Tomoka's New Man

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Summary: 18-year-old Tomoka meets a young, bishonen man that is bullied in school. She helps him out, and falls for him. M/F

Tomoka had spent the last seven years of her life searching for a man for Maharu. Usually the men she'd find were perverts or turned off by Maharu's personality. It wasn't until recently that Maharu found her own man. In that time, Yukinari and Miharu had married. While the relationship wasn't perfect, they were happy more or less. Ditto for Maharu and her boyfriend. Koyomi had returned to Serin, knowing she found her father. Tomoka decided to stay on Earth, mainly because she was used to being there.
One day, Tomoka was going to the store for Miharu. It was early morning and others were about trying to get to school. One such young man was Sanjuro. He was a bishonen male dressed in a school uniform. At this point, three of his classmates were beating him up when Tomoka found him.
"Hey! Why are you beating on him!?" Tomoka asked.
"Stay out of this, girl! It doesn't concern you!" One of the boys said as he punched Sanjuro in the stomach.
"If you hurt someone, you're really hurting yourself!" Tomoka said. She then struck the boy in the head, knocking him back. Tomo then cast a spell, knocking everyone but her down.
"Oops... sorry about that." She said to the reeling Sanjuro. She then helped him to his feet.
"You... rescued me... but why?" Sanjuro asked.
"You looked liked you needed rescuing." Tomoka said. "My name is Tomoka, what's yours?"
"I am Sanjuro Hitoshi." Sanjuro replied.
"Just why were they bullying you?" Tomoka asked.
"Because they could." Sanjuro replied. "I'm sorry, I have to go or I'll be late to school." Sanjuro said.
"Let me take you there." Tomo said. She cast a spell and this teleported them to the local high school. Sanjuro politely bowed to Tomoka.
"I am in your debt, Tomoka-san." Sanjuro said. "This may be the first time I won't be late to class in years." Sanjuro said. With that, he left Tomoka at the gate.
"That was very strange." Tomoka thought. "Why would they beat up on such a cute guy?" She decided to investigate further.
She cast a spell and turned herself invisible. What she found was a guy that wouldn't defend himself. Other boys bullied him and everyone put him down. He got poor grades solely due to everyone hating him so much. Everywhere Sanjuro went, everyone was bad to him. After school, Tomoka turned herself visible and came back up to Sanjuro.
"Oh, konichi wa, Tomoka-san." Sanjuro said.
"Konichi wa, Sanjuro-san. Tell me, why don't you fight back when these people try to hurt you?" Tomo asked.
"There's no point in doing so. If I do, they'll just hit back harder." Sanjuro said. "When they first started doing it, I did fight back. Then six of them ganged up on me and broke my leg."
"Well, you've now got someone to help you." Tomo said.
At that point, three rough-looking boys appeared, with sinister looks on their faces.
"We ain't afraid of some girl with no tits." One of the boys said. He pulled out a butterfly knife and opened it up. If there was one thing that made Tomo mad, it was telling her she was too flat chested.
"We're gonna kick his ass, and you ain't gonna stop us." Another boy said.
"Just what the hell did he do to you?" Tomoka asked.
"Outta my way, bitch!" The boy with the knife said as he advanced on Tomo.
"Not until you tell me why you're picking on him!" Tomo replied defiantly.
"DIE YOU STUPID BITCH!!!" The kid shouted as he thrusted the knife at Tomoka. With the expert of a Serinese soldier, she seized the boy's wrist and then threw him down. The boy landed right on top of his knife, which sliced his cock in two. The other guys attacked as well. Unlike times before, Sanjuro fought with Tomo, albeit very ineptly. His goal really wasn't to defeat his opponent; it was just to keep him busy until Tomo was finished with hers. It worked as when Tomo finished, she knocked Sanjuro's opponent down with a kick.
"And one more thing: my boobs are not too small!" Tomoka said.
Sanjuro thanked her for saving him again. Tomo looked at him in the eyes.
"You know, you really should learn how to fight better." She said.
"Would you teach me?" Sanjuro asked.
Tomo blushed slightly. "Well, all right." She replied.
The next afternoon, Sanjuro met up with Tomo and they went to Yukinari's backyard. There Tomoka started instructing Sanjuro in the ways of the Sirenese soldier. At one point, Tomo flipped Sanjuro onto his back. However, He grabbed her and she tumbled down with him. They landed with Sanjuro on the ground and Tomo on top of him. They stared into each other's eyes for a bit.
"Are... you o.k.?" Sanjuro asked.
"Y-yea..." Tomo replied. Her love life was bad at the moment, and Sanjuro's eyes seemed very inviting...
Tomo stood up with Sanjuro. At that moment, both of them started considering more than just a friendship...
Yukinari and Miharu came out of the house at this point.
"What's going on? We heard a loud crash out here." Miharu asked.
"Well... Tomoka-san was teaching me self-defense." Sanjuro said.
"Oh. Just don't get too loud, O.k.? We don't want Kirie interrupting things." Yukinari said.
