Full Metal Panic: Tropical Heat

BY : bweb
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Full Metal Panic: Tropical Heat

by bweb

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Warning: This fic contains adult situations, so if you aren't at least 18, stop reading.

Kaname sat quietly by the window of the small plane, listening to the engines droning on. She felt tired, but the noise was too unfamiliar for her to get any real sleep. She glanced over across the way, and saw Sosuke sound asleep his head propped against the opposite window. She smiled slightly. He looked so peaceful sleeping like that. And the last couple of days had been rough on him, she reflected.
"Excuse me," Kaname called to the pilot, "Are there any blankets or pillows on this plane?"
"Overhead compartment, ma'am," the pilot said. Kaname stood up and opened the overhead, reaching in and pulling out a light blanket and a small pillow. She then turned to Sosuke. She unfurled the blanket and draped it lightly over him. She reached over to lift his head and place the pillow beneath it, when his eyes shot open, and he sat quickly upright, in a defensive posture. After a moment, he got his bearings, and relaxed.
"What was that about?" Kaname asked.
"Sorry," Sosuke said quietly. He was becoming more self-aware of his military conditioning being an aggravation to Kaname.
"I guess that you're a pretty light sleeper," Kaname said, feeling somewhat guilty herself, "I didn't mean to wake you. You just looked uncomfortable sleeping like that."
Sosuke smiled lightly, "I appreciate it. Don't worry. It's another five hours before we get back to Okinawa, where we'll catch the flight to Tokyo. I'll get back to sleep in no time."
"Sosuke...am I...am I a bother?"
"No, Kaname," Sosuke said, "You're not a bother. And I'm sorry I ever gave you that impression. You're probably just feeling homesick. We'll be back in our apartments in time for dinner."
"Um, Sosuke," Kaname was flushed bright red as she spoke again, "Listen, would you...mind staying at my place tonight? I could use the company."
Sosuke looked at Kaname, but she wasn't meeting his eyes. She was staring at the back of the seat in front of her.
"It's not a problem," Sosuke said after a moment.
"Thank y..."
"Sergeant! Could you come here, please?" the pilot called from the front of the plane, cutting Kaname off.
"Be right back," Sosuke said. He walked quickly to the front of the plane, then spoke in hushed tones with the pilot, "What is it, sir?"
"We have a problem," the pilot said, matching Sosuke's hushed voice, both of them very conscious of their civilian passenger, "Take a look."
The pilot nodded out the windshield, where there were thick, ponderous clouds in their path.
"It came out of nowhere," the pilot said.
"Can we go around it?"
"Will we be able to go through it?"
"We're going to have to," the pilot said, "But it's going to be a bumpy ride. You and your guest should put on life vests and strap yourselves in."
"Roger," Sosuke said. He returned to the rear of the plane.
"What's up?" Kaname asked, seeing the worried look on Sosuke's face.
"We're about to hit some rough weather," Sosuke said, "Here, put this on."
Sosuke handed her a flimsy piece of yellow plastic.
"What is this?"
"A self inflating life-vest. Pull that rip chord there when you hit the water, and it'll inflate and keep you afloat."
"When I hit the water?" Kaname said nervously, memories of their dive from the plane to the Tuatha De Danaan playing through her mind.
"Just a precaution," Sosuke said calmly, "We probably won't need them, but better safe than sorry."
Kaname nodded.
For the next hour, neither said anything. Kaname could see the sky around the plane turning horribly dark. And then she saw beads of water on the window, indicating that it was raining outside the plane. She began to worry when she saw the flashes of lightning, and the whole plane began to feel like it was vibrating.
"Rough chop," the pilot called back apologetically, "There's some airsick bags in the backs of the seats, if you need them."
"I'm okay," Kaname said quietly.
"Sergeant Sagara?"
"We're alright, Lieutenant," Sosuke said, "How's the plane?"
"I'm having to fight to keep the plane steady."
"Do you want me to take the secondary controls?" Sosuke asked.
"Negative, Sergeant. I think we..."
There was a loud bang, followed by a high pitched whine. The plane listed to the left and began to drop like a stone.
"What's happening?" Kaname screamed.
"We lost the starboard engine!" the pilot yelled back, "We're going down. Brace yourselves! I'll try to level her out!"
Sosuke and Kaname both assumed the classic crash position, sitting in their chairs with their heads between their knees and their hands over their heads. Kaname started whispering a prayer under her breath when she felt a sharp jolt, and then everything was dark.
She did not know how long that darkness lasted, but there was a sudden, cold sensation enveloping her body, and her eyes shot open. She was in Sosuke's arms, standing at the open hatch of the airplane. They were sitting on the water's surface, which churning with enormous waves. She was wet, undoubtedly from the raging water of the Pacific Ocean.
"Kaname," Sosuke sounded relived, "You came to! That's a relief. I didn't want to jump with you unconscious."
"The plane's aluminum frame will allow it to float for a bit, but not long. We've got to get out before it sinks. Lieutenant, I've got the raft. "
"Go ahead," The pilot called, "I'm radioing the base! Hopefully, they'll get a fix on our position and send a rescue team."
Sosuke was a dedicated soldier, and so he followed orders. He jumped from the plane, holding Kaname around the waist, and a yellow bundle tied to him.
