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Author: Elilenti
Thanks to: Eryka, for a kind helping hand! ;D
Disclaimer: Ohba and Obata, who’ll soon rule the world …
Summary: Everybody thought he was dead – but a wizzard never dies. He tricked him … and he found a note book. Listen and see what a death note is able to do.



The sun kissed the crests of the hills when the young woman reached the heathland.
Warm summer air stroked her black skin; a blandishing feeling, contrasting with the pungent smell of burned grass controlling the black plain. The local newspaper had already reported it this morning, but seeing it with her own eyes was starkly different: she couldn’t help admitting that her heart went heavy when she saw the plain where at one time the wind had been playing with the long stalks of the corn.
Now the fire had finished the dance and the music had died away.
She took a seat on a bench that was burnt to a cinder and switched off her mobile phone as she had been demanded to. In mid morning she had received a letter of only a few lines, a request written in bad French. She took the piece of paper out of her handbag. It was a ruled page, awkwardly torn out of a diary. She smoothed it with her left hand, and read the lines for the fifth time.

I want to tell you a true story.
Wait for me, where a fire was raging yesterday,
On a bench with a face view of the house’s ruins,
That are testifying their past in sunset’s amber.

Reaching the last line she heard a noise and listened attentively.
“Wait. Don’t turn around.“, a clear voice said from behind. She was speaking English. For a moment she hesitated, a queasy feeling in her stomach. Who was this woman? “I thank you for coming … it means a lot to me.“ she added. “Please don’t say anything yet; I want you to listen to my words. I’ve got a story for you. Would you mind writing it down for me?“
The young woman laboriously searched for the right English words. “It depends on the story. If it’s worth being written down … then okay.“
“If this story isn’t worth being written down, none will ever be.“, the stranger whispered. “Listen to it, remember every single detail and offer it to any publishing house you can find … they all shall find out about Them.“
“Them?“ The black woman silenced and looked up to the mansion’s ruins. The sun of undulating blood let it burn up anew – she could almost hear the spitting and cracking of wood.
Two diminutive hands reached for the bench’s backrest and grazed her back that was covered by thin, colorful cotton. She heard the stranger taking a deep breath and pausing for some heartbeats. Then she started speaking. Slowly.
“It was yesterday when this story took place … in this old mansion at the north coast. I felt like I was drifting through the paths of the heathland by a voice, up the hill to its decayed walls from red stone, even if I wasn’t meant to go there. You know people are talking here in Corsica … since Raito Yagami disappeared without a trace, ghosts have been seen everywhere. During sunset, the monoliths look like the last remaining teeth, ruins of mighty ivories. Black as coal they are, red amber in their neck; and unshakeable, even with the heathland burning.
O, I see Him in front of my eyes, standing there, just half as tall as one of those monoliths, and waiting for Him; Him, the one he had summoned from his throne using powers beyond this reality, therewith they could meet, like a pair of lovers outbraving death.
Close your eyes … let me tell you about victory and defeat, about a war between sanity and emotion, like it has befallen in this old mansion just … a few days ago.“

*** TBC ***

I apologise for Raito and L missing in this chapter … see them next chapter! ^^
Greetz, Elilenti

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