"Sure." Tomoka said. Yukinari and Miharu returned to the house.
"Now, where were we?" Tomo asked.
"Erm... I don't remember." Sanjuro replied.
Well, about two weeks later, Sanjuro was showing no signs of improvement. If anything, he got worse.
"I'm sorry. I'm a lover, not a fighter." He told Tomoka. "I'd rather hold you close than throw a punch."
Tomoka blushed a bit. "You really like me like that?" She asked.
"Yea." Sanjuro replied as he took her hand. Tomoka then put an arm around him.
"All right, I'll try it out for a bit and see how it goes." She said. Sanjuro returned Tomoka's arm.
"I feel like the luckiest guy in the world right now." Sanjuro said. They walked to the house together like this. Once there, they met Yukinari and Miharu. Miharu was calmly sitting on the couch, knitting a baby sweater. She seemed all aglow and was smiling. Yukinari was sitting next Miharu with an arm around her.
"Hey guys, Miharu's going to have a baby!" Yukinari announced excitedly.
"Really? That's wonderful!" Tomoka exclaimed. She then parted from Sanjuro and sat down next to Miharu.
"Do you know what it will be yet? Have you decided on a name?" Tomo asked excitedly.
"I'm only a few weeks pregnant; we don't know yet what sex our child is." Miharu replied.
"Congratulations. I certainly wish you two the best." Sanjuro said.
"Thank you." Yukinari said. "If it's a girl, we might name it after Koyomi or Kirie."
"This is so wonderful! It'll be fun to have someone else around!" Tomoka said.
Later on, Tomo and Sanjuro were outside at the front door. They put their arms around each other and smiled.
"I've had a great time tonight." Tomoka said.
"So have I." Sanjuro replied.
They pulled each other close. Intense passion filled both of them as they kissed; it was as if they found a safe haven in a world filled with slings and arrows.
"Oh Tomo-chan. Why on earth would you ever want to kiss that loser when you could have *me*?" A suave male voice said. Tomo parted with Sanjuro and saw Kazuhara Fukuyama there. He wore a smart-looking business suit, which accentuated his oily appearance.
"Who's the loser?" Sanjuro asked.
"Loser? I am Kazuhara Fukuyama, esq. I will be Japan's greatest lawyer ever!" Fukuyama said.
"You already are Japan's biggest shyster ever." Tomo replied. "Get lost."
"Oh, now how could you say that?" Fukuyama asked.
"How could she not say that?" Sanjuro retorted. "You are slimier than all the eels of Japan put together."
"Nobody asked you, twerp. All your babes are belonging to me!" Fukuyama replied. Sanjuro had enough of this, and struck Fukuyama in the jaw. Fukuyama went down, and broke out in hives.
"Well, looks like you are a paper tiger after all." Sanjuro said. "You know, you're the first guy I've ever beaten." He added, adding insult to injury.
"I really should be getting home." Sanjuro said. "But I promise I'll be back."
After Sanjuro left, Tomoka went inside and met up with Maharu and her boyfriend. They were on the couch with His head resting between her copious tits.
"Well, have fun with your friend?" Maharu asked as she cuddled her boyfriend.
"He is a great kisser." Tomoka replied.
Maharu smiled at this. "A good man is hard to find, but once you've got one..." she said with a smile. He lifted his head up a bit.
"Well, a wonderful woman like you is great to find too." Maharu's lover said.
He then sat up and put his arms around her. Maharu responded by doing the same. Tomo smiled as she walked away....
Well, several weeks later, Tomoka and Sanjuro got caught in a fight in the park. It had been raining and there was mud everywhere. Tomo and Sanjuro came out of it covered in mud. Tomoka suggested they bathe separately, and Sanjuro agreed.
When they got there, both of them entered the bathroom.
"Tomoka-chan, let's bathe together." Sanjuro suggested. She blushed at this.
"Well... I don't know..." Tomoka replied. Sanjuro held her hand tenderly.
"We've been dating for a while now. We should go further." Sanjuro said. He then started unbuttoning Tomoka's blouse.
"Well... o.k." Tomo said as she unbuttoned Sanjuro's shirt. When they were completely naked, Tomo had Miharu wash their clothing. Then Tomoka and Sanjuro entered the water together and started bathing. They soaped up their hands and started running them over each other, taking slow feels of each other. Sanjuro caressed Tomoka's soft, smooth skin exactly the way she liked it. He got to feel her perky tits, her tight snatch and her curvaceous ass. Meanwhile, she caressed his hard chest, firm ass, and went very slowly on his staff of love. Both of them felt wonderful as they ran hands over each other. Then Sanjuro went down on Tomoka, spreading her legs wide to get at her pussy. Tomo moaned softly as she felt his warm, soft tongue make her wet. Tomoka then moaned softly.
Unbeknownst to them, the gate in Yukinari's bath activated. They went in and ended up in the bath on Serin. Sanjuro realized that something was going on, and pulled his head up. Tomoka, however, was a bit caught up in the moment.
"Ooh! Don't stop!" Tomoka gasped.