They hit the frigid water, and then Sosuke began to pull in the yellow bundle by the line it was attached to. Kaname noticed that there was a rope around her waist as well, and that the other end was tied to Sosuke. He'd taken the time to ensure that they wouldn't get separated in the tempest.
Sosuke pulled a chord on the yellow bundle, and it started to inflate and became a large, circular raft.
"Get in!" Sosuke shouted above the raging storm. Kaname pulled herself into the life raft, and then watched Sosuke do the same. She then looked at the plane. They were getting further away all the time.
"Can the pilot swim that distance?" Kaname found that she had to yell to be
heard.Sosuke untied the line that bound him to the raft and then grabbed a grenade from his belt. He tied the rope around it and began swirling it in the air.
"What are you doing?"
"Just throwing the rope won't be enough," Sosuke said, taking careful aim, "The grenade will act as a weight and give the rope the momentum it needs to reach the plane. The pin won't come out easily, so it's perfectly safe."
The pilot showed up in the hatchway of the plane. Sosuke signaled his intent to hurl the rope, and the pilot stepped back a bit. Sosuke let the rope fly. It flew in an arc to the hatch way, and landed just short of the entrance. The pilot quickly grabbed the grenade from the water, and then untied the rope. He tied the end of the rope to the plane's hatch, and jumped into the water, holding the rope the whole time. He began to shimmy along the rope towards the raft, when a large wave struck. It upended the plane, and then
the downed craft began to slip below the water's surface.
"We'll be dragged under!" Sosuke said, "Lieutenant! Cut the rope behind you!"
The pilot nodded, and pulled a knife from his belt. He began cutting at the rope behind them, and then there was another wave. Sosuke held onto Kaname, and checked that the line holding her to him was still tight. Then he scanned the horizon.
No answer.
"There!" Kaname pointed out in the distance, where the yellow of the pilot's life preserver could just barely be seen bobbing on the waves.
"He must have lost the line when the wave hit!" Sosuke said, "Kaname, I've got to go after him!"
"No, Sosuke!" Kaname said, "You'll never make it back to the raft!"
"I can't leave him," Sosuke said.
"Then I'm going with you!" Kaname said.
"Look, I'm an excellent swimmer, so I don't want to hear that you think this is too dangerous for me! Remember our swimming class? I'm the only one who could keep up with you. I'm not going to sit here in this rubber raft all alone, so we're both going. Just keep that line tied to us, and we should be
Sosuke realized that he wasn't going to win this argument, and time was precious. He nodded, and both he and Kaname leapt from the raft and began to swim in the direction of the drifting pilot.
To Kaname, it felt like they were swimming against molasses. Her arms and legs grew tired quickly, but she kept swimming, trying to keep the pilot's yellow vest in view. Sosuke was right beside her, his face grim and
determined. He swam for all he was worth.They fought against the storm, and they fought against the waves, but despite their best efforts, they couldn't catch up with the Lieutenant. He vanished from site, and both Kaname and Sosuke stopped swimming to get their bearings.
"Do you see him?" Sosuke asked.
Kaname shook her head, "No. Where could he have gone?"
"The currents out here are swift. he could have already been carried beyond our range. I've lost sight of the raft, too."
"God, Sosuke, do you think he's..."
"We can't give up, Kaname. He's wearing a life vest, like we are, so he's probably still afloat. For now, we have to focus on keeping ourselves alive."
Kaname looked down, "I'm sorry, Sosuke. I should have stayed in the raft."
"No," Sosuke said, "You were right. I never would have made it back. And you'd be adrift alone. You don't have the training to survive on the open ocean alone."
Kaname decided not to argue the point. She was too tired from their fruitless swim, and now she was feeling the cold water envelope her.
"How long before we're rescued?"
"I don't know if he was able to contact HQ, so no telling," Sosuke said flatly, "But keep your eyes peeled. They could show up at any time."
Kaname nodded, “Right.”
“I’ve got a canteen in my vest. It’s sealed, so it has fresh water in it. We have to be careful with it, but it might be enough for us to last a day or two.”
The waves and the rain were beginning to die down as the storm kept moving past the area.
“Sosuke, should we keep swimming, or should we just let the vests keep us afloat here?”
“It may not look like it, but we’re moving right now,” Sosuke said, “We’re in a current, and it’s going to carry us from this spot. It’s high tide right now, too. That, and the storm swell have reduced our visibility. In a few hours, we should be able to see further. For now, conserve energy, and just let your life vest hold you up.”
“How did this happen?”
“I don’t know,” Sosuke said, “It could be that lightning struck the engine, or maybe it was just under too much strain from the storm. Chances are we’ll never recover the wreckage to find out. I’ve got us tied together, so we shouldn’t have to worry about drifting away from each other if we get tired.”
Kaname nodded, “It’s just…It felt so…”
Sosuke positioned himself slightly behind Kaname, and then wrapped his arms around her. His hands locked together right above her stomach. Kaname felt a bit warmer in his embrace.
“I’ll keep hold on you,” Sosuke said, “I’m beginning to feel tired myself, but we have to fight that sensation. We don’t want to drift off to sleep. This isn’t a safe place.”
“Are you worried about sharks?”
