Wolf of Mibu

BY : cienne
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Wolf of Mibu
by cienne zoeldyck

Written for scenario 1: the scorching hot weather of The Sizzle and Burn Fanfiction Challenge at SaiSa - A SaitoxSanosuke Yaoi Fanfiction Archive

Warnings: Writer was out of ideas and watching the Discovery Channel during the making of this fic.

DISCLAIMERS: Does Watsuki Nobuhiro even understand English? I mean, what if he sues us anyway because he doesn't understand what a disclaimer is, ne?

A wolf... hunter, predator, stalker.

For centuries, wolves had been the subjects of legends with their cunning and expert hunting abilities.

"Hn." Saitou snorted and marked his place in the book he was reading. His vision was going hazy from the heat. He could feel perspiration drip from his nape down his back, dampening the black shirt he wore.

He glanced at Sanosuke who lay, still sprawled and naked, down their futon and wondered how the damned ahou could sleep in the stifling heat.

Many people fear wolves. They believe wolves attack human beings...

Saitou glanced at Sano who stirred and scratched his chiseled abs, murmuring.

Nope., Saitou thought. Doesn't look like it., he added with a sexy snicker.

Every member of the pack has a certain rank in hierarchy. High-ranking members, called dominant wolves, dominate low-ranking members, known as subordinate wolves.

"Hn." Saitou nodded, cockily. After a while, he decided to get rid of his shirt, which was almost wet and useless and hurled it at Sano.

The roosterhead jumped, surprised. He glared chocolate orbs at Saitou and flung the shirt back at him before turning back to sleep.

Hn. So much for dominant wolves.

A lone wolf travels alone until it finds a mate. These two may have pups and form their own pack.

Saitou's amber eyes studied Sano, speculatively. Even though the roosterhead looked utterly relaxed, his whole body glowed with perspiration and his spiky hair was damp with sweat.

Saitou licked his lips. Had it been this hot or was it just him? Or Sano...?

The Wolf of Mibu gave a predatory grin at Sanosuke all spread out on the futon while unbuckling his belt. The kid turned to lie on his side so that devastating, glistening, tight ass was in full, clear view of Saitou.

Something caught the cop's eyes as he put the book down.

Wolves mate during the winter.

Saitou gave a fanged grin.

"Hn. Not this wolf." he muttered and amidst the scorching summer heat began the domination of his not-so-subordinate mate.



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