"Tomoka! We're not in the bathroom anymore!" Sanjuro shouted. They emerged in the bath on Serin. Unfortunately, the three sisters who were bathing in the place at the time weren't amused by the arrival of these two.
"EEK! A PERVERT!!" One of them shouted. The sisters quickly scrambled for cover. Sanjuro could only sweatdrop.
"Tomoka... how did we suddenly get into someone else's bath?" Sanjuro asked. Tomoka sweatdropped as well.
"We're on Serin..." Tomoka said.
"Serin? Where's that?" Sanjuro asked.
"Get out of here you pervert!" One of the sisters shouted. Tomoka and Sanjuro were unceremoniously forced out of the bathroom.
"Now what do we do?" Sanjuro asked.
"Let me try something." Tomoka said. She cast a spell and they had clothing on again.
"Tomoka, where is this place? Why are the trees blue?" Sanjuro asked.
Tomoka explained everything to him. She explained everything to him.
"I see." Sanjuro said. "Now what do we do?"
"Let's see the high matron. She should know what to do." Tomoka replied.
Tomoka asked for and got an audience with the high matron. When they met the older woman, the matron stared at them in disbelief.
"Fascinating. I've never seen a guy without a soulmate's crest before." The high matron said.
"What are you talking about?" Sanjuro asked.
"Well, when men and women are born, if they are destined to love someone, they will carry a spiritual crest on their bodies. Only through discipline and training can you see them. You two do not have such a crest, and thus are not fated to love a specific person." The High Matron said.
"So does that mean we're not going to work out?" Tomoka asked.
"Not really. It just means you have to work harder at it." The matron replied.
"Please, let's get back to the subject. I would like to return to earth." Sanjuro said. "I have duties there I cannot neglect."
"So you want to return to earth. Well, there may be a way." The high matron said.
"Really? How?" Tomoka asked.
"Return the way you came." The matron said.
Tomo and Sanjuro sweatdropped.
"We came in a bathroom where three young women were bathing. They really smacked me around when I showed up." Sanjuro said.
"We just have to return you to the point you were at. The portal will activate itself. Koyomi-san will be there." The high Matron said.
Everything was set up and the return trip went off without problems. After they returned, Tomoka and Sanjuro were greeted by Miharu.
"Welcome back. I have your clothes ready now." Miharu said.
"I'd just like to get some sleep. It's about 11:30 at night." Sanjuro said. He gave Tomoka a kiss goodnight and left.
They didn't meet for a few days, but then Sanjuro made his way over to Yukinari's place. He told Tomoka he still wanted her and that he would take her out that night. She agreed to it and they went out together. This time, they ended up at Sanjuro's place. In his room, Tomoka and Sanjuro held each other close while lying on his bed. Tomoka then noticed that there was a condom lying on his bed. Tomoka picked it up.
"What's this for?" She asked.
"I was hoping we could continue where we left off." Sanjuro replied.
"Hmm... well, I don't know about that..." Tomoka replied. Sanjuro reached down and caressed Tomoka's pussy. She moaned softly at this.
"Allright... but I had better enjoy it." Tomo said.
They undressed and he went down on her. Sanjuro put his tongue on her cunt and made Tomoka moan. Tomoka made him turn around and then took his cock into her mouth. She had never sucked cock before, but one wouldn't have known that by her blowjob. Sanjuro moaned while tasting Tomo's tight twat. Both of them enjoyed doing the 69 with each other. Neither of them could enough of the other's oral. They relished every moment of it. Tomoka loved every moment that Sanjuro ran his tongue deep inside her. Sanjuro was near coming when Tomo ran her tongue around the tip of his cock. Sanjuro then turned around. Tomo slid the condom on his boner, and then Sanjuro slid his hard rod inside Tomoka's sweet snatch.
Tomoka seized his dick hard, squeezing it as best she could.
"Oh! Ow! It hurts and feels good!" Tomoka said.
"You are very tight." Sanjuro said between gasps. He rammed her hard and long, going as deep as he could inside her. Tomoka felt pleasure and pain as Sanjuro fucked her hard. They really did only one position, that being the western missionary. Trying different positions wasn't as important to them as having the pleasure of two people that loved each other fuck. They were at it for a good while, and just when he thought he couldn't take anymore, Sanjuro came hard into the condom he wore. Right after he finished, Tomoka achieved her climax. She gushed lube and blood as she achieved her pleasures.
Afterwards, Tomoka and Sanjuro lay next to each other, exhausted. It took a lot out of them to feel what they were feeling.
"That really hurt... but it felt wonderful too." Tomoka said.
"I really enjoyed it, Tomoka. I have never felt this good in my life." Sanjuro said. "I feel that all the hell I've been put through was worth it."
"Well... Next time we do it, I hope it goes better." Tomo said. They rested for a while in each other's arms and praised each other's bed skills.
The next day, Tomoka and Sanjuro met and gave each other a kiss. Even if they weren't destined to love each other, they knew that it was just a matter of them putting their minds to it.

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