“That’s part of it. There’s other marine life to worry about, too. Sea snakes, for example, are very poisonous. And we have to keep our eyes out for jellyfish like sea wasps. Their stings can be very painful. But mostly, I’m worried about more storms. The pilot said that it came up out of nowhere, and things like that can happen in this region. We have to hope that we don’t run into another one.”
“Sosuke…the pilot…Did you know him well?”
Sosuke shook his head, “I knew his name and his reputation. Lieutenant Joshua Blake. He wasn’t married, and I believe his parents are deceased, so there are no kin to notify.”
“What about our kin?” Kaname said, “You never talk much about your family, Sosuke.”
“Like Blake, I have no one to notify,” Sosuke said, “And we’re going to get through this, so no one will have to notify your Father or sister.”
“You know about my family?”
“Affirmative. It was important for us to know everything we could when we started guarding you. I know that your mother passed when you were very young, and that your Father works for the U.N., and that your sister lives with him in New York. You write them once a week to update them on your status, and your sister is usually the one who writes you back.”
“Okay,” Kaname said, “Do I want to know how you know all that, or would I be better off not asking?”
“If it makes you feel any better, I never read any of your letters or your sister’s.”
“That’s a relief.”
“Mao did that.”
“She was under orders to make sure that you didn’t tell anyone about Mithril once you found out about our existence. She screened your mail.”
“Tessa’s orders.”
“Negative. High Command was responsible for that decision. Tessa was opposed. She said that it was unfair to you, and that you weren’t a terrorist or enemy agent, and that you could be trusted to keep a secret. Both Mao and I vouched for you, too.
“But High Command overruled our judgment. It’s not pleasant, but it does happen. They’re very concerned with preserving their secrecy. And we couldn’t ignore the order, because they demanded transcripts of your letters.”
“I feel so…violated.”
“Tessa instructed Mao to make the transcripts, but to black them out after verifying that there were no references to Mithril in them,” Sosuke said with a smile, “Then she wrote ‘Deny in toto’ on the documents. High Command wasn’t happy, but they had to accept that we were monitoring you.”
“So…Mao is the only one who knows what was in those letters?”
“I suppose I can live with that,” Kaname said, “Provided that all those bastards who run your little spy club got was big black pages.”
“You can rest assured.”
“Speaking of rest,” Kaname said with a yawn, “I’m exhausted. Is it alright if I take a bit of a nap?”
“Go ahead,” Sosuke said, “I’ll keep watch.”

Kaname felt her eyelids grow heavy ,and she let the blackness of sleep embrace her. She dreamed of her mother, of being held as a small baby. She could feel warmth, and there was a soft sensation.
“Take care of yourself, Kaname,” She heard her mother’s voice, a voice she hadn’t heard in years.
“Mom. I’ve missed you,” Kaname said tearfully
“I’m here, Kaname,” Her mother said, brushing her daughter’s blue tresses from her eyes with long, delicate fingers, “I’m always here. And I’m always watching you.”
“Oh, Mom!” Kaname sobbed.
“Kaname,” her mother said gently with a smile.

“Kaname. Kaname!” Sosuke shook the girl awake.
“Wha…?” Kaname woke with a start. Several hours had passed, and she could just make out the sun in the distance, not quite setting yet, but definitely later in the day.
“Look!” Sosuke pointed. Kaname didn’t have to look hard. Rising above the surface of the water was a large green mound. It was an island! An island!
“Do you think anyone’s there?” Kaname asked hopefully.
“It’s pretty small, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t people,” Sosuke said, “But we won’t know until we get there.”
“Well, then, what are we waiting for?” Kaname demanded, “Let’s get going.”
“Affirmative,” Sosuke said. He and Kaname were both sore and tired, and cold. But both of them were also determined to live. They began to swim for all they were worth. Kaname’s lungs were on fire as she did the breast stroke for all she was worth. She was surrounded by water, but she felt parched. She knew not to swallow any of the seawater, but that didn’t make it any easier. Kaname was a fighter, though. Track and field. Softball. Even swimming was familiar territory for her. She felt her feet touch the bottom, and then her hands dug into wet sand on as she found herself emerging from the water onto the beach. She glanced to her side and saw Sosuke right beside her, coughing and sputtering seawater from his mouth.
They dragged themselves out of the water and onto the beach, and then both of them collapsed on the hot sand.
“After all that,” Kaname said, “This is the most beautiful beach I’ve ever seen.”
“Affirmative,” Sosuke said, out of breath, “We…need….we need to find shelter.”
“We need to rest,” Kaname said, “We’re in no shape to be exploring this place.”
“Maybe,” Sosuke said, easing himself into a sitting position, “But we do need to make sure that we’re safe. Wait here. I’m going to get some firewood. And take off your clothes.”
Kaname’s eyes went wide, “Excuse me?!”
“You’ve been in the ocean for a long time. The saltwater in your clothes will chafe your skin and cause sores. I’m going to build a fire and dry out our clothing.”
“Build a fire? With what? I don’t know about you, but I’m not carrying any…”
Sosuke pulled a small plastic bag from his vest. It was tightly wrapped, and the contents were clearly dry. Kaname saw, among other things, a pack of matches, a spool of thread, a couple of sewing needles, and a few gauze pads.
