.  He settled beside her, hands drifting up and down her curves, eyes drinking her naked form hungrily.


“God I missed you.  Every time you sent me a hot set of lyrics, I wanted to get on a plane and make it real.”


Aine pressed a hand to his waist, boldly stroking down to touch his stiff erection through his pants.  She enjoyed the brief moment of control over him, knowing it wouldn’t be long before he ravished her again.


“You better make up for lost time then.  I wrote every one thinking about what you’d do to me when you read it.”


Sakuya’s lust-filled smile raked over her like a caress.  He leaned in over her, and cupped her dripping folds.  Her hands stilled as his firm touch teased without offering relief.


“Lucky for you I don’t get jet lag.”


Aine screamed as he inserted one long finger into her dripping core.  He set a teasing pace, punctuating his strokes with random flicks on her clit with his thumb.  His gaze was locked on her gasping visage, drinking in each moan and thrust with hungry eyes.  A second finger set her eyes drifting closed.  It felt so good to have him where only her touches had been for too long.  She forced her eyes open; she had to make sure this was real.


He pulled his fingers from her heat, chuckling as her hips followed his retreat.


“Sakuya,” she complained, so close to her peak.


“I have something better to satisfy you.”  He shucked off his pants with alarming swiftness and rolled over her again.  “I want to feel you around me the when you cum.”


Aine had no time to respond as he thrust inside her with one forceful stroke.  She practically came on the spot, stars sparking under her eyelids.  Sakuya bent over her shoulder and groaned deeply as he moved within her.


“Fuck, Aine, you feel so good.”


Aine could only pant in reply as he pressed inside her again and again.  He lifted her leg under one strong arm and pressed deeper, sheathing himself more fully inside.  She arched into his thrusts, barely able to keep up as he increased his rhythm.  Soon she was crying out with each dizzying stroke, building closer and closer to climax.


Sakuya leaned down and pressed his lips to hers, tasting her moans with his thrusting tongue.  Aine grasped his shoulders, fingers pressing into his skin as he drove her higher.  He pulled his lips from hers and captured her gaze.


“Cum for me Aine.  Let me feel you shaking around me.”


Aine cried out as her climax hit her like a freight train.  The stars behind her eyes turned into fireworks, bringing her to heaven.  A few hard thrusts, and Sakuya groaned into her shoulder with his own release.


Their harsh breaths mingled as they panted in each other’s embrace.  Aine floated back to reality, happy to find that he was still wrapped around her.  She leaned up and kissed him again, enjoying the slow play of his lips against hers.  He pulled out and settled beside her, smiling.  She reached into his hair, finding it still damp to the touch.


“You should take a bath.  It looked pretty wet out there.”


He grinned.


“Only if you join me.  I have a lot of lyrics to make up for.”


Aine blushed.  God, she was glad he was home.


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