In You And I

BY : _nanimo
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“I’ve seen you, ya know.” Misa said nonchalantly as she turned the page of her fashion magazine.

“Ah—Excuse me?” Matsuda had just walked into the room, after knocking politely, of course, and wasn’t sure if the young pop-star was talking to him or herself.

“Whenever he asks you to do something, it gets done right away. You always stay a few minutes, just to see his satisfied smile when he looks at the latest print-outs. The way you look over at him, just when you think no one is looking. I’m not stupid, you know. I’ve been in love. AM in love.” She sighed, still not looking up from magazine.

Matsuda smiled and let out a nervous laugh before sitting down on a nearby chair. It was one of the standard hotel chairs, but it seemed to have been decorated by Misa in her spare time. Ribbon, sharpie, paper cut-out hearts as well as skulls and demon wings were spread all over the chair. Matsuda smiled a bit inside, no matter how bored Misa became, she wouldn’t leave until Light did. Until Kira was found. Maybe… Maybe they weren’t all that different. But in the end, she would be the one leaving with him… And Matsuda would have to find something else. Something else to get caught up in, to dedicate himself towards. That was all he was good at, really.

“Ehe… I guess you found me out, Misamisa.” He nervously flattened the back of his hair.

“They think I’m dumb… Just because of my looks and voice. But I’m not.” She frowned—it was more of pout, really—and paused before continuing, “Sometimes I wish this would never end… Sometimes I know we’ll never find him. Kira.”

Matsuda was unsure what to do, but he knew he hated to see any girl cry. “Hey! Hey, cheer up Misamisa! We’re in this together, right!” He stood up and shot his fist into the air.

Misa smiled as well, and jumped up, with both her hands in a victory sign. “Right! You and me, Matsu!”

“I know… Let’s go to dinner tonight, okay? Right now!”

Misa looped her arm around Matsuda’s and gave it a quick squeeze. “You and me, Mr. Manager! We’re together in this!”

And as they walked down to main street, Matsuda wasn’t sure if they were talking about catching Kira, or Light. Maybe, Matsuda thought, it didn’t matter.

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