“Emergency field kit,” Sosuke explained.
“Okay, the matches I get, but why needle and thread?”
“It’s medical grade thread. The needles are sterilized. If I receive a severe enough injury, I can stitch it shut.”
“You’ve seen the scars on my body,” Sosuke pointed out, “I was the one who stitched half of them shut.”
“Without anesthesia?” Kaname was astonished.
“It’s do or die,” Sosuke said, “And this is another do or die situation. We need to do the things that will keep us alive. You can keep your undergarments on, but the rest of your clothes need to be dried. Mine as well.”
“Do you need help gathering wood?”
Sosuke shook his head, “You rest. I’ll be back in a second.”
Sosuke walked off into a stand of palm trees. Kaname shivered as an ocean breeze caressed her wet flesh and clothes. She decided that Sosuke was right, and she peeled off her wet shorts and shirt. She set them on a large rock , and then sat on the rock herself. The air smelled fresh, and the sand and air were fairly warm. Kaname felt better than she had since the plane crash.
Sosuke emerged from the trees carrying a few branches, and some large green leaves.
“Those don’t look like they’re from palm trees,” Kaname said.
“There’s some woodier trees growing further in,” Sosuke said, “I wonder if this used to be a base from World War II. I don’t think these trees are native to this island. They look like they might be Japanese. Perhaps some errant seeds or even some lonely soldier’s attempt at planting a garden. In any case, we have the wood we need for a fire. I’m not happy with the leaves, though.”
“Why’s that?”
“They’re still green, which means that they’ll smoke, which is good. But they’ll also be hard to catch fire in the first place. They make poor tinder, but they’re all we’ve got.”
Sosuke ripped up the leaves and then set them in a small pile. He surrounded the pile with stones, and then set some of the smaller branches he carried into what almost looked like a tent to Kaname. Then he laid some of the larger branches in his arms around that in what looked like a box formation.
“What are you…?”

“The leaves with catch first. They’ll heat the smaller wood until it begins to burn, and then those, in turn, will catch the larger wood on fire. Once it’s going, we can maintain it and keep it burning.”
“But what about shelter?”
“Let’s dry off first, and then we’ll take a look around.”
Sosuke pulled out a match and struck it. The he carefully lowered it into the pyre he’d built, and touched it to the leaves. As he’d feared, they didn’t catch quickly, and he’d burned his fingertips holding the match before it finally got the green leaves to burn. Smoke began to billow out of the wood.
Sosuke then took some spare branches, and set them up in a pair of tripods. He took his shirt and pants off, and draped them over the tripods, sitting beside the fire. Kaname couldn’t help but eye Sosuke’s muscular frame. She’d seen him bare-chested before, but there was something different about it this time.
-Maybe it’s because I’ve never been so exposed when he was--Kaname thought, considering her own state of undress. She was wearing a sports bra and a pair of simple white panties, nothing frilly or flashy. She owned a few pieces of more feminine undergarments, but those were all back in her Tokyo apartment. After all, she had been going on vacation with Sosuke. Sosuke, for crying out loud. She was beginning to doubt that Sosuke even had a libido. And if he did, she wondered if he’d ever be able to express romantic feelings to a girl without scaring her off completely with his military antics. She chuckled a moment.
“What’s so funny?” Sosuke asked.
“I was just thinking about the time I was kidnapped, and you burst into that trailer to rescue me. You remember? You were shielding me from the bullets and I thought you were trying to take advantage of the situation. I kept hitting you and calling you a molester and a pervert.”
“I remember,” Sosuke said, “Why would that make you laugh?”
“Well, having gotten to know you, I know now that it would be silly to think that of you. I mean, you? A pervert? I don’t think I’ve ever seen you show interest in a girl. You did kiss Mizuki that one time, but you didn’t even know how to do that right.”
“So you’re saying that my inexperience in that area is amusing?”
“No, that’s just pathetic. What’s amusing is the idea that I could have been so wrong.”
“Pathetic, you say?”
“Face it, Sosuke, would you even know what to do with a girl if she were all alone with you?”
Sosuke let out a hint of a smile, “I’m alone with you now, aren’t I? And I don’t think I’ve made any serious mistakes yet.”
Kaname blushed, “T-That’s not quite what I meant. This is basic survival. I’m talking about romance.”
Sosuke crouched in front of her, looking her straight in the eye. Kaname could feel her heart pounding, and her eyes were wide, her face flushed, and her breathing heavy.
“I do know what love is, Kaname,” Sosuke said calmly, “I lived with a the fighters in Helmajistan. There were women and children in our group. Until Gauron slaughtered them all. But before then, I knew a few people who were close to each other. I know about love, and about sex. I play ignorant in front of Mao and Kurz, but I do know.
“Back in Helmajistan, I was just a kid. Too young for such things. And now…well…I have you in my life. But I have to protect you. That’s my job. And if I let my feelings get in the way, it can cloud my objectivity. It already has on a few occasions.”
“Like the kidnapping. My orders were to secure the safety of the passengers on the plane. I was specifically ordered not to find you. I ignored those orders. I’d seen a girl tortured by Gauron’s thugs before, you see. I couldn’t bear to imagine something like that happening to you. Of all the people I’d met in Japan, you were more…open…with your feelings than any of the others. More vibrant. More colorful. I didn’t want to see that light extinguished.”
