Taking the Main Course

BY : Chu-leh
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Taking the Main Course

By: Chu-leh

Another RP between me and Crimson Nightmare. HoroLyserg action with whipped cream.

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Disclaimer: Don’t you all want to see this happen in the series? If I owned it, it would.


Horo tiptoed in from the doorway, groceries in hand. Lyserg was working in the kitchen, just as he had been before Horo left. He snickered under his breath, seeing the other boy in an apron. Suddenly putting his arms around Lyserg's waist from behind, he hugged the dowser tightly. “Honey~~ I'm hoooome~~!”

Lyserg jumped. “Horo!” He turned around in the other’s embrace. “Don't sneak up on me.”

Horo didn‘t let go, but loosen up the hug to give himself room to look at Lyserg from head to toe. “What sneaking? I'll have you know that here standing before you is the most honest man in the world!” Without letting Lyserg react, Horo just kissed him on the mouth deeply and slowly. “Missed you!”

Lyserg rolled his eyes, turning back to the stove. He‘s still stuck tight in Horo's embrace as he stirs the shimmering stew. “I missed you too, did you pick up the ingredients i asked for?”

“Uh…” Horo‘s eyes darted back to groceries bag, and then back to Lyserg's hair again. “Yes, I think so... BUT, let's not talk about that. How was your day?”

“You were only gone for forty minutes.”

“Really now?” Strong hands moved up and down, around Lyserg's waist down to his hips, his expression completely innocent. “But it felt like a whole day!”

Lyserg rolled his eyes again. “What do you want Horo?”

Horo looked at the ceiling innocently, hands moving lower and lower until he reaches the front of Lyserg's pants. “Oh, your guess is as good as mine.”

Lyserg smacked lightly at Horo's hands. “After dinner Horo. I'm hungry and I'll be done cooking after the carrots are added. Can you peel them for me please?”

“Oh but the knife is so…” Horo started teary eyed. His mind was in a rush trying to think of anything to avoid chores. “...SHARP!!”

Sighing, Lyserg and pulled Horo's hands out from under his apron as they try to delve under and into his pants. “Then use the carrot peeler Horo.” Turning. He holds spoonful of the soup to Horo‘s mouth. “Try this and tell me if it tastes right.”

Pouting, Horo looked down at Lyserg, attempting the puppy eyes. Discovering that it doesn't work when Lyserg was focused on something else, he dejectedly drank the soup as commanded. “Mm. “With a kiss, he puts the broth in Lyserg's mouth, because Lyserg's cooking, sometimes, just a few times, scared him.

Lyserg swallowed with a roll of his eyes, before pulling away and pouting. “Western foods aren't that bad Horo. They aren't going to kill you.”

“But, the snails, the cheese, the BROCCOLI!” Tears filled black eyes. “I didn't say your cooking was er, bad. I didn't say anything at all, in fact.” He dodged and attempted eye contact.

“I never made you eat snails, you liked the cheese, and broccoli is good for you. Now please peel the carrots.” He added some powder to the soup that Horo couldn't quite identify. “Besides, you made me try raw fish. You have no room to talk.”

“But, but, but, awwww.” Wiping away nonexistent tears, Horo got to work on the carrots, looking like a kicked puppy.

“Thank you Horo.” the dowser kissed his cheek. “ What did you buy at the store anyway? I only asked for carrots. What else did you pick up?”

Horo’s face light up. “Ohhhh. You'd want to know, wouldn't you?.” His grin became the one that foretold something Lyserg'd probably want to whack him for. Picking a cylindrical object from the paper bag, the Ainu waved it in front of Lyserg's face. “It was on SALE!!”

“Stop waving it around long enough for me to see what it is.” Lyserg grabbed Horo's wrist and read the label. “Whipped cream? Why whipped cream? And keep peeling the carrots. You're not getting out of it.”

