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A/N: This story is set somewhere between when Aine gets drunk with Ralph and when Ralph leaves for America for the last time.

Disclaimer: I do not own Sensual Phrase. Too much hotness for me alone to handle!


The Tokyo skyline glimmered in the dark evening, outshining the stars in the clear sky. Office lights still dotted the soaring buildings as many a salary man put in long hours for their company.

An executive suite with every imaginable comfort disappeared into the faceless glass wall, looking empty to the casual observer. A closer look revealed an eerie blue-white glow flickering randomly against the darkness. A tall figure leaned back in a plush leather office chair, intently focused on the flickering computer screen in front of him. Photographs littered the desk, interspersed with a few print reports. The man twined a diaphanous scarf around long manicured fingers.

The screen contained a slideshow of images of a pretty young woman with light brown hair and eyes. Some showed her in a high school uniform and baggy socks, others in more stylish and provocative wear. More staid shots of her entering a well-appointed condo building, her school, or the Jupiter Records building were interspersed with the close-up images. Occasionally the man would tap a few keys, pausing to linger over one image or another.

A sigh escaped from his lips, hand brushing blonde bangs out of startling blue eyes. The slideshow was paused at a recent photograph, the girl’s face illuminated with a smile of heart-stopping intensity and affection. Who she smiled at was not apparent from the image, but her eyes were looking just to the side of the lens.

He could pretend she was looking at him.

Leaning back further with a creak of leather, he continued to stare at that tempting smile. He brought the scarf up to his nose and inhaled deeply. Her flowery perfume still clung to the filmy cloth, but just barely. He groaned and inhaled again, lost in the memories of that scent clinging to his bedsheets. Brushing the softness down his cheek, he imagined for a moment that it was her skin against his.

A fit of anger seized him, and the scarf was strangled in his clenched grip. He barely resisted the urge to throw his monitor off the table. His hand hammered down onto the wooden desk with a loud bang, disturbing the photos and reports.

The words flew out of him like a curse.

“Dammit, Aine. Why are you with that bastard.”

He had to have her.

The six months of waiting for her to come around to him just to have her snatched away grated at his nerves. The all too brief moment much later when she was naked, willing and in his bed was not enough. Had she not been drunk, whispering that hated name instead of his, he would have taken her until she was his. He’d had a few tastes of her intoxicating sweetness, like a brandy that got better with every passing year. Except in this case her taste ripened every time that man fucked her. Ironic that he wanted her more now that she was thoroughly sexed.

Frustrated, he whipped the papers off his desk in one sweeping motion and stood abruptly, body a taught line of tension over his desk. He was not used to giving up and being denied what he wanted.

Ice-blue eyes landed on the newest packet from the private investigators. He grabbed it and tore open the flap, pulling the materials out. A few new pictures and the standard report were all it contained. He almost threw the packet on the floor to join the others when a paragraph at the end of the report caught his eye.

He sat down in the chair once more, reading the whole report more carefully. A feral smile worked its way across his face, and he reached for the phone. Three rings and his assistant picked up.

“It’s Grazer. I need you to make some arrangements.”


It was too easy, really. Having virtually unlimited resources helped, but it was nice to have simple prey.

She kept the same pattern when the boy was gone. School, an hour or so at Jupiter records, dinner out or at home, and apartment lit well into the night. The few deviations were predictable, as she always shopped and went out to the same places. Even the pensive look of longing on her face was the same.

He ordinarily worried about her contacting the boy during the day, but the report had indicated a brutal three-week tour in China with limited contact back to Japan. He’d also taken the extra precaution of blocking her mobile number temporarily. It was nice when people in high places owed him some favors.

A feigned emergency and intense look of concern in his familiar blue eyes was all it took to get her into the towncar. Her sweet perfume caressed him as she sat worriedly on the seat, long legs encased in high boots open to his casual inspection. That decadent smell brought back startling images of her nude form, and he longed to rid her of the concealing garments.

He subtly pressed a bottle of water into her hands, knowing an alcoholic drink would immediately be refused. She took it gratefully slightly trembling fingers grasping the cylinder. Another waft of perfume stirred the thought of those fingers wrapping around something else.

Her questions were deftly deflected until all she could do was drink and watch the dark night pass by. Before long, the drug did its work, and she slumped into his side, unconscious.

Which brought them to their present location.