“Stop it,” Kaname said, sounding embarrassed, “You sound like a bad novel.”
“Maybe,” Sosuke said, “But it’s true. I ignored duty to protect you.”
Kaname stood up, her hands on her hips, “Are you saying that you can’t let me know how you feel, because it would make you weak?”
“Not weak,” Sosuke said, “Reckless. I could get you killed because I might ignore common sense out of panic or fear brought about by those feelings. So I have to keep myself at a distance, for your sake.”
Kaname closed her eyes and exhaled sharply, “If I had my halisen, I knock you clear back to Japan right now. Listen up, you military maniac! I don’t know where you get your ideas, but you can take your ‘distance’ and shove it! Sure, you’ve gotten me out of a few scrapes. You’ve probably even saved my life a time or two. But how often have I had to get you out of trouble? You’re totally inept socially. You’re a complete moron when it comes to everyday life.
“And while we’re on the subject, it was the Sosuke who disobeyed orders that saved me from those nuts in Russia. It was the Sosuke who wanted to follow orders and do everything by the book that…that…” Kaname stopped talking and turned away from Sosuke. He saw a hand go up to her eyes. He felt an involuntary twinge in his jaw, remembering the solid punch that Kurz had delivered the last time he had made Kaname cry.
He stood up and walked over to her. He put his hands on her shoulders, “Kaname, I’m sor…”
Before he could finish, Kaname turned around on her heel. She threw her arms around his neck and kissed him full on the lips.
Sosuke had been in such close contact with others before. He’d even delivered a kiss to Mizuki Inaba. But in that instance, it had merely been part of a cover story, as Sosuke was supposed to be impersonating her ex-boyfriend. There had been no emotional attachment.
This was different. He could feel an energy coming from Kaname, a strong attracting force. But there was more to it. Kaname seemed to be radiating an aura of sad longing.
They pulled apart slowly.
“It’s my own fault,” Kaname said in a hushed tone, “I knew what you were like, and I still fell in love with you. It just hurts, Sosuke. It hurts not knowing whether or not you care about me.”
“Of course I care, Kaname,” Sosuke said, “That’s why I’m so afraid of losing you. I’m never more unsure of myself than when you’re in danger. And that’s a dangerous thing.”
The sun was slowly slipping down the horizon.
“What are we going to do for shelter?” Kaname asked after a moment.
“The sky seems clear, and I don’t see any signs of dangerous animals here, so let’s just sleep here against this boulder,” Sosuke said, “The fire will keep us warm, and I can get enough wood that it won’t burn out before daybreak.”
Kaname nodded, “I’m too tired to think of anything else.”
Sosuke smiled, “I think that’s probably the first time you’ve decided to listen to me without second guessing me.”
“Had to be a first time,” Kaname shrugged, sitting down beside the boulder her clothes were drying on. She sighed. She wasn’t looking forward to sleeping her just her undergarments. They were still slightly damp, and she didn’t much relish sleeping in her bra, even when it was dry. And her clothes were still too wet to make effective or comfortable sleepwear.
“Better suck it up, I guess,” Kaname sighed.
Sosuke returned a moment later carrying a few heavy looking logs.
“These are heavy enough, they should burn all night once they catch,” Sosuke said.
“I guess you learned a lot about camping from growing up in Helmajistan,” Kaname said.
Sosuke nodded, “Yes. You had to learn quickly there, or you would wind up dead.”
“Sounds rough.”
Sosuke nodded. Then he checked his clothes, resting near the now blazing fire. He pulled his clothes off of the posts he’d made, “These are dry. Here, hand me yours.”
Kaname handed Sosuke her clothing, and he set it up in the same fashion as his, “The rock seems to have dried them out a bit, but a couple of hours by the fire and they’ll be dry as a bone.”
“I’m so hungry, Sosuke,” Kaname said, “I don’t suppose you’ve got any food in your vest?”
Sosuke shook his head, “Sorry, Kaname. Nothing. My pack of jerky must’ve fallen out when I jumped from the plane. There’s probably some edible plants here on the island. We’ll look for it in the morning.”
Sosuke leaned up against the rock, rolling his shirt up and placing it behind him. Then he rolled up his pants and set them on his lap.
“I’m probably softer than the rock,” Sosuke said, “You can use me as a pillow.”
Kaname nodded, and lay her head down on Sosuke’s lap. She was exhausted, and so she barely noticed when Sosuke put a hand on her shoulder and held her close to him. She was asleep before she knew it.

Kaname woke up to soft light, only to find Sosuke missing. She sat up, holding herself.
No answer.
“Sosuke?” she called more loudly.
Again, silence.
“Sosuke!” she practically shouted.
Still, the air was quiet. Kaname stood up and looked around. She checked her clothes, which were now dry. She put them on, a fear growing in her heart. What had happened to Sosuke?
“Kaname!” she heard a call from the edge of the trees. She turned to see Sosuke walking out of the trees, carrying an armload of bananas, coconuts, and mangos.
“Where were you!” Kaname demanded, more harshly than she’d intended, “I was worried sick.”