Horo looked like he was struck by lightning when the command to continue chores came down. “Awww…” He light up again at the whipped cream. “Oh, just think of the pancakes, strawberries, and icecream!! You never know what you can use whipped cream for, they're omni powerful, I tell you!!” he declared, holding the carrot like a microphone.

His expression half afraid, half doubtful, Lyserg lifted an eyebrow. “You're not planning to put it on the stew, are you?”

“What? You never know how good it might taste! Now, now Lyserg, we keep an open mind in cooking. That's how genius ideas get discovered, I've heard.” Hugging Lyserg with the carrot in hand, he rubs his face against Lyserg‘s cheek. “Is it doooooone noooooow? Nooooooow? Nooooooooooooooooow???”

Lyserg tried to squirm away. “Not until we add the carrots, which you haven't pealed yet. And feel free to put the whipped cream on yours, but it'll melt.”

Brightening up, Horo whipped out the peeler and shined the carrot with the peeler like no tomorrow. Messily hacking the carrots into bits with his switchblade, he then randomly threw the carrots into the soup. “DONE!” With a wolf howl, he tackled Lyserg to the ground. “NOW I CAN SAY I MISSED YOU SOOOO!!”

“Ack! Horo-” Lyserg was momentarily silenced when Horo pressed a hard, messy kiss to his lips. “I need to- Watch your hands! Turn down the he- EAT!” Lyserg gasped as Horo's lips found their way to his collar bone, a spot he was ridiculously sensitive at.

Horo teased Lyserg's collarbone with the sharp tip of his teeth, nipping his way around the boy's white shoulder, which was revealed when he tore open the boy's white shirt collar. “It's been a full twelve hours since we last....! Come oonnnnnn we're on honeymooooooon! Relax and we'll eat out!” Managing to kick the knob of the stove to off, his hands snuck down to grope the boy's hips.

“Then what was the point of even cooking? Ah... Horo... I'm hungry, and we have dinner almost ready and- aughh... Stop doing that!” Lyserg glared at Horo's wandering hands, though it came out as nothing more than a cute pout. “I told you, after dinner.”

Too horny to resist the cute pout, Horo tackled the boy again with an obvious hard on. He'd been holding back all day, and it's now the end of the day, dammit. He WILL eat Lyserg up! He ripped open the rest of Lyserg's shirt, and moved down to bite one of the perky, pale red nipples, occasionally licking it with the tip of his tongue. “Mmm...” Too horny that days, he started humping against Lyserg's inner thigh through their pants. “Oh... I'm just... HARD DAMMIT!”

“Ack!” Lyserg squeaked as he realized Horo's position and the fact that he too is becoming aroused at Horo's ministrations. “Not here.” Lyserg moaned softly. “Bedroom.”

“YAY!” Lifting Lyserg in his arms and racing to the bedroom, Horo caused a few random decors in the hallway crash onto the floor. But, not before he picked up the can of whipped cream along the way. Throwing Lyserg onto the bouncy bed, he tackled the boy's earlobe, collarbone, and nipples again.

Lyserg gasped loudly as he wraps his arms around Horo's back. “You-you can never wait, can you?” Lyserg’s voice shook as a result from the different sensations playing over his body.

Horo was already humping impatiently against Lyserg's slight arousal through their pants. “Oh come oonnnnn. I waited through the carrot peeling didn't I?” Teary eyed, he shoved down Lyserg's trousers and leaned down to suck the boy harshly.

Lyserg cried out, his fingers tangling in Horo's hair, pulling the hair free of it's head band. “Fore-foreplay is lost on you.” Lyserg groaned. His hips reflexively bucked into Horo's mouth.

Horo made a low growl when his head band came off. His hair fell into messy spikes, some shadowing over his eyes. He grined around Lyserg's now fully erected cock, and let go. “Sorry Baby. This time I'm taking the main course right off the bat.” Flipping Lyserg onto his stomach, he leant down and started tongue-fucking Lyserg's entrance.