He watched avidly through the two-way mirror as the men he’d hired circled her slender form. A blindfold covered her expressive eyes, though lovely tear-tracks and the creases of her face spoke volumes. Her hands were secured overhead with a pair of cuffs, and her legs trembled delicately with the strain. It had been almost eight hours since she awoke to this state, and it was obviously taking its toll.

He smirked and ran a hand through blonde bangs.

She was almost ready.

She had no idea where she was, and the men were carrying out their script beautifully.

“You’re a nice piece of ass. No wonder Grazer had you with him.”

“He’s a very powerful man. The ransom for him will let us retire. You’re just a way to control him.”

“He begged us to let you go, you know. I think you’re more useful to us right here. I bet he’ll cooperate if hurt you.”

“Aw, don’t you like it when I touch you there?”

And so on. They’d left her alone for long moments as well, the sweet sound of her panicked breathing the only noise coming over the loudspeaker. That combined with some choice gropes from heavy hands had her thoroughly off-balance. He’d wanted to deliver them himself, but couldn’t risk coming into the room until the right moment.

With a grab and a light smack to her face, his eyes narrowed. Her sobs sounded just about right. A small sound from her lips sealed the moment.

He pressed a button in front of him, lighting a small red bulb in the room. The men stopped, and left her with a few cruel words.

“Time to play with your man, sweetheart.”

A few fresh tears slipped down her cheeks.

“Please,” she whispered.

Yes. She was ready.

The two came into his observation room, instantly shedding their scripted personas. They were nothing but professional. He placed a briefcase of yen on the table.

“That will be all. Just the last minor task and cleanup, and you may go.”

They nodded silently. There was no need for words. He stood and took a deep breath to relax.

Pain blossomed bright and sharp across his cheek. He stumbled into the wall slightly. Another strike to his face, and blood ran slowly down a split lip. A few body blows, hard enough bruise but not damage, and they were done. Breathing deeply, he straightened and checked his rumpled image in the reflective glass.

“Excellent. It’s been a pleasure gentlemen.”

He strode out of the room, into the nondescript hallway, and glanced through the tiny glass window in the soundproof door. It had been tempting to take her restrained, especially after hours of watching her body drawn in to that delightful arch. But his plan had its merits, and he would not stray. He was nothing if not methodical.

Taking a deep breath, he transformed his calm features into a mask of ragged concern, and burst through the door.


She started, blindly turning towards the noise.

“Sa. . .Ralph?” The momentary slip nearly made him reconsider his plan, but calm prevailed.

“Aine, god, what did they do to you?”

He rushed to her side, releasing her from the cuffs, catching her groaning body in his arms. She still smelled delightful, earthy and fragrant. He hoisted her into his arms and pulled off the blindfold.

“Ralph?” She blinked even in the dim light. “What-”

“Not now.” He was already moving quickly through the door, a slight limp in his step. “We need to get out of here. They won’t be unconscious for long.”

She nodded and buried her face into his chest, tense form slumped against him in exhaustion. He worked hard to keep the smile from his face and merely held her closer as he rushed out of the bunker-like building.

The towncar was there, keys left in the ignition as instructed. He placed her swiftly and gently into the passenger seat, and hurried to the other side. The wheels hissed in the gravel as he threw the car in drive and headed down the dirt road to the roadway beyond.

Aine was quiet for a while, trembling a little with eyes closed. Ralph allowed himself a satisfied smile.

Just a bit longer.

The first strains of dawn touched her face, and he was hard pressed to watch the road. Her beauty was breathtaking, especially in the gentle light of morning. He’d wanted to see her like this for the first time in his bed, but this was a tantalizing glimpse of what could come.

At the growing light, and the transition to smoother roads, her eyes blinked open, turning to look at him. He smiled, relief painting his features.

“I think we’re safe now. Are you okay?”

“I’m fine,” she said, quiver in her voice belying her words. A small hand reached out to touch the bruise on his cheek, and he winced in pain. Didn’t have to pretend there. “Ralph, what did they do to you?”

He shivered a little at the sound of his name spilling from her full lips so gently.

“I wouldn’t acquiesce to their demands to call in a ransom. Then I tried to get them to let you go. They weren’t happy with me, and felt a few blows would soften my stance.”

“So, this is my fault.”

Just a bit closer.

“Oh, no Aine. They were expecting me to be alone. They used my attachment to you to harm me.”