“I’m sorry,” Sosuke said, “I thought I’d be back before you woke. I needed to relieve myself, and so I went into the grove there. That’s when I found these. There’s plenty of fruit on the island. There’s also fresh water further in. We’ll need to find a way to boil it in order to sterilize it, just to be safe, but it’s there.”
“What about meat?”
“We have fish,” Sosuke said, indicating the ocean.
“Um, Sosuke, I don’t know if you noticed this or not, but you left your rod and reel back at your base.”
Sosuke nodded, “True. But I can devise a makeshift spear and go fishing. Or a net from some of the vines.”
“Great. And what do you intend to do about the competition?”
Kaname motioned out to the ocean, where the fins of several sharks could be seen cutting through the water, “You want to try and fish with them around?”
“Hmmm. Reef sharks. Probably white tip or black tip. Maybe Blue Sharks. They’ll make fishing a bit more difficult, but not impossible.”
“Yeah? Well I don’t want to watch while one of them makes you a box lunch!”
“Not to worry, Kaname. Come with me and I’ll show you.”
Kaname slipped her shoes on and followed Sosuke. She was amazed by the lush green beauty of the island. They came to a rocky ledge that overlooked the ocean. The water was amazingly clear and Kaname could see schools of fish swimming in the water below.
“I can make a spear out of some wood, and then tie some woven vines to it. I won’t even have to get wet.”
“You sure know your stuff.”
“People have been living in places like this long before we had any of our modern tech,” Sosuke pointed out, “Much of my training was about teaching me to survive with little or no equipment.”
“I suppose if I had to be stranded in isolation on a deserted island, you’re the best person to be stranded with,” Kaname said with a grin.
“Truth be told,” Sosuke said, “While there are more skilled operatives I could be stranded with, I doubt any of them would be as pleasant to talk to as you are.”
Kaname stared at Sosuke, wide-eyed for a moment. Then she began to chuckle, “Why Sosuke, coming from you, that was almost romantic.”
“We should get back to the fire and have some breakfast,” Sosuke said. Kaname’s stomach chose that moment to rumble an agreement, and so the two of them went back to the beach, and Sosuke threw a few more logs on the red hot embers. In no time at all, flames were licking at the fresh wood.
Kaname tore into a banana while Sosuke worked to crack open a coconut. It came open with a frothy splash, and Sosuke quickly righted the halves to preserve as much of the coconut milk as he could.
“Drink this,” Sosuke said, “But be careful. Too much at once can have a laxative effect.”
Kaname did as Sosuke instructed, drinking down the liquid.
“We’re going to need to get to higher ground,” Sosuke said.
“What? Why?”
“We were too tired to move far last night, but tropical storms like the one that downed us are common at this time of year. Should another one arise, we do not want to find ourselves at sea level. This island appears to be a dormant volcano. We should find suitable high ground to make camp on.”
“But what about being found?”
“Don’t worry. We’ll be able to signal for help once we clear the foliage.”
“What about dangerous animals and such?”
“I know what to look for. We’ll be okay. For safety, though, I want you to ride piggyback on me.”
“Piggyback? Why?”
“There may be poisonous snakes about. I’m wearing heavy boots. You’re wearing shorts and a pair of tennis shoes. You’re more exposed.”
Kaname relented and climbed on Sosuke’s back. She noticed Sosuke carrying the empty coconut halves .
“What are those for?”
“Water. Coconut shells make excellent bowls.”
“Is there anything you don’t know?”
Sosuke grinned, “Well, if this were wetlands like the Everglades, my training is a bit rusty, so, e might have some difficulty, but other than that, no.”
“If I didn’t know better, I’d almost swear you were enjoying this, Sosuke.”
“I’m simply doing my best to protect you, Miss Chidori,” Sosuke said.
Eventually, they came to a clearing, and when Kaname looked, she saw that they were now quite high above the ocean.
“The view is magnificent!” She said.
“And we should be safe here,” Sosuke added.
“I wonder how long before we’re rescued,” Kaname sighed, “I haven’t seen my Dad or sister in so long, and now I wonder if I’ll ever see them again.”
“It’s not a problem,” Sosuke said, “Mithril will undoubtedly be looking for us. It should only be a few days before we’re found. This whole mess is my fault, really.”
Kaname raised an eyebrow, “What makes you say that?”
“If I hadn’t invited you to our base, you’d be home safe in Japan right now. If I hadn’t jumped in after the Lieutenant, we might still be in the raft, or already rescued. I’m to blame for us being in this position.”
“I’m wishing I had my halisen again,” Kaname sighed, bopping Sosuke lightly with the back of her hand, “I’m the one who insisted on following you out of the raft, remember? And you had no way of knowing we’d end up in that storm, so don’t you go getting all melancholy on me. Got it?”
“Right,” Sosuke said.
“What about you? Anyone you’d miss if we didn’t make it back?”
“Hmm. Well, I think that I would miss Kurz and Mao, and probably Lt. Commander Kalinin. And I would miss my conversations with President Hayashimizu. He seems a kindred spirit, in many ways.”
“Too many,” Kaname muttered.
Sosuke sat down, “We still have to find or make a shelter. If I had a parachute or a poncho, I’d have a tent for us in no time. But I’m afraid the best I can do for us with what we have is a lean to.”
“What’s a lean to?”
