Mark of a Fallen Angel

BY : Chu-leh
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Disclaimer: I do not own Shaman King, nor any of the characters from it. I do not make any money from the writing of this story.

Mark of a Fallen Angel


By: Chu-Leh

Hereís my newest Lyserg-centric fic. It contains HaoLyserg, pregnancy, some non con, kidnapping, and gender bending. Yes gender bending. So, as a result, this is my first time writig hetero sex. Please be kind.

Please read and review.

Disclaimer: Not once is Lyserg kidnapped. Even if it wasnít yaoi driven, I still would have had Lyserg be kidnapped, because I like it when my favorite characters are kidnapped and need to be rescued. Shaman King isnít mine.


Lyserg opened his eyes with a soft moan. It was so dark, he could barely see.

His head, no scratch that; his entire body was one throbbing mass.

Trying to gather his thoughts, he came up with a battle, Hao, and fire. So much blazing, burning fire. And then, darkness.

Fearing the worse (Was he lying on the battle field? Was he injured? What about his friends? Were they okay? Were they.. were they dead?), he tried to push himself up into a sitting position. But his arms quivered with the effort, and his back fell against the soft, cushioned ground once more.


Soft, cushioned ground?

Managing to roll onto his side (Why did his hips feel so bulky all of a sudden? And why were his shorts so tight?), he could feel the material under his fingers. He was lying on a bed of some kind.

Maybe someone had found him after he passed out? Or maybe one of his friends had carried him away from the battle field?

A soft hand on his shoulder (They seemed so narrow all of a sudden), made Lyserg turn his head to see Yoh.

At least, he thought it was Yoh.

A flicker of candlelight illuminated Yohís face for a moment, and Lyserg could see the glint of hanging earrings.

Lyserg cried out, (Why did his voice sound so shrill?) and tried to move back, only to have his arms give out under his weight once more.

"Now, now, Lyserg. You have to be a bit more careful than that." Hao chuckled, crawling over Lyserg's body.

Lyserg could barely contain his shock. "H-Ha-Hao-"

Hao leaned down, Lyserg cringed away.

"You shouldn't speak right now, Lyserg. You need your rest. After all, you just went through quite a difficult change."

"Wha-what are you talking about?" Lyserg's voice trembled, and he was sure that fear was what made his voice sound so soft.

Hao moved to allow Lyserg some more room. He maneuvered the dowser so he lay still on his back.

"I've changed your body to better suit my purposes for you." Hao explained, removing the gloves from his hands. "After all, your pervious body was not ideal for what I have in mind."

"What did you do to me? What do you want?" Lyserg whimpered and cringed as Hao's hand touched his cheek.

"Why, for you to bear my child of course."

Lyserg's eyes snapped open, horror etched across his features as Hao's hand caressed a part of his body that hadn't been there few hours before.

With a shuddering, panicked breath, Lyserg fell back limp against the bed once again.

And darkness consumed her.


Hope you all enjoyed that. Some action starts next chapter.

Ja minína-san!

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