Lyserg whimpered, his fingers tangling in the sheets as he burried his face in the pillow. “Horo-Horo-kun ahh…” He bit his lip to try and keep in his whimpers and sounds of pleasure, despite the fact that Horo liked it when made noise.

Horo thrust his tongue a little bit into Lyserg's entrance, one hand still pumping the boy's already dripping cock. He made a pleased noise when he heard Lyserg's whimper. “Ah Baby, I just thought of another use for whipped cream. Guess what it is?” He started shaking the can as if he's ready to do something with it.

Eyes snapping open, Lyserg‘s body jerked upwards. “You're not.” He tried to look over his shoulder, even though Horo had his hips firmly grasped. “You can't be serious.”

Horo put the nozzle against Lyserg's small hole, spraying the whipped cream into and around Lyserg's entrance. He snickered with a dark little purr. “See? I told you whipped cream is all purposed!” Leaning back down, he began to lick the whipped cream off of the boy's hips.

Lyserg gasped; both at the temperature difference between his hot inner walls and the icy cold cream, and at the feeling of Horo's tongue on his thighs and hip. “Horo-Horo... Pervert…” he groaned, trying to muffle his sounds and hide his face in the pillow. “You just-just don't want to eat my cooking.” he murmured, only half aware of what he was saying as his mind clouded in bliss.

Horo quickly lead Lyserg away from the thoughts about Lyserg's cooking by replacing his tongue with his dripping, throbbing cock. His hand started to pump Lyserg even faster as he started to push inward into the already lubricated, stimulated hole.

“Augh!” the doswer cried out as the hot swollen length stretched him, as it had many times before. The hot length a large contrast to the rapidly melting cream inside him. “Horo-Horo…”

Horo continued to pump the boy faster and harder, as his own dripping cock shoved all the way in to the hilt. “Oh... You like it, Lyserg? Don't you think--unn--whipped cream is... Awesome?” He sprayed the whipped cream in a thick line down the boy's smooth, sweating back, and proceeded to lick the cream back up.

Lyserg whimpered from the sensations assaulting his body. His whimpers escalated into cries that he tried vainly to hide in the pillow. He thrust back again Horo, his actions fast and desperate.

“Ahh!” Horo shoved his thick cock into the whimpering needy boy beneath him hard. “You like it, don't you? Spread your legs wider for me Baby. Arch your hole higher!”

Lyserg did his best to comply to Horo. His legs quivered with the effort to keep himself upright. “Horo, slow down... I'm going to ahhh... come I you keep going like ohhh... This…” the boy whimpered, his body shaking and sweating.

Horo didn't slow down but sped up, making their movements fast enough to make wet, slippery sounds every time he pounded into Lyserg and pulled out. “Don't worry, Lyserg.” He grinned darkly, leaning down and tongue-fucking Lyserg's ear. “I'll make you cum so hard that you won't notice me fucking your mouth the next second.” He flipped Lyserg over again, and leaned down to look directly at Lyserg, darkly. He grinned and shoved one last time, cumming hard inside Lyserg's small, tight space.

Lyserg’s back arched as the scalding hot seeds filled his insides. Horo's merciless hand brought him over the edge, practically milking his essence from him as he came with a loud cry.

“Lyserg!!” Feeling the last of his cum empty into Lyserg, he pulled out his cock slowly and snuggled close. “Muu. So? So? Did Lyserg see stars?”

Lyserg nodded, curling closer into Horo's warmth. “Yeah... I still say you did that to get out of eating my cooking.” he muttered, shifting about. “I'm sticky.” he announced with a wrinkle of his nose.

“We'll take a bath... Soon…” He nuzzled Lyserg's hair, and kissed him deeply. “Mm, I loooove being your husband.” He grinned a small, devious grin, and closed his eyes.

“Mm... Love you too.” Lyserg murmured, his eyes sliding shut. “You still have to eat my stew.” he muttered before falling asleep.


One HoroLysergs, one OCLyserg (still yaoi) written, and a RenLyserg to RP left unless we write more.

Ja min’na-san!

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