“It’s a sort of shelter made by lashing some logs together with rope or vines. And in this case it’s going to have to be vines, since we’re short on rope.”
Kaname looked thoughtful, “What about a cave?”
“Negative. Caves are often homes to indigenous wildlife. We don’t want to run afoul of any poisonous reptiles or insects. Plus, it would be difficult for us to signal a rescue plane. No, I’ll make a lean to. You remember how to build a fire?”
“Yeah,” Kaname said, feeling a bit put upon.
“Take care of that. Make a ring of rocks, though. We don’t have the sand to hold in our heat, here, and we’re far closer to the trees.”
Kaname spent the next half hour assembling nearby branches for firewood, and Sosuke would come back every few minutes with a long log or a large rock. Finally, he came back with several lengths of vine wrapped in coils. He began to work, and slowly, what looked like half of a roof leaning on the ground came together under Sosuke’s expert hands.
“How’s the fire look, Sosuke?” Kaname asked, not sure why she felt so eager to please him.
Sosuke looked at the fire with a critical eye, then gave a thumbs up, “Good work, Kaname. You’re a quick study.”
“Why only half a shelter?”
“This is a lean to,” Sosuke said, “The roof is designed to block the prevailing winds and rain.”
“So…”Kaname flushed, “The two of us will be under there? Looks kind of tight.”
“Couldn’t be helped,” Sosuke said, wiping his brow, “I had to use the wood available. I don’t have a saw or axe.”
“You must be exhausted. Why not take a break?”
“I’m alright. I’ve got to catch a few fish for dinner. I’ll be back shortly. Here’s the matches..”
Kaname took the matches and got the fire going. In no time at all, it was blazing hot. So hot, in fact, that Kaname found wearing her blouse uncomfortable. She pulled it off and lay it on the top of the lean to. She sat under the log roof.
A few minutes later, she became aware of an itching sensation. It was all along her bra-line. She decided, after a few moments of futile scratching, to remove the offending garment. After all, Sosuke was going to be away awhile. She could afford to let it all hang out for a bit, especially if it helped her cool off in this tropical heat. She figured that it was probably a combination of sweat and salt water causing her itching problems. And when the itching began at her waistline where the elastic of her panties met flesh, she decided to shed it all.
And so it was that Kaname Chidori fell asleep under the warm humidity of a tropical breeze in nothing more than her birthday suit.
She was woken some time later by a soft touch. She opened her eyes to see Sosuke, his eyes averted, laying her blouse over her like a blanket to cover her nude flesh from view. His eyes were averted to the side. Still groggy, she could barely stir.
“Oh, Sosuke,” She rubbed her eyes, “How long have I been asleep?”
Sosuke looked at his watch, “About three hours now. I guess the heat got to you.”
“Sosuke,” Kaname wasn’t sure if it was the desperation of the situation, or if it was the hot, humid air, or if it was something even more than that, but she felt a deep, yearning need within her. Her tone was light, and her words made her blush, “You didn’t have to cover me. I don’t mind if you see me. I mean, after all, it’s just the two of us.”
Sosuke shook his head, “Kaname…”
She stood up, letting the blouse fall to the ground, and walked over to Sosuke. She knelt beside him, not trying to cover anything, “I need you, Sosuke.”
“I…I can’t, Kaname,” Sosuke said, “It wouldn’t be right.”
“I’d…I’d be taking advantage of you, Kaname,” Sosuke said, “I’d be forcing myself on you.”
“Nobody’s forcing anybody, Sosuke,” Kaname said, taking his hand in hers, and placing it on the smooth flesh between her breasts.
Sosuke withdrew his hand and stood up. He walked over to a nearby tree and leaned against it with one arm.
“Damn it, Kaname!” Sosuke said sharply, “Please, don’t do this. You don’t know what you’re asking me to do. Don’t you think I’ve wanted to do this? Don’t you think I’ve wanted to take you, time and again? That I wanted to feel your flesh against my own?
“But I can’t let myself give in to those feelings. I can’t. Because I love you, Kaname, and it does hurt. It’s a complete violation of everything I know to do use my position like that. I…”
Words failed him. He felt a pair of hands wrap around his waist and converge at his chest.
“Sosuke, you’re not forcing me. And I won’t force you. But I love you. You haven’t done anything wrong. Please, for once, just be the kind guy that I know you are. Leave your training and your regulations behind.”
Sosuke turned rapidly, and he and Kaname kissed. It was fiery and passionate. Their tongues tangled with each other, and Sosuke was only barely conscious of his hands running down Kaname’s sides, caressing her flesh. He felt her working at the buttons on his shirt, and then he shed the garment. Then he unfastened his pants, and let them fall to the ground.
In a rare display of his strength, Sosuke lifted Kaname off of her feet and put her back up against the tree. He positioned himself at her opening.
“Kaname,” His steely grey eyes met her deep brown ones, “I’m only going to ask this once. Are you sure? Because once we start, I don’t think we’ll be able to stop.”
Kaname’s response was to kiss him fully on the lips, then say, “I’m ready.”
Kaname could feel Sosuke entering her slowly. It was warm, and rock hard, and penetrating her like a sword. She gasped out as he encountered the barrier between her virginity and womanhood. With a single thrust, he was through. Kaname’s eyes were wide, and her mouth opened in a silent gasp. She dug her nails into his shoulders.