He delighted in the pained look that crossed her face. She was so easy to read.

His breath caught when she placed a small hand on his arm and squeezed, brown eyes locked on his face.

“I’m so sorry.”

He smiled and cupped her chin with his large hand, glancing away from the road for a moment to gaze tenderly into her eyes.

“Anything for you, Aine.”

A few tears gathered at the edges of her eyes, warring emotions swirling in their depths. He released her and returned his eyes to his task.

“Rest now. I think I know where we are.”

She nodded trustingly and closed her eyes, falling asleep quickly as he smoothly drove on.

Thanks to empty early morning roads, they were pulling into the underground garage of his building within the hour. Aine slept on, stirring only when he placed her purse in her lap and pulled her into his arms again. She blinked sleepily, looking adorable as the sleep clouded her eyes.

Resuming the limp, Ralph moved towards the elevator with his warm package. Her eyes cleared as she felt the movements.

“Ralph, I can walk, you’re hurt.”

“It’s nothing,” he said, smiling down at her. “Your well-being is my first priority.”


A jostle and wince from him as he pressed the elevator button silenced her. The doors opened smoothly, and he pressed the button for his floor.

“Just let me take care of you, Aine,” he breathed, letting a very real strain of longing permeate his voice. Her eyes softened, emotions warring in her expressive brown pools.

After the short elevator ride and even shorter walk to his apartment, the door swung open after a skilful swipe of his keycard. He didn’t put her down until he reached the soft sofa in the living room. His body screamed for him to bring her to his bedroom, but that would have to wait for a bit longer. As he put her down, his hands left her skin only after lingering brushes, too faint to be an overt caress. He did cup her chin for a moment, brushing a thumb by her reddened cheek and looking down at her before sighing.

“Did they hurt you anywhere else?”

She looked down, but made no move to free herself from his gentle grasp. A few stray tears leaked from her eyes.

“No, but my wrists hurt a little, and I’m sore.”

He knelt in front of her and took one of her small forearms in his much larger hand. A light blush danced across her face, and he delighted in the reaction. With his other hand, he delicately pulled back the sleeve of her frilly shirt. He frowned when the red, raw skin was revealed. Inwardly, he knew what to expect. But this had to be about Aine to be successful. He looked up at her, a pained look on his face.

“This is my fault. Your fair skin should not see such abuse.”

She hesitated for a moment, seeming to be held captive by his intense blue eyes. A soft hand brushed lightly against his split lip. Guilt still permeated her pretty features.

“This is mine, so I guess we’re even.”

He turned his head and kissed the hand lightly. She allowed it for a moment, then brought her hand into her lap, looking away. To his satisfaction, her blush had deepened. The call of her body to his was getting harder to ignore. He felt a familiar stirring in his groin; it was imperative to take the edge off so he wouldn’t scare her away. Standing, he limped a few steps away and held out his hand.

“You should clean up, then I can treat your injuries. I’ll show you where my shower is.”

She nodded and stood, clutching her purse to her chest as she followed him through the condo.

“What about you?”

He smiled.

“I’ll use the bathroom in the guest suite.”

After showing her where everything was and retrieving a robe for himself, he left the room. The limp disappeared instantly.

He moved swiftly to a back bedroom, shedding his jacket and tie as soon as the door closed. He turned on the television in the dim room, and punched a long series of codes into the remote. The in-house surveillance system appeared on the screen, and he deftly selected the camera in his bathroom. A few more clicks to set the archive feature, and he was ready to watch.

The image was black and white, which only served to heighten his awareness of every play of light and shadow on her lovely features. He watched avidly as practiced hands swept long brown hair into a makeshift bun, securing it with a pen from her purse. His pulse quickened as she began unbuttoning her shirt, relishing the sensuality of the artless strip show of everyday disrobing.

His groin stirred again, and he opened his own shirt, denying himself contact for a bit longer. Her skirt dropped to the floor, and he couldn’t help but groan when she carefully rolled lace stockings down her smooth legs. The black bra fell from her creamy chest with a simple flick of her fingers on the front clasp, and the matching panties drew down her legs like a stain on her perfect skin.

The erection in his trousers was becoming painful at the sight of her nude flesh, unconsciously displayed before him without inhibition. His mind flashed back to that achingly frustrating night of her in his bed, too drunk to know who he was. This was far better, her awake and moving and aware of every action, though unaware of the observation.