Sosuke thrust deep into her, and for a moment there was white hot pain. Then it subsided, and she felt only the warmth and filling depth of Sosuke’s manhood. She felt him begin to withdraw, and then he thrust forward again. Kaname could feel a heat welling up within her. Sosuke began slowly, but began moving more and more quickly. Kaname was on fire. She let out a primal yell as she came, flooding Sosuke with her release.
Sosuke lowered her to the ground. He got her to kneel on her hands and knees. Then he positioned himself behind her once again. He ran his hands up and down her back. A few moments later, he was hard again, and he inserted into Kaname, taking her doggy-style. Kaname had thought that their first coupling had been deep, but this went well beyond that. She felt Sosuke moving in and out quickly, and her head was swimming with the overwhelming aftershocks of her first orgasm, even as she was already well on her way to her second. She gripped the tree, and began to pull herself into an upright position, until she was on her knees only. She felt Sosuke’s hands grip her breasts, and he began to pump in and out of her with renewed intensity. He exploded in her.
Sosuke felt weak in the knees, and then he lay down on the barren ground. He felt Kaname lay her head down on his chest.
“My God, Sosuke, that was wonderful,” Kaname exhaled, “That was…amazing.”
Before Sosuke could answer, he felt Kaname’s hand on his flagging manhood. She began to run her hands along it. Sosuke felt his member begin to stiffen yet again. Kaname slowly crawled up until she was face to face with Sosuke. She reached back and took hold of his member. Then she slowly guided it into her womanhood.
She kissed Sosuke deeply, letting his hands roam over her body. She began to sit up slowly, when she felt him take hold of one of her nipples with his mouth. As he began to slowly suckle, she moaned in unfathomable pleasure. Then she felt one of Sosuke’s fingers parting her lower lips, feeling for the tiny nub above her opening. He slowly began to rub it. Having Sosuke fill her was amazing. Having him suckle her was heavenly. Now that he was doing all of that, and caressing her clitoris, she began to lose control. She tried to speak, but she was fairly incoherent as spasm after spasm of unrivaled bliss washed over her. Her whole body felt like it was on fire, and she gave a sharp cry into the night.
“Oh God, Sosuke,” she managed to say, “God, that’s wonderful. Don’t…..AHHHHH….Don’t stop.”
Sosuke’s hips began to buck. He slowly sat up, until Kaname was sitting in his lap. They kissed deeply again, and she held his head in her hands, afraid to let go, afraid that she might wake up and find that this was all a dream. The next fiery explosion from her womanhood convinced her otherwise. Then Sosuke came with a sharp grunt.
He lay back down, and held Kaname to him.
Kaname whispered, “I love you, Sosuke.”
“I love you, too, Kaname,” Sosuke said. He eased Kaname up and eased her gently into the lean to. Then he crawled in after her, his bare flesh pressed against hers. The two of them fell asleep like that.

“Sosuke?” he heard a female voice speaking to him, “Sosuke, wake up.”
He lifted his head, blinking against the light.
“Sosuke?!” It was Mao’s voice. Sosuke sat up.
“Sergeant Major!” Sosuke snapped to. It was only then that he’d noticed the lascivious grin on her face, and the conspiratorial tone in her voice. Then he remembered his state of undress, and Kaname’s as well.
“Miss Mao!” Kaname sat up, trying to cover herself from view.
“Relax, you two,” Mao grinned, “I’m not going to say a word to anyone. Sosuke, I never figured you would be such a Casanova.”
“Sergeant Major, I…”
“Mum’s the word, Sosuke,” Mao said, “Listen, you two, I can guess what took place. It was a tense situation, and, well…things happen. But you two better get dressed, because Kurz is on his way up, and he isn’t noted for his ability to keep secrets.”
“Affirmative,” Sosuke said.
“How did you find us?” Kaname asked, throwing her blouse and shorts on.
“We spotted your fire after we picked up Lieutenant Blake on the other side of the island.”
“Blake made it?”
“Sure did.”
“Did he…hear anything?” Kaname asked.
“The island is roughly twenty-five miles across,” Mao said, shaking her head, “If he heard anything, he wouldn’t have known what it was.”
Sosuke and Kaname finished dressing, “Seargent Major Mao, I’d like a moment alone with Miss Chidori, if it’s all right.”
“Sure, Sosuke. I’ll radio the ship and let them know that you’re on your way to the beach. Listen…Kaname, Sosuke…I want you to know that I think the two of you work well together. And that’s the last thing I have to say on the subject.”
Mao walked off.
“Kaname,” Sosuke started.
“Don’t,” Kaname said, “Don’t tell me that we have to go back to the way that it was. Please don’t say that, Sosuke. I couldn’t bear to hear that. Not from you. Not now.”
“Actually,” Sosuke said, running his fingers through her hair and then wiping a tear from her eye before it could make its way down her cheek, “Before we crashed, you asked me if I would keep you company at your apartment. If you’d still like my company, I’d still be willing to keep you safe, for as long as you’ll allow.”
Kaname felt like crying and laughing at the same time. She embraced him roughly.
“Alright, Sergeant Sagara. But if you snore, I’m gonna use my halisen to slap you all the way back to this island.”

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