He freed the straining flesh from his pants and briefs with a smooth motion, letting the pants drop to the floor as he sat back on the bed. His eyes closed briefly as he brushed a thumb over the dripping head, the touch of skin more then welcome after being denied. The sound of the shower from the television brought him back to watch the screen.

His hand stroked slowly along his turgid length as she stepped into the water. The image was not large enough now to watch the play of water on her skin, but it could be enhanced later. However, watching her hands lather soap all over her tempting flesh was more than stimulating. God, to be those hands, to brush sensually over all the peaks and valleys of her body. His erection twitched in response and he stroked faster, squeezing the aching rod in his hand.

The lather ran down her as she rinsed, turning and arching to get completely clean. He was fascinated with the movement, getting closer and closer to his climax with each moment. A stray hand of hers brought a couple bottles crashing to the floor of the shower. Without missing a beat, she bent down to retrieve them, presenting the curve of her ass and glimpse of what lay beyond to his hungry gaze. His balls tightened at the sight, and he came with sudden force, strangling out her name.

His vision cleared gradually, hand motions slowing as he basked in his release. The screen revealed her drying, body already concealed by one of his giant towels. He left the screen on, and got up to take a swift shower of his own.

As he shook wet hair out of his eyes and donned a silk robe, he set himself for the last parts of his plan. She could be his tonight, if he played it right. And not just via maddening images that were bereft of her sweet scent.

She sat on his bed in a smaller robe that he’d set out for her before leaving her to her ablutions. A brush from her purse whispered through her long hair. He smiled at her, and she smiled back hesitantly. He walked past her to reach into a closet, pulling out a first aid kit. Settling himself next to her, but not close enough to crowd, he opened the kit and waited for her to stop brushing.

Her eyes caught his, and her wrist lowered from its motions. He took it tenderly, careful not to touch her abused skin. He spread ointment along the red areas, and began wrapping her wrists in bandages to protect the skin while it healed. The silence stretched between them, Aine watching him with an increasingly puzzled expression. He finished, and rose to put away the kit, when her hand on his arm stilled him.

“Ralph, why are you doing this?”

He saw the confusion in her eyes, and inwardly delighted.

“Doing what?”

“Taking care of me. You could have left me at home, or at Jupiter, or passed me off to one of your staff instead of dealing with this here.”

He feigned a confused look, and responded.

“Dealing with this? I’m not sure what you mean. You were hurt, so I’m taking care of you.”

Frustration warred with the confusion in her eyes.

“But what do you expect to get out of this? You never do anything without a reason.”

He smiled sadly, detaching her hand from his arm gently.

“Just because I want you, Aine, doesn’t mean that I don’t care for you as well.”

He stood, taking the box with him, and turned to put it away. If this worked. . .

A rustle of cloth and three small footsteps brought two hands to rest on his back. He held back a satisfied smile. Schooling his features, he turned to her.


“I. . .,” She struggled to speak, eyes holding guilt and something else. “I’m sorry, I’m not used to tenderness from. . . anyone. I didn’t mean to imply-”

He touched her cheek again, and she let it hold her. One hand hesitatingly rose to touch his.

“You are important to me. Never forget that.”

Her eyes misted, but he refused to release her from his tender gaze. She shifted closer to him, and he began to bend down, his inner voice chanting its victory as she offered her lips to him.

A blare of a Lucifer chorus from her bag caused both of them to jump. They stood a moment longer, conflict evident in her eyes. She finally tore herself away and fumbled in the bag for her phone.

‘Fuck. My time must have run out on that favor.’

He sat on the bed, eyes never leaving her. She opened the phone.


She jerked the device away from her ear a moment later. Even Ralph could hear the boy’s voice from the other side of the bed. He cursed the damned boy, watching his plans unravel.

“C-calm down, you’re shouting.”

She winced again as he obviously did not reduce his volume.

“Are you okay? I’d heard you were hurt on tour.”

Relief crossed her features as she heard his response.

“Where have I been?”

She looked up at Ralph, and then to the floor.

“I’m sorry, my phone must have been off.”

A thread of hope stirred within him. She looked at him again for a long, pregnant moment.

“Yes, I’m alone.”

Ralph smirked internally at her lies. He may not have her tonight, but all bets were off for the future. His little obsession would be his. Just a bit more patience, and all would be rewarded.

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